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The Link
You’ll find the link for the resources below. Be sure to review the files and this teacher
resource to make the most out of this lesson.
Student Research Notebook:
Marypat Mahoney
Just Add Students
About this Resource
This digital research journal provides students with a place to keep all of their prewriting,
research notes, and drafts of a research project. Use this for any research topic. It will be
easy for students to see where their prewriting and notes belong. They can open up tabs to
conduct online research and quickly use the notebook to record what they find.
Great way to keep research organized and in one place!
Suggestions for Use
You can collect the entire journal or just pages for formative or summative assessments.
This journal will work for any research topic – you can assign the topic (famous person,
animal, etc.) or allow students to choose their own topics.
Students can duplicate pages if they need additional room for drawing.
Extra tab for photos that they may want to include.
Tips for Using Google Slides
I have included text boxes. If students inadvertently delete them, they can be added back
with the text box tool.
Students can duplicate slides if they need additional pages.
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