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Voice of Youth Handbook Empowering the Y

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The author assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of all facts
and quotations as cited in this book.
This handbook is written for the benefit of the Voice of Youth (VOY)
of the Adventist University of the Philipines in Silang, Cavite. All
proceeds from the sale of this handbook will go directly to VOY.
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Thank you and God bless!
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Acknowledgment is made to the following:
Editing: Armon P. Tolentino, Jean B. Martinez, and Dr. Rico T. Javien
Copyediting: Jeneva D. Genebago
Proofreading: Denice Reignel S. Estanislao
Cover design: Tovimbanashe Trust Sayi
Interior design: Jeremiah A. Digo
Bible Study Guides: Pastor Reynaldo L. Maglipas
Testimonies: PUC/AUP students and alumni
Interior photos: VOY Participants
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What is the VOY?
What is the Meaning of the VOY Logo?
What is the VOY Theme Song?
Why Join the VOY?
How Can One Join the VOY?
When is the VOY Conducted?
Where is the VOY Held?
What is the VOY Camp?
What are the VOY Roles?
Part III: 35
For Theology Students 36
For Local Church Youth Leaders 43
Part IV: 50
Part V: 152
Part VI: 191
VOY Documents
A. Needed Documents 200
B. Team Form 201
C. Financial Report Form 203
D. Statistical Report 204
E. Sample Action Plan 206
F. Spiritual Gift Discovery 209
G. Spiritual Gift Discovery
Answer Sheet 212
H. About the Author 213
I. Theme Song 214
This handbook would not have been written
without the guidance of the Almighty God.
God’s grace abounds through the full support of the Adventist
University of the Philippines (AUP) administration headed by its
president, Dr. Francisco D. Gayoba. This book became possible
through the supervision of the Spiritual Development Office,
headed by Pastor Abel B. Vergara, the fatherly and friendly advice
of the College of Theology (COT) dean, Dr. Julio C. Amurao; and
the guidance of the Student Services Office (SSO), headed by Dr.
Winifredo C. Paez. The writer also thanks Dr. Miriam P. Narbarte, the
AUP VP for Academics, for not failing to recognize Voice of Youth
(VOY) efforts.
The same acknowledgment is due the Philippine International
Church (PIC) headed by Pastor Ephraim M. Parulan before and now
by Pastor Rex M. Mangiliman and the former Evangelism Pastor
of PIC, Pastor Jemuel C. Abcede. The author is indebted to Pastor
Reynaldo L. Maglipas, PIC Pastor for Evangelism, for allowing his
Bible study guides to be included in this handbook.
Financially, both the AUP and PIC treasuries, headed by Dr.
Robert A. Borromeo, VP for Finance, and Mrs. Romelda M. Rodelas,
respectively, have always supported the VOY. This is also true to the
PUC/AUP alumni, here and abroad, for praying and sending their
financial support.
Special thanks go to the University Research Center headed by
Dr. Jolly S. Balila. She and her staff had encouraged and guided the
VOY participants to research and write.
The writer’s research partner, Myrtle C. Orbon, had inspired him
to continue his research journey. Special thanks also go to Armon
P. Tolentino and Jean B. Martinez for editing this handbook, and to
Arianne S. Alvares, Michaela Giuliana T. Arriola, Guia P. Barbo, Grace
E. Falcunitin, and Howard F. Lacdao for collecting the VOY stories.
Moreover, the writer’s colleagues in the COT readily gave their
time and expertise when invited in equipping the VOY teams—Dr.
Manny S. Reyes, Pastor Agapito A. Tuting, Pastor Baltazar R. Diesta,
Pastor Andresito P. Fernando, Pastor Danilo H. Conejos, Pastor
Mariano C. Del Rosario, Dr. Moises V. De Ocampo, Mrs. Lilibeth D.
Casel, Dr. Jimmy A. Celestre, Dr. Salvador T. Molina, and Dr. Rico T.
Javien, who edited the theological import of the stories the students
had shared.
Without the dedication of the VOY officers headed by its past
and current presidents Ronel R. De Jonggoy (2013-2014), Howard
F. Lacdao (2014-2015), and Valentin O. Monta (2015-2016), the
program and activities of VOY would not have been successful.
Deep appreciation is due Sister Lourdes Barbero-Ramos, Brother
Bing P. Alabata, Sister Eden D. Alabata, and Brother David J. Tan for
their financial and moral support in equipping the VOY teams for
ministry. There are many other people who have supported in the
same manner but whose names are not mentioned here. They are
all appreciated as well.
The writer thanks his dearest family, his wife, Jen and his sons,
Von and Harold, for their prayers and loving support.
Special thanks go to the following institutions and ministries
for their spiritual and financial support:
This book is lovingly dedicated to:
who loves the youth,
saves them,
disciples them,
protects them,
blesses them,
sustains them,
and nurtures them.
Adventist University of the Philippines
which equips them for service.
Voice of Youth Students, Officers, and Parents
who unselfishly give themselves to God,
and lovingly serve both the church and the community.
Seventh-day Adventist Churches
which are partners in shaping the life of the students
and mobilizing them to fulfill the Gospel Commission.
My Family
that never fails to support me when I was in the field
and now in the academe.
Jobbie D. Yabut
Youth Director
Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD)
Greetings to all Young
I first experienced VOY when I was
a high school student. Our local
church sponsored it. I can still
remember my part — arranging chairs and manning
the sound system. The messages I heard inspired me
and strengthened my faith.
At that time, playing basketball was my passion. In fact, I was a
major player for one of the local basketball teams. Basketball took a
lot of my personal time. But when I was given the chance to be the
VOY speaker, I took the opportunity. Thus, I would play one or two
games in a day while my Church Elder waited on his motor bike to
take me straight to the VOY venue.
To me, this was just a “part” I portrayed as a youth leader. I did
not take it seriously. Looking back, I might not had spoken to and
addressed the VOY meetings congregation for the right reasons.
But God had used that experience to teach me a lesson.
As an inexperienced speaker, I didn’t know what to say except
for what I had read in the outline prepared by Pastor Armand Fabella.
He made it easy for me to present each night’s topic. On the last
night, our Pastor made an altar call. To my surprise, several young
people stood up and chose to follow Jesus. I then realized that the
Holy Spirit had worked that whole time and it was not because of
what I had done or said.
Indeed, the VOY had been one of the best experiences that
changed my life. Shortly after, I decided to put aside my ambition
to be a professional basketball player to become a pastor with a
passion for Jesus. But the best part of the whole experience had
been meeting a beautiful lady named Aurora, who would later be
my wife and partner in life.
I commend the creation of the VOY handbook by Pastor Ron
Genebago. This book will surely help you as you develop your skills
and talents in sharing God’s love with people everywhere. May God
bless you as you give your time to serve and prepare people for His
Dave B. Morado
Youth Director
North Philippine Union Conference
I want to share a story about how
the VOY evangelism program of
the Philippine Union College (PUC), now AUP, served
as God’s way to transform a young man from a life
without direction to a life with meaning. In December
1987, a VOY team from PUC, Silang, Cavite campus came to our place
in Punta, Santa Ana, Manila to hold a Bible and health seminar. They
were six in the group: Jonathan Cordial, a Theology student, was
group coordinator and speaker; Cyrus Imperio, a Biology student,
acted as music and health coordinator; Loida Caagbay, Susan Bayan,
Solita Sandoval, and Susie Romero, all Bachelor of Elementary
Education (BEEd) students, were teachers during the children’s hour.
At present, all of them are still active in the faith and workers in our
different institutions.
That time, I had stopped school for five years since I graduated
from high school due to financial difficulties. I worked as a car painter
with a spiritual life so down that it needed repair and restoration like
an old car. Through accepting the VOY team’s personal invitation
to join their group, I became involved in evangelism and regained
my faith. At the same time, I got inspired to be involved in soul
winning. This providential VOY experience was the turning point of
my life. I contemplated on going back to school. As the VOY team
encouraged me to pursue my ambition, I finally decided to take
Theology as a working student at PUC in June 1988. Prior to my first
semester, I had joined the student summer canvassers in Angeles
City, Pampanga under the leadership of Kuya Mike Lualhati with
manager, Edwin Gonzales. During my stay in college, I joined five
more VOYs: (1) Paluan, Occidental Mindoro (1989); (2) Mamburao,
Occidental Mindoro (1991); (3) Ilasan, Tayabas, Quezon (Summer
1990); (4) Roxas, Oriental Mindoro (December 1990); and (5)
Talimundoc, Orani, Bataan (December 1993).
After almost five years and a half, I finished the degree of
Bachelor of Arts in Theology by God’s grace and with the support
of my beloved parents and siblings. I realized my dream with the
VOY as God’s instrument. As a fresh Theology graduate in March
1994, I started my journey in God’s ministry as a church pastor in
San Isidro, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija. The CLC ministerial secretary then,
Pastor Ben Ezra Adap accompanied me to my first assignment. Three
months thereafter, the Lord brought me to Panukulan Seventh-day
Adventist Church in Polillo Island, Quezon under the South-Central
Luzon Conference (SCLC). There, I ministered for two years.
In 1995, I married my God-sent sweetheart of five years, Loida
Abuel Cadao, a working BEEd student from Lucban, Quezon whom I
met at PUC. God blessed us with three healthy children, namely: (1)
Lloyd Daniel, 19; Lloyd Gabriel, 14; and (3) DL Marvi Harmony, four.
My next church assignment was in Lucena City, Quezon province.
After sometime, I was called to Guinayangan, Quezon Seventh-day
Adventist Church. In 2001, the SCLC assigned me to my first district
in Socorro and Pola towns, Oriental Mindoro. Four years later, I
was the district leader for Bansud and Gloria towns in that same
province. In 2005, while I was in this district, I was ordained to the
ministerial calling at Lipa Adventist Academy in Bugtong, Lipa City,
Batangas by then NPUC ministerial secretary.
During the SCLC Constituency meeting and election in May
2008, I was unexpectedly voted as the new youth director. Although
my family and I was surprised and I hesitant to leave the mission
field of Oriental Mindoro, I decided to accept the greater challenge
and wider scope of mission field entrusted to me. In 2010, I was reelected. My years of experience as youth director can tell that leading
young people closer to God is very challenging. In May 2013, Pastor
Ron Genebago, the NPUC Youth Ministries director accepted the
call from his alma mater, AUP, to teach its COT. The NPUC Executive
Committee gave me the office he vacated for the remaining term
until 2015. Just recently, during the NPUC constituency meeting
held in Bugtong, Lipa, Batangas, I was elected for another term
The VOY program, although primarily intended to train and
empower our young people to get involved in reaching out more
souls to be in God’s fold, is also a platform in winning their fellow
young people within our church. It is about inspiring, refueling and
re-igniting their faith; letting God’s still small voice to redirect and
lead them to have a meaningful life of service.
This experience I have shared is not my own story to exalt
myself, but “His story,” to exalt God’s goodness. I give Him back the
glory and honor for what He had caused to happen in my life. This
will help more young people to realize they should not brag about
their stories as they are meant to lift only our God. I challenge young
people to yield to His still small voice and be willing to allow His
divine purpose to intervene and to take place in their lives. Amazing
stories will result. As I look back at my life’s journey with my Great
Master and Savior, the only words that I could utter is “to God be
the glory!”
AAActs of the Apostles
AUP- Adventist University of the Philippines
CLC- Central Luzon Conference
CLC- Christian Life Cycle
COL- Christ Object Lessons
COT- College of Theology
CPTS- Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students
DAThe Desire of Ages
MH- Ministry of Healing
NPUC- North Philippine Union Conference
PIC- Philippine International Church
PUC- Philippine Union College
SCLC- South-Central Luzon Conference
SSD- Southern-Asia Pacific Division
SSO- Student Services Office
TCTestimonies for the Church
VOY- Voice of Youth
VOYG- Voice of Youth Guidelines
YMH- Youth Ministry Handbook
Dr. Francisco D. Gayoba
Adventist University of the Philippines
The Adventist University of
the Philippines (AUP) has as
its motto, “The school that
trains for service.” We are proud
that our students not only honor God
with their academic achievements and godly lives but also their zeal
in bringing to others the Good News of salvation. In your hands is
a book of stories. They are stories of the resurgence of the love of
our students to God and their passion for service. They are stories
of how the Spirit continues the work of transformation in the lives
of those who bring the Message as well as those who hear it for
the first time. This book will also be useful for those who want to
organize Voice of Youth teams wherever they are. It is an evangelism
tool to guide both theology and non-theology students of AUP, and
the local church youth leaders as well in reaching communitties for
There is a wonderful prophecy in the last chapter of the book
of Daniel, which states, “Those who are wise will shine as bright as
the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the
stars forever” (Daniel 12:3). Our students at the Adventist University
of the Philippines, with the encouragement of their teachers, are
fulfilling that last-day prophecy. What a privilege it is to see them
grow and become mature, not just to possess the knowledge of this
world, but wise unto salvation, that they are leading hundreds to
righteousness. May our youth, and you who will be reading and
using this book, shine as the noonday sun and shine as the stars
The book that you are now holding is the
product of Jesus’ faithfulness to seek and save
the lost. To participate in this mission of Jesus, AUP is committed
“to provide quality Christian education that facilitates the growth of
students so that they may lead lives that are personally satisfying
and may contribute to the welfare of the church and the society
that sustain them.” AUP’s commitment must be coupled with the
students’ dedication to follow Jesus and serve Him, the church, and
the community while accomplishing a degree in AUP.
Ellen G. White (1905), who was one of the young pioneers of
the Seventh-day Adventist Church, emphasizes in her writings that
“True education is missionary training. Every son and daughter of
God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of
God and our fellowmen; and to fit us for this service should be
the object of our education” (The Ministry of Healing [MH], 395).
The statement, “True education is missionary training,” implies that
forgetting missionary training falls short of what true education is.
True education then can only happen when “Every son and daughter
of God is called to be a missionary” (MH, p. 395). White further
It is necessary to their complete education that students
be given time to do missionary work—time to become
acquainted with the spiritual needs of the families in
the community around them. They should not be so
loaded down with studies that they have no time to
use the knowledge they have acquired. They should be
encouraged to make earnest missionary effort for those
in error, becoming acquainted with them, and taking to
them the truth. By working in humility, seeking wisdom
from Christ, praying and watching unto prayer, they may
give to others the knowledge that has enriched their lives.
(MH, pp. 545-546)
The VOY is one of the avenues through which students may
experience complete education as White defines it. The VOY
envisions to mold young people who enjoy a saving relationship
with Christ, sharpen their God-given spiritual gifts in the Church,
and share the gospel to both rural and urban Communities.
This book is designed to lay down the biblical, prophetical, and
historical foundations of youth evangelism. Thus, it provides some
significant information regarding the VOY and shares stories of
students who have experienced joining one or more VOYs. This book
is not designed to give a detailed explanation on how to conduct
the VOY. But by reading this book, you could have an adequate
background to start one. You may request the VOY Team of AUP to
provide you with other materials that are not included in this book
so you may conduct a successful VOY.
May you find inspiration as you read the stories in this book.
May you, as well, whisper a prayer for the VOY ministry as you read
-Petronio “Ron” Genebago
Right to left: Elder Gilbert Cangy, World Church Youth Director; Elder Jobbie Yabut,
Southern Asia Pacific Region (SSD) Youth Director; and Elder Jonathan Tejel, World
Church Pathfinder Director endorse the VOY Handbook to the youth constituency. This
photo was taken at SSD Headquarters on May 23, 2016 during the division-wide Youth
Advisory. (Photo Courtesy: Pastor Joshua Shin, 1000 Missionary Movement Director)
VOY Participants pose for a photo at the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP)
main gate in the Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite. AUP sent this VOY team to one of the
communities in Cavite.
The Bible is replete with young people who had
given their lives to God. He used them to reach other
people for Him. We have Joseph, Daniel, Jeremiah, Jesus’
disciples, Timothy, and Titus to name a few. Not to mention Jesus
Christ, who lived, served, and died as a youth for us. These men
were young people God had called to live with Him and reach out
for others.
We know the story of Joseph. He is best known as Joseph the
Dreamer. In fact, it was one of the reasons why his brothers hated
him, disowned him and planned to kill him, but later sold him as a
slave. This led this young man to live in Egypt. While he was there,
he did his best and the Lord was with him and blessed his work.
You may read his story in Genesis 37-50. Because of Joseph, God’s
people, the Egyptians, and the surrounding nations were saved
during the seven-year drought. God’s name was proclaimed and
honored in the land of Egypt because of Joseph, a young man.
When King Nebuchadnezzar brought the Jews to Babylon,
Daniel and His friends were young men. Their presence in the land of
Babylon made a difference. They were found wiser than the rest of the
young people in that empire. They prayed and was able to preach the
second coming of Jesus. Through his ministry, King Nebuchadnezzar
was converted. God’s name was proclaimed and honored in the land
of Babylon through the ministry of Daniel and His friends. To know
more about Daniel and his friends, read Daniel 1-6.
Jeremiah was a youth (Jeremiah 1:4-8) when he was called into
a prophetic ministry. This was no ordinary call. He preached the
Word of God to a stiff-necked people. Any person reading the book
of Jeremiah will not fail to see the struggles Jeremiah went through.
God entrusted His message to a young person. Jeremiah’s ministry,
together with the other prophets, prepared the people of God,
including Daniel and his friends, to surrender and allow themselves
to be held captives in Babylon. Many who did not listen to God’s
words died during Jeremiah’s time.
Jesus and His Disciples
Jesus and His disciples were young people when they turned
the world upside down. So we can see that God is no respecter of
age. He can use young people for His purposes as long as they are
open to His leadings. A youth that is committed to God will make a
difference and will lead many to Jesus’ feet.
Timothy and Titus
Paul entrusted Timothy to preach the Word and also to lead
the church as a youth (1 Timothy 4:12). The same is true with Titus.
He “was one of the young men Paul was training for leadership”
(Radmacher, 2007, p. 1,936). Thus, young people can be trusted to
proclaim the Word and lead the church.
White has strong statements with regard to youth
evangelism. Let us read and listen to what she says:
Empowering Youth
“With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might
furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming
Savior might be carried to the whole world!”(Education, p. 271).
Object of Education
“True education is missionary training. Every son and daughter
of God is called to be a missionary; we are called to the service of
God and our fellow men; and to fit us for this service should be the
object of our education” (MH, p. 395).
“It is to fortify the youth against the temptations of the enemy
that we have established schools where they may be qualified for
usefulness in this life and for the service of God throughout eternity”
(Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students [CPTS], p. 495).
“He who strives to obtain knowledge in order that he may labor
for the ignorant and perishing, is acting his part in fulfilling God’s
great purpose for mankind. In unselfish service for the blessing of
others he is meeting the high ideal of Christian education” (CPTS,
p. 545).
“The Lord calls for strong, devoted, self-sacrificing young men
and women, who will press to the front, and who, after a short time
spent in school, will go forth prepared to give the message to the
world” (CPTS, p. 549).
Learning by Doing
“It is necessary to their complete education that students be
given time to do missionary work—time to become acquainted with
the spiritual needs of the families in the community around them.
They should not be so loaded down with studies that they have
no time to use the knowledge they have acquired. They should be
encouraged to make earnest missionary effort for those in error,
becoming acquainted with them, and taking to them the truth.
By working in humility, seeking wisdom from Christ, praying and
watching unto prayer, they may give to others the knowledge that
has enriched their lives” (CPTS, pp. 545, 546).
“Wherever possible, students should, during the school year,
engage in city mission work. They should do missionary work in
the surrounding towns and villages. They can form themselves into
bands to do Christian help work. Students should take a broad view
of their present obligations to God. They are not to look forward to
a time, after the school term closes, when they will do some large
work for God, but should study how, during their student life, to
yoke up with Christ in unselfish service for others” (CPTS, p. 547).
“It is not enough to fill the minds of the youth with lessons
of deep importance; they must learn to impart what they have
received” (CPTS, p. 545).
“From our colleges and training schools, missionaries are to be
sent forth to distant lands. While at school, let the students improve
every opportunity to prepare for this work. Here they are to be
tested and proved, that it may be seen what their adaptability is,
and whether they have a right hold from above” (CPTS, p. 549).
Encourage a Missionary Spirit
“The teachers and students in our schools need the divine
touch. God can do much more for them than He has done, because
in the past His way has been restricted. If a missionary spirit is
encouraged, even if it takes some hours from the program of regular
study, much of Heaven’s blessing will be given, provided there is
more faith and spiritual zeal, more of a realization of what God will
do” (CPTS, p. 546).
When School Closes
“When school closes, there is opportunity for many to go out
into the field as evangelistic canvassers. The faithful colporteur finds
his way into many homes, where he leaves reading matter containing
the truth for this time. Our students should learn how to sell our
books. There is need of men of deep Christian experience, men of
well-balanced minds, strong, well-educated men, to engage in this
branch of the work. Some have the talent, education, and experience
that would enable them to educate the youth for canvassing work
in such a way that much more would be accomplished than is now
being done. Those who have this experience have a special duty to
perform in teaching others” (CPTS, pp. 546-547).
The Ministry of Song
“Students who have learned to sing sweet gospel songs with
melody and distinctness, can do much good as singing evangelists.
They will find many opportunities to use the talent that God has
given them in carrying melody and sunshine into many lonely places
darkened by sorrow and affliction, singing to those who seldom
have church privileges.
“Students, go out into the highways and hedges. Endeavor to
reach the higher as well as the lower classes. Enter the homes of the
rich as well as the poor, and as you have opportunity, ask, “Would
you be pleased to have us sing some gospel hymns?” Then as hearts
are softened, the way may open for you to offer a few words of
prayer for the blessing of God. Not many will refuse to listen. Such
ministry is genuine missionary work.” (Ibid, pp. 547-548).
Both the Bible and the pen of inspiration gave us strong
foundation of youth evangelism. Thus, we can be assured of God’s
guidance and blessing when we embark on equipping our youth
for evangelism. We should not get tired of reaching and training
them. The Bible and Ellen White clearly support Youth Evangelism,
and the pioneering stage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church also
confirms it.
It is interesting to note that the very first youth
organization of the local Seventh-day Adventist
Church started in 1879 solely for missionary purposes.
It was organized by sixteen-year-old Harry Fenner and fourteenyear-old Luther Warren. They met in Hazelton, Michigan in a small
room of Luther’s parent’s home for the following reasons: (1) to
promote missionary work; (2) raise money for missionary literature;
and (3) further the cause of temperance (Youth Ministry Handbook
[YMH], 2002).
During the first meeting, only boys were present. But later on,
girls were invited as well with some adult family members around.
This first youth organization gave rise due to the concern in the
Hazelton church. Brother Fenner and others encouraged these
young people as recorded in the old church record books. During
that meeting they discussed how to guide their young (YMH, 2002).
We can see here that the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy, and
the history of youth ministry are united in telling us that youth
evangelism is at the core of youth ministry. Forgetting youth
involvement in evangelism is identical to making youth ministry
stand on sinking sand.
The Conference Youth Director’s Manual states, “We have not
been called to entertain the youth, but lead them” (p. 2). Mercadante
(1998), author of Growing Teens Disciples: Strategies for really
effective youth ministry, points out that,
Spectacular youth ministry challenges teens to go beyond
spiritual spectating. Teenagers soon get bored with
programmes that seek only to entertain them spiritually.
