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Recent increase in complaints about data breaches is very alarming

Recent increase in complaints about data breaches is very alarming. NSW Government requires to
recognize this pressing issue and undertake to implement two suggested policy as follow. First is User
application hardening: configure web browsers to block Flash (ideally uninstall it), ads and Java on the
internet. Disable unneeded features in Microsoft Office (e.g. OLE), web browsers and PDF viewers.
Second is web content filtering: Allow only approved types of web content and websites with good
reputation ratings. Block access to malicious domains and IP addresses, ads, anonymity networks and
free domains. These strategy is cost effective, user friendly, and highly maintainable.
Dear Secretariat,
I am informed that you require top-down details from our project to mitigate the harm from
technological loopholes. It is important that our project be thoroughly known across the managerial
board to be adequately effective. This email aims to convey to you the most crucial details, benefits
from implementing, and how you should communicate this project.
This project focusses on preventing potential malware to infiltrate our system. By blocking old or
exploitable programs like Flash and embedded advertisements in operating software and filter web
content, we greatly limit the ability of malware to insert into the system and protect user data. It also
enhances the government’s public trust and integrity.
Trung Le