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Microsoft Teams Meeting Joining Guide

Microsoft Teams Meeting Joining Guide.
Online Meeting Requirement
Laptop or Computer System
o If you have laptop then mostly laptops have webcam, microphone and built-in speakers.
If you have all in working condition, then hope fully there no issue you will face.
o For desktop/Tower Computer System you need headphone with microphone working
condition and a webcam connected to system.
It is recommended to install MS Teams Application before joining meeting.
Good Internet Connection
1. Microsoft Teams Application Installation
You need to Install Microsoft Teams Client application in case it is not installed on Computer/Laptop. You
can also join meeting without installation of MS Teams application using web browser but it is
recommended to install Microsoft Teams client application.
You should install it before start of meeting so that meeting can be start timely. This is a one-time activity.
Use Following URL to Download and Install MS Teams Client Application.
Open Above link and click on Download for Desktop .
After finishing download, please install downloaded application.
You can also install Mobile applications from Google Play Store. At app store application name is
“Microsoft Teams” Install this application on mobile phones and then you can join meeting using mobile
2. How To Join a Meeting
Open Microsoft Teams Application in Computer/Laptop
Click on join Microsoft Teams Meeting in Meeting URL shared with you in email as mentioned in sample
email screenshot below.
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When you click on “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” Following window will appear. Click on Open OR Open
your team’s app as highlighted below.
In case you not installed Microsoft Teams app on your computer system you can click on “Continue on
this Browser” and you can join Online Meeting/Session..
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Following Microsoft Teams application will open, You must enter your name here [Participant Name
and Institute Name] as I mentioned here Muhammad Sajid. Then Click on Join Now button.
After Clicking on Join Now, following window will appear. Here You need to wait, Administrator of this
meeting will approve your request and you will join this meeting. You can enable/disable your
microphone and webcam from here as highlighted below.
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Instruction for Participants During Training Sessions/Meeting.
1. Dear Participants, it is requested that please Mute your microphones during training sessions
and only Unmute if you want to ask any question/Query from Resource person in
Question/Answer session. If Your microphone is Unmute and there is background noise so all
the training participants will disturb.
2. Dear Participants It is requested that Please Turn OFF your Video during Training sessions and
only Turn ON if you want to ask Question/Query from Resource person in Question Answer
Session. Or Presenter asks you to Turn Video On.
3. You can select Raise Hand option to ask question during Question/Answer Session.
4. When you Turn Off your Video it also helps to free your bandwidth and help for smooth Training
5. Dear Participants Please Select Noise Free Location so that during Training Session you can
concentrate on Training and Select Location where your internet Signals are in Good Strength so
that your session can continue without any interruption.
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