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Analogy Speech

Item: Cd/ Game case
Central Idea: Like a CD case it has a hard cover, like an emotinal shell of a human being, and like a CD case the case has little locks that keep it closed, like your brain telling you not to open up emotional to certain people, but if you do end up opening the case there is a small CD something you would really think much of, until you put it in the right envirment or tool that turns that little thing into somthing completley diffrent and something Large even bigger than the CD itself.
Introduction: The people with this hard shell know its hard to open with other people you cant have them trying to break the case or you might break the CD so they try to keep it locked, so not alot of people see whats really inside.
Orientation: -The CD case is really the CD has only ever really been in a diffrent enviorment so not alot of people have seen whats actually inside.
-The CD case protects the CD so it dosnt get scratched or damaged because if it does it wont work the same or wont work at all.
-But the only way to get the CD to play and which means you need to be willing to pass it on for someone to actually see whats inside.
V: Like the CD case and the precious CD inside of it you could really compare that to people with the similar shell and how not alot of people have seen some peoples true personality
Body: The Case represents the shell
A- The case represents the emotional shield that some people, like myself a bit ago, use to protect themselfes from getting harmed mentally.
B- The people who use the shell are far less chance of getting mentally damaged because they have the case, so they arnt really open.
C- So as the person slowly opens their case and programs things to their CD they finally open up and let everbody see their CD
2: The Locks of the case represent the mental locks to keep people out
A- These locks help to keep the bad peolpe out or just the people the owner dosnt want getting in.
B- The locks ensure saftey and makes the person feel releived.
C- As the person feels safe they unlock the locks which helps them/me grow mentally and even physicaly
3: The fragileness of the CD represents how fragile the mind is and how easily it can be messed up.
A- Without the case the CD would get tossed around and scratched which means that the persons mind would get messed up and damaged.
B- Like the colors on the CD and CD case these colors represent how diverse each person "CD" can be.
C- The wide range of diffrent CDs represents how diverse people are and how diffrent people go with letting people in.
Conclusion: In conclusion the mind of me, a human being, is very fragile, like a CD, so we/I develop a case around it or shell.
Summary: In conclusion I wouldnt be who I am today if I never had that shell to protect my emotions. But, once I started to see the shell only held me back and prevented people from seeing the CD, I opened up. Luckily, since I did decide to open up im glad that other people will be able to see my CD or my personality.