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Animal Science Choice Board

Animal Science Choice Board
Instructions: You will be required to complete one (1) activity a week. Upload end product to Google
Classroom in the appropriate classwork section. Have fun with this! Email with any questions or if you
need more information. You may only do each activity once! Each activity is worth 10 points. You may
do more activities than needed if you would like to bring up your grade.
Animal Handling
Demo Take a video
or step-by-step
photos of
demonstrating an
animal handling
technique. See
Google Classroom
for handling
techniques. Write a
reflection on why
the technique is
needed, when it’s
used, and what you
learned from this
Pick an animal that
you have at home
and research the
breed. Highlight key
common health
problems, what
breed is commonly
used for, etc. If you
aren’t sure what
breed your pet is,
you may pick any
Animal Nutrition
Evaluate the
nutrition plan of
your pet or livestock
at home. What type
of feed do you use?
What ingredients
are in the feed? Are
you surprised by
any ingredients? Do
you think you feed
your animal too
much? Too little?
What are possible
ways you could
improve their diets?
Animal Food
Products Identify at
least 5 different
food products in
your house that
contain animals. Try
to NOT use typical
products like meat
(beef, chicken, etc.)
Take a picture of
each and write a
Vet Science w/ Dr. Pol Watch
an episode of Dr. Pol and write
about at least 3 different
patients he helped and what
they needed. Include the season
and episode number in your
Design an animal
pen/cage/hutch for
an animal that you
currently have at
home. Include
measurements and
any additional
features required.
This can be a
sketched picture,
virtual drawing or
physical space!
Yard Work/Manual Labor
Do yard word for a neighbor or
family member for a minimum
of 1 hour. This could include
raking leaves, picking up sticks,
cleaning flower beds, etc. Take a
before and after picture to
upload to GC. Write a reflection
of what you did and what you
Animal Science
Careers Research a
career related to
Animal Science.
Include pay,
where you can get
that job, skills
required, etc.
Include an education
program you could
attend to be
successful in that
program. Include
cost information
about that
education program
and requirements
for the program. At
least 4 paragraphs
w/ 6-8 sentences
Community Service
Pick up trash for 1
hour along a
roadway, at a park,
or around
town/country. Take
a picture of the
collected trash and
upload to Google
Classroom. Write a
reflection/plan on
how to decrease
human waste in our
Genetic Disease in
Research a common
genetic disease in
one of the following
DocTalk on Youtube
animals: dogs,
Watch an episode of DocTalk
cattle, horses,
and write(or record) a 4
sheep, or cats. What
paragraph summary of what you
is a common cause
of disease? Can it be
prevented? If so,
how? What are
symptoms? Is it
deathly? Can the
animal still live a
productive life with
the disease? Site
Animal Well Being
As animal owners,
we our goal should
be to provide the
best life possible.
Reflect on things
you do to provide
your animal(s) the
best life possible. Ex:
trimming nails, vet
nutrition, etc. Be
COVID-19 Effect on
Using credible
resources, research
3 ways COVID-19 is
agriculture (pos or
neg) with one way
being related to
animals. What do
you think this virus
means for
agriculture? This
should be at least 34 6-8 sentence
paragraphs. You
may video record
your reflection. Site
Animal Care Plan
What would happen
if you were not able
to take care of your
pet? Create a
detailed step-bystep instruction plan
for someone else if
they need to care
for your pet. Include
measurements for
food/water, explain
how to locate food
or other needed
supplies, brand
names of food, and
any medications for
your pet.
Virtual Zoo
You have just
inherited a 50 acre
piece of land and are
wanting to start
your own zoo.
Choose 5-10 zoo
animals and design
your zoo. Include a
map, names of the
animals, 3-5 facts
about each animal,
and how to care for
them. Be sure to
name your zoo!
Pet First Aid Kit
Put together a first aid kit for
your pet(s). You may put
pictures into a document, find
actual items, or make a detailed
list of things you want to
include. Be descriptive!