When we emphasize entertainment we produce
spectators. Youth search for and need opportunities
for meaningful involvement. When we provide these
opportunities by equipping, organizing, and mobilizing
teen leaders, we produce servants of Jesus Christ. As they
invest themselves in the ministry they become partners in
the church’s mission. This partnership leads to ownership.
Ownership leads to greater excitement, responsibility
and participation. Young people will tenaciously support
those things which they have worked for or created, just
as anyone takes care of things that cost them something.
That’s what ownership is all about. (p. 247)
Brierley (1998), author of Reasons to Use Teen Leaders, adds
that another benefit of equipping is helping the youth change their
perspectives on the meaning of life. Serving others help them begin
to realize that life is not so much about getting as it is about giving
to others. Mercadante (1998) further states that these youth can
influence the church since they are able to “ignite the church with
their natural idealism, enthusiasm and energy” (p. 249). Allow me to
end this foundation of youth evangelism with the challenge pose by
Brierley (1998),
Young people serve in the armed forces and are expected
to fight, even die, for their country. They can be given
a gun before they are entitled to vote for the politicians
who give the order to fire it. Still in their teens, they can
be sent to Northern Ireland, Bosnia the Gulf, or anywhere
else there is human conflict and be expected to perform
demanding tasks under extreme pressure. If McDonalds,
financial institutions and the armed forces are all prepared
to bestow great responsibility on young people, then
presumably the same will be true of the church. Tragically,
this is not the case.
In this section you will be acquainted with the VOY
and its activities. Although this is written in a university
setting, one can learn principles that could be applied in
church or other settings.
Dr. Francisco Gayoba, AUP President, gives lecture on church planting during the
VOY Camp 2015. This event was held at the College of Theology, Puting Kahoy, Silang,
What is the VOY?
The VOY stands for Voice of Youth. This program of
AUP’s COT is designed to provide an avenue for both Theology and
non-Theology students to be equipped in reaching out communities
for Christ. It is also one of the strategies the North Philippine Union
Conference (NPUC) identified in leading healthy churches under
youth ministry (Leading Healthy Churches, p. 47). In addition, the
World Church youth department had identified VOY as “the most
productive of all MV (Missionary Volunteers) evangelistic projects”
leading thousands of individuals to Jesus in baptism (Voice of Youth
Guidebook [VOYG], p. 3).
The specific and general descriptions of this program are
reflected below.
Specific Description:
The VOY program is designed to help ministerial students to
sharpen their skills in organizing and leading the evangelistic efforts
of the church. Here, ministerial students are required to participate
in three VOY evangelistic meetings. In the entire duration of the
course, each ministerial student normally follows this developmental
stage: (1) as members during freshmen; (2) as coordinators during
sophomore year; and (3) as speakers during junior year (COT
Curriculum, 2012).
General Description:
The VOY is a gift-based ministry of the COT to equip Theology
and non-Theology students of AUP and the approved young people
of the local church to bring people, both in urban and rural areas, to
a saving relationship with Jesus (VOYG, 2014).
Young people who enjoy a saving relationship with Christ,
sharpen their God-given spiritual gifts in the Church, and share the
gospel to urban and rural Communities (VOYG, 2014).
The VOY exists to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10), make
disciples (Matthew 28:19-20) and plant churches (Acts 11:20-26).
The Voice of Youth Logo
The young white man with a cross in his heart represents the
young people of AUP who enjoy a saving relationship with Christ.
The torch in the hand of the young white man represents the light
coming from Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. It represents
as well the proclamation of the Three Angels Messages in the last
days. The shape of a woman in green with black houses represents
the communities in darkness the youth will reach for Christ. The
mouth wide open represents the VOY calling communities to a
saving relationship with Christ.
Wilmer Estrito, a Fine Arts student, designed this logo and won
the VOY logo-making challenge.
Voice of Youth
Theme Song
Hear the Voice of Youth
Kurdeine Pyke D. Guadiz
Hear the Voice of Youth in Christ:
good news of Salvation we bring to light;
Happy to be in His service to share His love.
Saving Grace we show and share
to communities entrusted to our care;
Empowered by the Holy Ghost,
we proclaim to all the Lord of Hosts!
Hear the Voice of Youth in Christ:
good news of Salvation we bring to light;
Happy to be in His service to share His love.
In the church, we give our best to serve
through our God-given talents with zest;
Reading His Word, praying each day,
And witnessing about His love everyday.
Hear the Voice of Youth in Christ:
good news of Salvation we bring to light;
Happy to be in His service to share His love.
Kurdeine Pyke D. Guadiz, a church musician, composed this
theme song and won during the VOY theme song challenge. Since
then, this song has become the official theme song of the VOY at the
AUP. The complete piece is in the appendices of this book. A music
sheet can be provided by request through genebagop@aiias.edu.
Why join the VOY?
“Why join VOY?” you may ask. What are the spiritual benefits I
can gain from joining one? Will it be worth joining? There are several
reasons why you should join the VOY:
1. To deepen your relationship with God.
There are spiritual disciplines that you need to observe in order
to deepen your relationship with God. Prayer, personal Bible reading,
fasting, attending church worships, and witnessing, to name a few,
are spiritual disciplines that will help you deepen your relationship
with God.
a. Prayer: “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).
Frank Breaden (1995), author of Instructional Manual for
the New Pictorial writes, “Prayer has been described as
‘The Breath of the soul,’ and, for healthy, virile Christian, it
is as spontaneous and indispensable as breathing. As our
physical bodies die quickly without air, so do our souls die
quickly without prayer” (p. 69).
b. Bible Study: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by
every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew.
Breaden also emphasizes that “Regular Bible study is
one of the most urgent and vital means of soul-culture.
It is one of the three ‘tangibles,’ or ‘means of grace’ that
help to make God more real — more personal — to us.
If prayer is the ‘Breath’ of our souls, Bible study is our
spiritual ‘Food and Drink.’ They are both indispensable”
(Breaden, 1995, p. 70).
c. Witnessing: “Go home to your friends, and tell them
how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had
mercy on you.” (Mark 5:19).
Breaden further states, “God’s message of salvation never
becomes so precious or so meaningful as it does when
we attempt to pass it on to others. That is one of the
most well-established ‘laws’ of the Christian life. If prayer
is the Christian’s vital ‘BREATH,’ and Bible Reading is his
‘FOOD,’ then Witnessing is his ‘EXERCISE!’ We nourish and
preserve our Christian faith by giving it away” (Breaden,
1995, p. 70).
2. To equip you in sharing Jesus and leading His Church.
Before you join the VOY, you will be equipped to share Jesus
to others. It is to your advantage if you have taken the classroom
courses Christian Beliefs or Destiny of Man already. However,
not having taken these courses does not prevent someone from
experiencing the joy of witnessing in the context of the VOY. When
you join the VOY, you will apply the things that you have learned
during equipping. I would like to emphasize that giving Bible studies
is not the only way to witness. You can share stories to children, sing
songs during the VOY, give lectures on health, and a lot more.
3. To develop your God-given gifts.
Spiritual gifts define what we do as Christians (Wagner, 1998,
p. 272). Thus it is ideal for you to know your spiritual gifts so you
can be assigned or be deployed in your area of giftedness. You have
to answer the Spiritual Discovery Questionnaire (see Appendices)
honestly and faithfully so you can know the gifts God has given you.
Through this, you will be able to go through Spiritual Gift Discovery,
Development and Deployment. Service is a gift in as much as
Salvation is.
4. To fulfill the Gospel Commission.
Jesus, before He ascended to heaven, gave his great
commission to His disciples: “Go therefore and make disciples of all
nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I
have commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end
of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20).
5. To share the love of God.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that
whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life”
(John 3:16). God loves us so much that He gave us His Son. Many
people have not yet realized this truth; so, we need to share His love
to them.
6. To prepare people in the last days.
Matthew 24:14 tells us, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be
proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then
the end will come.” We have a responsibility to prepare people for heaven.
Signs of Jesus’ second coming are fast fulfilling; calamities are destroying the
lives of many people. These call for us to get involved in sharing the gospel.
7. To fulfill AUP’s Mission.
AUP’s mission statement provides: “The Adventist University
of the Philippines exists to provide quality Christian Education that
facilitates the growth of the students so that they may lead lives
that are personally satisfying and may contribute to the welfare of
the church and the society that sustain them.” Our education here at
AUP aims to help us grow not only for ourselves but to equip us to
serve churches and communities.
A study on the reasons why students join the VOY confirms the
reasons stated above. According to the study made by Genebago
and Orbon (2014), authors of Voice of Youth Toolbox: Towards a
Ministry Guide, published at the Adventist University Research
Journal, the following are the reasons why AUP students join the
VOY: (1) to witness, (2) to be equipped, (3) to grow spiritually, (4) to
serve God’s community, and (5) to fulfill the mission God entrusted
How Can One Join the VOY?
For Theology majors, the VOY is a requirement but for the rest
of the students from different colleges, joining the VOY is voluntary.
During the VOY Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015, there were many non-Theology
students who joined in reaching out people in various churches
and communities. In fact, they outnumbered the theology students
(Theology students: 89 and non-Theology: 164). Theology students
who have joined the VOY for three times—as member, coordinator,
and speaker—have fulfilled their academic requirements. However,
nothing prevents them from joining for the fourth time and beyond,
which is already voluntary and speaks of their commitment.
If you are a non-Theology major, here are the steps you need
to observe:
1. Pray. Commit your vacation to God by sharing His love to
the community He will call you to serve.
2. Ask permission from your parents or guardian.
3. Contact the COT VOY coordinator.
4. Fill out the VOY form.
5. Attend the scheduled special meeting for the VOY. This
meeting will help you prepare spiritually for the
evangelistic endeavor ahead of you. You will also be
equipped according to your spiritual gift. You will
undergo a spiritual gift inventory. This will help you know
your top five spiritual gifts.
6. Meet with your coordinator and work with your group
members closely.
7. Be present during the VOY Commissioning program at
the PIC.
8. Victoriously experience the VOY proper.
9. Write and share your witnessing and growing experience
during the VOY Thanksgiving and Testimonial program.
When is the VOY
The VOY is conducted during the college semestral or
intersemester break. It would usually fall two or three weeks after
the final exam in October, December, and intersemester breaks. But
due to the change of academic calendar, the VOY will be done in
December and intersemester breaks only.
Where is the VOY held?
The VOY of the AUP is normally held anywhere in the Philippines.
However, to maximize the potential of this short mission trip and also
because of limited budget, the Administration decided to limit the
areas to be covered to territories under nearby conferences, namely:
South Central Luzon Conference and Central Luzon Conference. In
special cases, teams are permitted to go beyond these conferences
provided there is a close coordination with local conferences and
missions under the youth departments.
What is the VOY Camp?
The VOY Camp is designed to equip and orient all the VOY
teams before they go to their assigned communities. It is also a time
of fellowship for the teams involved in the VOY evangelism.
The following topics, but not limited to them, are discussed
during the VOY Camp:
a. VOY Dos and Don’ts
b. How to Give Bible Studies
c. How to Make an Appeal
d. Life-changing Tips for the Speakers
e. Running and Documenting the VOY Effectively
f. High Notes for Song Leaders and Coordinators
g. Interesting Tips for Interest Coordinators
h. Transforming Children’s Lives through Stories
i. The Heavenly Armor of VOY Teams: Prayer, Worship, and
Bible Studies
j. VOY: Empowering the Youth for Evangelism
k. How to Resolve Conflict within the Group
l. How to Handle Objections
m. Effective Approaches and Bridging Events
VOY Gift-based Roles and
The VOY role of each member needs to be based on the spiritual
gifts God has provided them or on the course/program the student
is taking. When each member is working on their giftedness, there
is joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction. All the members are empowered
and internally motivated not by the VOY coordinator but by the
Holy Spirit.
Whatever role is assigned to you by God through the
coordinator, it must be prioritized. However, you are not limited to
that certain task alone. You can help others as well. The goal is a
harmonious working together of all involved using their God-given
gifts to the sole mission of bringing people to the feet of Jesus
Christ. Below is the brief job description of each role:
Speaker - My mission is to prepare a Christ-centered
presentation each night and join the visitation as well.
Overall Coordinator - My mission is to oversee that everything
is running smoothly and each coordinator is doing their task.
Associate Coordinator - My mission is to work closely with
the overall coordinator to carry out his task.
Program Coordinator - My mission is to prepare the printed
program and see to it that the participants are informed and
instructed to render their parts on time.
Health Lecturer - My mission is to prepare and present a
health lecture each night on a given span of time.
Music Coordinator - My mission is to coordinate all the music
parts—theme song, chorister, special number, and appeal song—
needed each night.
Interest Coordinator - My mission is to enlist those who are
attending and see to it that they are visited.
Prayer Band Coordinator - My mission is to lead the group
in prayer and instruct members to conduct a prayer band while the
program is going on each night.
Children Coordinator - My mission is to lead the group in
gathering, teaching, and organizing activities for children. Moreover,
I see to it that children don’t loiter around or make noises that will
disturb the nightly program.
Secretariat/Usher - My mission is to ascertain that names of
attendees are listed and that they are warmly welcomed. I assist the
speaker or any team member for other documents.
Logistics Officer - My mission is to secure that the place of
meetings is ready each night.
Budget Officer - My mission is to release funds and to keep all
the receipts for proper collation and reporting.
Documentation - My mission is to document the VOY activities
in photo or video.
From the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) along the AUP Gymnasium and
Philippine International Church (PIC), VOY team members head to the community
they are called to work for God.
For Theology Students
This section guides an AUP Theology student in organizing a
VOY as part of his training. There are 12 steps:
1. Pray for guidance.
2. Understand the VOY.
3. Coordinate with the COT VOY coordinator.
4. Accomplish pertinent documents.
5. Recruit team members.
6. Build and bond the team.
7. Organize and equip the team.
8. Coordinate with the pastor and the requesting church.
9. Attend the Commissioning Program.
10. Get and report the budget.
11. Go and make disciples (nurture the new members).
12. Attend the Thanksgiving and Testimonial Program.
13. Write your experiences and bless the next generation.
Let us consider these steps one by one.
Pray for guidance.
The best place to start in conducting evangelism is at the feet
of Jesus, on your knees. Remember that since Adam and Eve turned
their backs on God and hid themselves, God has been on the business
of seeking and saving the lost. This is recorded in Genesis 3.
Jesus also clearly stated His mission on earth in Luke 19:10,
which is to seek and save the lost. The Holy Spirit and the angels
are also active in this endeavor including His disciples and followers
as recorded in the book of Acts. Since evangelism is at the heart of
God, the best way to start is to commune with Him. White (1905)
makes the purpose of God’s church clear in this statement:
The church is God’s appointed agency for the salvation
of men. It was organized for service, and its mission is to
carry the gospel to the world. From the beginning it has
been God’s plan that through His church shall be reflected
to the world His fullness and His sufficiency. The members
of the church, those whom He has called out of darkness
into His marvelous light, are to show forth His glory. The
church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ;
and through the church will eventually be made manifest,
even to “the principalities and powers in heavenly places,”
the final and full display of the love of God. Ephesians 3:10
(Acts of the Apostles [AA], p. 9).
Understand the VOY.
In order to successfully organize a VOY, it is necessary to
understand what the VOY is. Before a carpenter hammers a nail
in constructing a home, he needs to have a blue print on hand.
Stephen Covey (1989), author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective
People, calls it “Begin with the End in Mind,” his second habit among
the seven habits of highly effective people (p. 99).
This book on the VOY can give you an adequate background of
what the VOY is. Through the stories shared here, you will not only
be inspired but also see how the VOY teams do it. To understand the
VOY further, you can work closely with the VOY coordinator of the
COT or with a senior Theology student who has gone to a VOY as a
member, coordinator, and speaker.
Coordinate with the COT VOY coordinator.
The assigned VOY coordinator of the COT is the overall
supervisor of all the VOY teams. He receive requests that come from
the field and coordinates with the youth director of conferences and
missions. He also takes charge of promoting, organizing, equipping,
coordinating, sending, and visiting the VOY teams. Therefore, it is
necessary to closely work with him.
Accomplish pertinent documents.
There are pertinent documents to accomplish before AUP can
allow a team to go out. These needed documents are available at the
COT. For your convenience, you can find them in the Appendices of
this book. These documents are the following: (1) VOY Team Form,
(2) Letter from Church, (3) Waiver, (4) Certificate of Orientation, (5)
Financial Report Form, (6) Accomplishment Report, (7) Collective
Pass, and (8) Evaluation Form. The COT faculty member in charge of
the VOY will help you on these matters. Work with him closely and
make yourself familiar with the forms:
VOY Team Form - This form contains the names and
tasks of the team members.
Letter from Church - This letter is usually sent to the
COT. Without the letter of request the group will not be
allowed to go out since the requesting church is needed
to closely monitor and guide your group as it works
together with the young people of the local church in the
target community. So, secure this letter.
Waiver - The waiver must be accomplished by each
student. Ensure that each waiver is signed by parents or
guardians who are authorized by the parents to sign on
their behalf.
Certification of Orientation - This certifies that the
group attended the orientation and training sponsored
by the VOY headed by the VOY COT coordinator together
with the VOY officers.
Financial Report Form - This form will help you manage
the transportation budget provided to your group.
Faithfulness in handling this budget will help you handle
bigger amounts when you are in the field already.
Accomplishment Report Form - This form summarizes
your activities and accomplishments in your VOY. It
contains the names of the students involved, the number
of children served, the number of nightly attendees, the
number of houses visited, and the number of baptisms
among others. You will also list down the effective
strategies you have observed to work in your area of labor.
Collective Pass - The collective pass, together with the
waivers, is submitted to the Student Services Office
(SSO) for approval. Once approved, you can get the
transportation budget from the COT VOY coordinator.
Evaluation Form - This sealed form is provided by the
SSO. It should be given to the pastor or elder of the
church for the evaluation of your effort in the field. Bring
this home with you and return it to the SSO.
For further inquiries regarding these documents, you may
freely approach the COT VOY coordinator.
Recruit team members.
Once you have coordinated with the COT VOY coordinator,
you can start recruiting members. Pray fervently for this. You should
only have seven members for each VOY team from AUP. Two or
three of them should be Theology students; the rest can be nonTheology students. The other team members should come from the
church you will work with. There must be a counterpart from the
church to accomplish two things: (1) to equip these young people
and (2) to sustain the effort you both started. Thus, when you go
back to AUP, they can continue the effort without your presence and
nurture both the interests and the new members. When the group
is formed, start: (1) praying together, (2) studying together, (3)
fellowshipping together in a Christian social interaction, (4) acting
together in a small group to carry out well-laid plans for witnessing,
(5) developing tact, skill and talent in the Master’s service, and (6)
encouraging one another in achieving spiritual growth (YMH, p. 18).
Build and bond the team.
If you want to accomplish much during your two to three
weeks of VOY, build and bond your team. You can: (1) conduct
group worships—sunrise or sundown, (2) jog together, (3) organize
team building activities, (4) set potlucks, and (5) program other
activities that will build and bond you together with God and with
one another.
Organize and equip the team.
Organize your team by assigning specific tasks to each member.
To guide you on this, make yourself familiar with the VOY Team form
and the VOY roles. Tasks should be given in relation to the Godgiven spiritual gifts of the members or the programs/courses they
are taking. You may invite a faculty member from the COT regarding
spiritual gift discovery, development, and deployment.
Usually, AUP conducts the VOY Training during the VOY Camp.
We have specific training for specific roles. You may refer to the VOY
Camp (See p. 31) for topics usually tackled during the training.
Remember that a person does not learn to drive only by sitting
in a classroom setting. The person needs to take the driver’s seat,
start the engine and manage the steering wheel, clutch, break, and
accelerator. However, they need someone to guide them in driving.
The same is true with learning how to swim. You need to go into
the water and swim. Classroom or church training is one thing,
experiencing it is another. So, do not wait for you to learn everything
before you step forward and go.
Know the strategies that work.
I conducted a survey among the teams that went out for VOY
regarding the effective strategies they observed to work based on
their experience. From this survey, the top five strategies are: (1)
visitation, (2) serenading, (3) Bible study, (4) united prayer, and (5)
health survey/friendship evangelism.
Strategies, however, also depend on the location. Thus, study
the community. Ask God’s guidance and pray for it. A number of
VOY teams even fast for it. White (1898) says, “There is no limit to
the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for
the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart, and lives a life wholly
consecrated to God” (The Desire of Ages [DA], pp. 250-251).
Coordinate with the pastor and the requesting church.
Coordinate with the pastor or elder of the requesting church
for other matters regarding the VOY. This is important even when
the COT VOY coordinator had already contacted the church. It is
ideal to visit the church ahead of time before the whole team comes.
However, due to some circumstances, like distance of the venue,
visitation prior to the VOY proper is sometimes not done.
Attend the Commissioning Program.
As the coordinator of the team, make it sure that all members
are present during the scheduled Commissioning Program at
the PIC. This is very important since you will be prayed for and
commissioned by the church before you go out. This is done by
entrusting your group to God for guidance, protection, and blessing
as you work in the field. Emphasize this to each member. Work
closely with the COT VOY coordinator regarding the schedule and
the attire you need to wear.
Get and report the budget.
Once the above steps are done, the paper work accomplished,
and your group approved by the SSO, you can now get the budget.
The budget provided will be for transportation only. Thus, food and
lodging costs will be shouldered by the requesting church. You need
to keep the receipts of the amount you will be receiving from AUP.
As said, this is your training here at AUP before handling bigger
budgets in the field when you become a pastor. So, keep the budget
faithfully. Budget orientation is done during the release of the
budget and also during the general orientation.
Go and make disciples (nurture the new members).
After the commissioning, your group is ready to go and
preach the gospel by word and deed to the identified community.
Remember that Jesus promised that He will be with His people
who work in His vineyard, not only on the first day but “always”
(Matt. 28:18-20). Jesus is with you always—when you sleep, wake
up, worship, prepare for work, eat, walk, visit, serenade, pray, teach,
preach, and give Bible studies—indeed, “always.”
White assured those involved in evangelism with God’s
protection and guidance through His angels. She states,
Heavenly angels have long been waiting for human
agents—the members of the church—to cooperate with
them in the great work to be done. They are waiting for
you. (Testimonies for the Church [TC], 9:46-47)
In working for perishing souls, you have the companionship
of angels. Thousands upon thousands, and ten thousands
times ten thousand angels are waiting to co-operate with
members of our churches in communicating the light that
God has generously given, that a people may be prepared
for the coming of Christ. (TC, 9:129)
In this work all the angels of heaven are ready to cooperate. All the resources of heaven are at the command
of those who are seeking to save the lost. Angels will help
you to reach the most careless and the most hardened.
And when one is brought back to God, all heaven is made
glad; seraphs and cherubs touch their golden harps, and
sing praises to God and the Lamb for their mercy and
loving-kindness to the children of men. (Christ Object
Lessons [COL], p. 197)
Heaven is most interested in winning souls to Jesus’ feet. Once
they are won, we have the responsibility to nurture the new members.
