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12:07:55 From Cory Smith : Sam to maxim and mari
12:08:24 From Alina Wong : Good day students. This is Ms. Wong. I am teaching a few of you English B. Please send me your cell phone numbers so I can create a WhatsApp group. Send the number to 799 3056. Please make sure your name is with your number. Thanks. All the best to every one this term
12:20:04 From Elijah Clarke : sir i using a desktop i dont have a webcam yet
12:30:51 From Cory Smith : Sir what is your number
12:32:38 From Chelsea Fitzworme : pleasant day to all how will we know what group students are in seeing that in some cases there are 2 teachers per subject 12:33:25 From Chelsea Fitzworme : reasoncindy2@gmail.com 12:33:40 From Elijah Clarke : elijahclarke1868@gmail.com
12:33:42 From Cory Smith : scory419@gmail.com
12:33:46 From Destiny Rivas 4A2 : destinyrivas035@gmail.com 12:33:59 From Rian Garcia-Seales 4a2 : rianseales321@gmail.com
12:34:13 From Tyreek burton 4a2 : tyreekburton13@gmail.com