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Welcome to Strategic Management starting 31 Aug 2020

Welcome to Strategic Management starting 31 Aug 2020
Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to Strategic Management. It is my pleasure to be teaching this unit and to be working
with you. The subject we are embarking on is about making “big” decisions, not “small” ones. It is
about extracting ourselves from “operations” and daily decisions to bigger-scale, longer-range ones
that have wider and deeper implications for the business.
Strategic management is about directing our efforts by looking at one mirror and one window. When
we look at the mirror, we are looking at our internal capabilities and resources as a firm- wondering
what we can use them for. When we look out of the window, we see all the external opportunities
and all of the threats as well as the changes that face us. Making a strategic decision is about
choosing the best option combining the “mirror” and the “window”.
In terms of preparation, I would like to ask you to please read the “Classroom Ground Rules” and
the “Assessment Details” documents. Both of these have been posted to the Learning Management
System in “contents”. They will have almost all the answers to the questions that you will likely
have. Both documents also form part of our agreement and how we will together this term. We
need to agree to these two documents and adhere to them. It is a sign of your professionalism that
you read the documents in detail so that you have a complete view of “how” we will work together.
This will save you time and enable you to ask questions that are not covered in these documents.
I am very pleased and indeed honored to be working with you again or to meet you for the first time
and look forward to our classes. Please make sure you attend you allocated class so as to ensure
consistency and standardization. All lectures will be automatically recorded so you can access them
at any time after the class and in case you miss the class.
My contact details are only those shown below, so please only use one or both of these methods of
contact- thank you.
Mo Kader
0414 653 183
International + 61 414 653 183