We need to remember that each soul is priceless. They are bought
not with gold or silver but with the precious blood of Jesus. (1 Peter
1:18-19, NKJV). Those who responded to the invitation to a saving
relationship with Christ and are baptized should be nurtured. After
the VOY is conducted in the target community, the effort is not yet
done. Unselfish effort should be exerted to help those new converts
to be strong in the Lord until He comes the second time. Please read
Christian Life Cycle on page 191 for discipling new converts.
Attend the Thanksgiving and Testimonial Program.
After the VOY team is back from evangelism effort, a
thanksgiving and testimonial program is normally held in AUP. We
need to give you the opportunity to share your joys, challenges,
and experiences that brought you closer to Jesus. This will both give
inspiration to your team and to the church members at large. So
know the schedule of this special event.
Write your experiences and bless the next generation.
Write your experiences carefully and prayerfully. If you cannot
write yourself, ask the help of somebody. Do not forget to share
your stories with the COT.
For Youth Leaders
This chapter will guide youth leaders of the church in conducting
the VOY in their churches. I have laid several steps that the youth or
even an elder should undertake for a successful youth evangelism.
The 12 steps are given below:
1. Pray for guidance.
2. Understand the VOY.
3. Coordinate with the church or district pastor.
4. Present the plan to the church board.
5. Recruit team members.
6. Coordinate with conference/mission youth director.
7. Equip the team.
8. Partner with the COT.
9. Identify the target community.
10. Conduct the Commissioning Program.
11. Go and make disciples (nurture the new members).
12. Conduct the Thanksgiving and Testimonial Program.
13. Write your experiences and bless the next generation.
Let us consider each step closely.
Pray for guidance.
The best place to start in conducting evangelism is at the feet
of Jesus, on your knees. Remember that since Adam and Eve turned
their backs on God and hid themselves, God has been in the business
of seeking and saving the lost. This is recorded in Genesis 3. Jesus
also clearly stated His mission on earth in Luke 19:10, which is to
seek and save the lost. The Holy Spirit and the angels are also active
in this endeavor including His disciples and followers as recorded in
the book of Acts. Since evangelism is at the heart of God, the best
way to start is to commune with Him. Ellen White (1905) made the
purpose of God’s church clear in this statement:
The church is God’s appointed agency for the salvation
of men. It was organized for service, and its mission is to
carry the gospel to the world. From the beginning it has
been God’s plan that through His church shall be reflected
to the world His fullness and His sufficiency. The members
of the church, those whom He has called out of darkness
into His marvelous light, are to show forth His glory. The
church is the repository of the riches of the grace of Christ;
and through the church will eventually be made manifest,
even to “the principalities and powers in heavenly places,”
the final and full display of the love of God. Ephesians
3:10. (AA, p. 9)
Understand the VOY.
In order for one to successfully conduct a VOY, it is necessary
to understand what the VOY is. Before a carpenter would hammer a
nail in constructing a home, he needs to have a blue print on hand.
Covey (1989) calls it “Begin with the End in Mind,” his second habit
among the seven habits of highly effective people (p. 99).
This book on the VOY can give you adequate background of
what the VOY is. Through the stories shared here, you will not only
be inspired but also see how the VOY teams do it. To understand the
VOY further, you can work closely with the church or district pastor
since they have experienced joining as member, coordinator, and
speaker during their student life in AUP.
Coordinate with the church or district pastor.
Since the pastors are the administrators of the churches or
districts, it is good to coordinate with them. However busy the
pastors are, they would take time to help you since you are planning
to do the real essence and core of youth ministry. So, plan and work
closely with your pastor.
Present the plan to the church board.
History tells us that the first youth organization was established
to respond to the church board’s burden to help the youth in their
church. According to the Church Manual, the chief concern of the
church board besides spiritual nurture is “the work of planning and
fostering evangelism in all its phases” (p. 124). This must include
youth evangelism. In this spirit, work with the church board closely.
However, the church board needs to remember that its work is
to guide them, not to do the work for them. The statement from the
Spirit of Prophecy for the youth as written in Melbourne, Australia
on Dec. 19, 1892 is fitting at this point. White says, “We have an
army of youth today who can do much if they are properly directed
and encouraged. We want our children to believe the truth. We want
to be blessed of God. We want them to act a part in well-organized
plans for helping other youth” (YMH, p. 14).
Thus, our youth need to be properly “directed and encouraged.”
Because to “forfeit our responsibility to effectively involve young
people in the ministry of the church is to place at risk the whole
future of God’s kingdom” (YMH, p. 10).
Recruit team members.
Once the plan is properly coordinated with the pastor and
the church board, you can start recruiting members. Pray fervently
for this. You may have seven to ten members. When the group
is formed, start: (1) praying together, (2) studying together, (3)
fellowshipping together in a Christian social interaction, (4) acting
together in a small group to carry out well-laid plans for witnessing,
(5) developing tact, skill, and talent in the Master’s service, and (6)
encouraging one another in spiritual growth (YMH, p. 18).
Coordinate with the conference/mission youth director.
The youth director of the mission or conference oversees the
youth ministry at large. It is necessary to coordinate with them
regarding this matter for training and equipping that the local
church cannot provide. The youth department may have materials
and budget to help you in this evangelistic endeavor. But remember
that the budget is the least that you should think about. When you
are in God’s vineyard working for Him, your ministry needs, not
wants, will be provided.
Equip the team.
Usually, AUP conducts the VOY Training during the VOY Camp.
We have specific training for the specific roles. You may refer to the
VOY Camp (See p. 32) for topics usually tackled during the training.
Remember that a person does not learn to drive only by sitting
in a classroom setting. The person needs to take the driver’s seat,
start the engine and manage the steering wheel, clutch, break, and
accelerator. However, they need someone to guide them in driving.
The same is true with learning how to swim. You need to go into
the water and swim. Classroom or church training is one thing,
experiencing it is another. So, do not wait for you to learn everything
before you step forward and go.
Partner with the COT.
At AUP, there are students—Theology and non-Theology—
who have gone to the VOY several times. They are experts in the
field more than anyone in the university who has not gone to the
VOY. You may want to partner with the COT.
When AUP sends a VOY team to a local church, AUP provides
transportation expenses. The local church then shoulders their
food and lodging. However, they need to have young people, as
counterparts, from the local church. This is hitting two birds with one
stone: (1) young university students are trained to do the VOY while
(2) the local youth continues nurturing interests and new members.
We may call it on-the-job training for both groups.
Identify the target community.
You need to work closely with the church and identify the target
community that you want to reach for Jesus. Pray for it fervently.
Once the community is identified, work or coordinate with the local
officials of the community. Seek the assistance of your pastor or
head elder regarding this.
Know the strategies that work.
I conducted a survey among the teams that went out for VOY
regarding the effective strategies they observed to work based on
their experience. From this survey, the top five strategies are: (1)
visitation, (2) serenading, (3) Bible study, (4) united prayer, and (5)
health survey/friendship evangelism. See figure 1 on the next page.
Strategies, however, also depend on the location. Thus, study
the community. Ask God’s guidance and pray for it. A number of the
VOY teams even fast for it. White (1898) says, “There is no limit to
the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for
the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart, and lives a life wholly
consecrated to God” (DA, pp. 250-251).
Adventist University of the Philippines
Voice of Youth
Health Survey
Children Ministry
Bible Study
United Prayer
Friendship Evangelism
Effective Strategies VOY Dec. 2014
Figure 1. Adventist University VOY effective strategies.
Conduct a Commissioning Program.
When all the above steps are done, the final step before
going out is to commission the VOY team. At AUP, commissioning
is done by coordinating with the senior or youth pastor of the
PIC. The team members, in white Sabbath attire, are requested to
stand during the Divine Worship. The speaker gives a short remark
which incorporates the importance of youth evangelism. After the
message, a special prayer is offered, entrusting the team members
to God. God can bless them, guide them, and crown their efforts
with success. After the commissioning, a potluck or fellowship meal
is served. Traditionally, the AUP VOY official viand is ginataang
munggo (mung beans in coconut milk).
Go and make disciples (nurturing the new members).
After the commissioning, your group is ready to go and preach
the gospel by word and deed to the identified community. Remember
that Jesus promised that He will be with His people who work in His
vineyard, not only on the first day but “always” (Matthew 28:1820). Jesus is with you always—when you sleep, wake up, worship,
prepare for work, eat, walk, visit, serenade, pray, teach, preach, and
give Bible studies— indeed, “always.”
White assured those involved in evangelism with God’s
protection and guidance through His angels. She states,
Heavenly angels have long been waiting for human
agents—the members of the church—to cooperate with
them in the great work to be done. They are waiting for
you. (TC, 9:46-47)
In working for perishing souls, you have the companionship
of angels. Thousands upon thousands, and ten thousands
times ten thousand angels are waiting to co-operate with
members of our churches in communicating the light that
God has generously given, that a people may be prepared
for the coming of Christ. (TC, 9:129)
In this work all the angels of heaven are ready to cooperate. All the resources of heaven are at the command
of those who are seeking to save the lost. Angels will help
you to reach the most careless and the most hardened.
And when one is brought back to God, all heaven is made
glad; seraphs and cherubs touch their golden harps, and
sing praises to God and the Lamb for their mercy and
loving-kindness to the children of men. (COL, p. 197)
Heaven is most interested in winning souls to Jesus’ feet. Once
they are won, we have the responsibility to nurture the new members.
We need to remember that each soul is priceless. They are bought
not with gold or silver but with the precious blood of Jesus (1 Peter
1:18-19, NKJV). Those who responded to the invitation to a saving
relationship with Christ and are baptized should be nurtured. After
the VOY is conducted in the target community, the effort is not yet
done. Unselfish effort should be exerted to help those new converts
to be strong in the Lord until He comes the second time. Please read
Christain Life Cycle on page 191 for discipling new members.
Attend the Thanksgiving and Testimonial Program.
After the VOY team is back from the evangelism effort, a
thanksgiving and testimonial program should be held. The church
needs to give young people the opportunity to share their joys,
challenges, and experiences that brought them close to Jesus. This
will inspire both the youth themselves and the church members. This
can be done on a weekend. VOY members can give testimonies on
Vespers, Sabbath School, Divine Worship, or other youth programs.
Write your experiences and bless the next generation.
Write your experiences carefully and prayerfully. If you cannot
write yourself, ask the help of somebody. Do not forget to share
your stories with the COT.
The VOY officers pose with Brother Bing Alabata (VOY Camp 2014 Resource
Speaker) together with his wife Eden Alabata. Brother Alabata did a series on “Preach
Christ and Him Crucified.”
In this section you will read the colorful and lifechanging experiences and testimonies of the AUP
students about the VOY they joined. In every story,
you will notice how God has worked in their lives. Some
have found the missing piece in their hearts. To others,
the VOY became their turning points. A number shared
their reflections, the challenges they faced, and the joys
they had experienced because of people—young and
old—who gave their lives to Jesus. I myself was blessed
reading each story. I pray that you would discover more
and be blessed as well as you prayerfully read His story
through these young people.
An Equation For Success
John Reymond F. Santuyo
BS Mathematics
And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if
we ask anything according to his will he hears us. (1 John 5:14).
Introvert, aloof, and mysterious. I would usually hear these
adjectives from my colleagues whenever I would ask them to describe
me. Maybe because I am a keen observer and often seen alone. I am
a third year BS Mathematics student. As a working student, I have to
manage my time wisely. I have a full schedule of work and studies.
But inspite of this, I make sure to have time for my spiritual growth.
One Friday morning, on my way to the cafeteria to take out
food for breakfast, I suddenly saw Mark, a theology student and my
co-worker at the AUP P.E. “Hey John, good morning!” he greeted
me with a smile. “I want to invite you to join the VOY on April 21,
2014. That’s about two weeks from now. We’ll do it in the province
of Quezon. I’m still in the process of looking for teammates. Would
you like to join us?” he added.
Surprised by the invitation, I just nodded and said,“ Ah….
let’s see.” He was very happy to hear a possibility in my response.
When the night came, I thoroughly thought about the invitation. I
was confused between choosing to join the VOY or go home for a
vacation with my family. I knelt down in prayer; then, lied down on
my bed with my head on a soft pillow.
Suddenly, a thought came in my mind and as if I was hearing
a voice saying, “Why don’t you try to call your parents to tell them
that you’ll join the VOY; consequently, you cannot spend your twoweek vacation with them?” my mind said. And I did. My mother
responded, “If you feel like God is calling you to the ministry; then, I
shall not refuse.” After two days, I finally made up my mind and said
“Yes!” to Mark’s invitation.
We began by assigning parts for each team member. I had to
take care of logistics, presentations, and documentation. I designed
our T-shirt print and tarpaulin for promotion. Everything was
prepared and we were all ready to leave.
In the night of April 21, we left AUP for Pambilan Sur, Alabat
Island, Quezon at around 8:00 o’clock. We reached Atimonan
Quezon at around 1:00 o’clock in the morning. With that five-hour
travel, we were sleepy and tired. Thus, we rested for a time. After
regaining strength by morning, we continued our travel to the place
of our ministry. This took another three hours that culminated in the
warm welcome of the owner of the house where we would stay for
the whole week of mission.
In the afternoon of the same day, we conducted a house-tohouse survey by pair. I was paired with my cousin, Mhai-mhai. Our
first attempt was challenging. The man we had interviewed knew
much about the Bible. He initially mocked and rejected us. But when
we offered a prayer for him at the end of the interview, he suddenly
changed his attitude towards us. He even offered snacks and drinks
as he was very thankful for the prayer. We saw how effective a prayer
was. As part of the survey, we also invited him to attend the nightly
meetings, among the others we visited.
We went back, not knowing that another trial awaited us. We
had realized that we had no health lecturer. Lacking time to find
one outside the team, they appointed me. I was hesitant because I
wasn’t prepared and the first session would start that very night. But
I thought I had no other choice and accepted the challenge.
I immediately went inside a room and knelt down in prayer.
Then, I grabbed my net book and browsed on the lecture I had to
discuss. I doubted myself. But I remembered that there was God. The
next thing I knew, I made it. In fact, the following sessions were all
I cannot explain and express how God works in the most crucial
of times. He always helps. The whole week of ministry was a success.
We had seen how blessed the people were since that was the first
time they had witnessed such a kind of ministerial work in their
place. By God’s providence, this was also my first time to join the
VOY and I felt the real joy and essence of life.
Before we finally left the place, I had secretly knelt down and
prayed, “Lord, if it is Your will, please give me more time where I
could involve myself in the ministry. Lord, You know my situation,
I am a working student and my schedule is hectic. Sometimes I
almost forget that I also have my responsibilities in your field. Your
will be done, Lord.”
When we got back at AUP, my co-workers and I went directly
to our workplace to take our responsibilities as workers there. The
following day, as I walked to my workplace, Mr. Sales, one of the
retired faculty members called my attention and gestured that I
come near him. He asked me to write my biography. I thought, what
could it be for? I did it anyway without any hesitance and submitted
my biography to him.
The following week, I was surprised when Mr. Sales visited me
at my workplace. “John, are you ready to be a full-time student?”
he asked. Surprised, I couldn’t answer right away. “I have talked
with someone and he told me that he would sponsor your studies.
He would be paying your tuition fees, dormitory, cafeteria board,
books, and everything you’d need for your studies. In other words
you do not need to work,” he added.
I couldn’t utter any word. Tears just fell down my cheeks. From
that day on, I had stopped working and made an arrangement
regarding my account and subject line-up. I remembered what I
had asked the Lord. I asked myself for more time that I may involve
myself in the ministry. He gave it to me.
God is my everything. He is always true to His promise that if
we ask, He hears us according to His will. If you are faithful to Him,
He is even more faithful to you.
Prayer plus effort equals success.
Prayer Response: Dear Heavenly Father, help me to continue
rejoicing in serving you and putting you first in my life. You are the
greatest gift I’ve ever received. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray, Amen.
More Than a Pain Relief
Arianne S. Alvarez
BS Psychology
O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your
sting?” The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.
But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our
Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast,
immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing
that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. (1 Corinthians 15:5558).
Exhausted by a tiring and very hot day, our team wanted to go
back home for rest. Yet, the Holy Spirit redirected our thoughts. So,
I stood up and said, “Team, let’s pray for strength. Maybe there’s
someone here who needs Jesus very much.” Then, I assigned each
of us to take different roads. I motivated them to promote the Life
Hope Center where we would conduct Revelation’s prophecy, health,
and lifestyle seminars and a special summer school for children.
Thus, we walked with the faith in our hearts that we would
meet someone that day. I had only one flier left of my four fliers that
day. I heard a cute voice from a young boy who was talking with his
father. I stood in front of their gate and shouted, “Good afternoon!
We would like to invite your child to a unique activity this summer.”
But my voice was not loud enough for the father to clearly hear.
He waved his hands and said “Come in.” He was in the garden. While
he sat on a chair, he watered the plants. I gave him the last flier I had
and promised him to return for the other flier about Smart Steps. He
was so interested about what programs we offered.
Curious, I asked why he had pain relief patches around his
shoulders, arms, and legs. He told me that he had been diagnosed
with bone cancer just five months ago. Thus, I explained to him that
we knew different alternative medications that could heal him; like,
charcoal poultice and a well-balanced diet. But prayers were most
important. Then I prayed for him, “Lord, I submit Kuya Cyril’s life to
you. I pray that you would not only heal him physically but also heal
him spiritually. In Jesus, our Master Physician, I pray. Amen.”
He then asked me what my religion was. I told him that I was
a Christian, a Seventh-day Adventist. He was stunned and silently
told me that he was once an Adventist too. But now he had lived his
life so far from being one. He confessed to me how he would have
weekly drinking parties with his friends and loved to eat pure meat,
and caused long nights of quarrel with his wife. Her wife had half
of her body paralyzed. Three of their kids were still in elementary
school while the eldest was in first year college. He exclaimed to me,
“I’m going back to Jesus.”
The VOY team went back to Kuya Cyril’s house. We shared
Jesus’ salvation, power, and love. We also brought the children to
Life Hope Center; they enjoyed it. It was their first time to experience
Jesus. Truly, it was like a little heaven to have Jesus in the family.
After two weeks of mission there, I went back to Quezon City.
Just after a month, I received a text message from his wife, Ate
Lorna, telling me that Kuya Cyril had passed away. My heart grieved.
But it beat with hope. I knew he died in Christ and would rise again
to eternal life. Our ministry didn’t stop after his death. We kept on
visiting his family. Today, his children are actively attending Sabbath
Services in Life Hope Centre Laguna BelAir.
Unexpected things may happen every now and then. God
blesses a grieving person with a comforter. That comforter could be
us. We are to comfort mourning souls and bring them back into His
fold. Hence, we reach and heal them like Jesus did.
Prayer Response: Dear Mighty and Heavenly Father, thank You
for sending us the Comforter that we may have strength in these
last days. Fill us with Your grace, and help us see the needs of others.
Bring us to those people; so that, they may learn that there is One
who gives eternal life. I pray through Jesus, who conquers death.
He Touched Me
Michael V. Barangan
AB Theology
And we know that all things work together for good to
those who loved God, to those who are called according to His
purpose. (Romans 8:28, NKJV).
“God touching lives through us.” This was the objective of our
VOY campaign in Bucal, Cavite. With a tinge of excitement mixed
with nervousness, I, as a first time participant, was eager to see God
in action.
We prepared, completed programs, and assigned participants.
All that was left to do was wait for attendees for the program to
start. Minutes quickly passed, yet no one appeared. Happy, eager,
and smiling faces slowly faded into tensed, dejected frowns. The
same single question ruled our minds: “How can you win souls for
Christ if there are no souls present?”
We felt defeated and upset. With such disappointment, our
faith did not waver. Our group got closer to each other as we trusted
God deeper and our passion for evangelism increased. Problems
and trials brought us down to our knees. Through prayer we were
uplifted, knowing that God could make miracles and all things were
possible through Him. We realized that success starts with Him.
Without Him, our efforts would be futile. Hence, we gathered in
earnest prayer, asking God to use us to touch the lives of people in
the small community.
The next days were shaped by miracles. People welcomed us as
we serenaded them in the morning and played with their children.
Delighted as we gave Bible studies, rendered medical check-up, and
taught Charobics exercises, community members were touched. The
evangelistic meetings now were filled with people. As a result, five
precious souls were baptized at the end of the meetings.
As a song goes, “We are His hands to touch the world around
us.” By allowing God to use us, we couldn’t help but praise God. The
Lord not only touched the people in Bucal; He touched us also.
Prayer Response: Dear Mighty Heavenly Father, You have
touched my life indeed. Make me a fountain of Your love and let me
touch other lives as well; so that, they too, may be healed. In Jesus’
name, Amen.
Planting During Summer
Konstantin Von D. Genebago
Academy Student
And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the
laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the
harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Luke 10:2).
It was summer vacation and I was turning Grade 8 when I went
to the VOY for the first time. I was doing nothing and we did not
have separate Sabbath service in the academy anymore. My parents
asked me to join the VOY because they wanted me to get used to
God’s work.
At first, I thought that I would have a bad time in Sta. Fe,
Zambales. Everyone in our group was a college student and we
went to a mountain far from home. That was only my initial thought
because I later found out that they were all friendly and caring. The
church was very supportive that we had a complete house set in our
large tent.
What can I say? The VOY teams are devoted, patient, organized,
caring, and tough. I knew through my experience last summer.
Devoted. We always had a very early morning worship everyday
that we were first to wake up than thousands of roosters in the area.
We had visited the people in the town first before we ate breakfast.
Patient. Our patience was tested by a child who broke my
auntie’s laptop. He also played with the projector every night
session. The DSLR camera we used for taking pictures almost fell
because of him. We just laughed and understood his nature.
Organized. Had you seen our tent, you would know that we
were organized. The programs were also orderly. We had not missed
any visitation, vacation Bible school, Bible studies, health lectures,
and evangelistic meetings on weekdays.
Caring. They cooked enough so we could eat enough. When I
got sick, the nursing student knew what to do and suggested that
I should have a tap water sponge bath, and so I did. I was also
lucky that our speaker gave me a massage for he knew “hilot” or the
traditional Filipino massage.
Tough. They were tough. We had prayer and fasting for a day
and we survived. The funny part though was after 24 hours of not
eating, I remember we all woke up at 12 midnight and ate a lot!
After all that happened, we knew that we did our best to water
the plants to be ready for the harvest. Indeed, we harvested souls
for God and left that place knowing that the Holy Spirit would work
for the souls that would soon be ready for harvest. Right now, we
hope that more teams would come and help other people grow in
Prayer Response: Dear God, may you send more laborers to
your harvest. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Miracle Bus!
Mande Ron O. Surnit
He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his
name. (Psalm 23:3, NLT).
Experience the unexpected? Nope, that’s not my type! I basically
plan and do things ahead of time because I hate delays, especially
situations that cause inconvenience.
I belonged to the VOY Benguet team. It was my first time to
join this extracurricular activity, not to mention that Benguet was far.
It would take almost three rides from three bus terminals, excluding
a number of smaller public rides and hikes. The place was very cold
and mountainous. Thus, our group spent much time planning and
preparing. So far, things went just fine.
Until upon reaching the second terminal bound to Isabela
province, devastation began. We discovered that bus seats were
fully-booked? Oh boy! I began to question myself and other
members of our team why we failed to anticipate possibilities. We
figured out what went wrong. We failed to consider the holidays.
