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Ductus arteriosus closes at - Immediately after birth
Uterine artery is a branch of - Internal iliac artery
Ovarian artery is the branch of - Abdominal Aorta
Ovary is supplied by ovarian artery
Uterus is supplied by uterine artery
Clitorius is formed from which embryonic structure - Genital tubercle
OCP decreases the risk of - Ovarian cancer
COCP increases the risk of - Breast /cervical /liver cancer.
Screening test for Breast cancer - USG /Mammography /Palpation by the physician
10. Diagnostic test for Breast cancer - FNAC
11. Best/Gold standard investigation for Breast cancer - Excision Biopsy
12. First sign of pregnancy seen on a USG - Gestational ring
13. Mifepristone required for abortion is - 200mg
14. Most common cause of fetal blood loss - Abruptio placenta
15. Scar rupture of previous cesarian section during 2nd pregnancy is within
- 18 months of previous pregnancy
16. MC complication which can occur with next pregnancy when female had previous
cesarion section - Placenta previa
17. Post pregnancy uterus becomes a pelvic organ at - 10-12 days(2weeks)
18. Till what time of before pregnancy uterus remains a pelvic organ - 12 weeks
19. Vaginal fornix is near which anatomical structure - Ureter
20. MCC of peurperial sepsis - Streptococcus
21. MC site of peurperial infection - Placental site
22. Normal pressure of manual vaccum aspiration performed for MTP - 70-80mmhg
23. Cortisol released just before birth does - causes maturation of fetal lung
24. Just before birth which of the following responsible in baby for lung maturation Cortisol.
25. Gas used in Laproscopic surgery - Co2
26. Gold standard test for tubal patency - Laproscopy - performed bet day 6 - day 11.
27. There is a visible growth in cervix,which test to be done - Punch
28. Failure of contraceptives is calculated by - Pearl index
29. OCP absolutely contraindicated in - Active liver disease
30. MC type of Fistula - Vesico - vaginal fistula-occurs in 7-10 days after delivery
31. Which contraceptive changing after 10 yrs - Cu-T 380 A
32. TOC of Asherman syndrome is - Cu-T insertion
33. MC symptom of endometriosis is - Dysmenorhea -common site - Ovary
34. AFP is increased in-IUD/polycystic kidney disease/congenital nephrotic syndrome
35. Down syndrome - Trisomy 21
36. Edward syndrome - Trisomy18
37. Patau syndrome - Trisomy 13
38. MCC of purulent vaginal discharge - Chlamydia
39. Level of which hormone increases in post menopausal women s - FSH
40. Cervical cancer vaccination should be given on which age - Puberty
41. Expressed breast milk can be preserved in refrigirator upto - 2 days
42. N case of hydatiform mole i age 40yrs & completed family TOC - Tot.Hysterectomy
43. Cluster of grapes /Honey coombed uterus/snow storm seen in - Hydatiform mole
44. MC complication i suction MTP - Uterine perforation
45. PH of vagina - 4.5
46. Root vaue of pudendal nerve - S2S3S4
47. Length of fallopian tube is - 10 cm
48. Total weight gained during pregnancy is - 11kg
49. Ovary is drained through - Pelvic nodes
50. Hegar's sign at 6-10 week - upper part of uterus feels firm/lower part empty.
51. Sonography gestation ring - 5th week/cardiac - 7th week/FHR by doppler-10th week.
52. Mechanism of normal labor –
flexion-int.rotation-crowning-extension-restitution-ext.rotation-lateral flexion
53. Peurperium is - 6 weeks
54. Anterior fontanelle closes at - 18months of age
55. Menstrual regulation is done upto 14 days of missed periods or 44days of LMP.
56. MC type of Episiotomy - Medio-lateral
57. Indication of LSCS-previous2LSCS/placenta previa/indication f transverse lie major
58. Commonest cause of Breach presentation - Prematurity
59. Commonest complication of Breach presentation - Asphyxia
60. MC chance of cord prolapse - Transverse Lie
61. Hb<11gm% - Anemia - WHO
62. Hb<10gm% -Anemia - India
63. Painless,causeless bleeding - Placenta previa
64. Contraception of choice in heart patient - Vasectomy (permanent sterilisation)
65. Anticonvulsant of choice in Eclampsia - MgSo4
66. Severe PIH - BP>160/110/proteinuria
67. Precocious puberty age less than - 8yrs
68. Precocious mensturation age less than - 10yrs
69. Imperforate hymen - Cryptomenorhea
70. Post coital bleeding - Suggestive of Ca Cervix
71. Menorhagia - menstural cycle,duration is not changed
72. Polymenorrhea - menstural cycle shortened
73. Natural contraceptive - Mucus method
74. Clomiphene citrate - treatment for anovulation.
75. Antidote for HELLP syndrome seen in severe PIH - Calcium gluconate
76. Antihypertensives in pregnancy - Methyldopa
77. Premature menopause - menopause occuring less than 40 yrs of age
78. Post menopausal bleeding,pyometria - suggestive of endometrial cancer
79. Best method for tubectomy - Pomoroy's technique
80. MC cause of PID - Gonococcal infection
81. Virilizing ovarian tumour - Arrhenoblastoma
82. Dilation & curettage is procedure of choice for- Incomplete abortion
83. Earliest sign of fetal death is - Gas in Aorta
84. MCC of PPH - Uterine atonicity
85. MC site of metastasis of choriocarcinoma - Lungs
86. Vascular mole in 40yrs female is treated by - Total hysterectomy
87. Absolute contraindication of OCP - CAD,migraine,epilepsy
88. MC site of genital TB - Fallopian tube
89. MC hormone deficiency in congenital adrenal hyperplasia - 21hydroxylase
90. LH surge proceeds ovulation by - 24hrs
91. Feto maternal transfusion is demonstrated in the mother by - Kleihauser count
92. Maternal alpha-feta protein is increased in - Neural tube defects
93. Sure sign of uterine death IUD-Spalding sign(overlapping of skull bones)/Gas in Aorta
94. Characteristic of congenital anomalies in the fetus of diabetic women-Sacral agenesis
95. Clue cells r seen on a vaginal smear in - Haemophillus vaginalis
96. Strawberry vagina is seen in infection with - Trichomonus vaginalis
97. Anti D immunoglobulin must be given to a mother of O-ve group with a baby of O +ve
within - 72 hrs
98. Hela cell line is associated with - Ca cervix
99. Vaginal cytology for hormonal change are best taken from - Lateral wall
100.Most unfavourable presentation is - Mento posterior
101.Ectopic pregnancy is associated with - Salphingitis/IUCD/plastic procedure in tube
102.Absolute contraindication for OCP - CAD/Migraine/Epilepsy
103.Unruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy is best diagnosed by - USG
104.Polyhydramnios occurs in multiple pregnancy/DM/Anencephaly/toxemia/tracheoesophageal
105.Ideal contraception in a woman i RHD - Barier contraception
106.Pt comes with gravida 4 live1 i 22 weeks of preg i carcinoma insitu TOC –
- allow the baby to born & then Hysterectomy
107.Commonest cause of pyometra - Ca endometrium
108.Post partum VVF is best repaired after - 6 weeks
109.Treatment for Ca cervix stage 1 - Wertheims hysterectomy
110.Virilising(masculinising) tumours of ovaryleydig cell/Adrenal tumours of
111.Feminising tumours of ovary - Granulosa cell tumour/Theca cell tumour
112.Amount of amniotic fluid at 12 week of preg - 50ml
113.MC presentation in Anencephaly - Face
114.Chromosome number for Hydatidiform mole is - 46XX
115.Charecteristic of XO chromosomal defect is –
