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SE Project Handout

University of Southern California
Viterbi School of Engineering
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
AME 308 – Computer Aided-design for Aero-Mechanical Design
SE Project
Due week of March 26th - March 28th on lab day by 2pm.
Design Problem
Now that you are an expert in Solid Edge ST5 you and two other classmates have
decided to start your own golf cart manufacturing company and design your first
manpowered golf cart for mass production. Possible designs are shown in Fig. 1
Figure 1 - Possible design for new golf cart
With the help of Solid Edge ST5 design all the parts of your manpowered golf cart. The
minimum required parts are as follow: wheel (x4), tire (x4), steering wheel, steering
column, chassis, axle (x2), seat (x2), crank-arm (x2), front gear (large), back gear (small),
pedal (x4), golf bag holders (x2), fasteners and chain. You are not limited just to these
parts you can make your design as detailed as you want.
Design requirements:
 Parts need to be assemblable in case they were manufactured.
 Parts can be a tight fit (no tolerance needed).
 Power can be transmitted from the two crank-arm sets to the back wheel/tire through
the use of a front gear, back gear and chain mechanism. Use of keyway, set screw or
square shaft cut out is required for the gears.
 Front gear, back gear and fasteners can be downloaded from McMaster. Both gears
need to have matching pitch.
 Golf cart needs to be designed so it can be used by two 6’5” adults weighing each 250lbs.
Storage room for 2 golf bags weighing each 50lbs is also required.
 The golf cart cannot exceed a total weight of 750lbs (excluding passengers and cargo).
Part requirements:
 All sketches need to be fully defined.
 Materials need to be specified, use different type of materials.
 If concentric relationships exist they need to be maintained at all times.
 Parts‘origins are arbitrary.
 All screws (if any) and their corresponding holes or nuts have threads. Thread pitches
need to match.
 Name for part files: NOT part#x.PAR. Use a name that means something.
Assembly requirements:
 The chassis is the base part of your main assembly.
 Use of subassemblies is required (ex: wheel + tire).
 Screws and nuts must have no degrees of freedom relative to the parts to which they
are placed. Nuts cannot indefinitely rotate.
 Mating relations need to be chosen so that the following motions can be simulated:
o Rotation of steering wheel will turn the steering column/front wheels assembly
to right or left.
o Front wheels rotate as an assembly.
o Pedals stay horizontal when crank-arm/front gear subassembly is rotating.
o Back wheels/tires/gear/axle assembly rotates when crank-arm/front
gear/pedals subassembly is rotating. A chain (gear mate) needs to be used to
achieve this motion.
 All previously stated motions need to be demonstrated by defining an appropriate
animation. Each motion needs to last at least 15 sec.
 The steering wheel should be rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise during the
 All animations need to be saved as avi files.
 Name of assembly files: NOT assem#x.ASM. Use a name that means something.
Drawing requirements:
 Create an isometric exploded view drawing of your golf cart design with balloon
numbering and a parts list (bill of materials (BOM)).
 The BOM should include all part names, materials used and quantities needed for you
innovative manpowered golf cart design as well as their respective masses.
 Create a 3-view of your golf cart with its overall dimensions (cf. specs of car in car
 ONE drawing file only.
Hardcopy :
Sales brochure for your golf cart showing that all the design requirements
are met. This also includes a printout of a 3-view and a isometric view of
your golf cart, a printout of the exploded view of the golf cart with its
BOM and an estimate of the cost for the materials. Don’t forget to write
all the first names, last names of the group members, the group # and
lab day on the printout.
Electronic copy:
Save all your files (part files, assembly files (.asm &.cfg), drawing
file and AVI files) with appropriate names in ONE folder. The
folder name should be as follow: [Group #]-SE Project.
1/3th of the grade will be based on how detailed and “un-square” your
Golf cart design is and how detailed and well organized your sales brochure