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Vitamin and Mineral research Oct 2011 (1)

MYP Science: Vitamins and Minerals research project
Criterion B
Politician-Aid Worker Role Play
You will be given a lesson in the library to research ONE of the following vitamins or minerals
using a variety of reputable, scientific resources. There are 12 choices (maximum of 2 students
You will need to appropriately reference all resources. Be sure you know how to do this. If not
you must ask your teacher!
Also read through the criterion descriptors below to make sure that you are on the right track!
Possible Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin A, Vitamin(s) B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K
Minerals: Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Potassium
Whichever vitamin or mineral you choose to research, make sure you include:
 Some background information about its discovery (who, when, where)
 Origin of the name
 Historical and interesting information (e.g. vitamin C and scurvy in sailors)
 Why we need that vitamin in our diet, source and the recommended daily amount
 Health implications if we do not get enough of that vitamin (deficiency)
 What happens if we consume too much if anything (toxicity)?
Now time for the fun
 Your assignment is to take the information that you have gathered and to write a script
for the appropriate dialogue between a politician and aid worker presenting with the
symptoms for a deficiency/excess of the vitamin or mineral that you have researched.
 You should submit the following:
1. The dialogue between politician and aid worker (typed and no more than
two pages double spaced)
2. Your research
3. Your reference list
 Depending on the available class time some, all or a few of the best scripts will be
performed in class
B: Communication in science
I can recognise basic scientific vocabulary
I can describe the scientific topic with help.
I can use some scientific words relevant to the topic
I can use a relevant method to present the topic clearly.
I can describe the scientific topic and explain some of the details.
I can present the information clearly using a variety of formats.
I can use most scientific words relevant to the topic.
I can record some sources of information.
I can describe and give a full explanation of the topic
I can present the information clearly using a variety of formats.
I can understand and use all scientific words relevant to the topic.
I can record all sources of information.
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