- short statur/webbed neck/infertility/widely spaced nipple
116.Vaginal PH in the new born - 7
117.Percentage of women who delivers on EDD - 4%
118.Shortest diameter of pelvic outlet is - posterior sagital diameter
119.Most important diameter of the pelvic inlet is - Diagonal conjugate
120.Contraindication of ergometrine is - Heart disease
121.Premalignant lesion of Vulva is - Leukoplakia
122.Commonest type of vertex presentation is - left occipito anterior
123.Sure sign of fetal distress is fetal ECG - Late deceleration
124.HCG disappears from the maternal urine after - 48hrs after delivery
125.Peak levels of HCG in the urine are seen after - 90 days of pregnancy
126.Total duration of pregnancy is - 280 days
127.Treatment of clostridial infection of the uterus post abortion - Hysterectomy
128.Quickening can be felt at - 16 weeks of pregnancy
129.Ultrasound detection of fetal heart movements can be done at - 8 weeks
130.Fetal scalp blood Ph is used to determine - Fetal hypoxia
131.Hegars sign can be elicited by - 8 weeks
132.Best parameter measured by ultrasound to assess fetal maturity - Crown rump length
133.Commonest site of endometriosis - Ovary
134.TOC for endometriosis at younger age - Gnrh analoges
135.Lymphatic drainage of Vulva is to - inguinal lymphnodes
136.Classical cesarian section is indicated in a patient with - Ca cervix
137.Ca cervix is caused by - Papova virus
138.Ca cervix is associated i - multiparity/herpes simplex virus/early coitus/DM
139.Trial of labour is contraindicated in - severe PET/elderly primi/major disproportion
140.Coagulation disorders r seen n- IUD/PPH/amniotic fluid embolism
141.Laparoscopic sterilisation is contraindicated in - gynacologic tumours
142.Signs of pelvic TB- infertility/amenorhea/foul smelling discharge
143.Commonest & largest of ovarian tumour- pseudo mucinous cyst adenoma
144.Source of HCG is - syncitiotrophoblast
145.Best method to confirm Ca cervix - Cervical biopsy
146.Best method to prevent post coital pregnancy - IUCD
147.OCP's prevent pregnancy by -inhibition of ovulation by inhibiting release of LH
148.OCP's r contraindicated in - HTN/Fibroid/thromboembolism
149.Deep transverse arrest occurs in - Android pelvis
150.Best investigation to identify tubal patency - laparoscopy & chromatubation
151.Earliest menopausal symptoms is - hot flushes
152.MC chronic symptom of PID is - Backache
153.Elderly women i recurrent swelling & pain in the vulva - Bartholin cyst
154.Treatment of acute hydramnois i respiratory depression - Amniocentessis
155.CCF is most likely in pregnancy at - 1st stage of labour
156.Red degeneration of fibroid is associated with - Pregnancy
157.Commonest cause of maternal mortality - Severe anemia
158.Implantation bleeding is called - Hartman's sign
159.MC type of female pelvis is - Gynecoid
160.MCC of post partum endometritis is - Streptococcus
161.MCC of acute cervicitis - Gonococcus
162.Longest diameter of fetal skull is - submento vertical
163.Fungal vuvitis is associated with - Diabetes
164.Call exener bodies are seen in - Granulosa cell tumours
165.Post abortal sepsis causing renal failure is likely to be due to - clostridium
166.MC malignancy metastasis to the placenta is - Melanoma
167.Average pressure of uterine contraction during 1st stage of labour - 30mmhg
168.Pt i stein leventhal syndrome is treated by - Clomiphen citrate
169.Most imp.structure preventing uterine prolapse - cardinal ligament
170.Corresponding vas in males which structure penetrates the inguinal ring in females -
Round ligament
171.Commonest presenting complaints in a gynacology dept - Leukorrhea
172.Precosious puberty is puberty before - 8yrs
173.Commonest cause of PPH is - Uterine atony
174.Commonest cause predisposing to puerperial sepsis is- Poor nutrition
175.Best method to diagnose hydatid form mole is - USG
176.Treatment of Asherman syndrome - D&C i IUCD insertion
177.Most serious complication of clomiphen therapy for induction of ovulation is –
Hyperstimulation syndrome
178.Failure rate after tubal sterilisation i pomeroy's technique - 0.4%
179.Earliest symptom of Ca cervix - Bleeding Pv
180.Eclampsia is differentiated from pre-eclampsia by - Convulsions
181.Commonest type of presentation is - vertex
182.Commonest malignancy of the body of the uterus - Adenocarcinoma
183.Spontaneous abortions commonly occur during - 2nd month
184.Carunculae myriformis is diagnostic of - previous child birth
185.Commonest site of genital tuberculosis in women is - Tubes
186.Amount of blood loss during each menstural period is - 50cc
187.Vaginal bleeding in a neonate is commonly due to - Hormonal withdrawal
188.Chemotherapy of chorio carcinoma is by - Methotrexate
189.Commonest congenital anomaly of uterus is - uterus bicornis unicolis
190.Important post operative management of a case of VVF - CBD
191.Commonest manifestation of endometriosis - Pain
192.Clomiphen citrate is DOC for - Stein leventhal syndrome
193.Painless vaginal bleeding at 34 weeks is treated by - rest & sedation
194.HCG is secreted by - Synctio trophoblast
195.Lovset maneuvre is used to delivery - Arms
196.Commonest complication of Hydatidiform mole is - Sepsis
197.Deep transverse arrest occurs often in - sacro posterior position
198.Best contraceptive for a 20 yrs nulliparous - Pills
199.Endometriosis mostly occurs in - Nulliparous woman
200.Commonest organism causing PID - Gonococcus
201.Multiple births are commonest among - Negroes
202.Length of female urethra - 40mm
203.Commonest complication of pregnancy in India - Anemia
204.Cervical incompetence is treated by - Shirodkar/macdonald/wurm
205.Commonest cause of secondary amenorhea - Pregnancy
206.MTP is legal in pregnancy upto - 20 weeks
207.In Transverse lie,the presentation is - Shoulder
208.Maximum amount of amniotic fluid seen at - 36th week
209.Commonest presentation of a large cervical fibroid - retention of urine
210.Signet ring in an ovarian tumour is characteristic of krukenberg tumour
211.In multiple pregnancy most important complication is - PPH
212.Internal podalic version is done under - General anesthesia
213.1st trimester abortion - defective genesis
214.2nd trimester abortion - Incompetent cervix
215.Meigs syndrome - hydro thorax/ascites/fibroma of the ovary
216.Feature of vaginal trichomaniasis - yellowish green discharge i itching Rx-Metrogyl
217.Contraceptive pill with least failure rate is - combined pill(estrogen-progestin)
218.Which type of eclampsia has the worst prognosis - Ante partum
219.Treatment of neglected shoulder presentation is - Eviscreation
220.Commonest site of injury of the ureter in hysterectomy - crossing by uterine artery
221.VVF in India most commonly due to - Prolonged labour
222.Commonest cause for rupture uterus - Obstructed labour
223.MC feature of cervicitis - Leukorrhea
224.Commonest cause of retroverted uterus - Congenital
225.Antihypertensive drug which inhibits labour - Diazoxide
226.Sex determination in early pregnancy is done by - Amniocentesis
227.Most important cause of mortality in obstetrical anasthesia - Aspiration of vomitus
228.Peg cells are seen in - tubes
