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Essential Elements of a Successful Corrosion Management

Essential Elements of a Successful
Corrosion Management
What is the corrosion management
 Anyone working with the heavy industrial equipment knows how much risk
corrosion carries. From complete equipment failure to major losses, it is to be
avoided at all costs.
The corrosion management system needs to be in place to protect against
corrosion. It is a full plan including the how-tos, products, applications, uses, etc. A
fully thought out corrosion management plan won’t only protect the equipment
against corrosion but also saves countless hours of labor work, costly repairs,
downtimes down the line.
The corrosion management plan is more than just using one product to remove the
corrosion. Its a full-fledged system including preservation plans, surface
preparations, understanding the environment and application, and proper training
of the personnel.
What makes a system successful?
 There are a few elements that must be kept in mind
and included in the system before even buying the
equipment. Proper planning is a must. Half of the
work is done if the planning is done well in advance.
What are the elements of a successful
corrosion management plan?
 1. Product for different uses to be specified.
A good plan includes all the solutions which will be used for different
issues. For example, for surface preparation in offshore rigs, different
types of solutions will be used as compared to the solutions used for
removing the corrosion in already corroded metal.
2. Trained personnel
The right solution is of no use if the person applying it is not trained. Each
solution comes with its own applications and uses. Trained personnel will
be able to understand and use them efficiently.
 3. Proper understanding of the equipment
Before even specifying the solution; understanding the equipment and
how it will be used should be the first step. Once we know how much
exposure the equipment will get and to what elements, we can include
the right solutions in the Corrosion management program.
4. Long-term plan
There needs to be a long term plan for equipment
preservation including all the steps to be taken from the beginning until
the end of the service life of the equipment. Also, it is important to
include the equipment preservation plan in case of discontinuing the use
of equipment. For example, to have a plan for stacking the rigs.
 5. After-corrosion solution
What will you do if the metal is already corroded and deteriorating?
That’s why a proper plan includes these scenarios also. Cortec® has
solutions to remove corrosion from the metals which are heavily
exposed to the elements in the environment,
So that now we understand how important it is to have a proper plan
in place to protect the expensive equipment against corrosion and in
result saving countless hours of labor work and millions of dollars. We
need to create the said system. Let Cortec® help you with our planning
and implementation.
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