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Quests will have options, picking a wrong option or doing the wrong thing may prevent you from
doing the quest for a certain amount of time
Graveyard (Dungeon 1):
Rank Given on how much damage taken/given
Dungeon 1: Goblin King
The goblin King has corrupted the woods surrounding the village causing passive/hostile mobs into
extreme aggression. If you explore and learn the law around the first village you will discover that he
is wearing a magical ring which was sealed away a long time ago.
Goblin King Legend: If you ask NPC around the village they will tell you of a legend. How the goblins
have a keen eye for treasure but never attacked anyone unless they trespassed upon their land. One
day this stopped when a beam of light shot out of the graveyard located in the forest. The goblin
King had demanded treasure in a desperate attempt the goblins tried looting the dead remains. The
goblins found one bit of treasure in a grave marked with “Those who dwell on me shall be
vanquished”. Upon return and giving the goblin king the ring, a toxin was released once worn. The
toxin spread upon species but only those species who lived in the forest.
This info will be found by talking to multiple NPC(Town Folk)
The original quest giver talks about his cruel deeds across the land and how he tortures and kill
innocent creature.
Upon weakening the goblin you’ll have the choice to murder him or spare him.(If you have found the
legend out).
If you decide to spare him at the end of the quest he will give you a bonus reward (Goblin Medal a
rare reward given to those who have honoured the goblins in an amazing way) The goblin king will
thank you as well telling you how he was being controlled by the ring like every other creature.
You collect the ring and read the engravings “restore me to my former self”. If you return the ring to
the grave a sparkle effect will happen, you can do this at any point even if the quest is complete.
(You’ll gain exp (need to sort out exp system))
Original quest giver: Upon seeing the results of mobs turning passive he thanks you greatly for saving
his village as it was on the brink of collapsing due to multiple attacks. He runs the town inn offering
you free stay whenever you want (health regeneration upon sleeping). He also offers you to give you
free access to the towns sacred engravings (Quick travel)
Dungeon 2:
Dungeon 3:
Dungeon 4:
Dungeon 5:
Dungeon 6:
Possible dungeon mobs: Goblin King, Giant, Mermaid, Kraken, Wyvern(don’t breath fire), Lernean
Hydra, Dragon,
Custom Designed Creatures: tallantuga
-Have totem legs which can be knocked down (stone pillars with art)
Class Design:
Pet/Mount Systems:
Unlocked by doing certain quests/Easter eggs or other activities
Speed – Clear dungeon 1-3 10 times each in a certain time (Increases movement speed for
10seconds by 100%)
Super Speed – Dungeon 4-6
Godly Speed – Dungeon 7-9
Guild System:
Inventory System:
Button to select item rarity pets can pick up
Each item may take up more space then others
Item Pouch (Main inventory is for weapons, pets, armour & potions)
Levelling System:
Aggression Levels:
High – Will attack until death
Medium – Will attack until nearly dead
Low – Any damage dealt, and it will run
Passive – Wont Attack unless they are attacked
Copper – 1000 copper = 1 silver
Silver – 1000 Silver = 1 Gold
Gold – Gold can be traded for premium currency
Premium – Can be spent on aesthetic stuff/Possible DLC