229.The disease which shows improvment with pregnancy - Myasthenia gravis
230.Definitive sign of pregnancy is - fetal skeleton in x-rays
231.Paracervical block is associated with danger of - Fetal bradycardia
232.Danazol is used in the treatment of -Endometriosis/DUB/Fibroid/precocious puberty
233.Cystocele is formed by - base of the bladder
234.TOC in a56yr old female i endometrial cancer - Pan hysterectomy
235.FSH is secreted by - Anterior pitutary
236.Ovulation coincides with - LH surge
237.Uterine relaxants - Isoxsuprine/alcohol/salbutamol/Diazoxide
238.Least common pelvis is - Platyploid
239.Organ which is affected least in IUGR - Brain
240.Commonest tumour of cervix - Squamous cell Ca
241.Ovarian tumours commonly arise from - Surface epithelium
242.Intra uterine copper T 200 ,200 refers - has 200 sq.mm of copper
243.Maximum action of corpus luteum is at - 9 days after mensturation
244.The site of Tubal block can be determined by - Hysterosalpingograph
245.Most reliable method of proving fallopian tube patency - Hysterosalpingogram
246.Post pill amenorhea is treated by - Clomiphene
247.Chadwig's sign is - bluish discoloration of vagina
248.Episiotomy is best done by - Mediolaterally
249.Oligohydramnios is seen in - Renal agenesis
250.Commonest site of implantation occcurs in ectopic pregnancy is
- Ampulla(Fallopian tube)
251.In vitro fertilisation is done for - Tubal disease
252.Features of stein leventhal synd-hirsutism/amenorhea/B/L polycystic ovary/obesity
253.Cryptomenorhea is seen in - imperforate hymen
254.Commonest cause of breech presentation is - prematurity
255.Causes of retention of urine in obs gyne hemotocolps/retroversion/impacted ovarian tumour/cervical fibroid
256.Best method of localisation of placenta is - USG
257.First sign of puberty in female is - Thelarche
258.Maternal antibodies are present against - Mumps/measles/polio/tetanus
259.MC uterine anomaly - Bicornuate
260.Most reliable diagnosis of Hydatid form mole is - USG
261.Fetal abnormality in pregnancy with DM - Sacral agenesis
262.Size of ovum is - 0.133 mm
263.Length of Fallopian tube is - 10-12 cm
264.When is pregnancy terminated in hyper emesis gravidorum
-vomit>3 months/decreased urine output/increased urine acetone
265.Post coital test is used to assess - Cervical factor
266.100% cure rate for carcinoma cervix is seen in - Insitu carcinoma
267.Marker in chorio carcinoma - HCG
268.Anencephaly is best diagnosed at 12 weeks by - USG
269.Amniotic fluid alpha feto protein is raised by - open neural tube defect/IUD
270.Ideal contraceptive for newly married couple - OCP
271.Prolactin secretion is inhibited by - Dopamine
272.Cause of recurrent missed abortion at 10 weeks - chromosomal abnormality
273.TB Drug not safe in pregnancy - streptomycin
274.Amenorrhea due to high LH & FSH is due to - Ovarian failure
275.Causes of ectopic pregnancy
- IUCD/Tubal ciliary damage/late fertilisation/endometriosis
276.Vulvo vaginal candidiasis is common in - Diabetes
277.In a pregnant pt i RHD failure does not occur if she has - Hypothyroidism
278.Amniocentesis is best diagnostic if done in 16-18 weeks
279.Best evidence of ovulation is - Secretory type of endometrium
280.A broad flat pelvis is charecteristic of - platypelloid type
281.True pelvis refers to - Lower part of pelvis
282.In multiparous women,external Os is - Transverse
283.Least vascular part of uterus - Middle
284.Physiological amenorhea is present in - pregnancy/lactation/pre-puberty
285.Mycotic vulvo vaginitis is due to - candida
286.Commonest cause of recto vaginal fistula - improper repair of perineal tear
287.Earliest engagement is seen in - Frank breech
288.Shoulder dystocia is seen in predominantly - Anencephaly
289.Pap smear is taken from the - posterior fornix
290.Ovulatory period corresponds to - 14 days before mensturation
291.OCP is contraindicated in - DM/HTN/Fibroids
292.Asherman's syndrome is characterised by - Amenorhea
293.Study of fetal parts in 1st trimester with least radiation hazard - USG
294.Cause of Breech - Hydramnois/Septate uterus/Hydrocephalus
295.Urine is collected for examination in a pregnant female - Early morning urine sample
296.Endometrial biopsy for infertility is taken on - 23-26th day
297.DOC in PIH - Hydrallazine
298.Commonest complication of pregnancy after completing treatment for genital TB
- Ectopic pregnancy
299.Lymphatics of ovary drains into - para aortic lymph node
300.Failure of OCP is most commonly due to - Improper usage
301.DOC for Sheehan's syndrome - Cortisone
302.Shortest diameter of foetal skull - bitemporal
303.Commonest cause of death in Ca cervix - Renal failure
304.Primary amenorhea is when - mensturation doesn't occur even after 18 yrs
305.Copper T acts by - causing aseptic endometritis
306.Fetal scalp blood PH of less than - 7.2 is abnormal
307.Development of septic defects in heart occurs at - 5-8 wks
308.Germ cell tumour - dysgerminoma/teratoma/embryonal cell carcinoma
309.Which is not transmitted to baby at delivery - Toxoplasmosis
310.Nabothian follicle occurs in - Erosion of cervix
311.Internal rotation occurs at - Ischial spine
312.Confirmation of diagnosis of vescicular mole - USG
313.Immediate complication of evacuation of vescicular mole is - incomplete evacuation
314.Contraception of choice for a working women i irregular & profuse bleeding - OCP
315.Contraception of choice for a post partum village women i 1 child - Cu T
316.Unequivocal evidence of heart disease in pregnancy - diastolic thrill & murmur
317.Vaccine not indicated in pregnancy - Rubella
318.Vaccine indicated in pregnancy - Polio/Typhoid/TT
319.Commonest site for Fibroid - Intramural
320.Systemic metastasis is commonest in - Chorio carcinoma
321.Best method for inducing Mid Trimester abortions - Prostaglandins
322.Gestational trophoblastic tumours occur MC ly after - Spontaeneous abortion
323.Naegel's pelvis - Absence of one ala
324.Robert's pelvis - Absence of both ala
325.Method of sterilisation least suited for recanalisation is - Bipolar cauterisation
326.Post menopausal women has 4x4 cm ovarian mass TOC - surgical exploration
327.Best method for Ca cervix screening - Pap smear
328.Which heart disease has worst prognosis in pregnancy - MS
329.Which heart disease has highest mortality in pregnancy - pulmonary hypertension
330.TOC for Hydatidiform mole in 40yr old woman is - Hysterectomy
331.Gonadotrophin is a - Glycoprotein
332.Features of DUB - uterine size of 8-10 wks/menorhagia/proliferative endometrium
333.Bartholin's duct opens into - groove between labia minor & hymen
334.Partogram help in detection of - obstructed labour
335.Peptide hormone - oxytocin/prolactin/growth hormone
336.Effective pressure to be achieved in vaccum extraction - 0.6 kg/cm2
337.Pregnant lady on oral anticoagulants should switch over to heparin at - 12 wks
338.Surgery for MS during pregnancy is ideally done at - 14 wks
339.Fetal blood loss occurs in - vasa previa
340.Which ovarian cyst does not undergo malignancy - dermoid
341.TOC in a perimenopausal woman i bleeding PV due to multiple fibroids - TAH
342.Supports for uterus - uterosacral lig/mackenrods lig/transcervical lig.
