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Why do we rank lowest in the recent PISA 2018 examination

1. Why do we rank lowest in the recent PISA 2018 examination? (Explain your answer for at least 5 factors which could be the main cause of
the low ranking in PISA)
1. Based on my observation working with DepEd on my third year in service, I believe there is a need to re-evaluate and update the K to
12 program. I have taught 7 different subjects in the span of two years. One particular thing I noticed was that there were redundancies
in the curriculum competencies, thus making the learning program congested. Some specialized competencies as I compare it to my
college subjects, were actually for higher education level. These competencies assumed that the students have the basic foundation
(which is not the case) of the specialized subject therefore, concentrating on a more complex lesson.
2. I cannot truly qualify my 3 years of service as a solid basis of my stand on this case. But then, this is what I observed and personally
experienced. We have a unified goal and that is to deliver quality education to our future generation. Teacher competency has a huge
impact in the performance of our learners. Due to the lack of specialized teachers, we were sought to teach subjects outside our
mastery. I am not complaining nor belittling my professional capacity, I am only reporting. It is rather different when a teacher has
mastery about the subject than a teacher who is studying and learning the subject together with his/her students.
3. According to statistics, Norway, New Zealand, UK, and United States spend the most in education. Higher budget allocation for the
improvement of learning facilities encourages a conducive learning environment. Teachers will not waste their time day by day,
improvising learning materials. They will concentrate their energy in creating strategies that ignites critical thinking among the