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School Psych Questions

1: Why do you want to work as a school psychologist?
Q 2: What do you want to accomplish on this position?
Q 3: Why do you want to work as a counselor at our school (in our district)? Why not some other
Q 4: Trust is extremely important in this position. How would you gain trust of the students?
Q 5: How do you handle criticism?
Q 6: What goals would you set for yourself in this job?
Q 7: How important is paperwork for you?
Q 8: How do you imagine a typical day in work as a school psychologist?
Q 9: What do you expect from teachers, parents, school administrators, and school counselors?
Q 10: What would you do if a student shared with you their suicide plans?
Q 11: In your opinion, what are the most common mental and emotional problems children face
Q 12: How do you cope with disappointment in work?
Q 13: Describe a time you were under pressure (in work or at school). How did you handle the
Q 14: What assessment tools do you consider most effective?
Q 15: What experiences have you had with crisis prevention or intervention?
Q 16: Describe a time you demonstrated leadership in school, or in work.
Q 17: What would you do if a parent insisted that you did an inappropriate test or talk with their
Q 18: How would you decide whether a child is eligible for special education?
Q 19: Tell us about a time when you belonged to a successful team and describe your role in the
success of a team.
Q 20: What experience do you have working with students from culturally diverse backgrounds?
Q 21: Violence is increasing at schools, including fatal incidents. What can you do about it as a
school psychologist?
Q 22: What do you consider the greatest challenges school psychologists face nowadays?
Q 23: How would you handle working at several different schools in the district
Q 24: Is there anything else we did not cover that you would like us to know about you as we
consider you as a candidate for the position of a school psychologist?
Q 25: Do you have any questions?