I found it difficult to hold my temper from bursting and think of
possible solutions. I was about to give up.
But I saw one of my friends whispering a prayer. I felt I was back
to my senses. I thought, “God’s will, not mine; we will travel to exalt
and to give honor to His name.”
Not later than 30 minutes, a “miracle” happened. An empty bus
came. I was amazed and inspired at how God works for His people.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, use us to exalt Your
name and to trust the purpose behind every circumstance that we
may face. Help us to be humble and meek so that we may represent
You accordingly. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
The Overcomer
Jessa-Bhel D. Santillan
BS Office Administration
I have said these things to you, that in me you may have
peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I
have overcome the world. (John 16:33).
“VOY!” When I first heard of it, I thought it was easy. But when
I was there, it was harder than what I expected.
Being the children’s ministries coordinator was very challenging
for me. Not only because I was not yet baptized but also because
I had a hard time adjusting. I needed to tell stories about Jesus, a
man I did not know much about. I needed to find verses in the Bible,
a book I was not familiar with. I struggled. But I praise God because
He always helped me overcome my fears and weaknesses during
the entire extent of the VOY.
Aside from adjusting with the children’s ministry, I also felt
lonely more especially on Christmas and New Year because it was
my first time, in 17 years, not to spend them with my family. Instead,
I had to spend them with my VOY teammates and the people in
the community where I served. Though far from my family, I really
enjoyed their companionship and their care. In fact, after the VOY, I
missed my students, the VOY team of Quinatadcan, the Agdangan
youth, and the two laymen who were with us.
I thought I could not do the task given to me. But now I am
glad that in the end I survived the hard experience and did it right.
It made me believe that there is a God who empowers us to work in
the ministry.
Prayer Response: Dear God, thank you for giving us Jesus, who
has overcome the world. Help us Lord; so that, in every tribulation
we may face, we can overcome through the blood of the Lamb. In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
The Great Joy of My Christian Life
Benjamin Dukundane
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.
(Philippians 4:4).
Sharing my personal testimony about my first VOY, in Ternate,
Cavite on Dec. 23-28, 2014 is a blessing from God. Through this, I
can now testify of His goodness in written form.
I thought that my December 2014 holiday would be the worst
ever in my life. It would be my first time to spend the Christmas
break away from home. Though I was worried, I still decided to do
something meaningful—not for personal comfort but for glorifying
Providentially, a Chemistry classmate invited me to join the VOY
since I had nothing to do during the Christmas break. Through the
VOY, I would reach others through the ministry of teaching the word
of God. I then remembered Colossians 3:24: “Knowing that from the
Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving
the Lord Christ.” I couldn’t resist. I accepted the invitation and joined
the VOY that Christmas break.
Our group of nine members eventually became best of friends.
God used us to bless the community in Ternate. Since our main aim
and the focus of our activities were community services, we planted
cassava, visited houses, gave clothes to the needy, and conducted
children’s and parents’ ministries. They were blessings not just to the
community but also to us.
The night of December 24 was unforgettable. Our team visited
seven families. To each we sang carols, including: “May Nagmamahal
Sa’Yo”. Even though these families were not Seventh-day Adventist,
we could see their joy and relief from all their burdens. I was
reminded of the great love of Jesus as the song was interpreted to
me; since I could not understand it at first. I soon felt the urgency
to make Him my personal Savior. That day was a turning point. I
decided to have the same faith my parents have had since I was a
child. This experience led to my baptism on Jan. 10, 2015.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, as I begin my Christian
journey, please guide me. Though I am weak, please strengthen me.
Make me a blessing and not a destruction to others. Lord, I ask for
Your divine protection for the Ternate community. May You please
open their hearts so that they may know You more and make You
their personal Savior. Lord, bless those who are working for Your
cause all over the world, Your church, and everyone on this universe
according to their needs. Bless also those who will read this book.
May this book be a tool to share Jesus who can transform their lives.
May we all walk in Your light; so that, we could all meet You on Your
second coming. This I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.
Trust in the Lord
Conrado O. Famis
BSBA-Business Management
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on
your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5).
I thank the wonderful God I served during my VOYs. He
had made them as wonderful as He is. Among the seven VOYs I
attended, the one held in Dinapigue, Isabela was the best. I was the
VOY coordinator of the team sent there.
I learned that being a coordinator is really hard if you are
not letting God use you in His work. During the first night of our
program, I saw that we were not really prepared. At times there was
no electricity, we nearly lost our faith. But the Holy Spirit inspired us
to continue the program despite the lack of electricity.
Moreover, I learned that a prayerful connection with God is a
must for a coordinator so that he may be a good example to others.
Hence, I pray that the people in Bukal, Dinapigue, Isabela would be
Christ-like in their community.
Prayer Response: Dear Precious God, I am amazed of the
experience by which You taught me lessons. Indeed, no future is unsure
with You. Let me take hold of Your promises here in my heart to fully
grasp that You are the Great One. You hold this universe in the palm
of Your hand. Let Your plans, not mine, prevail. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
To God be the Glory
Gleason T. Macula
AB Theology
But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the
day of eternity. Amen. (2 Peter 3:18).
In Brgy. San Mariano, it was my first time to lead a VOY team
as an overall coordinator. Our group had no Theology student with
us. But praise God, it was as if we had one. Sir Winelfred G. Pasamba
became our speaker though he did not finish Theology. Being a
vegetarian, he was also our instant health lecturer.
We had two foreign students in the group. They asked me to
interpret for them. I had a hard time speaking good English. Thus,
I wondered why God chose me to interpret. Nevertheless, God had
equipped me.
I thank God for being always in the heart of each member of
our VOY team. We had grown in grace and knowledge of our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, may you always give
knowledge and wisdom to our VOY team whenever we share the
Gospel. May people accept Jesus Christ as their Savior; so that, the
end may come. This I ask in the loving name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
God’s Providence
Alpha Joy A. Jael
BS Nursing
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded
you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
(Matthew 28: 19-20).
Last December 2011, I joined the VOY of the Advent Explorers.
Truth be told, at first, I was not convinced. I was not willing to spend
my “free” time in the VOY. But God had a special plan for me. Our
house was even used for our team to stay for the whole VOY week.
It was in Tartaria, near Hoyo, in Silang, Cavite.
My teammates were working students. In the team, I was the
only full-time student. They showed me kindness and they were very
accommodating. Hence, I did not feel awkward and unwelcome.
I learned how to stand in their shoes. As my heart had softened
through their stories, I became friendlier to the working students.
I understood how to treat people with circumstances different
from mine. Another experience was witnessing our helper got
devil-possessed. God’s grace freed our helper. These experiences
convinced me that it was through God’s providence that I joined
the VOY.
Prayer Response: Dear God, thank You for molding me
through the chosen people You have placed in my life. Humble my
heart all the time that I may always be willing to obey Your will; not
mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
He is Waiting and Willing
Robert D. Tagapia
Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not
know about things to come. (Jeremiah 33:3, NLT).
One cold Sunday morning, I did not want to wake up. It was
also raining. It felt like we were in an air-conditioned room. But we
needed to wake up to serenade. It kept raining around 9:00 in the
morning. My teammates decided to fellowship with born-again
Christians. I decided to stay. I cried to the Lord and prayed that
He would lead us and stop the rain so that we might continue the
evangelistic meetings. It was hard to have the program while it was
Fortunately, after my prayer, the rain stopped and it never rained
since then until we finished our meetings. I know God answered my
prayer. People in Isabela told us that it usually rained in the months
of November to December. I am amazed at how God waits for us to
pray and how He is willing to answer our prayers.
Prayer Response: Thank You, Oh God, for being with us. Thank
You for using us—Your sons and daughters to spread the light. Lord,
please help our interests in Isabela to know more about You. I ask
that You help me also for someday I will become a Shepherd of Your
flock. Help all of us God to trust in You always. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Grace E. Falcunitin,
BEEd-Special Education
He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in
their hands they shall bear thee up, lest any time thou dash thy
foot against a stone. (Matthew 4:6, KJV).
Fascination with angels often disguised as tall men in white
clothes and how God sent them to protect Literature Evangelists
(LEs) made me enjoy listening to LE stories. Though LEs did not see
angels personally, their stories about other people who did had
captivated me. Thence, I had envied LEs, till one day, I no longer did.
It was an afternoon scheduled for my VOY team’s house
visitation. I held my arms with my hands as we entered a block.
People there had sharp eyes that ripped every flesh that passed
their bladed stares. Cigarettes fumed and filled the air with smoke.
Everyone was wearing tattoos as if there was a contemporary art
exhibit. From a near distance came loud voices. The shouts filled
that narrow path I walked on. Eventually the same shouts filled my
head. They made me woozy. Gradually, those voices weakened and
were nearly silenced as we passed through. I lost sense of where
the voices had come from. The next thing I knew, we had passed
through unharmed.
Then, I noticed small and delicate hands clung to my arms.
I knew that those were not men’s hands that barely covered the
circumference of my arms. I looked at the creatures that owned
those hands. They were not clothed in white and neither were they
tall. Instead, they were in various colors like in the faded paintings
of the old times.
My attention was drawn away from their clothing to their little
feet that paced fast toward their houses. What I then thought to
be a dark forest now became a meadow full of different flowers.
Truly, I had felt angels’ hands protecting us. My envy ceased. Though
not exactly the same as the stories I heard from LEs, my experience
gave me peace and satisfaction. It was more than what I wanted. I
personally saw angels.
Yes! Their hands clung to my arms that entire time. Their
presence became a tool of protection for us and a sweet fragrance
that made people readily accept the truth of God. Who can resist
the faces of innocent and sweet children?
Prayer Response: Dear Lord, I pray for peace in my heart. May
You use your angels to protect and deliver the light of truth to Your
people. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Jesus is Changing Me
Nelven C. Alavanza
AB Theology
And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the
Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one
degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is
the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18).
The VOY is a simple yet powerful ministry. God uses it to
transform lives, not just of the hearers but also of the preachers
of the Word. When we held our VOY at Pinamalayan, Mindoro, the
barangay had no electricity even before we started the evangelistic
meetings. That would be a big challenge for less people would be
motivated to come and hear us. Thus, we prayed earnestly.
After an hour, the electricity was restored and we started the
program. Nightly, I stood as the speaker. I remember a time when I
tackled the Law of God. At the middle of my message, I said, “Satan
changed the Law of God!” Suddenly, the lights went out. I expected
that people would leave because of the interruption of electrical
supply. But it surprised me when more people had come to hear the
word of God. In no time after the message, the lights went back. I
saw how Satan diligently worked to stop us from doing God’s work.
But for sure, God is far greater than him.
I also joined the VOY in Santolan, Pasig. It is a place where
drunkards, smokers, and drug addicts thrived. Notwithstanding,
God had worked miracles in that place. During the second night
of our evangelistic meetings, a drunkard came and listened. After
the message, he hugged me tightly while saying with conviction
that he wanted to preach Christ also. And that was what he exactly
did. His neighbor was even surprised that he had not been drinking
There were also these girls named Gillian and Bambi Amorada
who accepted Christ as their personal Savior. After baptism last
October 2014, their lives became living witnesses for God. Their
mother, Sister Ligaya, reported that a lot had changed in her children
since then. They had not spent their time loitering on the streets at
night and not spoken bad words. Sister Ligaya was very happy and
thankful for these changes.
How I wish that her gratitude be given to Jesus, the One who
caused the real changes in her children’s lives; not to us who were
just instruments in introducing God to her children. May she give
her life to Jesus and be changed, just like what happened to her
Prayer Response: Lord, may You change me into Your likeness.
Use my life in making known to people that You are the living God.
May the change cause them to believe in You and to want to know
You more. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
My Journey
Oliver G. Debuyan
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by
prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be
made known to God. (Philippians 4:6).
I was a Catholic before; although, I was not attending church.
I did not even know how to pray. Neither did I know that religious
music exists. I was solely raised by my father. My mother died when
I was eight. But in the unlikeliest of my circumstances, God still
worked in my life and brought me to the Adventist faith.
I was baptized on July 31, 2010, fully accepting everything in
the Adventist faith. I promised that I would always serve the Lord.
And so I travelled alone for 24 hours on Dec. 23, 2014 to Bongabong,
Mindoro. There, we would conduct an evangelistic series. For the
love of serving the Lord, I went to Bongabong no matter what
happened. Though my fare be delayed, though I had to walk two
kilometres in Calapan, and though my pants and shoes be wet, I did
not ignore God’s calling.
Around four o’clock in the afternoon, I reached the place.
Without rest, I joined the third night of the nightly evangelistic
meetings and played the guitar to accompany worship songs. God
had become my strength and song throughout my journey. It caused
me to serve my Lord and His people more.
Prayer Response: Lord, I thank You for using me to serve in
the ministry, for equipping me with talents so that my service may
be pleasing to Your people and more importantly, to You. I pray that
more people would know the God I serve and one day they would
join me in serving You and Your people. This I humbly ask in the
loving name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Little Hands
Arianne S. Alvarez
BS Psychology
Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my
hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not
disbelieve, but believe. (John 20:27).
Her eyes were like dandelions, her smile was sweetly captivating
but her tears were expressions of how she longed for love. Amy
was one of the children who regularly attended our VOY nightly
meetings. While I was telling the story of “Joshua and the Fall of
Jericho’s Wall” during our last Sabbath in Amadeo, Cavite, I felt a
stone struck the back of my head. Then, there was another and small
stones kept on coming. When I turned my back, I saw Amy with her
fierce eyes pinned against me. She growled and I didn’t know the
reason why. I excused myself from the class and drew near to Amy.
Indeed, handling the children’s ministry required me to stretch my
patience a bit more. I had to keep smiling.
I carried Amy, embraced her, and uttered a short prayer, “Lord,
let not the enemy control Amy’s heart. She is yours. Lord, please
surround us with Your Spirit. Touch and change her heart, oh God.
By the power of Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.” After my prayer, Amy
calmed down and tears rolled down her cheeks. I noticed her hands
were slightly wounded by the stones she threw at me. I told her,
“These little hands were not made to throw stones at people, or to
hurt someone; it is made by God to embrace people and to share
with them His love.” I was amazed at how God touched Amy’s heart.
Her mother came to pick her up from me. I told her “Your daughter
has just conquered her naughtiness.”
Amy had a struggle to overcome. God knows her. He knows
my desire, too. Jesus is the key that is freely given to us. Why not
share Him with those who long to be free as well? Indeed, we are His
hands to touch the world around us.
Prayer Response: Dear Loving Father in heaven, thank You
for Your nail-pierced hands which gave me the inspiration to touch
people as well. Help me to not have a doubting heart. Instead, give
me a believing spirit. I pray through Jesus, my Savior. Amen.
A Life-changing Commitment
Mike Jeven A. Rivera
AB Theology
But the Lord stood by me and strengthened me, so that
through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the
Gentiles might hear it. So I was rescued from the lion’s mouth.
The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me
safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever
and ever. Amen. (2 Timothy 4:17, 18).
Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He had commanded His
disciples to proclaim the gospel to all the world. I praise God for
this experience of working in His service. I shared His unconditional
love to His people whom He purchased through the blood of His
son, Jesus Christ.
I felt very happy that I was part of AUP’s VOY during the 2014
Christmas vacation. Our group was assigned in Sitio Lupang, Brgy.
Anilao, Bongabong, Occidental Mindoro. It was hard for me to
forget our experiences while we worked in the field. I felt how God
cared for us. He sustained our daily needs through the brethren. I
felt glad I’m part of God’s family. This family is different from those
in the world. God’s people are happily supporting one another while
working in His ministry.
VOY programs do not only share God’s message to people who
don’t know the truth yet. They also change our lives through the
guidance of the Holy Spirit. In fact, there were some things in my
life that had changed through the two weeks of working in God’s
vineyard. They included the way I act and speak as an instrument of
God. I learned much about the laws of health and the improvement
of my physical and social aspects. One student became a close friend
there. We shared experiences on family relationships. I learned much
about family discipline.
Indeed, the VOY not only gave me new friends and opportunities
to travel to different places in the Philippines but also the privilege
to share God’s message, personally and publicly. As a student at
AUP, the VOY is a favorable time to shine and develop our Godgiven spiritual gifts. I had committed myself to Him by joining the
VOY every semestral break.
Prayer Response: Lord, help me as I continue to work in Your
service. Give me strength, knowledge, and wisdom. Fill me with your
Spirit; so that, whatever my hands find to do may succeed. In Jesus’
name, Amen.
Angelyn M. Quizada
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the
desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in
him, and he will act. (Psalm 37:4, 5).
God called us to go to Nangalao, Linapacan, Palawan during the
break of December 2014. What Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” a word
of command with His promise that He will be with us always” (Matthew
28:19), had been very true.
The challenge started when we left the AUP campus. On our way to
the assigned field, we encountered a problem. When we asked the 2GO
ship office, they told us there was only one slot available and the fare could
not be covered by the budget we had. Thus, we went to other Coronbound shipping lines but they were all fully-booked. We had walked for
hours along the sea port of Manila and gradually started to doubt. At this
moment, we stopped along that busy road of Manila to pray for God’s
Immediately after, one monitor suggested that we use the route
to Mindoro. Hence, we headed to Batangas City pier, voyaged through
Calapan, Mindoro and San Jose, Mindoro to reach Coron. In our 30-hour
journey from AUP till we reached Coron, it was as if we were the only
passengers waited for before the vessel left. In Coron, we still had to wait
for four days before we could go to our place of destination. The winds
were seriously strong.
Indeed, in whatever journey of life we have, God works with us. He
prepares all the vehicles we would need. Although the waves may be strong,
we can reach where we need to go safe and sound. God will be with us in
achieving our hearts’ desire to serve Him. Challenges may weaken us, but if
we commit our lives to Him, we will have the strength to do His ministries.
Prayer Response: I praise God for the blessings we shared
to the people on the island we visited. May the Lord continue to
bless all the individuals who work to advance His kingdom into all
the land until He comes. Lord, please continue to abundantly bless
Nangilao, Linapacan, Palawan. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God’s Calling
Adrian E. Luzong
AB Theology
And we know that for those who love God all things work together
for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans
When I think of a VOY testimony, nothing would take the place of
my first VOY in Ternate, Cavite. I had been to 12 VOY’s but my experience
in Cavite could never be paralleled. I was not a ministerial student then. I
was part of the College of Business (COB), pursuing Bachelor of Science in
Accountancy (BSA). In a group of 50 members, we were sent by threes. It was
a great challenge. I was newly baptized and I did not have the knowledge
of giving Bible study yet. The only thing I knew was God would not let His
people suffer. He enabled me to give Bible study, using just one text and
more on personal testimonies. This was a turning point in my life.
I was touched when I saw our work done with Christ. I cried at baptism
time as if I saw my old self being drowned and renewed with the life in
Christ. I felt the burden of working for the Lord and was inspired to share
Him wherever I would be.
Hence, after that VOY, I decided to take the ministry course and
committed to VOY every vacation during my stay at AUP. I praise God that
I reached this far to be with Him. He made me prosperous at all times that
even my family was converted because of the VOY. Surely, God is in control.
If you love Him, all things work together for good.
Prayer Response: Let us all pray that God would empower more youth
to be in His ministry. It is in Him and sharing the gospel that we find real
satisfaction—in sharing the gospel in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
A Family for Christ
Adrian E. Luzong
AB Theology
Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord
has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you. (Mark
In summer 2012, I and Jerome Esquero went to Taguilos,
Cajidiocan, Romblon, hoping that I could minister to my family
in my barangay, with the help of the 1000 Missionary Movement.
We held nightly meetings 100 meters away from my house. I was
speaker for the first time. The church received us with gladness. My
parents and siblings gladly told us that they had perfect attendance.
I was filled with joy when my mother told me she did not expect that
I could speak before many people. The chairs were not enough to
accommodate all the attendees. They were shocked I could speak in
front of them.
Five souls responded to the call of Jesus Christ. Two of them
were my brother and sister. A month after the VOY, another brother
was baptized and my mother called me to tell that she had been
living an Adventist lifestyle. After that conversation, she was
baptized. I praise God!
Prayer Response: Truly God hears prayers. May all things be
done for Your glory! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God’s Plan; Not Mine
Jeviel A. Diaz
Bachelor of Elementary Education
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,
plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a
hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).
It was not my plan to join the VOY last December 2014. I
intended to spend my vacation with my family. I had many plans
for that Christmas vacation; but God’s plan prevailed. I found
myself asking my parents to allow me to spend my vacation for the
Lord. Then, the two weeks of our mission in Cabuyao blessed and
challenged us in reaching other people to bring them to Christ.
I was personally blessed by those we met and befriended.
There was this one person whose name was Nanay Theodora. She
had inspired me. Nanay Theodora was old. She was not an Adventist
but I saw how much she had desired to bring people to Christ. I
had learned and realized things from her. Truly, old age is not a
hindrance if you desire to bring people to Christ.
Moreover, my entire VOY experience taught me to look beyond
what’s seen. Joining the VOY was not really my plan. But I praise God
for not letting me do the things I had personally planned before I
decided to join the VOY. I had seen how weak I was when tasked to
tell stories to children. I was not skilled and felt nervous. I allowed
His words be my words. I pleaded to God to help me share Him to
the children we had with us. Praise God! He really did. We may not
really see what we could do if we only look into our own ability. But
once we have Christ in our hearts and choose Him rather than our
own pleasure, we are assured that His plan is better than ours.
Prayer Response: Help us Lord to let our plan be in accordance
to Your will and may Your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
He Provides
Rizel T. Pesigan
And my God will supply every need of yours according to
his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19).
When we were in my hometown in Batangas last October 2013,
we planned for the next place of mission. They suggested Palawan
for December 2014. I was sad. I knew that my parents would not
allow me to go. Palawan is too far and we didn’t have money for my
personal expenses and fare. But I still prayed about it.
Time passed and I had mustered courage to ask permission from
my parents. But even if they allowed me, budget was of issue. The
next thing I knew and without my prior knowledge, my groupmate
had booked our air travel tickets to Palawan. I was told that each
member should pay. The ticket price was too big an amount for me
to pay. I prayed. If He wanted me to serve in Palawan and use my
talent for His glory, He would provide what I needed.
Then, I solicited from friends and even on Facebook. Two
people responded and one of them was not even Adventist. The
total amount was just three-fourths of the money I needed to raise.
I tried soliciting from my relatives but they didn’t respond. It was
already December yet I still needed more money for my fare and
other expenses.
We were scheduled to leave AUP on Dec. 17, 2014. It was on
December 10, in a midweek program, that I learned that aside from
airfare, we needed to bring extra money for miscellaneous expenses,
excluding our pocket money.
I thought of quitting. I just didn’t have enough money. But I
really wanted to join the VOY. I texted my mother that I needed
some money. She replied, “Saan naman ako kukuha ng ganoong
pera, anak?‘ Di din naman ako maka-solicit sa mga churchmate
natin kasi nakikita kong wala rin silang maibibigay (Where would I
get that amount, my child? I also can’t solicit from our churchmates
because I can see that they neither have anything to give).” I cried to
her while saying to myself, “God will provide.”