343.Which part of the Hymen ruptures first - Posterolateral
344.In a pt i 3rd degree perineal tear presents aftr 1 wk,repair should be done-after 12 wks
345.Post term pregnancy is that which continues beyond - 42 weeks(294 days)
346.Ideal age for repair of vaginal agenesis is - 3 yrs
347.Congenital malformations i use of drug in 1st trimester is seen i - Steroids
348.Spasmodic dysmenorhea is seen in - Submucous fibroid
349.Incidence of ectopic pregnancy is highest i - Progestasert
350.Radiological investigations in a female of reproductive age should be restricted to
- 1st 10 days of menstural cycle
351.Tumour marker secreted in choriocarcinoma is - HCG
352.LH is required for - follicular growth
353.Contraction stress test is used to detect - Fetal hypoxia
354.Which anticoagulant is not contraindicated in pregnancy - Heparin
355.Microcephaly is common in mothers with - Alcohol addiction
356.ABO incompatability occurs when mothers blood group is - O
357.Vulval Ca metastazes to which lymph group - Inguinal nodes
358.MCC during vaginal delivery in DM pt - Shoulder dystocia
359.PPH is present when blood loss exceeds - 500cc
360.Symptoms of menopoause r best treated by - Oestrogen
361.Earliest & most reliable sign of pre-eclampsia - HTN
362.MC mode of spread of genital TB is - Hematogenous
363.Rate of amniotic fluid turn over - 300cc/hr
364.Type of pelvis in Negrroid races - Anthropoid
365.Single most effective drug in - eclampsia - MgSo4
366.Hypertrophied uterine vessels become obliterated by thrombosis
- immediately after delivery
367.Bonney's test is used to demonstrate - stress incontinence
368.There is steady fall in iron in which week of preg - 20th week
369.Post partum eclampsia develops after how many hours of delivery - 48-72 hrs
370.Sexual infantilism is associated with - ligation of uterine artery
371.Chocolate cyst of the ovaries arise - as a result of endometriosis
372.Duration of lochia rubra - 1st 3 days of peurperium
373.In DUB the deficient hormone is - Progesterone
374.Condition is said to improve i pregnancy - Sarcoidosis/Myasthenia gravis
375.Bladder should be empty within - 6-8 hrs of delivery
376.Main source of physiologic secretion found in vagina is the - cervix
377.TOC for badly infected episiotomy - Sitz bath
378.Symphisiotomy is indicated in - Contraction of outlet
379.Attacks of flushing & cyanosis occur in which type of ovarian tumours
- carcinoid tumours of ovary
380.MC early symptom of uterine rupture during labour - Pain
381.Narrowest part of fallopian tube is - Interstitial portion
382.TOC for single large fibroid in a 45 yrs old female - Hysterectomy
383.During uterine contraction of labour,the uterine blood flow - Decrease
384.Earliest sign of placental separation is - change in shape & consistency of uterus
385.Fibroids in pregnancy - should not be removed
386.Suction evacuation can be done upto - - 10 weeks of preg
387.Tubectomy in a heart pt who has recently delivered is best done after - 1 week
388.Basal body temp falls down as the time of ovulation
389.Normal foetal heart rate at 37-40 wks of pregnancy is - 120-160/mt
390.Per rectal palpation of uterus is done in - Virgins
391.Amniotic fluid at term contains - glucose/prostaglandins/oesteriol
392.Pt i Cu T but has conceived but does not want to continue conception TOC
- menstural regulation & sterilization
393.Ovarian tumour diagnosed after delivery should be removed -within 48 hrs of delivery
394.65 yrs fm i bleeding P/V o/e senile vaginitis.pt requires immediate-cytology &
395.Best proof of ovulation is by - Endometrial biopsy
396.The pinnard manuoeuvres is seen in - Breech deliveries
397.To diagnose foetal well being most reliable method - USG
398.Best method of assessing foetal well being at term is by serial estimation of - Oestriol
399.In 2nd trimester,intramniotic injection of which can be done - 30%-50% glucose
400.Turners syndrome is associated i - 45 chromosomes & low FSH level
401.In a delivered lactating mother,oral pills of choice - Mini pill
402.Uterine blood flow at term is - 750ml/min
403.Red degeneration of fibroid is due to - thrombosis of vein
404.Incidence of stump carcinoma - 16%
405.Most deaths involving placenta previa results from - Haemorhage
406.Palm-leaf cervix pattern occurs - due to oestrogens
407.USG is useful in detecting - IUGR/placenta previa/foetus associated i ascites
408.Increased perinatal mortality in diabetic preg is due to
- congenital malformations/hypoglycemia/hyaline membrane disease
409.Normal PH of cervix is about - 11
410.Insulin is secreted by the foetal pancreas by - 12th week
411.In early pregnancy,level of HCG in plasma doubles every - 2 days
412.Foetal requirement of iron is - 400
413.Increased additional calories required during pregnancy - 300
414.Daily caloric needs in pregnancy is about - 2500 cal
415.Congenital erosion may reappear at - Puberty
416.How much iron a pt can tolerate at a time given IV - 2500
417.Commonest complication of twin pregnancy during delivery includes - PPH
418.Best contraceptive method to be suggested for 20yrs nulliparus women - OCP
419.Time taken for spermatogenesis is - 61 days
420.Greenish colour of meconium is due to - Bile pigment
421.Cervical dystocia is usually present at - level of external Os
422.Tuberculosis of female genital tract is commonest in which age group - 20-30yrs
423.Usual size of chocolate cyst of the ovary is about - 2 inch in diameter
424.Lipschutzulcer most commonly affects the - vagina
425.D & C is useful in the diagnosis of - genital TB/endometrial Ca/DUB
426.In fertile period - progesterone increases
427.Indication of classical ceaserian section is - Ca cervix
428.Best & simple method to diagnose ovulation is - endometrial biopsy
429.Shortest diameter of foetal skull - bitemporal
430.1st stage of labour is upto - full dilatation of cervix
431.Indication of classical caeserian section is - Ca cervix
432.In classical caeserian section more chances of rupture of uterus in - upper uterine seg.
433.TOC in eclampsia - MgSo4
434.Herpes genitalis causes - Ca cervix
435.DIC is seen in - IUD/abruption/retained placenta
436.TOC in vesicular mole - suction & evacuation
437.Best investigation to diagnose ectopic pregnancy - USG
438.Breast feeding should be started in normal delivery - after 2 hrs
439.Fetal hemopoesis 1st occurs in - yolk sac
440.Branches of internal iliac artery include-uterine art./middle rectal artery./obturator art
441.Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is associated i defeciency of - 21-hydroxylase
442.Medical treatment of ectopic gestation - prostaglandins/methotrexate/RU-486
443.In perimenopausal women i menorhagia we rule out - Ca uterus
444.Strongest stimulus of lactation is by - Suckling
445.Normal CRL at birth is - 60-72 cms
446.Absolute indication for caeserian section - previous rupture of uterus
447.Best investigation to diagnose foetal age - serial USG
448.Hydrocephalus in the foetus is diagnosed by
- large fontanell i widely separated sutures as felt on PV examination
449.Stress incontinence is common in - prolapse uterus
450.In a primi gravida head engages at - 36 weeks
451.Screening for Down's syndrome should be done in age group -35 in preg
452.Commonest complication of IUCD(CU T) - bleeding
453.Best contraception for heart disease patient - double barrier method
454.Definitive sign of pregnancy - Foetal heart sound
455.MC site involved in TB of genital organs - Tubes
456.Inhibin is secreted by - sertoli cells
457.Ph of vagina is lowest during - Pregnancy
458.Umblical artery pressure is - 60mmhg
459.Cervical lacerations are most common in the - 3-o-clock position
460.MC cause of death in Ca cervix is - Uraemia
461.Weight of normal placenta - 500 gm
462.Most appropriate time for chorionic villi sampling - 8-10 wks
463.Predictive test for PIH-rolling over test/urinary protein/gain in weight >2kg in 1 mon.
