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Barack Obama Leadership Analysis

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Barack Obama Leadership Analysis
Barrack Obama is a son of a mixed-race between an Irish and an African. He was born on
August 4, 1961. His father was a Kenyan while his mother was an Irish while his father was a
Kenyan. Obama studied in a couple of colleges as well as universities. In the year 1979, he
joined Occidental College in Los Angeles. Later he transferred to Columbia University to study
political science. Finally, he went to Harvard University where he studies law in the year 1991.
Obama is a political figure worldwide. He won the senators seat at Illinois in the year 2004.
Later on, Obama became the 44th president of the United States of America and ruled for 2
consecutive terms. This was a remarkable thing because he became the first black American to
become the president of the United States of America.
In his campaign, Obama worked extremely hard to win the seat. He used to campaign
with the braveness as well as great faith. During his campaigns, he advocated for peace as well
as the end of various wars in the nation. He had hopes that he will make a change in the nation.
During his campaigns, he believed that everything is possible no matter how people take things
as they are the odd ones. His first campaign was against McCain in the year 2008. He made a
great move and he established good roots to his supporters. He portrayed confidence to the
supporters which led him to a great win in the year 2008 elections. In his campaigns in the year
2007, he uttered remarkable words that are remembered as well as celebrated up to date. Barrack
Obama said that:
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"For that is our unyielding faith - that in the face of impossible odds, people who love
their country can change it".
In this message, he continued and said that they are the words that encouraged the prior
leaders such as Abraham Lincoln. He claimed that there are problems that were hard for people.
In this matter, he advocated for change in society. He said that the problems that faced the
country were war with no end, depending on the oils that ruined the future of the people, failure
of children to learn, and struggles by parents on the economic life. Therefore, Barrack Obama
was one of the advocators of the best services to the public.
Obama is a visionary leader. During his campaign, he shared his vision with the people.
He criticized the prior leaders for failing to observe some of the problems that made America
lag. He made strategies to earn the United States a higher place economically. He advocated for
change in his vision. In the article "President Barack Obama: My vision for America" by Obama
to CNN, Obama said that:
"Now I want a tax code that stops rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas, and
starts rewarding companies that create jobs here; one that stops subsidizing oil company profits,
and keeps supporting clean energy jobs and technology that will cut our oil imports in half".
In this time, Obama was sharing the vision he had for the United States. As can be
observed, he had precise plans that were also clear. He was able to learn the advantages of the
tax and how he could make the United States great rather than using the money for the tax to
make other nations great.
Obama is a focused leader and believes that hard work brings change. Obama while in
office believed in hard work. In most of his speech to address the nation or specific group of
people like the students, he advocated for hard work. In a press published by CNN, Obama
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claimed that hard work leads to a decent living. Besides this, he believes that hardships and
challenges can be won by only one thing known as hard work. He used to say that if everyone
worked hard, there would be no or minimal challenges and hardships. He said that numbers
determine the strength. If several people worked hard, the lesser the challenges and hardships
and vice versa. To overcome every challenge, Obama believes that one has to try various tactics
to win the challenge. In his farewell speech, Obama made a remarkable speech and said
important words that would bring unity as well as people to work together.
"Now this is where I learned that change only happens when ordinary people get
involved, and they get engaged, and they come together to demand it"(Obama).
According to him, ordinary people make changes when they come together. He believes
that when people come together, there is a great possibility that there will be change. Change is
critical in various things that happen in day to day lives and can be made when people join up.
Obama in his speeches showed no discrimination based on gender, race, or any other
form of alienation. In all of his speeches, he used "We" to show that all are equal. His speeches
were strong and they showed great unity and humbleness. He is one of the leaders who believe
that each person in a country has a great role to build it. Thus, he did not use words that specified
specific people, groups, state or such. As noted earlier, he believed in togetherness as well as the
capability to bring good to the United States. He used "we" portraying that he couldn't make it all
alone to control the United States. Although he was a powerful leader, he depicted a great
character that was worth noticing. Through the use of "We", he made everyone to feel part of the
nation and enjoy doing the best for the nation.
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Lastly, Obama is an encouraging leader with a positive attitude. He owns his unique way
of encouraging people to do various things. In his presidential farewell speech, he gave
encouraging words that made people applaud as well as cheer. He said;
“Show up, dive in, and stay at it. Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose. Presuming a
reservoir in goodness, that can be a risk. And there will be times when the process will
disappoint you.”
In his words, he inspires through the truth that when working, everything is possible.
Disappointments are part of life. He encourages people to dive into their ideas and do what they
can. However, he alerts the audience that the results can be positive or even negative. In this
way, he encourages people to perform various tasks. People should not fear to do things, because
either good things can happen or bad things can be a result. Therefore, Obama is a leader who
encourages people to work. He uses words that are great as well clear to understand.
In conclusion, Obama is a prominent leader with great characters. He was the 44th
president of the United States of America. As a president in the United States of America, he
made a noteworthy thing since he became the first black American to be the president of the
nation. During his reign as a president, he portrayed great characters that promoted unity as well
as hard work to the citizens. He was a visionary leader. He named a couple of visions that he had
for the people of the United States in his campaign. He also advocated for hard work as well as
working together to make good progress when he was the president. As a leader, Obama is an
encouraging leader in unique ways. Obama in his speech portrays harmony. He uses "We" in his
speech. This brings people together and makes them feel part of the country as a whole.
Therefore, they can work to achieve the best from this. Therefore, Obama is a great leader who
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knows the ways and still goes through a good way and leads the people by showing them a good
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