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Life Functions- Keys to “Living”

Life Functions- Keys to “Living”
Nutrition ​– includes the activity of an organism by which it obtains materials
(for structure) and energy (for life activities) from its environment and processes
them for its use.
Transport ​– involves the absorption (taking in) and distribution (circulation) of
materials by an organism
Respiration ​- includes those processes which provide the energy (through the
conversion of stored energy in food) necessary for the maintenance of life
Excretion ​– involves the removal from the organism of waste products
manufactured by the organism.
Synthesis ​– involves those chemical activities by which large molecules or
structures are built from smaller ones.
Regulation ​– involves the control and coordination of the various activities of an
organism through responses to change both around and within the organism.
Growth ​– involves an increase in cell size and/or cell numbers. This process
utilizes the products of synthesis.
Reproduction ​– involves the production of a new individual from preexisting
ones. The reproduction of cells is also responsible for the growth of an organism
and the repair of tissue. While the individual’s survival is not dependent on
reproduction, species survival is dependent upon the reproduction of individuals.