464.Post coital contraceptive - IUCD/high dose combination pill/RU 486
465.MC cause of ectopic pregnancy - previous tubal disease
466.Vulval candidiasis is associated i - T2DM
467.Essential investigation to be included in follow up of hydatid form mole
- serum levels of HCG
468.Polycystic ovaries are associated with - endometrial Ca
469.Best contraceptive for a young unmarried female - OCP
470.Vaginal delivery is not possible in - Mento posterior
471.In severe PIH BP will be - 160/110
472.Earliest fetal anomaly to be detected by USG - Anencephaly
473.Anencephaly can be best diagnosed at - 10-12 wks
474.Tube testing is done under - No anesthesia
475.During PPH internal iliac ligation done at - anterior division of internal iliac artery
476.Elderly primi is above - 35yrs
477.Definition PPH is blood loss of - 500ml
478.Millard's rule of Ten includes - 10kg/10months/10gm Hb
479.Amount of oesterogen in Mala D - 30 ug
480.Treatment of DUB in ayoung female - Hormones
481.In chlamydial cervicitis DOC - Tetracycline
482.Medical treatment for ectopic pregnancy - methotrexate
483.Safest contraception during diabetic crisis - barrier method
484.Maximum maternal mortality is with - Hepatitis E
485.Commonest type of ovarian tumour in 20yrs female - Germ cell
486.Implantation of fertilised ovum occurs - 3-4 days after entry into uterine cavity
487.Treatment for trichomonas vaginalis - Metrogyl
488.Peurperium is the period - 6 weeks following delivery
489.Nabothian follicle is due to - inflammation of cervical glands
490.Metropathic hemorhagica is best treated by - clomiphen
491.Premature rupture of membrane is rupture - before onset of labour
492.Increased acetyl cholinesterase in amniotic fluid is seen in - Neural tube defect
493.Best recanalisation after tubectomy is possible i - Isthmo-isthmic anastomosis
494.Commonest cause of Breech presentation - Prematurity
495.Chemical pregnancy means - +ve beta HCG &absent gestational sac
496.Determination of gestational age in 1st trimester by USG - CRL
497.Tumour marker of endodermal sinus tumour of ovary - alpha feto proteins
498.Induction of abortion is best by - PGE2 gel
499.MCC of ectopic pregnancy - Progestasert
500.Commonest tumour in pregnancy - mucinous cystadenoma
501.Acc to FIGO classification the investigation in Ca cervix - cystoscopy/cxr/IVP
502.DIC may present in - septic shock/amniotic fluid embolism/abruptio placenta
503.Earliest sign of pre eclampsia - HTN
504.Ovarian function after hysterectomy - decreases after 5 yrs
505.Commonest indication for in vitro fertilisation - tubal block
506.Risk factors for Ca endometrium - DM/HTN/Obesity
507.Earliest sign of pregnancy induced HTN - rapid gain in weght
508.OCP's increase the risk of which Ca - Ca cervix
509.Absolute contra indication for copper T - Pelvis TB
510.Anencephaly causes - postmaturity/hydramnios/face presentation
511.Earliest diagnostic test for pregnancy - Beta HCG
512.Saffron coloured meconium is seen in - Post maturity
513.Foetal Heart can be detected earliest i trans vaginal sonography at - 35 days
514.Commonest cause of death in Breech delivery - intracranial hemorhage
515.Most reversible form of infertility - Anovulation
516.Commonest type of DUB - Hyperplastic
517.TOC in Ca in situ cervix - Conisation
518.Not a tocolytic - Dexamethasone
519.Signs of fetal distress - Tachy/Brady/decreased scalp PH
520.Best modality for diagnosing unruptured tubal pregnancy - trans vaginal USG
521.GnRH analogues r useful in - Endometriosis/precocious puberty/menstural disturbances
522.Progestasert is effective for - 1 year
523.Clomiphene citrate is - Anti estrogen
524.Oral pill may prevent the development of - ovarian malignancy
525. In Nulliparus cervical canal is - Circular in shape
526.Congenital cyst - Gartner's cyst
527.Chlamydia trachomatis infection commonly causes - Infertility
528.Characteristic symptom for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease - Back ache
529.Red degeneration of uterine fibroid - Is aseptic infarction
530.LH surge precedes ovulation by - 24 hrs
531.Asthenospermia means - reduction in the motility of sperms
532.Commonest cause for ruptured uterus - prolonged labour
533.Risk of transmission of maternal infection to fetus is high during delivery in
-herpes simplex virus
534.Maternofetal transmission of toxoplasmosis occurs maximally in - 3rd trimester
535.Nanoxynol-9 is an - Barrier contraceptive
536.After vasectomy,aspermia will become evident in - 10-12 weeks
537.Weight of placenta is - 20% of foetus
538.100% protection against conception in a lactating mother is for about - 4 months
539.MCC of perinatal mortality in Twins - Prematurity
540.Tumour marker for chorio carcinoma - HCG
541.UTI by gram +ve organism in a young sexually active female - staph.saprophyticus
542.Peg cells are seen in - Fallopian tubes
543.IUD at 36 weeks TOC - wait for spontaeneous expulsion
544.Vitamin which is taken to prevent neural tube defect - Folic acid
545.AFP levels are highest in - fetal serum
546.Most rare cause of maternal mortality - Toxaemia
547.Bishop score includes - dilatation of cervix/station of the head/effacement of cervix
548.In MTP the suction pressure is - 600 - 700 mmhg
549.The test for detecting anti sperm antibodies - Post -coital test
550.Complications of shoulder presentation - fetal death/uterine rupture/obstructed labour
551.Cardiac activity of the fetus seen by USG by - 7 weeks
552.Gonadectomy is advised in - testicular feminising syndrome
553.Best contraceptive during lactation - Mini pills
554.Normal CRL at birth - 60-72cms
555.In PIH sudden loss of vision is due to - Retinal detachment
556.Lochia is seen for - 14-21 days
557.Oslanders sign means - pulsation in lateral vaginal fornix
558.Incidence of scar rupture in previous LSCS - 0.2
559.Pt comes i post dated pregnancy 1st thing todo -review d menstural history once more
560.Most specific finding in amniotic fluid to diagnose neural tube defect
- Acetyl choline esterase
561.Placenta i umblical cord attached to its margin is called - Battle dore placenta
562.Order of puberty - Telarchy-pubarchy-menarchy
563.Pt presents i shock & minimal spoting PV - likely diagnosis - Ruptured ectopic
564.DOC to treat endometriosis - Danazol
565.Contraceptive of choice for a commercial sex worker - Barrier method
566.Yuzpe method is a type of - post-coital hormonal contraception
567.Combined contraceptive pill contains - progesteron & ethinyl oestradiol
568.Eclampsia is mostly seen at - Antepartum
569.Kelly's suture is done in - Stress incontinence
570.In pregnancy which vaccine is not given - Polio
571.Peurperial pyrexia is fever for 24 hrs or more after child birth if temp > - 100.4
572.FIGO staging is used in - Ca cervix
573.Tablet contraindicated in TB with pregnancy - Streptomycin
574.Anencephaly is associated with - face presentation/Hydramnios/post maturity
575.22yrs lady presented with recent onset of Hirsutism & voice change,best test to be done
- Blood testosterone levels
576.Mullerian dysgenesis - absent vagina/absent uterus/46 XX karyotype
577.Chronic villous sampling is done at - 9-11 weeks
578.Living ligature of the uterus is - middle layer of myometrium
579.Clinical signs of hydramnios can be demonstrated when fluid collection is > - 4 lit
580.Foetal breathing movements is seen earliest at - 11 weeks
581.International accepted definition of abortion is the expulsion of the products of
- before 20th week of gestation or500gms weight of foetus
582.The dose of anti D gamma globulin given after term delivery for a Rh negative mother &
Rh positive baby is - 300 micro gram
583.Menopause is defined as cessation of mensturation for - 6 consecutive months
584.Ectopic pregnancy MC feature is - Abdominal pain
585.Danazole is a - Androgen derivative
586.Smoking in pregnancy causes - IUGR
587.6yr old girl with vaginal spotting,diagnosis is - Foreign body
588.MC radiosensitive ovarian tumour - Dysgerminoma
589.Safe period in rhythms method is - first & last 7days
590.Characteristic feature of cancer fallopian tube - watery discharge P/V
