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This Fleeting World 3-2-1

After reading “This Fleeting World” by David
Christian, please complete this 3-2-1 assignment:
3- Make a list of 3 important facts you learned from
your reading that you did not know before reading.
(Not minor details but big ideas)
Societies only really appeared after humans
settled down and stayed in one place.
2. The first radio waves were created in London,
3. The first written document was from AfroEurasia and the Americas.
2- Write 2 questions that you have after reading
this article.
What gave early humans the idea to make bows
and arrows?
2. Assuming people could write before this time;
why haven’t there been any written documents
found from before 3000 BCE?
1- Record 1 thing that you found to be the most
I think it’s interesting how all humans have the same
origin, but we’re so different from each other.