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Should you spend money on link building or go for PPC?
As a webmaster, one of the dilemmas you will be having when you are trying to
promote your business online is whether you should be spending money on link
building SEO services or you should be using Pay Per Click campaigns. There is no
straightforward ‘this’ or ‘that’ answer. You will need to take into account number of
factors before you could make your decision and let us look at those factors so that
you can make a well informed decision.
As far as PPC or pay per click campaigns are concerned, this is an inorganic
process. You pay for every visitor that comes to your website. The quality of the visitor
depends on how well your campaign is created. The results are instant with this
strategy. It is a result oriented approach and you pay for the results. However, the
cost of each visitor that comes to your website is likely to increase with time. Paid
traffic generation approaches do not produce any lasting results. The way it is instant
in fetching you visitors the results will also stop instantly the moment you stop
investing money.
With respect to link building services and SEO services things are just the opposite. It
will take a considerable amount of time before you could start seeing some results.
However once the results start showing up it will grow stronger with consistent efforts.
The cost of setting up will be on the higher side but once you setup the basic
structure the ongoing maintenance costs are lower. This is an organic process and
search engines will notice such efforts and they try to support organic ranking efforts.
You will therefore be able to find the best results from this organic process provided if
things are handled correctly.
All the business websites should ideally be looking for 100% organic traffic. When
compared to paid traffic generation efforts organic traffic generation approaches
will fetch you results that last long.
Having said that, you should be very cautious in entrusting your websites to any of
these service providers. What they do under the pretext of link building or search
engine optimization could have a very lasting impact on your website. Whether the
impact is good or bad for your website will depend on the service provider you
choose. In all your organic promotional efforts all the strategies used should be
highly search engine friendly and the strategies used should comply with Google’s
ranking policies and guidelines. Take time to review your service providers closely. As
you need to establish long term business association with your service provider it is
worth investing time to identify the top service providers so that you do not have to
go through the screening process every time you need SEO support. It is very
important to keep the above factors in mind while deciding whether to use PPC or
organic strategies. Top companies use a blend of both approaches to keep the
traffic flowing to their website.