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Online Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentation Instructions
To summarize and present material from Landmarks in the Humanities 5th ed. to the class in a way that will
encourage curiosity and intrigue.
To improve student presentation skills and prepare them for a world where these types of skills, particularly
online, are becoming ever more crucial.
To act as the springboard for weekly discussions.
You will first create a presentation that is a full 5-7 minutes. You will lose points if your presentation is short of
5 minutes.
The presentation must have a PowerPoint or Google Slides with at least 10 slides. More slides are acceptable,
but not fewer.
Include at least 2 or more images in your presentation, but no videos. Please use the same images found in the
book (a Google image search is a quick way to find these images).
There is far too much information to include from your assigned section, so you will pick and choose the most
important concepts, people, places, information etc. DO NOT INCLUDE INFORMATION NOT FOUND IN THE
After creating your presentation, you will “present” it by recording your screen and narrating using Screencasto-matic.
You are teaching the class about your topic, so take it seriously, be thorough, and make it fun!
Formatting Information
Your slides should have bullet points rather than large blocks of text.
Try to adhere to the 6 x 10 rule, which means no more than 6 bullet points per slide and no more than 10 words
per bullet point.
Keep your presentation simple and explain more with your narration.
Slide 1: Title slide (topic and your name) This is where you introduce yourself to the class.
Slides: 2-9 Information on your topic (bullet points, not paragraphs, 2+ images)
Slide: 10 Why do these persons/places/things/ideas matter? (tell the class the significance of these topics and why
they should care)
Submitting your Assignment
You will submit a link in the Oral Presentation Assignment folder to your Screencast-o-matic presentation by your
individual due date.
I will review your submission and then post it to the discussion board along with questions for the class to answer and
Grading Criteria
10+ slides- including Title Slide and “Why does this matter?” slide
Content- the presentation touches on many different topics from the textbook
Bullet Points rather than blocks of text
Voiceover narration- clear, loud enough to hear, but not shouting or going too fast
2 images
Spelling and grammar
Meets the 5-7 minute requirement