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Week of March 18th – March 24th
ART, MUSIC, and PE E-Learning Lesson K-5
Balance on one foot
for 10 seconds, then
switch to the other
Draw your pet or
your favorite
animal. Add
Find 2 different items
made of different
materials to use as a
drum (with
permission!) – do they
make a different
sound? Why?
Jog in place for 30
Line up objects in
your home to make
straight, curvy, and
zigzag lines
Hop in place and
sing the ABCs
Design and create
an instrument that
makes a sound
when you shake it
Listen to Hakuna
Matata on YouTube
and draw a picture
of what makes you
feel happy
Ask a friend or
family member
about their favorite
song and why. Tell
them what yours is
and why.
Fold a paper and
make a card for
Do a drawing lesson
from the YouTube
channel: Art for Kids
Take a listening
walk (outside or
inside.) Make a list
of the sounds you
Go outside and
draw a picture of
what you see
Take a walk around
the neighborhood
with your parent or
Find the Beat to
Rain Rain Go Away
Do 20 jumping jacks
Draw a picture of
your favorite toy
Bounce, toss, or
dribble a ball
Illustrate (draw) a
picture from your
favorite book or
Do 20 arm circles
Go wash your hands
Dance Party
Learn a new song
1st Grade – Sing
“such a making a
circle” and use your
2nd Grade – Sing
Boom Chicka Boom
and use your ideas
Primary colors: find
as many things as
you can that are
red, yellow, or blue
DIRECTIONS: Color in each square you complete until you have reached BINGO – 5 in a row (either
sideways, up and down, or vertically). Bring this paper signed by a parent or guardian to Mrs. Bishop in
the Art room upon returning to school. If you complete all of the squares, you will receive a lunch buddy
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