591.Half life of oxytocin - 3-4 min
592.HCG doubles every - 2 days
593.Protective bacterium in normal vagina is - Lactobacillus
594.Large placenta is seen in - syphillis
595.Primary amenorhea with anosmia is seen in - Kallman syndrome
596.Hot flushes in post menopausal women r best treated with - OC pills
597.Marker for ovarian cancer - Ca -125
598.Increased FSH level in azoospermic male indicates - Testicular atrophy
599.Antisperm antibodies usually present in the - Cervix
600.Ward mayo operation is done for - Abdominal hysterectomy
601.Best method for the diagnosis of endometriosis is - Laparoscopy
602.MC site of peurperial infection is - Episiotomy wound
603.Powder burn appearance on laparoscopy is characteritic of - Endometriosis
604.PH of amniotic fluid at later weeks of gestation - 7.2
605.RU 486 is - Anti progestrogen
606.Gonococci has affinity for - columnar epithelium
607.Commonest organism responsible for bartholin's abscess - Neiseria gonorhea
608.Hypoplastic uterus with streak gonads is a feature of - Turner's syndrome
609.Amniocentesis to detect chromosomal abnormalities - 14th week of gestation
610.Commonest organism responsible for Bartholins abscess - Neisseria gonorhea
611.Increased LH:FSH ratio is found in - Polycystic ovary syndrome
612.Complete perineal tear is common in - Face to pubes delivery
613.Which hormonal contraceptive cannot be used during lactation -Combined OCP
614.Pulse rate in puerperium - variable
615.Common cause of retained placenta is - Atonic uterus
616.Zygote reaches the uterine cavity as - 16 celled
617.Commonest cause of death in inversion of uterus - neurogenic shock
618.Pearl index is a measure of - Potency of contraceptives
619.Vaginal delivery is contraindicated in - central placenta previa
620.Multiple pregnancies occur most commonly with - Pulsatile GnRH therapy
621.Commonest tumour of ovary occuring in a young woman is - Yolk sac tumour
622.Villous pattern is lost in - Chorio carcinoma
623.Average age range of attaining menopause is - 45-55
624.Acc. To WHO criteria minimum normal sperm count is - 20 million
625.Drop in fetal heart rate that typically lasts less than 2 minutes & is usually with umblical
cord compression is called - Variable deceleration
626.Side effects of Tocolytic therapy - Tachycardia/Hypotension/Hyperglycemia
627.Earliest usg sign of pregnancy in transabdominal usg-Fundal endometrial thickening
628.Motile spermatozoa found on a wet mount of vaginal secretions are indicative of
intercourse within the past - 24hrs
629.IUCD of 10 yrs life - Cu T380 A
630.Size of graffin follicle is 3mm
631.Indicative for classical cesarian section - Ca cervix
632.Ovarian reserve tests are - FSH
633.Etiological agent in Ca cervix - HPV types -16,18
634.Rule of Hasse is used to determine - the age of foetus
635.Intr-abdominal pressure laparoscopy should be set between - 10-15 mmhg
636.Maximum permissible radiation dose in pregnancy - 0.5 rad
637.TOC for gardenella vaginalis in pregnancy - Clindamycin
638.Contraception contraindicated in AIDS - IUCD
639.Lochia rubra is seen upto - 5 days
640.Non stress test is contraindicated in - Rh incompatibility
641.To suppress lactation - cabergoline/pyridoxine/high dose estrogens
642.Therepeutic level of magnesium in serum for treatment of eclampsia is - 2-7 mEq/L
643.Rx for for endometriosis includes - GnRh analogues/Progesterone/Danazol
644.Centchroman is a -synthetic hormone
645.Cause for postpartum blues is - decreased estrogen & progesterone
646.Rx for cervical rippening during pregnancy - prostoglandin E2/oxytocin/misoprostol
647.RU 486 is effective for inducing abortion if d duration of pregnancy is < -63 days
648.Most sensitive method for detecting cervical chlamydia trachomatis infection
- polymerase chain reaction
649.Sertoli cells have receptors for - Follicle stimulating Hormone
650.Physiological chill in labour seen in - 4th stage of labour
651.Pseudomeig syndrome seen with - Adenomyosis
652.Meig syndrome is associated i - fibroma
653.Earliest USG finding in pregnancy - Fundal thickening
654.Thickened placenta is not seen in - Triplody
655.Urine formation in intra uterine life starts at - 3 months
656.MCC of placenta previa - Multi gravida
657.Lady comes with 8 weeks amenorhea,shock & past hytory of TB diagnosis
- Ruptured ectopic
658.Contraceptive of choice for a 22yrs non-smoker - OCP's
659.Contraceptive which is not interceptive - Norplant
660.Post ovulatory phase,appearance of endometrium of USG is - double line with halo
661.Nova T has - silver core
662.Galactokinesis means - Ejection of milk
663.Fetal stage starts at - 9 weeks
664.Decidual casts bleeding pv suggestive of - Tubal abortion
665.Emerg contraceptives post coital are effective if administered within period -120 hrs
666.Emergency contraceptives - Levonorgestrol/misoprostol/mifeprestone
667.Umblical cord stump of newborn most frequently sloughs off on
-10th day after delivery
668.Uniform in size,non tender & soft diagnosis is - montegomery's follicles
669.Complete failure of mullerian duct fusion will result in - uterus didelphys
670.Rx for red degeneration of pregnancy - Analgesics
671.Increased incidence of ectopic pregnancy seen with - Progestasert
672.DOC for Rx for bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy - Clindamycin
673.During pregnancy there is an increased respiratory sensitivity to carbon di oxide due to
higher circulating levels of - Progesterone
674.Double headed monster is known as - Dicephalus
675.Whiff test is used to detect - Bacterial vaginosis
676.Fern test is due to - presence of sodium chloride under estrogen effect
677.Maturation index during pregnancy - 0,95,5
678.Antihypertensives contra indicated in pregnancy - ACE Inhibitors
679.Antepartim hemorhage occurs after how many weeks - 28 weeks
680.Inhibin inhibits the secretion of which hormone - FSH
681.Primary oocyte remains in ovary in which stage - Prophase
682.Improvident mother is - mother with all children lost
683.Most appropriate drug for emergency contraception - Levonorgestrol
684.To avoid conception DMPA given - 3-monthly
685.Best treatment for cord prolapse - caeserian section
686.Abortifacient causing ototoxicity is - Quinine
687.Most malignant endometrial carcinoma is - Clear cell carcinoma
688.Commonest Tumour of ovary occuring in a young woman is - Yolk sac tumor
689.Hob nail cells are seen in - clear cell carcinoma
690.B-lynch suture is applied on - Uterus
691.Low dose progestational contraceptives primarily act on - Cervix
692.Use of COCP is associated with increased incidence of - chlamydial endocervicitis
693.Copper T is preferrably inserted postnatal,after - 8 weeks
694.Fetal hemopoiesis first occurs in - Yolk sac
695.In severe PIH the BP is - 160/110 mmHg
696.Intrauterine insemination is done with - washed spermatozoa
697.NOVA T is - 220 sq.cm of copper with silver wire arround
698.Best time to do chorionic villous sampling is - between 9-11 weeks
699.Most important indication for surgical repair of a Bicornuate uterus is
- Habitual abortion
700.DOC in treatment of typhoid fever in pregnancy - Ceftriaxone
701.Sequence for Lochia - rubra-serosa-alba
702.Most commonest site of involvment in genital TB - Fallopiann tubes
703.MC complication after radical hysterectomy - Ureteral injury
704.Safest contraceptive for a woman with sickle cell anemia - condom or diaphragm
705.PH for amniotic fluid - 7.0-7.5
706.By which day after fertilization,is placental circulation established - 17th day
707.In pregnant lady TB flare up MC in - 2nd trimester
708.MCC of Tubal block in India is - TB
709.Vitamin defeciency in pregnant lady in tab.phenytoin is - Folic acid
710.Polar bodies are formed during - Oogenesis
711.Cystoglandular hyperplasia is associated with - theca cell tumour
712.Corkscrew shaped endometrial glands is seen in - Late secretory phase
713.PIH is HTN that develops after - 20 weks of pregnancy
714.3rd degree perineal tear which involves - Anal sphincter
715.Normal weight of Uterus is - 50-80 gm
716.Wgt of term uterus - 1000gm(1kg)
717.Narrowest part of uterus - Isthmus - 6mm.
