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Atomic Structure Group Activity

Atomic Structure & Ions
1. What chemical element is this?
2. Based on the image above, how many of each subatomic particle is present?
a. Protons _______
Neutrons _______
Electrons _______
3. Based on your answers to #2, draw the atomic structure of this element (using the shell model).
4. What subatomic particles are located in the atomic nucleus?
5. What subatomic particles are located in shells around the atomic nucleus?
6. Above are shell model depictions of a sodium atom and a sodium ion. What is the difference between the two
7. Based on your answer to #6, what charge would a sodium ion have?
8. Explain why the sodium ion would have this charge.
9. The symbol for a sodium atom is Na, how do you think we would write the symbol for a sodium ion?
10. Based on what you’ve learned about sodium atoms and ions, what do you think happens to an atom that forms
a negatively charged ion?
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