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Top 5 Myths about Solar Panels

Top 5 Myths about Solar Panels
Solar panels are one of the solutions present in the market to replace carbon
footprint and save the planet from global warming and climate change. This is
the chance for the people to change the fate of their generation and the
generations to come. But there is so much misinformation about solar panels
that people have started to take them seriously.
Some of the myths about solar panels are as follow, which will help you
understand what to take seriously and what not.
1. Solar Panels take more energy to make than they can produce
This myth is false right from the start. Because the solar panels are taking
energy from the sun, and the sun is not costing any money to the people who
are using it. And secondly, it is producing a lot more energy than it is
basically absorbing. The best thing about solar panels is the carbon cost they
would be paying on behalf of their owner, and it is 11 times over in its
lifetime, i.e., in 2.3 years, it will fulfill its cost.
2. Solar Panels don’t work on cloudy days
This is not true at all, though not completely, because, on cloudy days, it is
less effective, but it is working. This myth started because solar panels take
energy from the sun, and if the sun gets covered with clouds, they won’t be
receiving any sunlight, so there won’t be producing any energy. But this was
wrong, they still get sun rays even if the sun gets covered by cloud, but they
just get less productive at that time.
3. Solar panels will provide you energy with blackout power
Now, this is actually not true because solar panels will not provide you a
backup power if they are not connected with the battery. As long as they are
working alone taking energy through sunlight, they are fine, but when the
sun goes down and if you don’t have connected it to batteries, solar panels
go down too.
4. Solar panels require lots of maintenance and care
This is false because these are not big machines that have gears and shafts.
They are simple panels which only require on and off dusting. You need to
make sure that they stay clear of debris and dust, and birds also don’t sit on
them. Moreover, even the batteries are connected to it, and you won't have to
worry much about the maintenance.
5. Solar panels might damage the roof
Well, this is false because solar panels are not just simply put or attached to
the roof. They are attached to mounting brackets, which are then set up on
the roofs to keep them secure and steady. You can even drill the mounting
brackets to the roof just in case strong winds come. But you should not be
worried about it that the solar panels are going to damage your roof.
Overall, there are many myths, and most of them have so far either proven
wrong or right, and some even lie on edge. But these which have been explained
above are the most common ones.