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Reading check of 11th grade - The Scarlet Letter. Ch 9-10

Reading Check
*Use this guide to check your comprehension of the reading assignments of the week!
(You can find the reading schedule on the dedicated page for each book).
Novel: ´´The Scarleth Letter´´
Chapters Nº: 9 & 10.
A. Study guide – Chapter 9: ´´The Leech´´
1. Why is Chillingworth sometimes referred to by townspeople as a "leech"?
2. What reason does Chillingworth give to the townspeople for wanting to live with
3. What caused Valencia´s car accident? How did Valencia die?
4. Who was Bertram Copeland Rumfoord?
5. What disease does Rumfoord believe Billy have? And what is it about?
B. Study guide – Chapter 10: ´´The Leech and his patient´´
6. What is the initial reaction of the townspeople to Chillingworth's care of
7. Why does Pearl pull Hester away from Dimmesdale and Chillingworth?
8. Why do Chillingworth and Dimmesdale move in to the same house together?
9. What is the topic of the conversation between dimmesdale and chillingworth that
starts a fight between them?
10. What does Pearl insinuate about chill when she playfully tells Hester that they
should run away from the graveyard?
C. Vocabulary and Quote(s) learned
*List new (6) words that you learned from the text and their meaning. Plus (5) of your
favorite quotes from the chapters read.
Favorite quotes:
C. Follow-up Activity
 For this activity, we will discuss the social relations and behavior of one of
the main characters of Chapter #9, better known as ´Reverend
 Your material is a chart that reflects a short questionnaire that summarizes
the social profile of this character. (Please find the material attached to this
guide in the form of a word document).
 Note: You will be working this activity with a partner that the teacher will
assign to you in the break-out rooms. Make sure to write down your
answers on the chart of the worksheet (with all details needed).
Finally discuss with you partner:
 The final profile of the character.
 How his social relations affect the plot of the story (in this case, Ch 9).
 And some facts that you found interesting about him.