He provided all that I needed in the past. Why doubt if He could
provide for His ministry, I thought. I and one of my groupmates
planned to go to churches for solicitation. But Thursday night of
that week, my mother called me and told me to go home that same
weekend scheduled for solicitation. I told her that I couldn’t because
I would solicit. She replied, “Umuwi ka (Come home)!” I asked her
why? She replied, “Basta (Just come home).” I cried to her and said I
needed to solicit for my fare.
But I had to obey and go home. I was amazed, when my mother
gave me enough money for my fare, other expenses, and tuition
fees. My brothers and sister gave me pocket money as well. That
time, I couldn’t express how thankful I was to the Lord. I praise Him
with all my heart. Here’s another proof that He provides. Just be
faithful to Him. Don’t doubt His promises. God cares about you and
every dilemma you face. He has the best plans for you.
Prayer Response: Lord, help me to be more faithful to You and
to not doubt Your promises. Help me to realize Your will for my life.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
The VOY students form a heart at the Adventist University of the Philippines College
of Theology (AUP - COT) lawn in October 2013. This act culminated the VOY Camp
2013 themed, “Voice of Youth: Empowering the Youth for Evangelism.”
Just Trust
Mystery A. Mojica
Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in
you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift
up my soul. (Psalm 143:8).
The VOY is a program through which we can spread His good
news. Indeed, this is one of the happiest moments you should
experience for yourself. As for me, I experienced a lot of problems.
But in spite of the challenges, I had seen God’s goodness. I had
learned patience, understanding others, valuing small things, and
denying myself.
On our way to Mindoro, many unexpected things happened.
For example, to save money, we had to budget wisely. Most of the
time, we only had dried fish for breakfast. Moreover, we didn’t have
any comfort room. It was so hard. But we praised God we survived.
We started at 4:00 pm for the children’s ministry. We had to pass
through a muddy road to get to the venue. If you didn’t have rubber
boots, you could plant kamote (sweet potatoes) on your heavilymudded feet. Regardless of the distance between the houses, we
were eager to visit each of them because every soul was precious.
It was a hard mission in an inconvenient place. There were drunk
men along the way. Satan worked so hard but God was powerful. He
never let His children to be tempted.
On our way back to Cavite, we traveled by RORO — roll-on/
roll-off ships. When we reached the pier, there was a long pile of
people at the ticket booth while it was about to close. A man helped
us and the next thing we knew was we were back home. God is good
to those who walk with Him and trust in His plan. Praise God for
opening my mind to be involved in His ministry.
Prayer Response: Dear Jesus, help me to be more consecrated
to you. Create a clean heart within me. Help me to love You and
other people unconditionally. Help me do my best to bring glory
and honor to Your name. Amen.
Together We Can Work as One!
Jonas B. Bareng
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in
every way into him who is the head, into Christ... (Ephesians
Joining the VOY was a great privilege to share God’s love to
people. I experienced the greatest achievement of my life when I
joined one in December 2014 through January 2015 in Cabanatuan
City. I was part of the Working Scholars Group. Jesus Himself
doesn’t care whether you are working students or not. What is more
important is what you have done in spreading His love. It was a
challenge to love the unlovable. But who was I not to share this love
that I had received from Him when He first loved me?
Prayer Response: Here I am Lord! Open my heart and make
me a living angel in human form. Make me take a part in touching
and changing lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Shifting Form
Katrina H. Felices
AB Theology
I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our
Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his
service, (1 Timothy 1:12).
Upon entering AUP’s gate, staying inside, looking for work,
working, selecting a course, enrolling, and studying, I still knew
nothing. Being baptized without receiving a Bible study, I entered
AUP knowing nothing. One year had passed and nothing had
changed till I heard the phrase “Voice of Youth.” It was the summer
of 2011 when I heard my supervisor said one of our co-workers was
still in the VOY at a certain place. From that time on, I never forgot
about the VOY and desired to join one. I hoped to go places, too.
October break came. One of my co-workers invited me to join the
VOY. I asked if there was a payment involved. After knowing that
there was none, I joined.
At first, I was disappointed because our place of destination
wasn’t that far. Disappointment in time turned into satisfaction. It
was my first time and I learned a lot — to pray, read Bible, mingle
with people, make friends, and many more. For three weeks, I
grew little by little in the knowledge of God and in His work. I had
committed myself to join the VOY every break. December came.
With my former group, I joined the VOY again. But before going, I
bought a Calculus book for my class. I was taking up Engineering
back then. I left the book in my house and went to the VOY.
During the VOY, the light of the Lord had shone upon me. It grew
brighter and brighter. My perspectives in life, ambitions, and goals had
changed. There was a small voice that kept whispering to me this word —
a word that was never in my vocabulary. A profession I had never pictured
in my wildest dreams. This word “Theology” was indeed far beyond my
imagination. I didn’t know about the concept of a “calling” at that time.
But surely, God was calling me. Back at AUP, I suffered as trials turned my
life upside down. There was never a day that I didn’t cry because of the
experiences God was giving me. I even climbed a mountain, hoping that
I could find peace of mind. The peak of the mountain was the climax of
it all. I cried to God aloud and He heard my cries, answered my prayers,
and gave me peace of mind and discernment of His will.
I asked for counsels and they brightened my mind. I waited
for the right time. I joined the canvassing work for two months
while praying for God’s will for me. Then at enrolment time of the
first semester of the following school year, I took the form of my
dedication and commitment to the Lord— that is, the “shifting form.”
After two years of being in the field of worldly ambitions, seeking
for temporary things, God showed me eternal things that would
really last forever — my relationship with Him. From Engineering to
Theology—I couldn’t explain my feelings. “…my cup runs over, and
surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life. I
will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalms 23:5-6, NIV)
Prayer Response: Lord, I do believe that You call every one of
us. Thank You for calling me, for bringing me out of the darkness
into Your marvelous light. Thank You for leading me throughout
my journey. Now, call everyone Lord and let them hear You and do
Your will. For Your will is for all of us to be saved. Praise You, Lord. In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
His Presence Never Fails
VOY Participant
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded
you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
(Matthew 28:19, 20).
As the speaker of the VOY nightly meetings held on Dec. 1927, 2014, I focused more on the spiritual needs of church members.
In my place of assignment, majority of members were inactive. It
had been challenging to finish the work within the time we had at a
church with 135 inactive members and 91 active members.
Locating the houses of the inactive members was the most
challenging part. We conducted serenading and devotional worship
in every home we visited. We prayed for them and invited them to
attend the nightly meetings. With the theme, “In Christ Jesus Alone,”
the presentations focused on what Jesus had done in our lives and
how, from the darkness of a sinful life, He initiated the searching and
saving of our souls.
On the third to the last night, I felt nervous, weak, and heavyladen. I worried about the result that might happen after the whole
effort was done. My body became weary as I thought the expectation
from us was too high for the short stay in that place. Then I prayed
to God in tears. I unloaded all my worries and anxiety to Him. On
my knees, I was reminded that it was not the VOY team’s work and
neither mine, but it was God’s.
I had been relieved. My fears turned to joy. I felt rejuvenated.
My strength returned from my feet up to my whole body. Then I
stood up and faced the team, the youth, and the church to deliver
the message of God with vigor, humility, and power from the Holy
Spirit. As a result, a few of the inactive members returned back to
church and swore their allegiance once more to God.
The work is not yet finished. The harvest is plenty but the reapers
are few. But I considered it a victory in Jesus for the Bible says that the
angel in heaven rejoices because of a soul who accepted salvation
and had been brought back to the fold of Christ. Indeed, Christ will be
with us even to the ends of the earth. Praise be to God.
Prayer Response: Dear God, empty my mind of the earthly
things that take away my focus from You. Help me to see You in every
circumstance of life. Lead me to Your ways. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Be a Light
Resther Joy S. Ferriol
BS Business Management
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that
they may see your good works and give glory to your Father
who is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16).
The VOY in Dinapigue, Isabela is synonymous to a lot of stories,
experiences, learning, and sharing. The place was very challenging. People
had negative views on Adventists. They had an issue about Sabbathkeeping. As the story was told to us, an old woman pointed to everybody
that we had projected that only Seventh-day Adventists would be saved.
We didn’t know how to change that image as Adventists. We visited
other homes with the same story. But we knew that we could change
this by sharing the truth to them. We decided to visit other churches
like the Born Again church. We were happy to sing songs with them and
appreciated their praise and worship to God. This was changing their view
of Seventh-day Adventists. It was hard for us to accept what they believe.
But I learned to be an open-minded person. While I shared with them
what we knew, I spent time to listen to what they knew and believed. This
process could be enlightening.
We are often told, “Action speaks louder than words.” Let our actions
show the world how great God’s love is. Be a light to everyone because
salvation is a gift offered to every soul that is willing to accept Christ.
Prayer Response: Lord, I pray that as a student, even if it’s hard to
be a light, I would strive for it. Help me to follow Your example. May I be
faithful until the end and wait faithfully for the soon coming of Christ.
I Will Strengthen You with My Right Hand
Felix R. Rollon
AB Theology
Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your
God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with
my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10).
In my daily walk, there would be times when I almost felt like
giving up. Discouragements would be all around me. Worse, some
people would even put me down. This would trigger my weak side.
But I knew I should not be discouraged. Neither should I fret. I
wouldn’t pass this way without attaining growth.
To grow, I joined the VOY. In fact, in my first time to join, I was
the assigned speaker. I spoke in front of a vast number of people for
the first time.
One attendee in the nightly sessions was liquor-addicted and a
captive to different vices for a long time. But God was not mocked.
He touched the heart of this man and showed him great and mighty
things through the messages I imparted every night.
Truly, God always knocks on the door of our hearts. Once we
open the door and let Him enter into our hearts, we would never
think of refusing to follow Him. He would lead us to the path of
everlasting life. We might also be a light to those people who are
in darkness.
Thus, I prayed. One soul from the congregation to accept Him
as personal Savior would be a blessing. But the Lord answered my
prayer with more than what I expected. There were 15 souls who
stood up and accepted Christ. Indeed, it was His righteousness that
overpowered the wiles of evil.
Despite temptations, God uses people to encourage us. As for
me during the VOY, my teammates kept encouraging me whenever I
was about to give up. Let us choose to be used by Him. Let us equip
ourselves and be part of His ministry while we can. As the Lord says
in Matthew 28:10,“ Be not afraid: Go tell my brethren that they go
into Galilee, and there shall they see me.”
Prayer Response: May the Lord continually inspire the readers
and give them proper discernment that they may get the courage to
face the wiles of evil. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Bad Spirit, Come Out!
Dianne U. Ferry
BM Music Education
Then he said to me, “This is the word of the LORD to
Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says
the LORD of hosts.” (Zechariah. 4:6).
Have you ever experienced to offer a prayer for a person who
was being possessed by the demon? More often than not, ordained
pastors and those who are pursuing to be one, experienced this.
Last May of 2014, I joined the VOY team assigned in Mabuhay,
Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. It was a wonderful and peaceful afternoon
when we visited Nanay Nora, our Bible student. My partner and I
were faithfully leading the Bible study until Nanay Nora came to the
point of sharing her burden regarding her daughter-in-law often
possessed by the evil spirit. She also told us that this thing had
started since the Holy Week.
Promptly, after Nanay Nora had voiced out her problem, we
heard somebody screaming with a quavering voice. Nanay Nora
panicked and pleaded me to pray for her daughter-in-law. I was very
nervous. I hadn’t experienced this thing yet. Due to the confidence
that she showed to me, I didn’t think of refusing. I was encouraged
to pray for her daughter-in-law. When we arrived at her home, we
saw a lot of people. Some were holding the hands of the possessed
woman to stop her from doing unwanted acts.
With faith in my heart, I fearlessly went near the victim to offer
a prayer for her recovery. Before I could utter a prayer, she shouted
this loudly, “I don’t like that! I don’t like that!” But I didn’t allow the
bad spirit to trigger my fear. I believed that the Lord would help me
and use me to show that the Lord hears and responds to prayer. And
so, with fervent hope, I prayed. After a few minutes of praying, the
woman stopped from shouting and the surrounding was filled with
Until now, I could not believe what had just happened. When
we arrived to the place where our team used to stay, I immediately
shared my experience to our speaker. I told him all the details of my
I thought that the possessed woman would expose my
weaknesses and bad side to disturb me from praying and weaken
my faith. I was so thankful that what I feared didn’t happen. I knelt
down at a corner and talked to God earnestly. I thanked God for this
wonderful experience where He manifested His power to me so that
I could witness the miracle of prayer.
God can use us to show His miraculous work to others if we
would only allow Him to work in us. By the help of the Holy Spirit, we
can do whatever God wants us to do. Let’s not neglect His calling.
Let’s respond while we can still work in His field.
Prayer Response: Father, may all the people see the delight of
serving You, our Master in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
By God’s Grace
Sherolyn G. Juayno
BS Accountancy
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks
receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who
knocks it will be opened. (Matthew 7:7-8).
Jesus is indeed an awesome God! A call for the ministerial
workers had been echoed again. I heard the calling, and so I joined
the VOY for the first time. I am so thankful for that.
At first, when I was asked to join the VOY team, I immediately
said yes. But when I was informed that the destination of our team
had been changed, my interest gradually vanished until I became
hesitant to join. Instead, I decided to spend my vacation in my
province. However, my two colleagues didn’t stop encouraging me.
In the end, they’d won my yes.
I believe that it was God’s purpose that I join the VOY. When
we were there, we got the chance to share our experiences with
regard to hindrances in joining the VOY. I learned that most of us
were in trouble before we finally decided to join the team as our
parents asked for our presence during the Christmas vacation. But
with eagerness, we made the VOY our first priority. Upon hearing
their testimonies, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.
During the early days of our stay in the place, we had a hard
time pursuing the ministry. We almost lost courage because nobody
from the place assisted us in our pursuit of ministering to the
communities. We had seen a big problem in the church, especially
our brethren there. But instead of thinking to back out, we were
rather strengthened in faith through prayer. As the days had gone
by, we saw big changes in the atmosphere. This experience served as
my training ground where I could use the talent that God had given
me. Through the unfading grace of God, we were not consumed by
fears and lacks. Everything turned into blessings instead of burdens.
All glory be to God.
Prayer Response: Father, I pray that all the youth would
positively respond when you call them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
One Soul, One Hope, One Goal
Ronelio M. Campos
AB Theology
Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one
sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons
who need no repentance. (Luke 15:7).
The most essential thing I had learned from joining the VOY
was the essence of humility and love for my fellows. For me, sharing
the Word of God to other people implies the love we have for them.
Otherwise, knowing the truth without sharing it implies selfishness.
I had this heartfelt gratitude for meeting people who are willing to
learn more about God.
As part of our ministry in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, we held a
house-to-house visitation. There, we met sister Angeline, a wife of
a patriotic farmer. She also shared to us that her husband earned
P100.00 a day and she managed it well in order to satisfy their
needs. They were not Adventists then. But her grandparents were.
When we offered Bible study, she wholeheartedly welcomed us into
their home.
As we continued with the Bible study, she couldn’t help but
share her experience that happened constantly. “Every Saturday, I
always heard a voice saying, ‘Go to church! Go to church!’” she said.
She got curious about it. She asked her grandpa about it. His
answer didn’t satisfy her. She attended an Adventist Church for
some time and learned much. That was perhaps the reason why she
asked many questions during our Bible study.
Praise God for it was another success. We had won her as she
finally accepted Jesus as her personal Savior through baptism. I
realized how important it is to share the truth and live a life that
reaches out to others.
Prayer Response: Father, I pray for the newly baptized that
they may not be moved by any discouragement. May their faith in
You neither loosen nor weaken. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God’s Plan For Me
Christian T. Monteron
AB Theology
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD,
plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a
hope. (Jeremiah 29:11).
Earlier in September 2014, I started planning to join the VOY
that would be held on December break. I had settled in my mind
that I would join a VOY team assigned in Pasay. But I still prayed
that God would lead me to go the place where He wanted me to be.
After some time, my friend approached me and persuaded me to
join their VOY team assigned to serve in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro.
This fascinated me somehow.
After several weeks, I decided to join the VOY team assigned
in Mindoro. I was so excited. I began to think of the challenges and
trials that might come our way in pursuit of this mission.
It was Friday when we arrived in Bansud. The place was far
different from what I expected. It was an awesome place— the place
God planned for the team to reach. Our arrival was very timely.
On Saturday, there was a District Fellowship where we promoted
our VOY. With that promotion, we gained much support — from
spiritual to financial.
By Sunday morning, we started putting up a tent in preparation
for the nightly meetings. We worked hard. Satan, for his part, also
busied himself in ruining our courage. Heavy rains poured for three
consecutive nights. Electricity failed. Technical problems ensued.
Time and again, the sound system owner refused to lend his
equipments to us. We almost lost our faith and courage.
But God’s providence could not be defeated. He disallowed the
enemy to win against us. Let us not be discouraged as we encounter
trials that test our faith in the Lord, our Creator.
Prayer Response: Lord, Help us to always hold onto Your
promise that You will never leave us nor forsake us. Your will be
done! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Facing One’s Weakness
Dave S. Flores
BS Information Technology
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of
God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and
also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16).
I am an introvert person. As a shy-type individual, I preferred
not to speak. I didn’t want to put myself into embarrassment.
Perhaps, this was the greatest weakness I had in life. I wanted to
boost my social stamina by joining a small group or some other
religious activities. But due to my weakness, I failed to do so.
Way back home, I didn’t participate in any youth gathering
nor any religious activities. When I arrived at AUP, the same thing
But I was very thankful to God for giving me a wonderful
privilege to join the VOY. There, I learned to socialize with my fellow
youth and I even learned to stand in front of many people.
Before leaving AUP for the VOY, I asked GOD to give me
enough courage; so that, I may be able to make the experience
worth it. Now, I am here on a page of this book, with nobody but
myself, testifying on how effective that prayer was. Days went by at
the VOY and I did my part as children’s coordinator. I didn’t feel any
shyness to perform my task in front of many people. This made my
first VOY worth it. I developed not just my social strength but most
importantly, my spiritual gifts. Glory and honor be to God!
Prayer Response: Lord, strengthen our weaknesses. We
believe that You will sustain us with the strength that we need each
day. Gradually, with your strength, You will help us overcome our
weaknesses. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
All These Things
Vergel Neil B. Galang
BS Business Administration Business Management
Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe
also in me. (John 14:1).
I had the right outlook. Spending Christmas away from my
family would be quite sad. But it would be a blessing.
Thus, I joined Antique’s VOY team. But some circumstances
hindered it from happening. Because of this plan that did not
materialize, I thought I would not be able to join the VOY. My
contingency was in place — to spend my Christmas with my family
and spend time taking care of my father who was undergoing
dialysis due to a chronic kidney problem.
Nonetheless, it was still God’s plan that I join the VOY team in
San Mariano, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro—what a privilege and calling!
When I was walking towards the Finster Chapel at AUP, I met
Beulah, one of my friends. She invited me to join her VOY team. I
didn’t say yes right away because I still had to ask for my mother’s
permission. When I asked my mother about it, she agreed. Hence, I
found myself one day with my team as we traveled all the way to our
prospective place of ministry. When we arrived there, we stayed with
the Abalos family until the last day of our mission.
One time, I was asked to speak during vespers because our
overall coordinator was not yet around. Without any preparation,
not even an outline and only with my Bible, I took the responsibility.
I believe that God spoke through me as it was a success. I knew
that I could have not done it without ample preparation, but behold,
I did it. In fact, I was invited again to speak at the Adventist Youth
(AY) program. It was another success!
As the Christmas approached, my mother called me and
greeted me a Merry Christmas. Two nights after, while I was in the
session, my brother texted to inform me that my father was in a
critical condition due to his sickness. When I called them, I learned
that my father was unconscious and showed no signs to recover. I
really wanted to go home but I remembered the story in Matthew 4,
that whenever you are in His field, the angels would take charge of
your loved ones. I prayed hard that time. I fasted. I cried out to God
for I knew He would listen.
I wasn’t mistaken.
God hears us and He holds our future. It is a miracle that my
father has reached this far and is still alive. It was really an answered
prayer. Indeed, if you are faithful to God, He is more faithful to you.
Prayer Response: Lord, I continually pray for my father’s
condition. I also pray for the missionaries, and for all the youth that
they may see the delight of serving our Master in Heaven. In Jesus’
name, Amen.
Him, Not I
Myrtle Pauleen Q. Bejona
Bachelor of Elementary Education
I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ
liveth in me: and the life which now I live in the flesh I live by faith of
the Son of GOD, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians
2:20, KJV).
From being an active member of a Seventh-day Adventist youth, I
began to stumble and my faith weakened. I had loved the world and left
the faith. I made a lot of mundane friends and went through the norms. I
looked cool and famous with my way of clothing. I had been into fashion.
I was once in the world of fads. I was discouraged by one of the brethren
inside our church. Yes, I was! It was my big mistake to depart from my
faith. But God is just. He never left me in spite of my shortcomings and
One day, my teacher called me to her office. She talked to me
humbly and softly. She convinced me to join the VOY. Honestly, it sounded
sarcastic to me. I knew for myself and she knew me as well — a sinner
unworthy to join such kind of activities. But I was mistaken. She had no
thoughts against me. So, I responded.
At first, I thought of the extra credits I would favor myself with by
joining. But God really touched my heart. I suddenly felt the presence of
God as we went through our VOY activities. I had experienced how GOD
really used me as His instrument in reaching out to people. We experienced
sickness in the middle of our ministry; we were ridiculed, we were mocked;
but we continued on. My eyes were opened to see how thirsty innocent
people are for God’s words. I realized that I was among them. I had been
so thirsty for His words but I was blinded and held captive by worldly
things. With much regret and self-pity, I cried out to God.
Yes, I gained many friends when I was still a captive of sin. Yes, I could
dress myself any way I wanted. Yes, I looked cool and popular with those
gadgets. But these things led me to the wrong path of life. By joining the
VOY, I realized that true happiness could never be found from the norms.
I learned the real essence of love and more. I discovered my purpose
in life—to serve God alone. From then on, I have spent my semestral,
Christmas, and summer breaks by joining the VOY. Glory and honor to
Prayer Response: God, I pray for those people who are jailed in
the sphere of norms and fads. May they see Your light in the midst of
darkness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Ineloquent Words Lift Up the Cross
John Joshua S. Aniban
AB Theology
For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the
gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross
of Christ be emptied of its power. (1 Corinthians 1:17).
As a theology student, I have several favorite eloquent Adventist
speakers who inspire me to nurture my spiritual gifts from God. They
are so good as if words were just flowing from their mouth effortlessly.
I used to listen to them most of the time and imitate their styles of
delivering sermons, but I never realized why they were so good. From
Dec. 21, 2014 to Jan. 3, 2015, as my commitment to God, I formed
a VOY team in Palomaria, Bongabon, Nueva Ecijah where I was the
designated speaker.
At first, I was so self-assured that I could do it without difficulties
for I had my presentations ready— picture illustrations, videos, and
documentaries — all relevant to my topics. On the first four nights of
our evangelistic meetings, I felt that everything somehow went well.
