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Creating Your Science Journal

Science Journals
This will be your log of all science learning
this year. It’s a way to keep all your
information together and organized.
The Cover……
• Let’s start with making this your science journal. So it will need some
1. Your name on the cover of course and the words “science journal”
2. Find some images that make you think of science, you can draw
them on, cut and paste from a magazine or even a label or box, or
print something out and glue it on. Anything that interests you and
makes you think of science.
3. On the inside of the cover explain why you picked the images or
drawings that you did.
My sample cover…
artist, you can’t
tell my stick
cows from stick
dogs, so I clipped
Ms. Strange Teacher’s Science
Inside cover explanation:
• I think the atom joke is
pretty funny since atoms
do make up everything.
• Baby platypus are just
super cute.
• Elon Musk’s Tesla flying
through space is pretty
• And Einstein is right, you
do have mass and you
Page Numbers
• Before we go any further, you
need to number at least the first
36 pages.
• On the top corner of each page,
front and back put the page
Let’s create the Table of Contents: Use the first 3 pages
Each time you add a new entry into your Science Journal you will log this
information into the Table of Contents to help you stay organized.
Staying organized…
• Each time you make an entry you will write the date in the left hand
margin and then categorize the type of entry it is. To make it simple
we will use symbols.
Draw a key on bottom of
the inside cover:
= investigation
= notes
Investigations: where you are doing research or
testing something out. Includes experiments
and labs.
Notes: when you write down information given
to you. Might be from a PowerPoint, an article,
a video, etc…
= reflection
Reflection: where you write down your
conclusions, thoughts, and even feelings.
Let’s make our first entry…
• Go to the Table of Contents
First Day Reflection
First Day Reflection:
Think about an write your answer to the questions below. Begin
with the sentence starters provided.
My First Day Reflection:
I am looking forward to getting to know all my new students
and exploring some science this year! I am super excited.
I still wonder what everyone’s journal cover will look. Who will
be super organized? Who is a great artist?
More to come…
• Every time the instructions say to use your Science Journal, you will
need to put a new entry in the Table of Contents, but you don’t
always need a new page. Make sure you use the back of your pages
and you can have more than one entry on a page if they are short.
Now make a short video (30
seconds) showing off your
cover and explaining the
images or drawings you
included and why. Submit it.