718.Narrowest portion of fallopian tube is - Interstitial
719.Widest portion of fallopian tube is - ampulla
720.Length of fallopian tube is - 10 cm
721.Normal fertilization occurs in ampulla
722.MC site of ectopic pregnancy is in - ampulla
723.Ratio of uterus to cervix Before puberty-1:2 At puberty-2:1 Reproductive female-3:1
724.Total weight gain during pregnancy is - 11kg
725.Round ligament does not support to uterus
726.Supports of uterus - cardinal ligament/uterosacral lig/pubocervical lig
727.Rise during preg - Hb/RBC/WBC/plasma volume/total proteins
728.Decrease during pregnancy - PCV (Haematocrit)/plasma proteins
729.Cardiac output reaches at - 30-32 weeks of pregnancy
730.Total calcium requirement daily is 1 gm during preg
731.Oxytocin - milk ejection reflex/uterine contraction
732.Extra calories required during preg - 300 kilo cal
733.During lactation is 550 kilo calories
734.Total duration of preg - 280 days (40weeks)
735.Total duration of post term preg - 294 days (42weeks)
736.Quickening is felt at 18 weeks in Primi & 16 weeks in multi
737.Anomaly scan is at - 18-20 week pregnancy
738.Fetal breathing movement is seen in - 11 weeks
739.Largest diameter of fetal skull is mento vertical - 14cm
740.To find Gestational age in 1st trimester - CRL 2nd trimester - BPD 3rd - femur length
741.Sequence of normal labour decent-flexion-internal rot.-crowning-restitution-external rot.-lateral flexion
742.Puerperium is 6 weeks
743.Duration of lochia is - 3 weeks
744.Uterus become pelvic organ in - 2 weeks after delivery
745.DOC to suppress lactation is - Bromocriptin
746.Progress of labour chart - partogram
747.Placenta previa - implantation of placenta occur in lower uterine seg & bleeding after 38
weeks of preg
748.Minor degree PP - type 1,type 2 anterior - normal delivery
749.Major degree PP-type 2 posterior,type 3,type 4 - always LSCS
750.Profuse bleeding is seen in - placenta previa
751.Blood is of fetal origin - Vasa previa
752.Causes of DIC - abruptio placenta/sev.PIH/eclampsia/IUD/septic abortion/amniotic fluid
753.PIH,Eclampsia occurs after 20 weeks of preg.
754.BP in severe PIH - 160/110mmhg
755.Earliest feature of PIH - exessive weight gain during pregnancy
756.DOC in PIH - Methyldopa
757.Drugs contraindicated in PIH - ACE inhibitors
758.Causes of eclampsia is - cerebral anoxia
759.DOC in eclampsia - Mgso4
760.Antidote for Mgso4 toxicity is - calcium gluconate
761.Safe therapeutic level of mgso4 is - 4-7 meq/l
762.Contraindicated in eclampsia - I/V diazepam
763.DOC for epilepsy in pregnancy is - Phenobarbitone
764.In heart pt barrier method is contraceptive of choice
765.Permanent method of sterilization in heart pt is - Vasectomy
766.Screening test for diabetes in pregnancy - glucose challenge test
767.Test to predict congenital anomaly in diabetic mother - HbA1C - (6-8)
768.Earlies cong. anomaly can be diagnosed by-Trans vaginal scan-anencephaly-8-10wks
769.Most charecteristic cong. Anomaly in baby born to DM mother
-sacral agenesis or caudal regression syndrome.
770.MC cong.anomaly in baby born to DM mother is - Neural tube defect
771.MC problem seen in baby born to DM mother is - Hypoglycemia
772.Lung maturity is delayed in baby born to DM mother
773.Test for lung maturity in DM is - Phosphatidyl glycerol done after - 36 weeks
774.Rx for hyaline membrane disease is - surfactant therapy given by ET tube
775.MC problem associated in delivery of macrosomia baby is - shoulder dystocia
776.Level ii scan for cong.anomaly is done at - 18-20 weeks
777.MC anemia in pregnancy is - Iron defeciency anemia
778.Best marker for iron defeciency anemia - S.ferratin
779.Rate of rise of Hb after 1 unit of blood is - 1 gm
780.Commonest cause of Breech presentation - Prematurity
781.Commonest complication of breech vaginal delivery - asphyxia
782.Commonest bone # in difficult breech vaginal delivery - humerous
783.Rx for neglected shoulder presentation is - Decapitation
784.Face to pubis delivery is seen in - Anthropoid pelvis
785.Commonest maternal complication of twins is - PPH
786.Commonest fetal complication of twins is - prematurity
787.Polyhydramnios - Liquor more than - 2 litres
788.Polyhydramnios causes - anencephaly,open spina bifida,esophageal atresia,hydrops
fetalis,DM,twin preg
789.Oligohydramnios - liquor volume less than 100ml
790.Oligohydramnios causes - renal agenesis,IUGR,post maturity,sev.PIH,chr.HTN,Twins
791.Normal blood loss in vaginal delivery in PPH - 500ml
792.Blood loss in LSCS in PPH - 1 litre
793.3rd stg hemorrhage
-PPH occuring before placental separation,Rx-manual removal of placenta
794.Primary PPH - PPH occurs within 24 hrs of delivery
795.Secondary PPH - PPH occuring after 24 hrs of delivery within puerperium
796.MCC of PPH - Uterine atony
797.MC type of PPH - Primary PPH
798.MC maternal complication of twin vaginal delivery - Atonic PPH
799.MCC of secondary PPH is - retained placental bits
800.DOC for atonic PPH is - I/V methergin
801.MTP can be legaly done upto - 20 weeks of pregnancy
802.Best method for 1st trimester MTP - Suction evacuation
803.Procedure of choice for Hydatid form mole in young pt - suction evacuation
804.Suction pressure is 400-600mmhg
805.D & E (dilatation & evacuation) is procedure of choice for incomplete abortion
806.MCC of MTP is - Bleeding
807.Menstural regulation is not a procedure for MTP
808.Menstural regulation can be done within 44 days of LMP or 14 days of missed periods
809.Commonest cause of 1st trimester abortion is
- germplasm defect or chromosomal defect or ovofetal factors.
810.Commonest cause of 2nd trimester abortion is - cervical incompetence
811.Rx for cervical incompetence - encirclage operation
812.Toxoplasma transmission occurs at - 3rd trimester of pregnancy
813.DOC for toxoplasma in pregnancy - Spiramycin
814.CMV causes abortions
815.Herpes simplex get transmitted to baby during - delivery
816.Rubella transmission in 1st trimester cause - congenital anomalies
817.Rubella vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy
818.Syphillis get transmitted to baby after - 20 weeks
819.Recurrent abortion is caused by - Listeria
820.Death of fetus occuring after 28 weeks & retained inside the uterus
821.Earliest sign of fetal death - gas in chambers of heart - develops after 12 hrs of death
822.Sure sign of fetal death IUD - spalding sign(develops after 7 days of death)
823.Definitive sign of fetal death - absent fetal heart sound on doppler sound
824.X-ray abdomen for IUD shows - crowding of Ribs,hyperflexion of spine
825.Procedure of choice for incomplete abortion - D & C
826.MC type of episiotomy is - Mediolateral
827.Most common indication of forceps is - prolonged 2nd stg of labour
828.MC fetal complication of forceps application is - asphyxia
829.Buddha sign seen in - Hydrops fetalis
830.Dose of anti D 300mics after delivery of Rh positive baby within 72 hrs
831.Precocious puberty - development of secondary sexual characters before age of - 8yrs
832.Precocious mensturation - development of menses before age of - 10yrs
833.1ry amenorhea - no menses still at 16 yrs of age in presence of 2rysexual characters
834.2ry amenorhea - no menses for 6 months in previously mensturating female
835.Cryptomenorhea - imperforate hymen - features of mensturation i no bleed
836.Premature menopause - menopause occuring before age of 40yrs
837.Polycystic ovarian disease also called as - stein leventhal syndrome
838.Necklace pattern of ovaries are seen in - polycystic ovarian disease
839.DOC for infertility/PCOD - clomiphene citrate
840.DOC for Menstural disturbances - Progestins
841.DOC for Hirsuitism - Antiandrogen drugs
842.DOC for precocious mensturation - GnRh analogues
843.Dysmenorhea - painful
844.Menorhagia - menstural blood loss more than 80ml
845.DUB - dysfunctional uterine bleeding - hormonal - types - anovulatory-ovulatory
846.Polymenorhea - shortened cycle - 2-3 weeks (PID,ovarian)
847.Oligomenorhea - prolonged cycle 35 days(PCOD,TB,anemia,asherman synd)
848.Hypomenorhea - Scanty periods (anemia,PCOD,TB,OCP's)
849.Polymenorhagia - frequent heavy cycles
850.Menometrorhagia - irregular acyclical heavy bleeding
851.Process of spermatogenesis takes place - 64 days
852.Semen analysis - tot.vol - 3-5ml/tot.sperm.count - 60-120 million/mlmotility - 80%
853.WHO -semen analysis - sperm count - 20 mill/motility - 50%
854.Oligospermia - mild-10-20mill/moderate-5-10mill/severe -<5mill
855.MCC of infertility in India - PID
856.Fimbrial block is due to - Gonococci DOC for gonococci- ceftriaxone
857.Cornual block is due to - TB
858.IOC for tubal patency - Lap.chromotubation
859.MCC of tubal disease - PID - DOC for PID - Doxycycline
860.MCC of infertility is - Tubal factor
861.Most common presentation of Genital TB -infertility
862.Most common presentation of treated genital TB - ectopic pregnancy
863.MC site of ectopic preg - ampulla of fallopian tube
864.Triad of ectopic pregnancy - pain,amenorhea,vaginal bleeding
865.Rx for ruptured ectopic pregnancy - immediate laprotomy
866.Rx for unruptured ectopic preg - Methotrexate/RU486/hypertonic glucose/Kcl
867.Rx for unruptured ectopic preg in nulliparous female - linear salpingostomy
868.Arias stella raection is seen in ectopic pregnacy
869.Common cause for ectopic preg - progestasert/CU T
870.Earliest to rupture in ectopic preg - Isthmic
871.H.Mole -IOC - USG abdomen - snow-storm app.