Many people from the community, as well as local Adventist church
members, said that they were blessed. I felt even more blessed and
Then on the fifth night, I had presented the topic on baptism. In
my own judgment, the presentation was perfectly organized and so I
proceeded with it. But when I had finished and the appeal song had
been rendered, my mind went empty. I knew I had to stand after the
song and encourage my listeners to accept Jesus as their personal
Savior and Lord through baptism, but I could not find the words to
say. Fear was growing in my mind and I was worried that no one would
respond affirmatively when I finally asked for those who were willing
to accept Jesus as their Savior to stand up. “What if no one would
respond? I don’t think I could bear it if no one does!” I thought this
to myself. Then, I prayed, “Lord, please give me an appeal that would
motivate these listeners to accept you as their personal Savior and
Lord through baptism.”
The appeal song was finished. I had to stand and make the appeal
to the people. But even as I made my appeal, I still felt emptiness within
myself. I didn’t know what I had said then. My appeal was very short;
yet, people stood up. But despite the fact that they did, I was unhappy
and feeling empty. When we concluded that night’s meeting, no one
greeted me. No one talked to me or appreciated me the way they did
in the past four nights. I felt so down and asked God, “Lord, what did
I do? I did my part to prepare and people responded to accept your
calling. But why am I so sad?” Then God answered my question with
one verse found in 1 Corinthians 1:17, “For Christ did not send me to
baptize, but to preach the gospel, not in cleverness of speech, so that
the cross of Christ would not be made void.”
I was humbled after reading that verse. I realized that, for the first
four nights of my presentation, I spoke in my own way and for my own
glory. I thought that if I could say eloquent words to steer people’s
hearts, it would be enough for them to accept Christ in their lives. That
night, God reminded me that our effort was not about the number of
people to be baptized. Rather, it was about giving people the chance
to hear the truth, whether or not they accept it at that time. He also
reminded me of the commentary that says, “The preaching of the
cross depends for its success not upon the power of human reasoning
and the charm of polished argumentation, but upon the impact of its
simple truth attended by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
God does not need us to be eloquent to lead other people
to accept the truth. What He wants is for us to use simple words
surrendered to and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. For it is the Holy Spirit
that convicts people to surrender themselves to the Lord and not the
eloquent words of any man.
Prayer Response: Lord, from this time forth, help me to always
rely on the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and not on my own
effort or eloquent words. Help me to always submit my personal will
to You; so that I may be able to do and say according to Your will. And
please help me to be a simple person who can be used mightily for the
advancement of Your work ‘til Jesus comes. Amen.
My Mind was Disturbed!
Jethro A. Carpentero
AB Theology
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you
shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a
Sabbath to the LORD your God. On it you shall not do any work,
you, or your son, or your daughter, your male servant, or your
female servant, or your livestock, or the sojourner who is within
your gates. For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth,
the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day.
Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.
(Exodus 20:8-11).
During our last Sabbath in the place where we conducted our
VOY, a woman wearing jeans, earrings, and a necklace caught my
attention as she entered the church. She didn’t look familiar to me.
I thought she could be one of the visitors at our nightly meetings.
During the Sabbath school program, the facilitator asked us to think
about our bad habits that we would like to leave behind as we enter
the new year and to write them on the pieces of paper that he would
The facilitator picked ten participants to share what they wrote.
The woman that caught my attention was called. Surprisingly, she
wrote on her paper “Sunday keeping” and then she elaborated on it.
She said that she attended only one of the nightly meetings and the
topic that night was “The Change of Sabbath.” She further shared
that her mind was disturbed by it. She could not sleep. She wanted
to try keeping the Sabbath holy so she went to church that day, but
she was not yet sure about it.
When I heard those words, as the speaker at the nightly
meetings, I felt like we were making a big impact on her. I then
decided to change my sermon for that Sabbath to “The Remnant
Church,” to emphasize the characteristics of the remnant church in
the last days to the members of that church and those who decided
to be baptized as a result of our nightly meetings. I praise God
because even if I had made the last-minute decision to change my
sermon, His guidance and my prior experience sharing that topic
made the sermon effective.
On that Sabbath, the woman decided to keep the Sabbath holy
and to become a part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Praise
Prayer Response: Lord, please help me to keep Your Sabbath
holy. Enable me to share this truth to more souls who are seeking
and longing for the truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Consistent Prayer
Joven R. Rico
BSBA-Marketing Management
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for
one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous
person has great power as it is working. (James. 5:16).
I wasn’t involved in any kind of ministry for quite a long period
of time. Opportunities, times, and years had passed me by and then
one day, I realized that this person I came to be was not the real
me and this was not the way I wanted to live. I also realized that
there was something wrong or something missing in my life. Yes, I
would always go to church and attend religious activities, but I felt a
longing for something more.
I was inspired by the testimonies of many missionaries and I
told myself, “I want to be like them, but how?” I decided to look for
an organization focusing on missionary works which, at the same
time, would leave me enough time for my studies. I wanted to be a
part of something that reaches out and brings hope to those people
who are in darkness. I wanted to bring the message of love of our
dear Savior Jesus Christ and I found a way to do it through the VOY.
It was my first time to join in a VOY and I knew it would not
be easy for me. Many trials and challenges were waiting ahead. I
prayed that God would work and use me as an instrument for His
mission. I admit that I was not a prayerful man then, but because of
the challenges and obstacles I encountered in the missionary field
every day, I learned to pray sincerely. I realized that one should not
just pray and plead to Jesus but think as well that each prayer time
is a communion with God. Before, my prayers were only for my own
sake and benefits and I was not thinking of the many things and
people that I should pray for. There were moments when I felt so low
and started blaming myself for my self-centeredness. Then I knelt
and prayed to God to make me unselfish and I asked Him to change
me and cleanse me from unrighteousness.
At the VOY series, right after each nightly meeting, we would
spend time to communicate with God before sleeping. This prayer
habit taught me to always acknowledge God in all my ways.
As we reach out to people, prayer can be a powerful way to
share God’s love and blessings. A true and meaningful prayer will
please God especially if we come to Him daily. We know that God
has many ways to help us to meet our needs and we only need
to acknowledge Him and call unto Him through prayer. Prayer will
be effective if we pray wholeheartedly. We can also reach others
through prayer especially those who feel hopeless, lonely and in
need of comfort. We can pray anytime and anywhere. We should
not stop praying.
Prayer Response: Dear Jesus, help me to pray unceasingly and
pray for those who haven’t heard of your love for them. Help me as
I pray for and give hope to people in need. Make my heart pure and
make me acknowledge Your will as I plead for Your help. Continue to
use me as Your instrument in reaching out to people. May Your will
be done in our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
A New Creation
Ira Marie P. Erasquin
Bachelor of Elementary Education
But the LORD said to me, Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’;
for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I
command you, you shall speak. (Jeremiah 1:7).
I was 16 when I started to live without God and ignore Him. I
still remember when I entered college and my life became worse.
I was a Sunday keeper who never attended the Sunday mass
because it coincided with my college classes. But then, I would ditch
classes to go out and drink with my friends. And when I came home
late at night, I would lie about it and say that I came from a study
My life followed the same routine for almost a year until
I realized that I wanted to change its course. I was a victim of
bullying in school so I asked my aunt if I could transfer to AUP. She
immediately agreed but with the condition that I should be serious
about changing the course of my life.
There are many religious organizations in AUP. But I was not
planning on joining one because I still regarded myself as a Sunday
keeper. Then one midweek prayer meeting, my friend introduced
me to her friend, who, in turn, became also my friend. This new
friend had helped me since then with my problems. He had also
helped me grow spiritually and convinced me to join the Ministerial
Association (MA), one of the religious organizations on campus.
This group became a venue for me to build my confidence to face
other people and share about God. My friends and newfound group
became instrumental in my joining the VOY held in our province.
This, I thought, was fitting given the lack of spiritual knowledge of
the people there.
Given my lack of prior experience, I had no idea what to do.
Our overall coordinator assigned me to be in charge of children. I
found myself learning songs and stories about God—things that I
had never heard of when I was a child. But my team helped me to
learn them.
In our two weeks of ministry, I realized that nothing in life was
better than serving God. I also thought about how I had grown
spiritually and felt ready to be baptized.
On Nov. 15, 2014, I officially became a member of the Seventhday Adventist Church and I consider this as the greatest decision I’ve
ever made in my life. I praise God for giving me a chance to know
Him and I’ll never stop in my ministry to serve others.
This is my story. This proves that God can turn a mess into a
living message about Him and our trials into triumphs.
Prayer Response: Father in heaven, help me to search my heart
daily and ask myself if the way I live is pleasing to You. Help me to
realize the things that I should change and make my life testify of
the goodness of the living God I serve. Amen.
Learning from a Child
Ryan V. Ligalig and Imie M.Arayan
BS Information Technology | BSEd English
Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children,
you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3).
Teaching, for us, is the noblest job there is. We learned to
read and write because someone had taught us. When we teach
someone, we are given the chance to change that person’s life and
make him grow. That was how we felt during our VOY.
We had a first-time opportunity to teach children at a Vacation
Bible School (VBS). The preparation for it was crucial but with God’s
grace and love, we were able to prepare what we needed. Our first
day of the program was both overwhelming and surprising. Children
huddled and rushed to our venue, excited and eager to sing songs,
listen to stories and learn new things from us. The momentum got
higher and higher as days passed by. We saw the impact of the VBS
program in the lives of these children. As they played along with
other kids, they would sing songs that they had learned from us.
They also shared with their playmates the Bible stories that we had
told them about. In our VBS class, every child wanted to take part in
the singing, finger plays, and prayers.
In the middle of our ministry, Imie got a fever and was unable
to teach the children. Although this didn’t stop the team from
proceeding with the regular VBS class, Imie’s presence was missed
by the children. Fortunately, her fever subsided during the night and
her health was restored, allowing her to teach the children again.
When she got back to our class, a child held her hand and whispered
to her, “Teacher, I prayed for you last night that you would get well
and I’d see you again.” Imie had no idea that a child prayed for her.
And what a great lesson we learned from a little child! Truly, God
never fails to accomplish His promises and faithfully hear even a
child’s prayer. We learned the very important lesson that prayer is
powerful. It does not matter how young or old you are because, in
the sight of God, we all are His children and He is ready to answer
our prayers.
The great honor of a teacher is not only on imparting knowledge
to his students, but also on seeing how this knowledge changes
their lives. But a much greater honor is when a teacher learns from
his students. Jesus, our Master Teacher, reminded us in Matthew
18:3 that unless we become like children, we will never enter the
kingdom of heaven. Truly, we must not only teach little children but
we must also learn from them.
Prayer Response: Our God, help us to be pure and honest like
little children; so that, we would be worthy of the heavenly kingdom
that You’ve prepared for both the young and the old. In Jesus’ name,
Right Way, Right Destination
Rachel Ann Joy D. Go
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is
old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6).
Highest exaltations be unto God! I praise Him for giving me
this chance to share a significant lesson that I learned from joining
the VOY in Ternate, Cavite during the 2014 semestral break.
I often hear Proverbs 22:6 being read or recited during Sabbath
School lessons, sermons and worships. Well, what does it really
mean to train up a child?
We are frequently underestimating the analyzing capabilities
of children. We think that even if we try to explain certain significant
matters to them, they will still not understand. But that is not true.
Children do understand. For instance, many children nowadays
believe that Santa Claus, tooth fairies, and other out-of-this-world
creatures exist. And this is because adults told them about these
characters to avoid explaining when children ask different questions
about certain matters.
The living God whom we serve loves little children so much
and I thank Him for making me realize the importance of the
conversations that we make with little children. At our VOY, we had a
children ministry where I witnessed how children really comprehend
things which we think they couldn’t. Most of the children we taught
were very eager to listen to Bible stories, learn songs, and participate
in every activity we had in class. Moreover, I saw how they were able
to put in their hearts those Bible verses by memorizing them one by
one. They could also answer every question about the stories that
we had shared with them.
God taught me this simple yet significant thing: to make our
conversations with children meaningful wherein they will learn
true and important things for the betterment of their character.
Furthermore, instead of teaching them myths, why not introduce
Jesus to them while they are young? Let us keep on telling them that
there is someone they can call their best friend—Jesus. Our heavenly
Father would be pleased and happy if we chose to teach them how
to pray, read, and memorize Bible verses instead of teaching them
things which aren’t real. Hence, we should bear in mind that children
are of great value to God and that He wants to use us to introduce
Christ to these little ones. Come on! Let us all train these little ones
in the path they should go and as they grow up, they will not depart
from it.
Prayer Response: Dear Heavenly Father, You lovingly created
me in Your own image. You creatively molded me in my mother’s
womb and let me experience how to be a little child. And you had
never ceased loving me as I grew up. May you help me to always
realize the value of little children and help me to make meaningful
conversations with them. Enable me to say to them only the things,
which will glorify You — true, pure, and righteous. In the holy name
of Jesus Christ, Amen.
The Great Provider
Jethro A. Carpentero
AB Theology
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is
old he will not depart from it. (Matthew 6:33).
I had joined in a Bible study or evangelistic series before, but
not with students of AUP. My first time participating in the VOY with
AUPians was at a baranggay called Sapang Bulak in the province of
Bulacan. We were a team of nine members who went on to minister
to this community despite hurdles.
The first problem we encountered was about budget. The
local Seventh-day Adventist Church could not supply the food for
our two-week stay. But this did not stop us. One of our members
humored that we could still be alive after two weeks of fasting. And
everybody just laughed off the problem.
We prayed and insisted to continue with the VOY. First, we
visited the inactive members of our Adventist church there. We
requested a church member to guide us to the houses of the inactive
On the day of our visitation, our guide was wearing slippers
while the rest of us came in semi-casual attires: black shoes, pants,
polo shirts, and skirts for some girls. Later on, we realized why our
guide’s attire was the smart choice.
To our surprise, we had to cross over rice fields, rivers, and hills
that we thought we were entering another baranggay. But our guide
said that our first stop was actually the residence of the nearest
neighbor. Apparently, the nearest neighbor lived a kilometer away
and beyond rice fields, rivers, and hills. After the visitation, our black
shoes and pants became brown because of mud.
And after our tiresome travel, what about the problem of where
to get our food supply? Well, it was not a problem anymore. The
inactive members whom we visited provided for our food needs.
One gave us a sack of rice and another also a sack of string beans
and calabash. We were really amazed at how God provided for us
through these people! We went back to our place very happy.
But our blessings didn’t end there. One morning, a member of
the church knocked on our door and brought us a basket of dried
fish. Everything was unexpected. God answered our prayer and
blessed us abundantly. Indeed, He is our Great Provider. We just
need to seek Him first and His righteousness and all our needs will
be provided for. Praise be to God! Amen!
Prayer Response: Lord, help me to trust in You and not worry
about where I’ll get the things that I need. Help me to always make
You first in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
A Personal Encounter
Jerome B. Adanza
BS Developmental Communication
But the Scripture imprisoned everything under sin, so that
the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who
believe. (Galatians 3:22).
When the president of my religious organization asked me to
join in his VOY team’s evangelistic series in Mindoro, I gladly said
yes. But when somebody told me that there would be another group
within our religious organization to conduct a VOY in Palawan, I
quickly changed my mind to join that group instead when they
invited me.
That Friday morning when we were leaving the AUP campus
for Palawan, all four of us—Kuya Jerry, Gerlyn, Angei, and me—
were very excited. But the one thing we did not anticipate was the
great demand for ferry tickets due to the Christmas holiday season.
We moved from one Manila seaport to another to look for tickets,
but they had all been sold out. Even cargo vessels that were also
accepting passengers were fully-booked.
We sat on the side of the road and stared at the city and its
towering buildings. It was almost sunset and the four of us were
hopeless, sad and hungry. But we prayed and, deep in our hearts,
we believed that we would reach our destination and minister to the
people there. We had to make a back-up plan.
Gerlyn and I went back to NPUC to look after our things. Our
other two companions retried to find ferry tickets, but to no avail.
I was thinking, “If this is not Your will, Lord, help us to settle things
and find our way to where You want to lead us.” Then I started to
think of going back to AUP or to Quezon province to be with my
family for the whole Christmas break instead of going to Palawan.
Then, I also thought, “What’s it for that God has brought me up to
this point if He will not let us go to Palawan?” But even as I said
those words again and again, I still felt frustrated and I had doubts
in my mind.
At around 7:00 pm, we stopped to eat at the nearest carinderia.
As we ate I asked my companions, “Is there really no other ferry
going to Palawan?” All I got were blank stares and question marks
on their faces. Then one of them said, “How about we try to go to
Batangas port?” And then we all agreed to the suggestion.
We contacted the other VOY team in Mindoro to ask if there
was still a ferry at Batangas Port going to Coron, Palawan. But they
got back to us with a suggestion to ride a ferry boat or RORO from
Batangas port to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, then ride a van (for
almost eight hours!) to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro and, lastly,
take a boat going to Coron, Palawan. “What? A cutting trip?” I said
to myself. “It will be very inconvenient but we have to follow God’s
plan for us,” I said to my team. Then we paid for our meal, rested a
bit and got ready for our very long trip.
Carrying our full-packed and big bags, tired and sleepy, we
took a bus to Batangas Port and got there at around 11:00 pm.
Fortunately, there were four ferry tickets to Oriental Mindoro
available when we got to the ticketing office. The other passengers
who came after us would have to wait until the next trip of the
ferry. We all felt dizzy due to lack of sleep, but we were grateful
to reach Calapan, Oriental Mindoro at 3:00 am. We then continued
our trip by riding a van to reach the other end of Mindoro. Again,
there were only four seats available when we got to the van station.
We arrived at the port of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro at around
8:30 Sabbath morning. Again, what a wonderful experience it was to
feel God’s grace because there were only four tickets left before the
passenger’s boat would head off to Coron, Palawan!
The whole Sabbath day was a blessed experience for us. We
realized that God was with us the whole time. Truly, God’s grace
is infinite and His promises are true. We should all remember this
when we feel frustrated and are in doubt.
We were happy to reach our destination. This time, we did
not have any doubt. God brought us here to evangelize and be His
instruments. Amen!
Prayer Response: Father, when I experience frustrations and
have doubts in my heart, help me to remember how You have
always been faithful and true. Help me to always realize that You
have wonderful plans for me and You will lead me to wonderful
things if I just surrender my life to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
She Shares Her Quran
Arianne S. Alvarez
BS Psychology
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor
free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ
Jesus. (Galatians 3:28).
Her garden was filled with beautiful and colorful blooming
flowers. I couldn’t take my eyes from it.
One day, we passed by that house again. I just couldn’t step
into the garden in any circumstance but I felt the Holy Spirit urging
me to talk to the old woman. And so I did.
“Good afternoon! Your roses are really red and they are so
unique to my eyes!” I cheerfully said. The woman answered, “Yes, of
course, they are the only roses that have no thorns.” When I heard it,
I was very curious and in awe that I could not stop conversing with
her. My curiosity then shifted from her roses to knowing about her
as a person.
The woman mentioned that she was a health-conscious
individual and did not eat pork. I then related to her that I had been
a Seventh-day Adventist from birth and also hadn’t eaten pork. She
became interested in me and revealed to me that she was an ‘Islam’
but had previously been a Roman Catholic. She shared that Muslim
and Islam are different— ‘Muslims’ are Islamic by blood, while
‘Islam’ are Islamic by faith. She believed that only in Allah could she
feel the righteous peace. As our conversation tackled more about
religious affiliations, I became comfortable asking if she was the
only one living in her house. I then learned that she was living with
her husband who was, unfortunately, ill with a brain disease that
caused his body to be weak and body systems to malfunction.
She opened her home to me and my VOY team and showed
us the situation of her husband. I shared with them a song, a Bible
promise, and a prayer. While praying, the woman allowed me to touch
her husband’s hands and he responded by making some sounds of
confirmation. Although he could not speak, I felt his heart’s longing
for a kind of help that his physical body could not get. The woman
said that her husband had been suffering for many years and she
was ready to accept the truth that he would soon die. I assured her
that only Jesus could take away his life, and before it would happen,
he needed to be forgiven first. That was why I ended my prayer with
an appeal to God for the forgiveness of her husband’s sins as well as
ours and for everyone to submit to His will for our lives.
She was inspired by the Holy Spirit’s working in my prayer. She
shared with us a collection of prayers that she herself composed.
And eventually, she lent to us her Quran. We found out there that
you are worse than a monkey if you will not keep the Sabbath. She
said that even though an Islam does not believe in Jesus, His name
is powerful and prayers offered to Him are answered. I was amazed
with her spirituality. Truly, it is only in Jesus that we can be united.
Prayer Response: Dear God, continue to reveal Your truth and
power to this woman and her husband. They are still wandering and
I hope that one day they would completely accept You in their lives
and submit to You alone. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
First Impression Lasts
Arianne S. Alvarez
BS Psychology
The LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious
to you; (Numbers 6:25).
It was a Sabbath afternoon and the whole Sabbath day was
a bunch of blessings for me and our entire VOY team. We had a
different VOY setup. We did not have nightly meetings and morning
serenading. I first doubted how we could make an impact in an urban
area. But on our first Sabbath in that community, I was hopeful that
we could make a great impact to the people around us. I am the
type of person whom you will not see with an unhappy face unless I
go through painful body pains.
The “Tent of Hope” is a Bible study initiative of Pastor Ron
Genebago at his neighborhood. And as a part of the church-planting
ministry there, we helped him handle the afternoon program.
That Sabbath afternoon, I started the program with a children’s
story about Samuel and how he heeded the voice of God. I opened
the Bible with the children and taught them action songs. It was a
normal routine for me, but I noticed that these children came with
their parents, friends and their entire families. It was indeed a family
outreach ministry. And these families were very eager to learn about
God’s word and the Seventh-day Adventist faith.
After my part with the children, Pastor Ron took over to talk
about clean and unclean foods. Then we all shared a delicious
merienda (snack). The neighboring families also brought foods to
share with us.
While interacting with the families in that community, one of
the parents approached me to ask how I was doing with my studies
at AUP. I told her that I had a sponsor providing for tuition fees
but my parents were having a difficult time sustaining my needs
in the dormitory. That time, she was looking for someone to tutor
her three sons. Although it was only our first meeting, I could sense
that she felt comfortable with me. She offered me free board and
lodging in exchange for tutoring her sons.
I’m still puzzled how this woman could trust a stranger like me.
I knew that it was the working of the Holy Spirit. While we worked in
that community to bless its members, God touched that woman to
be a blessing to me as well.
Prayer Response: Dear God, help me to not misrepresent You
in all the things that I do. Let your light shine upon me that people
may know that You are the King and Lord of my life. I will live each
day to glorify You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Faith Like a Mustard Seed
Arianne S. Alvarez
BS Psychology
He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I
say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you
will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will
move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20).
God impressed our group to reach out to people one day at a
time through a strategy we called “Good morning ministry.” Every
morning, we would distribute to every home and person small cards
with Bible verses on them and our names and contact numbers if
the would like us to pray for them. We committed to leaving no
home or person without these Bible promises.
As the small cards in my hand became fewer and fewer, a certain
call caused me to pause and go back to the corner of the road I had
just passed by. An old woman grabbed my attention. She did not
want to take the message of the Bible verse she received from us
for granted. What she found on our small card was an answer to
her heart’s longing for someone else to pray for her. Our group
immediately came to her. She told us that she had been praying by
herself the past few weeks for her daughter who was imprisoned
in Dubai. And because of paying her daughter’s bail of almost one
million pesos, she incurred a huge debt. But she praised God for
providing for their needs.
