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Module #4
The video is about the global interstate system. It is an organized institution that governs international
relations for mutual benefit. It was said there that the former president which is Franklin Roosevelt is
the one who coined name the united nation. One of its benefits is to use its full resources, military or
economic, against those members of tripartite pact and its adherence with such government is at war.
The origination for economic cooperation and development, world trade organization and world bank
are the institutions associated with world trade. It gives an example institution that associated with
World Bank like international development association. Its primary purpose is to provide loans to
developing countries to reduce inequalities and improve people’s condition and the country’s economic
growth. The world trade organization deals with the rule of trade between nations. The organization for
economic cooperation and development consist of 35 member countries stimulates economic progress
and world trade. Also mentioned, the specialized agencies that autonomous organization working with
the united nations and each other through the co-ordinating machinery of the united nations economic
social council.