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PAC 7 Syllabus

This course will give you an introduction to and an appreciation of theatre from a variety of
cultures and historical periods. We will explore the origins and expressions of dramatic
storytelling from multiple global perspectives. Students will work on various projects that explore
elements of theatrical design and students will learn effective means of providing and receiving
constructive critique.
Decide to try. // Come to class prepared and open for the dayʼs experience. // Be present in
class without distractions and nonsense. // Be respectful of others and yourself as human
beings. // Make good choices.
Grading & Attendance Policy
The final grade for each marking period will be based on the following percentages
Participation & Preparation - 25%
Classwork & Daily Assignments - 25%
Tests & Major Projects - 50%
Unit Breakdown
1 - Introductions & Team Builders
5 - African Theatre
2 - The Basics of Theatre
6 - Latin American Theatre
3 - European Theatre
7 - Theatre in the United States
4 - Asian Theatre
8 - Theatre of the Future
You will receive one ​participation​ grade per week. The maximum grade for each week
is 10. There is a Class Participation Rubric posted on the Google Classroom. Each marking
period, the lowest participation grade will be dropped from your average.
Classwork & Daily Assignments
You will receive one ​classwork​ grade per week. The maximum grade for each week is
5. Scheduled school closures resulting in days off (no daily assignment) automatically count
towards your grade. Each marking period, the lowest classwork grade will be dropped from your
Tests & Major Projects
At the end of each unit of study, there will be a written test ​and​ a project. All students will
take the written test. Each student will then choose one of three projects: Performance, Design,
or Writing. Each project will have an individualized rubric.