She asked us to pray for her daughter and family. I could sense
how she conquered the trials in her life and how much she sacrificed
for her loved ones. I felt her faith and thought about how a mustard
seed-sized faith could move mountains. I was the one who led in the
prayer for her and I knew then how the heavens would open like a
scroll to us and hear our petition. God hears the cry of His people.
He understands every tear and broken heart. He knows personally
this mother who felt the suffering of her daughter.
I couldn’t explain what I felt after praying for the woman. I
just knew that we prayed to a powerful God. And true enough, God
showed us His power when, one Saturday, we visited the woman
again and found her with her daughter. Tears were running down
from their eyes and I could never be more grateful to God and
convinced of His power and mercy.
I can only imagine how Jesus never stops praying for us day
and night in the heavenly sanctuary.
Prayer Response: Dear God, You are the greatest example
of how prayerful a person should be. Thank you for the assurance
that a prayer of faith as small as a mustard seed could reveal how
powerful your plans in our lives are. Great is Thy faithfulness! In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
The Guitarist and the Guitar
Joy F. Evangelista
BSEd English
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
(Philippians 4:13).
What are your expectations? That was the question that stuck
on my mind when we had a meeting before going to Roxas, Oriental
Mindoro for our VOY. Our coordinator kept asking and asking the
same question to us, “What are your expectations?”
That time, I didn’t answer the question because I didn’t have
any expectation. But after joining the VOY and being assigned as
our team’s music coordinator, I thought of an answer.
Before going to Roxas, I borrowed a guitar from a friend for no
particular reason at all. I just wanted to bring a guitar. But when our
VOY program started, I noticed that nobody from my group knew
how to play the guitar. There was actually one, but that person knew
only a little. And I, myself, knew only four chords (C-D-A-G).
One time before visiting homes, Kuya Faith Bayona taught us a
song and how to play its chords on the guitar. It came easy for me.
And while we were visiting a home, I decided to play the guitar and
that new song and I noticed that people were happy. And I played
another song again with these chords I had just learned. I asked
Kuya Faith if the chords I played were right for the song and he said
that all Tagalog songs use the same chords.
That time I thought it was all magic. I told my teammates, “Why
is it that before, I found secular songs easy to play and religious
songs difficult? But the chords were just the same!”
Days turned into weeks and I found myself playing the guitar
at our visitations and meetings. The chords would pop into my head
and I would just play the guitar. Then I thought to myself, I was the
guitar and God the Guitarist! The reason why people were hearing
me play good music was because God was the one playing the
guitar all along.
Prayer Response: Lord, without You I have nothing! And
everything I have is Yours. Help me to use the talents and gifts that
I have for Your glory. Lord, I offer myself to be Your instrument in
spreading your great love for humanity. I commit myself to You! In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
His Healing Words
VOY Participant
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
(Philippians 4:13).
It was my third time to join the AUP VOY. Before heading to our
assigned destination, I wanted to go to Quezon Province first to visit
my family because I hadn’t gone home yet since school started. But
I found myself with the VOY team headed for Mindoro and with no
time to spare to see my family.
It was raining hard on our first day in Mindoro; so, we made
a stop at Cupang. Our supposed destination was Cuta. But in spite
of the rain, we felt the warm welcome of the people there who
prepared for us delicious food to eat.
As the only one in the group in the medical field, I was assigned
to be the health lecturer. This was my first time to give health lectures
in a VOY ministry and I realized how this ministry had become a
huge blessing to me. Indeed, you will find yourself blessed if you
surrender yourself and the things that you do to God. Although
I was worried and scared, I knew that God would use me as His
instrument to make valuable health lessons known to people. And
true enough, He was with me and my teammates.
I was so glad God used me in His work. Eventhough I was not
able to spend time with my family, I did not feel lonely for it was
such a happy feeling telling people about the word of God. Two
attendees in our VOY meetings decided to be baptized. We felt so
On our last day in Mindoro, people from the community we
served, including children, went out of their houses to see us leave.
They cried because we were leaving and told us that we should
come back.
This community appreciated us and cared for us. And I am
happy that I left with them valuable health lessons that they can use
in their everyday living.
Prayer Response: Father, praises and thanks be unto You. I am
very happy that I grew up in a Christian family and I was able to join
in activities where I could minister about my living God! In Jesus’
name, Amen.
His Story of Hope for the Hopeless
Junryl C. Terana
AB Theology
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that
they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who
is in heaven. (Matthew 5:16).
The love of God for his people is not diminished by the number of
sins they commit. I will tell you the story of Tatay Jun whom I met at our
VOY camp meeting in Cabuyao, Laguna. His life made me remember
that God’s love for us does not depend on how good we are.
Tatay Jun couldn’t walk or stand because his legs and feet hurt. He
said that this was because he was cursed by his former live-in partner
before whom he realized was only after his money. Now alone and sad,
he had many worries in life.
Tatay Jun used to be a seaman working abroad. While he was in a
different country, his wife died and he couldn’t go home to attend her
funeral. Because of this, his children and relatives became angry at him
and rejected him. Then he had an accident that disqualified him from
working as a seaman.
I couldn’t explain the feeling when I heard him tell his story.
He had been through difficult situations not only physically but also
emotionally and mentally. He looked older than his age of 52. We
started visiting him at his house for a Bible study. We noticed his
interest in learning about God’s words. We also gave him therapy for
his legs, cooked healthy foods for him and helped clean his house.
Every night that we saw him attending our evangelistic meetings
to hear messages about God, we felt healing and happiness in our
hearts. Tatay Jun was empowered and revived and he felt the love
of Jesus. He was the first one to decide to accept Jesus through
baptism and make Him his personal Savior.
Prayer Response: Holy God, thank You for showering me with
Your love and forgiving my sins. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
He is my Master Teacher
Jelyn S. Macasa
BS Office Administration
So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to
everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of
faith. (Galatians 6:10).
Until now, I really can’t believe that I am studying in AUP, a
school that was established in Jesus’ name. I am so thankful because
I got to know Jesus. The story of how I got to know Him is something
that I did not expect. Let me tell you about it.
I was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist faith on Jan. 4,
2014 through the encouragement of my father. My dad was the last
person in my family that I could imagine to influence me into making
this very important decision in life. I did not expect him to have that
effect on me because he was not around when I was growing up. I
was not really close to him. But on that day, my dad, two brothers,
and I were all baptized. After a few months, my father became active
in the activities of the Adventist Church in our community. I, on the
other hand, went to study at the AUP as a working student at the
suggestion of our church elder. At first, I felt sad to be away from
home for the first time. But I prayed to God to help me spend my
time serving Him so I could forget about my sadness.
Time flew really fast. Before I knew it, I had reached the end of
my first semester. And although I did not expect it, I was set to join
the VOY team going to Oriental Mindoro, the place where I grew
up. What a blessing it was for me to be a part of God’s work and at
the same time be with my family. One of the things I prayed for was
for my mom to join us in doing God’s work while we were there and
God heard my prayer. I learned a lot from my VOY group. I learned
the meaning of real happiness, teamwork, friendship and the power
of prayer among other things. We studied the Bible and engaged
in church activities together. We solved the problems and trials that
came our way as a team.
There was a time when the roof of the tent where we were
conducting the nightly meetings got destroyed. But that did not
stop us from meeting there each night to share the good news about
God with the attendees. I felt how Jesus used us as instruments
towards the decision of 16 people to be baptized by the end of our
nightly meetings. And among the 16 was my mother. I felt the joy
in my heart as I watched the baptism taking place. And seeing my
mom accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior through baptism
made me think how God had blessed me and heard my prayer.
I am really thankful to the Lord for all the blessings he has
bestowed upon me and my family. Though sometimes I feel weak
spiritually because of the trials that come along the way, I know that
Jesus is and will always be by my side. As I wrote this story, I couldn’t
stop the tears falling from my eyes, not because of problems and
trials but of gladness and thankfulness to the Lord. His goodness is
beyond what I can explain with words. That’s why as long as I live,
I want to be His instrument in spreading the gospel in every way
Prayer Response: Father, help me and my family to become
stronger for Your work and may the Holy Spirit be with us. In Jesus’
name, Amen.
All Things Work Together for Good
VOY Participant
So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to
everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of
faith. (Galatians 6:10).
Each one of us has a purpose in life. But sometimes, things
happen in our lives and we find it difficult to understand the reason
for them. In such instances, we have to bear in mind that God has
a purpose and He is always there to help us. This proved to be true
when I joined the VOY for the second time.
Our destination was Brgy. Cawayan, Bongabong, Oriental
Mindoro. There were eight of us in the team and we each had
assigned tasks for the whole VOY duration. We were all excited
to go until we learned that the person assigned to be our music
coordinator could no longer join us. Nevertheless, we decided to
proceed, knowing that God had a plan in store for us.
We were fine to carry on with only seven of us remaining,
but God had a better plan. One of our VOY team members had a
nephew on vacation at that time and he was willing to go with us as
our new music coordinator. And not only that, we found five more
people wanting to join our team!
With a bigger and stronger team now, we went to our assigned
place. Each of us rotated tasks to help spread the word of God
through our different talents. We were very glad that we were able
to reach out to people in a place where the knowledge about God
was lacking.
Prayer Response: Lord help me to be Your servant and help
me to be selfless as I serve others who do not know You. Help those
people we left in Brgy. Bongabong and people anywhere to be
strong and faithful to You until Jesus returns. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
The Deceptive Demon
Edimar G. Alonzo
AB Theology
And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an
angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14).
One night in December 2014 after our little gathering around
8:00, I was about to go to bed when my friends called for me. They
called for me because one of our friends from the gathering got
possessed by an evil spirit. I then immediately called for the church
elder to pray for her. She was crying so hard she sounded like a little
pig that was being slaughtered. But after we prayed for her, she
somehow calmed down and stopped crying.
For a second we thought that it was all over, but then she
started acting up again.
I prayed to the Lord for strength, and then I decided to talk to
the demon-possessed girl. That thing inside of her asked us to have
our female friends drink water with salt to prevent the other spirits
from entering them. While possessed by the evil spirit, she said that
there were more demons planning to possess another female any
second and water with salt would protect our friends. She also said
that those entities were much stronger than the one possessing her.
She asked us to sprinkle salt on all doors so that the rest of the
demons could not come in, warning that once they enter it would be
very difficult for all of us. She also asked all the females in our group
to encircle and cover her while praying and then the demon would
leave afterwards. We did all these instructions and the demon left.
Looking back at what happened and how we responded to the
situation, I am saddened to have been deceived by that evil spirit. We
were all victimized by it and led on by its false concern about our friends.
What about you? What would you have done if you were in my position?
Would you have followed its requests? I hope you would be smarter. I
was the acting leader of our team, but I was totally deceived. If you think
about it, the evil spirit said that his fellows were stronger than he was. So
was this demon that entered our friend’s body somehow kind? He said
that we should continue with our evangelism because, unlike them, we
still had a chance to be saved. He was pretending to care about us but
his real agenda was to deceive us. This we realized the next morning.
As the leader of the group, I explained that everything was
all a lie and that we should forget everything that happened that
night. I prayed to the Lord to strengthen our faith so that my team
would not grow weak because of what happened. I told my friends
that if ever the demon would come back, they should tell it to go to
me instead. And if that would happen, they should not talk to me
or do whatever it asks. And if anyone would think of giving in to its
requests like I did, that person would be sent home and asked to
leave the group. After saying those words, I saw that the faces of
my teammates changed and the team’s morale was uplifted. And
we carried on with this strength until the end of our evangelistic
I thank the Lord because we rose with a stronger faith after
that experience. My friends, pray that we would stand strong with
the Lord and would not be deceived by the enemy when our faith
is tested.
Prayer Response: Our Father, I pray that people would not
be deceived by the evil one. Thank You so much for this wonderful
and unforgettable experience that strengthened my faith in You. I
also pray for our friends and loved ones to be strong if a similar
experience happens to them. In the loving name of Jesus I pray.
Extra Challenge
Jaypee A. Sanchez
AB Theology
And the Lord said to Paul one night in a vision, “Do not be
afraid, but go on speaking and do not be silent, for I am with
you, and no one will attack you to harm you, for I have many in
this city who are my people.” (Acts 18:9, 10).
That Friday afternoon of Dec. 19, 2014, our VOY team left the
AUP campus with so much excitement about our mission field. A
majority of us were VOY first-timers and I felt unprepared for our
task at hand.
Taguig City was the first place we visited. It is a well-known
place with beautiful sceneries, malls, and parks — a destination of
tourists and visitors. But this part of the city was not our destination.
After four hours of traveling, we arrived at the place where
we would stay for two weeks. It was clean, spacious, and complete
with everything we needed. But there was one problem — the
neighborhood was not the type we were used to. The environment
was unsafe, overcrowded, squatter-type,and a territory for gangs
and drug addicts. Aside from that, it was also a community of
many devoted Muslims. And their mosque or house of worship was
located only a few meters away and right in front of our evangelistic
series venue. The surrounding people were sensitive to strangers
like us. Killing was also common in the area.
These were the factors that weakened our team. Day by day, we
would go out to risky areas to share the Word of God to different
people. Sometimes, we would hesitate to approach people due to
fear. It wasn’t easy for our team to achieve our goals. So every day
we prayed earnestly for God to give us protection and courage. We
prayed for His spirit and His will to be done. And we praised God
for empowering us to do our part. We met more people thirsting
for God’s love and words of encouragement. We prayed for them
and gave them Bible studies. And at the end of the nightly service,
someone accepted the calling of Christ and decided to be baptized.
Even in that unsafe and impossible place, God’s will prevailed!
Prayer Response: Thank You Lord for those challenges I
experienced and for being faithful to us. Empower us with Your
Spirit so we can do all things for Your glory. In Christ’s mighty name,
The Best December Break Ever!
Jerwin S. Pesigan
BS Business Administration Business Management
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
(Philippians 4:13).
My experience at Bongabon, Nueva Ecija with my VOY team
is the best experience I’ve ever had. My friends and I had indeed
shared a lot of memories together in that place.
On our first day there, we conducted a survey and were tasked
to find people who could be interested in Bible studies according
to the survey results. We had their names on a piece of paper but
we were having a hard time locating them given that the place was
unfamiliar and there were no local residents assisting us. But praise
God that we were able to find them through the guidance of the
Holy Spirit.
Some of the people on our list rejected us and expressed no
interest in studying the Bible with us. But there were some who
welcomed us into their homes and were willing to attend our nightly
meetings to study God’s Word.
As days passed by, we noticed two people regularly attending
our nightly meetings. One day, we got to visit their homes and
found out that they were brother and sister. We also learned that
they were former members of the New People’s Army (NPA), a
communist rebel group. At first, I was afraid that they would not
entertain us into their homes. I was also a bit scared due to their
former affiliation with the NPA. But we also learned that the NPA was
not their only previous group. They were, for a fact, former Seventhday Adventists who had left the church. After a few days, we were
able to catch their attention and we then offered to study the Bible
with them and introduce Jesus into their lives once again.
During the last night of our VOY, our speaker called out for
people willing to accept Jesus as their Savior through baptism. Many
people stood up and, to our surprise, among them were these two
former members of our church. When they stood up and went to the
front to express their desire to be baptized, I could just imagine the
great joy in heaven.
The passage in the Bible found in Philippians 4:13 encouraged
me so much to do God’s will. It is true that you can do anything
through Christ who gives you strength. God gives us the wisdom that
we need to teach people about His Word. When it comes to working
for the Lord, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or a wellexperienced ministry worker. It also won’t matter how you look like
or if you speak powerfully because you are but an instrument for
Jesus. It will be the Holy Spirit to open people’s hearts and minds
into accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.
We should never be afraid because God is going to give us
Prayer Response: Dear Lord, put Your delight in my heart and
may Your will be done in my life. As You write the pages of my life
story, may You always find me living according to Your plan.
Disturbing Wind
Jelt Maiden L. Tangonan
And He arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea,
Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.
(Mark 4: 39, KJV).
But when you pray, you must believe and not doubt at all.
Whoever doubts is like a wave in the sea that is driven and blown
about by the wind. (James 1:6, Good News Translation)
It was March of 2014 when my group and I conducted our first
VOY evangelistic series in Cobabeng, Benguet. The place was good
and the weather was very cold. The day went fine and evening
came. We then went to the area where we would hold our nightly
meeting and program. It was a school ground and an open field. We
prepared the place and waited for the people to come.
Children and adults came. I opened the program with a prayer
and by singing praises to God. Each of us in the team was busy with
our parts in the program especially our speaker who would have
to prepare for the Bible topics to share with the attendees. One
night while the program was going on, we noticed that the sky was
getting dark and the wind colder. We didn’t mind it at first until the
wind started to blow very hard and droplets started at around the
health lecture time. We started to worry as the wind got very cold.
The team then started to have a prayer marathon by twos. I
prayed that God would protect us, show us His power, and calm the
wind. But the wind grew stronger and more alarming when it was
time for our speaker’s discussion. We even had to move from where
we were sitting when the howling wind blew down our tarpaulin. We
could hardly hear the voice of the speaker amidst the wind and as
droplets began to fall down.
We cried out to God and pleaded with Him to show us His power
and calm the weather. We held on Him and trusted that He would hear
our petition. By the time our speaker wrapped up his talk, the wind
calmed down and the droplets stopped. The speaker then appealed to
the people to submit themselves unto God. The program ended and
we prayed as a group thanking God that He didn’t let it rain that night.
We were really amazed of the power of God shown that night
and the following nights. I realized that when you pray to God and
trust that He will hear, nothing bad will happen.
As a student and a Seventh-day Adventist, I know that life may
be windy at some point. But as long as I trust God, everything will be
fine. Serving God through the VOY program was very fulfilling and
transforming for me. I have come to believe Him more and trust Him
more. Let God use you in His mission.
Prayer Response: Dear God, prepare my heart to see the signs
of Your marvelous coming. Help me to quicken the time of Your
advent by doing my part to tell people about You. Strengthen my
heart and make me spend every day sharing Your love with others.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Voice of Youth— God’s Own Program
Glenn Marco L. Cardona
Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not
save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He
will give you into our hands. (1Samuel 17:47, NKJV).
It was our second to the last nightly meeting when our VOY
speaker, Ronel R. Dejongoy, delivered the message about the
doctrine of baptism. Many attendees were still keen on listening
to lectures about health and Bible truths presentation despite the
rainy weather. But we knew that baptism was one topic that would
be difficult to present to our listeners given the religious beliefs and
practices they were born into. It took us a lot of courage and prayer
to discuss this doctrine about baptism. But since we were near the
end of the VOY program, this message must be delivered.
Discriminations, prejudice, murmurings, and other negative
reactions are expected when you deliver this message to some
people who are really firm in their religion. We had the same
experience when we tackled the topic about the Sabbath. But one
of our goals was to have baptism candidates. And it proved to be a
very difficult challenge for us to make people see and understand
beyond the religious customs they have observed since childhood.
But we all knew that it was not us to make them accept Jesus as
their personal Savior through baptism, but rather, the Holy Spirit
working in them. As mentioned in Zechariah 4:6 , “Not by might nor
by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”
That night, our speaker made an appeal to all the listeners by
asking the question, “Who among you would like to accept Jesus
as their personal Lord and Savior through baptism?” Everyone was
silent for a moment. It took them time to decide. This was a very
serious decision to make after all. I imagined the battle of good
and evil taking place in the hearts and minds of the listeners. And
we knew this would be the time when the enemy would work as
hard to tell lies to the listeners. This was a crucial and challenging
time as Satan would create in their minds doubts and try to make
them decline the calling of the Lord. But when our speaker made the
appeal for the last time, many arose from their seats and stood boldly
in front of many people witnessing their response to the calling of
Jesus. Well, I remember the story of King David in 1 Samuel 17 and
how he mightily faced the giant of the Philistines, boldly saying,
“Then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with
sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord’s, and He will give you
into our hands.”
Seeing our VOY mission place in Daet, Bicol as a battlefield
between God and Satan, I could identify with how King David felt
when he put his trust in the Lord when facing a great battle. Friends,
I would like to share this testimony with you for I saw how God
won the battle in our VOY program. It was a joyful and victorious
experience for us comparable to the time when the giant fell down
when King David smote him in his forehead with a stone. There were
many people who accepted Christ as their Savior through baptism.
What a joy it was for me to witness this event. This is the very
purpose of VOY—to lead people to Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Prayer Response: Dear God, make me your instrument. I can’t
do anything in every battle if I don’t have You. So it is important for
me to know that You are in every VOY program for it is Yours. In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
When God Commands, Everything Follows
Glenn Marco L. Cardona
But He said unto them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little
faith?” Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and
there was a great calm. (Matthew 8:26, NKJV).
It was the eve of Christmas 2014 when a heavy rain with strong
splashes of wind poured on our fourth night of the VOY at Roseville
3 Subdivision, Daet, Camarines Norte.
The rain had started to pour down lightly in the afternoon
prior to our VOY meeting but it grew stronger during the night. It
became difficult for our health lecturer’s voice to be heard. Noise
kept ringing on the roof of our meeting place and it disturbed our
listeners. As our lecturer raised his voice to overcome the rain, the
more it poured heavily and blew strongly. It was like a battle between
unseen forces that we could not fight with.
While I was busy editing the slides for our presentation, I
suddenly bowed my head to speak to the Lord in prayer. I prayed,
“Lord have mercy on us. If it is Your will to let these people hear Your
message, please let Your will be done.” Then right after my prayer, in
the middle of a song in our program, the heavy rain and strong wind
suddenly calmed down as if nothing happened. The peace lasted all
throughout the time when our speaker was delivering the message.
Our program ended peacefully because of God’s command calming
down the rain and wind that night. By the time we were getting
ready for bed and as I wrapped up writing this testimony, we could
still enjoy the peace that comes from trusting God.
This experience made me recall the disciples of Jesus in the
middle of the sea, facing a great tempest on their way to cross to
the other side (Matthew 8:23-27). The disciples came to Jesus and
awoke Him from His sleep saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!
”As for our situation that night, I feared that the listeners would not
hear clearly God’s message because of the rain and my emotions
crammed because of it. I also prayed to Him to save our program
because we were perished by the heavy rain and strong winds. At
sea with the terrified disciples, Jesus raised His hand as “He arose
and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.” My
VOY team and I experienced the same thing. We were all amazed
and blessed by what God had done in that situation. He stopped the
heavy rain and strong splashes of winds. Lo and behold, there was a
great peaceful calm in our place.
Friends, I testify before you with the truth that with God nothing
is impossible. The Lord is saying to us today, “Why are you fearful, O
you of little faith? You shouldn’t have to worry because I am always
here.” Let us remember that God is always in control for when God
commands, everything follows.
Prayer Response: Father, when I experience turbulence in my
life, help me to remember how powerful You are and how You can
calm any storm. Thank You for showing me Your might just when I
needed it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Restored Young Lady
VOY Participant
Restore to me the joy of your salvation,and uphold me with
a willing spirit. (Psalm 51:12).
During the Christmas break of school year 2014-2015, we
conducted a VOY program in Brgy. Munting Ilog, Silang, Cavite.