872.MC site of meatstasis of choriocarcinoma - lung
873.Rx for H.Mole - suction evacuation
874.40yrs female Rx for H.Mole - Hysterectomy
875.DOC for choriocarcinoma - Methotrexate
876.Developed jaundice to Methotrexate next drug is - Actinomycin D
877.MC complication for H.Mole evacuation is - hemorhage due to incomplete evacu.
878.X-ray chest in choriocarcinoma shows - canon ball appearance
879.Cancer - MC cancer in female in India si- Ca cervix
880.MC cancer worldwide - Ca breast
881.Screening test for Ca cervix - Pap's smear
882.Confirmatory test for ca-cervix - colposcopic guided cervical biopsy
883.Commonest presentation of ca-cervix - post coital bleeding
884.MC ca-cervix is - squamous cell ca
885.MCC of death in ca-cervix is - renal failure
886.2nd most common cancer in India is - Ca endometrium
887.MC presentation of ca endometrium is - Post menopausal bleed
888.MC tumor marker for ovarian cancer - CA 125
889.Signet ring cells r seen n - Krukenberg tumor
890.Call exener bodies r seen n - granulosa cell tumour
891.Rx for fibroid uterus - TAH
892.Medical Rx for fibroid uterus - progesterone,danazol,RU-486,GnRH
893.Upto 4cm sized submucosal fibroid can be removed by - Hysteroscopy
894.Upto 10cm sized submucosal fibroid can be removed by - Laproscopy
895.PH of vagina in adult female - 4.5
896.Greenish frothy discharge PV is seen in - Trichomonias infection
897.Multiple strawberry spots in vagina is seen in - trichomonias
898.DOC in Trichomonias - Metronidazole
899.MC vaginal infection in T2dm - candidiasis
900.Curdy white discharge is seen in - candidiasis
901.DOC in candidiasis is - oral flucanozole+vaginal pessay cotrimazole
902.Fishy or musty odour discharge is seen in - Gardinella vaginalis
903.Clue cell r seen in - gardinella vaginalis
904.DOC in chlamidia infection - Doxycycline
905.Chlamydia causes infertility
906.Commonest site of endometrosis is - Ovary
907.Femshield is - female condom
908.Shortest acting IUCD - progestasert (1yr)
909.MOA of ocp's - prevents ovulation
910.MOA of IUCD is - aseptic endometritis or foreign body reaction
911.Longest acting - CU T380A - 10yrs
912.MC side effect of CUT is bleeding
913.MALA D - 30mics ethnyl estradiol + 0.3 mg d-norgestrol
914.MALA N - 30 mics ethnyl estradiol +0.3 mg norgestrol
915.Contraceptive of choice in newly marreid couple - OCP's
916.COC in heart disease - Barrier method
917.Post coital COC in unmaried female - OCP's
918.Post coital contraceptive of IUCD to be put - within 5 days
919.Intra abdominal pressure in laporoscopy is - 10-20 mm/hg
920.COC in unmarried female - ocp's + barrier
921.Minipill is - progesterone only
922.Imp. Support of uterus - cardinal ligament or trans cervical lig.
923.MCC of VVF in India is - obstructed labour - occurs in -7-10 days of delivery
924.VVF in obstructed labour develops due to - - pressure necrosis of bladder
925.VVF should be repaired - after 3 months - Methylene blue test to diagnose
926.Best time for chorionic villous sampling - 10 - 12 weeks of gestation
927.Best time for amniocentesis - 16-18 weeks
928.Prolonged labour - labour more than 18 hours
929.Amniotic fluid 12 wk-50ml/38wks-1lit/40wks-800ml/42wks-480ml/43wks280ml/44wks160ml
930.Causes of DIC - IUD abruptio placenta/amniotic fluid embolism/septic
abortion/eclampsia except fat embolism
931.Causes of raised alpha feto proteins - twins/diabetes/open neural tube
defects/polyhydramnios/ovarian cancer/hepatocellular ca except Down's syndrome
932.Fetal breathing movement is seen on USG - 11 weeks
933.Pressure in umblical artery - 60mm/hg
934.Colour of liquor - green - Meconium stained/golden colour - Rh incompatiblity/
safron - post maturity /dark red colour - abruptio placenta/ dark brown - IUD
935.Umblical cord - 2 arteries & 1 vein
936.Single umblical artery is seen in - diabetes
937.Fetal hematopoesis - first yolk sac by 14 days-liver is major site in 10 weeks
938.Fetal pancreas secrete insulin at - 12 weeks
939.Ratio of uterus to cervix - before puberty - 1:2 / puberty - 2:1 /reproductive age -3:1
940.Size of ovum - 0.133 mm
941.LH surge occurs 24-36 hrs before ovulation
942.Endometrial thickness in postmenopausal female - 4mm
943.Earliest menopausal symptom is - hot flushes
944.Inhibin is secreted by - sertoli cells
945.1st investigation to be done in post menopausal bleeding women - D&C
946.Ovulation occurs 14 days before next mensturation
947.Time taken for spermatogenesis - 61 days
948.Primordial germ cells develops from - yolk sac endoderm
949.Post term pregnancy in days - 294 days
950.Dose of anti D at term in Rh negative mother carrying Rh +ve baby is - 300 mics IM
within 72 hrs of delivery
951.Buddha sign is seen in - Rh negative preg
952.Earliest congenital anomaly to be diagnosed on USG - Anencephaly - 8-10wks
953.Streptomycin is contraindicated in - pregnancy
954.Cord compression - variable deceleration
955.Head compression - early deceleration
956.Chronic placental insufficiency - late deceleration
957.Intra uterine pressure in 1st stg of labour - 40-50 mmhg
958.Intra uterine pressure in 2nd stg of labour is - 100-120mmhg
959.Straussman operation is reunification of bicornuate uterus
960.Psammoma bodies are seen in - serum tumours
961.Vaccines that r absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy - MMR,chicken pox
962.Vaccines can be given in preg ladies - Hep B,rabies,cholera
963.MCC of 2nd ry amenorhea in India - endometrial TB
964.Absence of secondary sexual characters with 1ry amenorhea suggests - turner's syndrome
965.Neonates - from birth to < 28 days
966.Term baby - born bet 37 to 42 weeks
967.Preterm baby - < 37 weeks
968.Post term baby - > 42 weeks
969.Perinatal period - 22nd week of gestation to 7 days of birth
970.Low birth weight baby - < 2.5 kg
971.Very low birth weight - < 1.5 kg
972.ELBW - < 1.0 kg
973.Still birth - fetal death at a gestational age of 20 wks or weighing > 500gm
Genital fold
ventral aspect of penis
Genital swelling
Genital Ridge
Genital Tubercle
Glans penis