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ISSL5112 Presentation

1. Cable shielding
•Cable shielding is a method used to prevent
EMI interference otherwise known as
Electromagnetic Interference from corrupting
the data being transported through the cables.
•Cable shielding is done by enclosing the cable
with a common conductive layer to prevent
intrusion through the cables.
•An example of this is a four-conductor shielded
•These cables are mainly used in security
2. Corner bolt
•Corner bolts are used to secure an object
such as a computer or desktop to prevent
theft in an organisation.
•These corner bolts are mainly used in most
business organisations to prevent theft.
•Corner bolts such as this one illustrated in
the picture can prevent theft from occurring.
3. Electronic trackers
•Electronic trackers are devices used to track
activity on a certain object such as if a
computer was removed from its area.
•Electronic trackers can be devices such as
GPS to track the location of an object.
•These devices can be used in most
organisations to track the equipment such
as computers if they are removed from their
specified area and alert the organisation.
4. Identification badges
•Identification badges, otherwise known as
ID’s are used as a form of identification in a
organisation to show that you are a part of
the organisation.
•These identification badges are used in
organisations as well as retail stores such as
Dis-Chem to show who works there.
5. Proximity-release door openers
•Proximity-release door openers are used for
secure access into an organisation and
restricted areas in the organisation.
•These mainly require some sort of
identification badge with a small radio
transmitter placed in it.
•These are given to the authorised
•Mainly given for access to the computer
room for secure access.
6. Room shielding
•Room shielding is a process in which a
nonconductive material is sprayed on the
walls of a computer room to decrease the
amount of signals transmitted into the room.
•This is mainly used to create secure areas
for the computer room.
•Mainly used in organisations to prevent data
loss or hacking.
7. Steel encasements
•Steel encasements are used to secure a
computer or an object to an area which is
locked to prevent theft.
•Mainly used in organisations which give
public access to the computers.
•Such as schools or internet cafes.