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Eng Class 4 Wk 04- D (Black Beauty pgs 17-21)

Academic Year 2020-21
Class 4
Subject: English
Topic: Literature- Black Beauty
Resources: Novel –Chapter One
Worksheet # 4-D
Chapter 1-How I Got My Name(Pg: 17-21)
I can understand the characters, setting and theme of chapter 1.
Let’s recap events from the previous lesson by writing ‘True’ or ‘False’ for the
given statements.
 Black Beauty’s mother was a famous horse.
 Black Beauty had a star on his forehead.
 Black Beauty came from an important family.
 Black Beauty was always happy to see his father in the evening.
 Black Beauty’s mother was always angry.
 Black Beauty’s first name was Darkie.
 There were three other horses in the field.
 Black Beauty was a very unkind horse.
 Black Beauty’s father ran very fast.
Chapter 1-How I Got My Name(pg: 17-21)
Read the text carefully on page 17-21 to answer the following questions.
Q.1. Use the picture clues to fill each gap.
a. Black Beauty was
to carry the master.
b. Black Beauty felt_
when he wore shoes for the first time.
c. Black Beauty saw his first
near the field. It
and _
d. The master sent Black Beauty for two weeks to another field. There were
in the field.
e. Black Beauty went to a place called Birtwick. A man put him in a
Q.2. Words that describe a noun are called ‘Adjectives’. Enlist five adjectives that
describe Black Beauty from chapter one.
e. _