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Technology for Teaching and Learning 2
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Ivy Domael
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Geryl Cataraja, MAED-English
Activity 9
Directions: Reflection Paper containing on experiences and how this will be
applied in your future class.
The Computer as a Tutor and The Computer as the Teacher’s Tool
Teachers back then are trying to apply technology but just a tiny bit.
Frequently, they want to go by with as little interest with technology as
possible as if the machine is a way to be avoided unless and until absolutely
necessary. However today, computers are unavoidable. It became the means
of communication and a tool that would absolutely aide both the teacher and
his students.
With computers they could use constructivism which is an approach that
focuses on allowing the students to construct their own meaning with regards
to a topic. Thus, also making computer as their tutors since they could get
information and learn from computers itself. As for the teacher’s side, it is
considered as constructivism when computers are used for teaching. With
computers, it would be quite easy for the teachers to stimulate higher order
thinking skills for there are software of such that would assist those type of
Computer has a vast use not just in education but even in our everyday
lives as a professional or just for mere entertainment. Computers can serve
as an informant, that would update you or would give you new information
that you might need. It can be a communication tool that make the world
much smaller with just a click. It can be a constructivist tool that would assist
on making masterpieces yourself. The possibilities upon using computers is
endless and one must never stop learning and expanding new horizon with
this new and helpful tool.
Activity 10
Directions: Reflection Paper containing on experiences and how this will be applied in
your future class.
Information Technology in Support of Student-Centered Learning and
Cooperative Learning with Computer
I could still remember the time when we write notes all day written by our class
secretary or our teacher on the board. We need to comply because whatever the teacher
would write would be used in our examinations and even in our essays. We’ve been
passive learners at first but then as we proceed to the next grade and as educational tools
broaden, we’ve became active learners. As student-centeredness was introduced
everything changed and it assist on a type of learning that made both students and
teachers work hand in hand.
With the help of technology, learning became student-centered and it harness
students’ critical thinking skills. As student-centeredness became the main objective in
teaching and learning, cooperative learning with computer is much at ease and quite
helpful for students to interact and build relationship with his co-students as well.
Cooperative learning is having a common goal yet still being able to be interdependent
which means you should be in sync with your groupmates but not to da point that you’ll
just go with the flow you still have to do something and contribute in your group for a much
higher percentage of success to reach your goal.
This type of learning with technology and student-centeredness, could also be
compare to our way of living in our society. You see, we are individual citizens who have
our own strength and weakness and as one, we are a community that should work hand
in hand in our own unique way. We do not rely on our co-citizens on everything you
yourself should work on your own to also help one another. This approach in learning is
a real-life practicum that would greatly prepare our students’ in real life.
Activity 12
Directions: Reflection Paper containing on experiences and how this will be applied in
your future class.
Internet and Education
From multiple points of view, it is hard to talk about any part of contemporary
society without thinking about the Internet. Numerous individuals' lives are immersed so
altogether with computerized innovation that the once evident differentiation between
either being on the web or disconnected presently neglects to do equity to a circumstance
where the Internet is verifiably consistently on. It somehow became as one with almost
everything that we do even in education.
The instructive effect of the Internet isn't direct. At a simple level, recollect that well
over a large portion of the total populace has no immediate experience of utilizing the
Internet by any stretch of the imagination. While this is probably going to change with the
worldwide development of portable communication, the issue of inconsistent access to
the most empowering and enabling types of Internet use stays a significant concern.
However, despite of that issue our government and the educational department are trying
to push forward unto the idealistic and desired future we all wanted.
In this pandemic, world turned upside down and we now rely on the net to
communicate, to survive and to learn. We need to move forward unto whatever it is we
would be facing. Being stagnant won’t do any good at all. Even if it is going to be a rocky
journey it’s better than just staying in our known boundary. Let’s surpass this obstacle.