What are your career goals?
The pace of change quickens and businesses future seems much more
complicated to be forecasted. The same, supply chain management used to seem
simple to me on the surface, but gradually, found out that it is more to it than
meets the eye. supply chain management is all about the production, shipment
and distribution of products. It covers everything from inventory to sales, and is
crucial to any business that makes and sells products. I have three main career
goals after finishing my studies:
- First of all, making changes and development in current career toward
construction and architectural material trade such as wallpaper and
laminate etc.
- I am seeking a job as a business Consultant in various and expanded areas
related to supply chain management such as Distribution, Inventory
control, Logistics, Quality management, Transportation, Warehousing etc.
- The third but the most important, is to cooperate with BIHE as an
instructor for Bachelor students in this course. In fact, it an honor for me
and it is my responsibility.
Give us an example of a time you took a leadership role.
After my career started officially at 2010, the real business world showed
me the importance of empowering leadership capabilities. Whenever I sign
a contract with a client, it is the beginning of a leading mission. Time and
cost and human resource management beside quality control and
Tell us about a time you failed.
Last summer, we were too busy with a number of projects. A loyal client referred
us with an architectural project in a force short deadline. I knew that we should
not accept but at last we did. Eventually, we could manage it with a delay but it
had a negative effect on the other ongoing projects also, it overtired staffs. In
addition, the quality of project was not as it was expected based on primitive
What are some of your Strengths and Weaknesses?
Punctuality beside resilience and the ability of planning and leading in strategic or
multitask situations are the main strength points.
Being highly sensitive to disorder, high or sometime extraordinary expectations
according to what some colleagues declare, need enough or much time to
investigate something before accepting or starting a task are some weaknesses to
be mentioned.
How would those close to you describe you in three words?
Active, analyzer, spiritual