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God's Call and Dorothy Day (3)

God’s Call and Dorothy
By: Lizzie Stangenberg
Who Was Dorothy Day?
⇨ Dorothy day was born on November 8th 1987 and sadly, died from a heart
attack on November 29th 1980. In 1914, at college, Dorothy joins the Socialist
Club and Socialist Party and that’s what sparked her interest in activism and social
⇨ She then became known as an American journalist who turned into a social
⇨ At the younge age of 36 she co founded the Catholic Worker Movement.
⇨ Today she is proudly known for her speaking up about social injustices for the
poor and less fortunate
Who Was Dorothy Day? - Timeline
Characteristic #1 - Speaking on God’s Behalf
In 1927 she switched to Catholicism and was actively speaking about it
In 1933 she co-founded a newspaper called “The Catholic Worker”
She constantly spoke about the Catholics and their teaching to anyone who
would listen and was truly proud of her faith
Characteristic #2 3 & 6
⇨ Spawned the catholic worker movement
The movement she created with her co founder Peter Maurin is a bunch of
anonymous catholic communities to "live in accordance with the justice and
charity of Jesus Christ".
Samantha Yanity wrote for Ignatian Solidarity Network saying that “[Dorothy Day
was] Titled ‘Servant of God’ by the Vatican. Day exhibited the true image of what it
means to follow Christ no matter the cost. Her love for the poor and marginalized
brought forth the Catholic Worker movement. Her deep love of Christ shaped her life
work as a social activist, anti-violent protester, and pacifist, and it is this Christ-like
Characteristic #4 - Activism
⇨ Dorothy attended many protests and fought for changes in systematic racism
⇨ She started an anonymous group of catholics to be guided in life by God
⇨ Day had a strong connection to social issues which spanned most of the
twentieth century, including her support of the Russian Revolution in 1917, then
turning around in 1971 and accusing the Soviets of mistreating Alexander
Is Dorothy Day Actually a Prophet?
1. Does this person preach change?
a. Yes. she attended many protests and helped the poor
2. Is this person a positive influence?
a. yes
3. Could this person be a role model?
a. yes
4. Does this person have a specific cause?
a. Yes, the homeless, poor, marginalized and disabled
5. Does this person represent positive morals and values?
a. yes
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