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Boyles Law Problems

Boyles Law Problems
*Hint make sure the units of measurement for volume and pressure are the same
when calculating the answer*
1. Find the missing values within the table:
V1= 22.4L
V1= 60ml
V1= ?L
V1= 2.5mL
P1= 1atm
P1= ?kPa
P1= 40Pa
P1= 7.5atm
V2= 2.8L
V2= 16mL
V2= 4L
V2= 100mL
P2= ?atm
P2= 101.3kPa
P2= 100Pa
P2= ?atm
2. To compress nitrogen at 3atm from 750mL to 500ml, what must the new
pressure be if the temperature is kept constant?
3. A sample of nitrogen at 101.3kPa with a volume of 100mL is compressed at
constant temperature to change the pressure, the gas is compressed in
intervals of 5kPa at a time until the final pressure is 133.3kPa. What is the
final volume of the gas?
4. A sample of argon was compressed at 20oC from 300mL to 0.360mL, its
final pressure was found to be 400Pa. What was the original pressure?
5. A student of Pascal took a jar of helium to the top of mount Puy-de-Dome
and measured the pressure at 0.5atm and noticed it had a volume of 56mL.
As he walked down the mount to the bottom where he met up with Pascal,
Pascal noticed that the volume was now 74mL and discovered that pressure
acts uniformly in all directions. However, to mark this discovery Pascal
discovered that 1atm = 101 325Pa and wrote the final volume of the gas in
Pa, therefore what is the final volume of the helium in Pa?
6. A scientist collects 25mL of neon at 96kPa, if he changes the pressure to 3
atm what is the new volume?
7. 600mL of oxygen is trapped in a container at 760 Torr. When the oxygen is
compressed to 450mL what is the new pressure in mmHg?
8. If I had a balloon which was blown up on the ground to the point of bursting
and carried to the top of Mount Everest would the balloon pop? Why or
Why not?
9. According to Dalton when oxygen at 159mmHg is combined with Nitrogen
at 593mmHg it creates a container with a pressure of 752mmHg. If this
container contains 5.6L of the gaseous mixture and is brought to the bottom
of the ocean where the pressure increase to 5atm what is the final volume?
10. When a 2L bottle of coke is opened the pressure within the bottle decreases
from 900Torr to 430mmHg, what is the final volume of the gas in the bottle?
11.When a balloon containing 630mL of helium at 1atm on the ground is let go
it reaches the atmosphere where the pressure is decreased to 430Torr, what
is the final volume of the balloon?
12.If 400mL of a gas is at 202650Pa but the volume increased to 600mL what is
the final pressure of the gas in kPa?
Answer Key:
1. a. 8atm, b. 27kPa, c. 10L, d. 0.19mL
2. 4.5atm
3. 76mL
4. 0.48Pa
5. 38339Pa
6. 7.9mL
7. 1013 mmHg
8. No it wouldn’t pop
9. 1.1L