One night, our group had a conversation about our own
spiritual condition. What Chelsea, a young lady, shared caught my
Chelsea was an inactive member of the Seventh-day Adventist
Church. She shared that she felt bored and thought of not going to
church anymore. Then she met Born Again Christian friends and felt
that what was lacking in the Adventist church could be filled by the
company of her new friends. So, she started attending their church
instead. But one Sabbath afternoon, we came to their house and
invited her to join in our VOY group. She came and joined. From
that day onward, she had found new joy in the service of the King!
I was very happy that through our VOY program, God reclaimed
her to be a part of His remnant church. Aside from her, six other
inactive youth members of our church joined our group. I praise
God that He uses the VOY program to help the young people in our
local churches to be trained, equipped, and nurtured. Indeed, the
VOY is a God-given instrument to every church.
Prayer Response: My Father, thank You for the VOY program
through which I can be Your instrument to help Your church reclaim
Your lost sheep. I pray that all youth members would join the VOY so
You could also use them to reach out to inactive young people and
bring them back into the church. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Dr. Julio C. Amurao, COT Dean, consecrates the VOY participants in prayer at
PIC during the VOY Commisioning progam. AUP VOY regularly holds this program
before the students are sent off to their respective places of ministry.
Ministering through Helping
VOY Participant
And the King will answer them,‘Truly, I say to you, as you
did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.
(Matt. 25:40).
On October 2014, during the semestral break, I was deciding
between not joining or joining a VOY team. At the end, I decided to
join and I am glad that I did.
On the first of the nightly VOY meetings, I learned the Lord’s
purpose for me in joining this group. I found myself helping my
friend, who was the designated speaker of the group, to construct
the content of his message. He was in charge of delivering the
discussion topics to the listeners every night and I was amazed that
I could contribute to the assembling of his discussion points. What
amazed me more was how we felt God’s presence as we worked
on the topics. With only one hour to work on the content of the
message for each night, we felt God working through us. Because
of Him, we were able to construct within an hour a message that
would normally take us a lot of hours to do. Sometimes, I could feel
God enlighten my mind so I could add more ideas to my friend’s
message if there was anything lacking. He also used my friend as He
revealed His messages of truth through him.
Every night, my friend and I would together work on preparing
the sermon. I praise God that I had the privilege of helping His
mouthpiece. I realized that in God’s ministry, each one has a part
that is intended for him. Though sometimes, in our mind, that part
may seem little, it surely can glorify God and make Him smile.
Prayer Response: My Father, use me each day in Your ministry.
My heart and my hands are Yours completely by creation and by
redemption. And it is also my own choice to use them for Your glory.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Oh Jesus, I have Promised
VOY Participant
I will praise the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praises to
my God while I have my being. (Psalm 146:2).
I met an old yet active brother in Christ. He has been engaged
in God’s ministry for quite a long time. He was one of the pioneers of
the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Casiguran, Aurora. He also was
instrumental in planting small churches in the neighboring areas. I
saw in this old man what a child could grow up to be as long as that
child is taught to walk with God daily.
Early in the morning, the old man would wake up to visit his
brethren in the other baranggay. I witnessed how he ministered to
people despite his age. One day, we had the chance to visit, sing
with, and pray for his Bible student who was also an old man. And
his student was baptized on the first Sabbath of our stay there.
He also had an old and blind cousin whom we had the chance
to visit. Every night, he would lead and guide his cousin to the
church where we held our meetings. He was there serving as our
guide to the homes of the inactive church members that we visited.
I learned a valuable lesson from him—there is no retirement
when it comes to God’s ministry. People of any age can do something
for the advancement of God’s work.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, use me until my last
breath. I don’t want to retire from Your ministry. Use me like an
earthen vessel, though feeble and fragile, for Your glory. In Jesus’
name, Amen!
Aizel Q. Porsona
Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and
whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. (1 John 4:7).
It was my first time to join the VOY. Our team was assigned in
Bansud, Oriental Mindoro. I was our team’s music coordinator and
children coordinator at the same time.
During this two-week involvement in the ministry, I had a daily
routine of waking up early in the morning and sleeping late at night. I
was teaching the children every afternoon and I was singing the appeal
song every night. It was hard for me because the children were great in
number and so I had to speak aloud even to the point of shouting so
they could hear me. Because of this, I had a problem with my voice and
I could hardly sing at the nightly service.
There was also a time when I cried because I was confused which
to prioritize between teaching the children and singing the appeal song.
But then, God never failed me. He was with me all the way. I experienced
His presence especially during our last nightly meeting.
Because I had been stretching my voice teaching the children since
the first day of our VOY, my voice faltered and I could no longer sing.
But on that last night of our meetings, I was supposed to sing a song
entitled Lumapit sa Kanya (Come to Him). I asked myself, “Can I do it?” I
thought, “Either I will really fail or a miracle will happen.”
Before the program, I prayed to God asking, “Do You really want
me to sing or not? If not, maybe I should ask someone else to sing. But
if You want me to do it, please help me.”
The program started and I initiated the song service. And I was
shocked to hear my own voice resumed to its good condition. I could sing
even the high notes. It was then that I realized that I hadn’t completely
committed myself and my talents to God. And that was when I renewed
my commitment to Him. I dedicate to Him everything that I do.
Prayer Response: Lord, continue to use me in the ministry. In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
Chosen for a Purpose
Arline Jessa E. Eleda
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
Then Joshua said to the people, “You are witnesses against
yourselves that you have chosen the LORD, to serve him.” And
they said, “We are witnesses.”(Joshua 24:22).
Who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of
our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he
gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began (2 Timothy 1:9).
When I was five years old, a VOY team visited our place. Since
then, that team has inspired me to join the same ministry.
That group of young people created a big impact in the lives
of the people they met, especially our church’s brethren. The way
they lived was just so inspiring! Unfortunately, the church’s budget
was not enough to accommodate all their personal needs and also
the needs for the program they were supposed to hold. And so they
stayed only for three days and it really made us sad. Nevertheless,
the lesson I learned from their lives would never be forgotten.
Since then, God has put into my heart the desire to be involved
in every opportunity of ministering unto others. I have been a part
of activities where I can go and help the oppressed, the sick, and
the poor—the people who are longing for hope which can only be
found in Jesus Christ. I believe that God’s will for me is to be in this
Studying at the AUP was an answer to my prayers. There, I got
involved first in the Literature Evangelism (LE) program and that
experience oriented me on how to work with God. And this ministry
ignites more my passion for VOY. In both ministries, I learned to be
self-denying and to be a servant of God. It is the experience of being
a blessing to others and being blessed as well that keeps me joining
LE and VOY.
A simple smile or “hello” and a prayer offered for others could
change lives. And it is not only the lives of the receivers that could
be changed, but even the life of the giver. Serving others is very
uplifting. If only all the youth would desire to experience it, this
world would surely be a better place.
Prayer Response: God, please bless my ministry. May the
youth have this desire to join in Your mission. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
You are Not an Accident
Farah Cathrina E. Espiritu
BSBA-Business Management
My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made
in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes
saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every
one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet
there was none of them. (Psalm 139:15-16).
I did not expect that I would join the VOY. I never planned to
join it. But I believe God worked miracles in my life and chose me to
be a part of this ministry. That’s why I have this story to tell.
Our VOY in Taguig City was so challenging but amazing. While
there, I realized that serving the Lord is worth all my sacrifices. It is
even worth dying for!
Taguig was a very tough assignment. The environment was so
different. There, you could observe the busyness of people. There
were those who had no knowledge of God. There were also drugusers, drunkards, gamblers and the likes. It was easy to see there
how the world had gotten worse.
Our team tried and did our best to approach the people in
that city. We did a house-to-house invitation. But because the
venue of our evangelistic series was hard to find, we had a hard time
convincing people to attend our nightly meetings.
But God didn’t fail us. Every night, He brought people to our
venue. He was the One who worked with and through us. All we
had to do was surrender everything to Him. It was not by our might
that we had a successful VOY in the end. It was the Holy Spirit that
converted the hearts of the people with whom we shared the gospel.
Prayer Response: Dear God, I owe my life to you. I put my life
into Your hands. May Your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Leading by Faith and Works of God
Nile J. Barquilla
BSBA-Business Management
Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on
your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5).
No words could express my joy in serving the Lord by joining
the VOY in December 2014 during the school break. I likened our
team to Jonah and our VOY location to Nineveh. For you see, we did
not want to hold our VOY in a certain place. We wanted instead to
go to our original location in Antique. But due to some unavoidable
circumstances, we had to regroup and choose another location.
On the first day of our VOY, we met with the elders and
members of our Seventh-day Adventist Church in that area. Our
church was not in good shape in terms of membership. We learned
from the members we met with different stories about the place
and our local church. There was a challenging incident that led the
other members to move out of the church one by one until only a
few were left.
I believe God was challenging us when He put us to this place.
The challenge was to bring unity to the church. And because of this,
we became more prayerful. We spent almost two and a half hours
for united prayers. We entrusted everything in God’s hands.
We continued our mission in that place despite the challenges
we faced. We did house-to-house visitations every day. We
experienced a lot of walking as if we were walking along a very huge
hacienda. It was God’s presence that kept us safe all throughout our
VOY ministry in that strange place where a lot of people had been
killed. We also held a ‘cooking ministry’ in various homes where we
shared knowledge and techniques on preparing healthy meals.
Spending time with a 65-year-old man was another memorable
experience. He was our guide while exploring the waterfalls in that
place. And despite his age, he played active games with us. He said
that he was blessed by our company and we reminded him of his
experiences when he was young.
I have more stories to tell but I don’t have enough time to write
them all. But I don’t want to miss saying that when we concluded
our VOY, five individuals accepted Christ as their personal Savior
through baptism.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, may I continue my
mission amidst problems and trials. Help me to become more
prayerful. I pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I pray also
for those who are doing Your work. Amen.
A Week-long Journey with God
Febe M. Wangania
For Christ did not send me to baptize but to preach the
gospel, and not with words of eloquent wisdom, lest the cross
of Christ be emptied of its power. (1 Corinthians 1:17).
First of all, I would like to thank God for giving me the chance
to share His words. The VOY is such a blessing for young people like
me. This is the time for us to shine and a time to share our Godgiven talents.
Doing a ministry is not an easy job. Participants should prepare
well and pray without a limit. We, as a team, should be well-versed
on the Word of God because we are trying to reach a non-Adventist
community and those who do not know about God. We are supposed
to be ready mentally and spiritually. I joined the VOY because I don’t
want to miss this kind of experience before I graduate from college.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, I pray for those people
in Narciso, Zambales, especially for those we studied the Bible with.
May You continually be with them and bless them. And I pray that
we would meet again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God Leads Us
Christian Oliver Wijaya
He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.
(1 Thessalonians 5:24).
It was Dec. 21, 2014 at almost 10 in the evening. My VOY team
was supposed to take a bus going to Manila. And from Manila, we
would take another bus to reach Olongapo City, Zambales. Then we
would travel to Narciso, Zambales, our VOY destination.
But we couldn’t find a bus going to Manila. Some of our
members were asking around to get information about bus trips
schedule. The rest of us decided to pray and ask God to provide
transportation. As soon as we finished praying, one of the buses
there opened its door and the driver shouted, “This bus will go to
Even at the onset of our journey to serve the people in Narciso,
Zambales, God showed us that He was with us. And He showed us
great things that no human could do. We finally reached Narciso in
the morning and the blessings of God didn’t stop there. It amazed
me how God had led from the start of our ministry. He had showed
us that it was His business to take care of our needs and told us not
to worry.
If He calls you today to reach out to people who don’t know
about Him and His salvation, don’t harden your heart and make a
decision for Him today.
Prayer Response: Our Heavenly Father, please continually use
me in Your ministry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
God With Us
Frederic E. Gregorio
BS Accountancy
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God
in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
The VOY for me is not only an experience, but a commission to
God. I praise God and thank Him for I know that it is His will for me
to share His love to other people.
Our VOY team was assigned in Bicutan, Taguig City and our
theme was “New Life with Jesus.” We chose this theme for our
evangelistic campaign not only because of the upcoming new year
but also because we wanted the people there to experience true life
with Jesus. We were hoping for them to submit and commit their
lives to Him.
Because Taguig is an urban area, we experienced many
challenges yet the opportunity to minister there was enough to push
us to proceed. I experienced the goodness of our Lord. Once again,
He proved His faithfulness. I felt the Holy Spirit within me when we
conducted the nightly meetings. When we had our visitations, I saw
people who were thirsty for God’s Word. But there were also those
who ignored our invitation because they were busy and didn’t have
the time to entertain us.
Among the challenges we encountered was when no one would
attend our nightly meetings. But we would still proceed knowing
that the people in the surrounding houses could hear us. We prayed
that the Holy Spirit would move them.
On our last night, one attendee decided to be baptized. And I
praise God for that one soul.
Prayer Response: Our Father, I pray that the Holy Spirit would
work through me. Help me, Lord, to be faithful to You until the end
comes. Be with me, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
VOY: A Life-changing Experience with God
VOY Participant
I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
(Philippians 4:13).
To be in God’s ministry is a life-changing experience and
gives one a great fulfillment. That’s what I can say about my VOY
experience in Cabanatuan City in December 2014.
We were seven in our VOY group. I willingly accepted the task to
be the children’s coordinator although I am a Business Management
student. At first, it was quite hard for me to handle the kids. But later
on, because of God’s goodness and empowerment, I found the task
manageable. Each day was an exciting day for me to share God’s
abundant blessing and unconditional love to the people around
us. We visited people in their homes, gave them Bible studies and
serenaded them with songs about God’s love and salvation.
Every day, I was challenged but at the same time, blessed,
by my part to teach the kids. They were so eager to know more
about Jesus. We taught them songs of praises to God, how to pray,
and Bible stories and verses. We also engaged them in many other
activities. On our last Sabbath, we invited the kids and their parents
to attend the Sabbath worship with us in our local church there. We
told them also that they could continue attending Sabbath worship
and other services in our church even after we left.
A week after we had returned to the AUP campus, I received a
text message from one of the young members of our church there
telling me that she had a very good news that I would be glad to
hear. I excitedly asked what it was about. She then told me that
the kids went to our church to attend the Sabbath worship. But the
church was closed because the members worshipped in another
location with the rest of the Seventh-day Adventists in the nearby
areas. Fortunately, my brother-in-law went back to the church to get
something. And when he saw the kids there, he took them to the
place where the praise program for that Sabbath was being held.
Indeed, brothers and sisters, God’s providence is abundant
to all of us. I couldn’t imagine how the seeds we planted in those
kids would grow in accordance to God’s purpose. The results of our
efforts in that place were beyond our expectations. These kids didn’t
know about the Sabbath but they now recognize it as God’s holy
day. Since then, they have been attending Sabbath worship. And we
hope and pray that they would continue seeking and knowing Jesus
more until He comes. I’m pleading to all of you to include them in
your prayers.
Truly, God equips those who are willing to serve Him. God is
calling you into His ministry. Will you answer Him?
Prayer Response: Our Father, I pray that You would continue
to use me to teach people about You through songs, Bible stories
and verses, and my own life. I pray that these little seeds I plant in
the lives of the people I meet everyday would grow into something
that would make them recognize You as their Savior and God. In
Jesus’ name, Amen.
VOY participants form a heart around the name “CHRIST” dedicating their lives to
preach Christ and Him Crucified. This photo was taken at AUP Finster Lawn during VOY
Camp 2014 while Brother Bing Alabata dedicated them in prayer.
God’s Providence
VOY Participant
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season
we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9).
I’ll be sharing with you how God led us during our VOY in
Mabuhay City Central Church, Cabuyao, Laguna in December 2014
during the Christmas vacation.
Instead of spending time with our loved ones at home, we took
time to share Christ with other people and plant seeds of hope in their
hearts. This was my second VOY and in my two weeks in that place,
I experienced God’s providence. What an amazing experience it was
to be personally involved and witness the goodness of the Lord. I
can say that, more than our abilities, God needs our availability, time
and willingness to be used as His instruments.
Our theme was Kagalingan at Kasiyahan Kasama si Kristo
(Healing and Happiness with Christ). We found our church members
in that place to be very accommodating and hospitable. God was
so good to us that He touched four youth members of our church
there, namely Ate Myka, Ruth, Kim, Ariana, and an active elder, Elder
Steven Jones Sandoval, to join our group and stay with us! There
were seven of us coming from AUP. The help and support of the
local church members proved to be very valuable to us.
Our team from AUP was diversified. We had Theology students,
Ryan Corpuz, who was continuing his junior pastorship in that
church in Cabuyao, Laguna, and Adrian Luzong, who was then in his
15th VOY. We also had Medical Technology students namely Vianne,
Ven Marie and Luelle. Lastly, we had Jeviel, an Education student,
who was the singer of our team. We were hopeful that we would be
able to plant good seeds in that place that would soon yield a great
Every day, we would start by asking for God’s guidance and
reading His word. Then we would proceed to do activities like
serenading, gift-giving, visitation, Bible studies, children’s program
and nightly meetings. We would end each day with thanksgiving
and glorifying God for the success of the day. Doing these things, we
were drawn closer to God. By listening to the lectures and messages
at our nightly meetings, we ourselves, and not only the visitors, were
I’m always amazed by how God works through children. During
our VOY, we met a boy named Yael. Even though he was not a
baptized member of our church, he was the one encouraging his
playmates and friends to attend our children’s program. He always
made time to join our visitation and serenading activities. Another
interesting person we met was Nanay Doray, a laywoman who led
her friends to join our nightly meetings. She supported all our
programs and also attended our nightly meetings.
The person whose life story touched us the most was Tatay Jun
Buri, a widower living alone in his house and suffering from severe
arthritis. When we saw his situation, our hearts broke. We went to
his house every visitation time to give him hydrotherapy and Bible
study. We cleaned his house, cooked nutritious food for him, and let
him hear good music. When we invited him to our nightly meetings,
his quick response was, “Matagal ko na kayong hinihintay! (I’ve been
waiting for you for so long!)” When I heard it, it convinced me that
this was the reason why God wanted me to go and join the VOY.
Being a part of the VOY team was such a wonderful and lifechanging experience. Once you’ve been a part of it, you would
always want to be involved again in this kind of ministry.
As of now, Bro. Ryan and the church members continue to serve
the Lord by nurturing the newly-baptized members and the visitors
at our nightly meetings who still attend the church every Sabbath.
Even the children that we taught at the VOY program are attending
our Sabbath School and inviting their friends as well.
“If we are clothed with the righteousness of Christ and are filled
with the joy of His indwelling Spirit, we shall not be able to hold our
peace. If we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good we shall
have something to tell.” (Steps to Christ p. 78)
Brothers and sisters in Christ, I know you have much to tell of
your encounter with Christ. Instead of keeping it to yourself, why
not share it with others and gain more experience by joining the
VOY team? The Lord is calling each of us to be a part of His ministry.
When will we respond to His call?
Prayer Response: Our Father, make me find joy in Your service
as I live for You everyday. I pray that You would continue to guide
the people we served during our VOY ministry so they would also
find the happiness in serving You and claim the salvation that You
freely give. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
The God who Equips
Hazel Faye A. Acupan
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
Then the LORD said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth?
Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I,
the LORD? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and
teach you what you shall speak.” (Exodus 4:11, 12).
“Hazel, wala ka na bang ibang maisuot, pants or skirt sana?
(Don’t you have anything else you can wear, may be long pants or
a skirt?)” I was asked by my conservative and God-fearing church
leaders. I was then wearing tight jeans trimmed above the knee.
They looked acceptable to me, but were considered immodest by
my church leaders.
I joined a VOY team although I was not yet a baptized member
of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through the VOY team, my
sister and I had the privilege to hear sermons about music, proper
dress, health reform, love and courtship, etc. during our morning
and evening worships. This experience became a turning point in
my life and I decided to be baptized on May 5, 2012.
On Dec. 27, 2014, almost three years after my baptism, we went
back to Bulawen, Palauig, Zambales, the location of our first VOY. I
rejoiced in the Lord to find a concrete church erected there and my
family members, whom we used to visit during our first VOY, now
standing on the pulpit and leading in the church service.
Although I didn’t have the talent to sing, pray, teach children,
usher people, and give health lectures and Bible studies before,
I knew I was still used by God. And these people now leading in
the church and serving the Lord were products of the working of
the Holy Spirit during that first VOY we held here. When I think
about it, the person I am today is also a product of that VOY. If you
are tempted to think that you don’t have the talents needed in a
VOY team, think of Moses, Gideon, Elijah, David, Peter, John, Paul,
Matthew and others whom God chose despite their insufficiencies.
My life today testifies of the goodness of God that led me to
repentance. I know that I have my weaknesses. I know that I need
Jesus now more than I ever did before. But I know that my gracious
God who guided me before is there for me now and for always.
Prayer Response: Our Father, take my heart for it is Thine and
keep it pure. Take me in spite of my weak, un-Christlike self and
mold me into someone who can represent Your love well to others.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Enlightened by God’s Precious Gems
Jolle Ann M. Bautista
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science
To this end we always pray for you, that our God may make
you worthy of his calling and may fulfill every resolve for good
and every work of faith by his power. (2 Thessalonians 1:11).
I didn’t know the reason for my existence in this world. I was
born in an Adventist family, taught about Jesus at a young age and
studied in an Adventist elementary school. Yet, I was still in search
of a missing piece of my heart. I went to AUP for college for the sole
reason that my parents wanted me to continue obtaining a Christian
education. But in my first two years of stay here, my life revolved
around the boring routine of waking up, eating, studying, sleeping,
and then waking up again. And this lethargic cycle went on and on. I
even decided to transfer to another school if my life would continue
in the same routine. Then I felt a more intense desire to complete
my life puzzle that I had been trying to solve all along.
Someone asked me to join their VOY team and my initial reaction
was to decline the invitation. I said, “I don’t have any talent to share.
Why should I go? What will be my part?” Despite all these questions, the
Lord still sent me to Pangasinan to be this VOY team’s children’s ministry
coordinator. I had a hard time teaching almost 150 children every day
not only because of their number but also because of their naughtiness.
I couldn’t do anything but pray to God and see this challenge as a
test of faith. But it seemed like God wasn’t hearing my prayer. I was
really annoyed by the children’s noise. But I later realized that God was
changing me and not the children. He taught me to have patience while
handling the chaotic situation night by night with these children.
As time passed by, I found that every single night with the
children was more enjoyable than the previous one. There was a day
when we were walking as a VOY team for a house visitation activity
and we happened to pass by a bunch of children singing songs and
reciting Bible verses that we had taught them. I was just so blessed
that time and I couldn’t explain the happiness I felt upon hearing and
seeing them. Our pastor requested the children to present at one of
the nightly meetings. We decided to teach them new songs and
memory verses. The practice turned out to be much disorganized as
the children wouldn’t even pay attention to what we said. But when
the time came for them to present, I was left in amazement to see
them sing and recite excellently.
When the day of baptism came, two of the kids we taught
stepped forward to be baptized and accept Jesus as their personal
Savior. I didn’t expect them to make such a decision. And I thank
God for using those kids to open my eyes. I realized that even little
children feel a need for Jesus. I found what my life missed. God has
a purpose for everything. He does have a purpose for my existence.
A lot were called but a few responded positively. I’m so happy and
fortunate to be one of the chosen people for His work. God calls and
waits for your answer. Will you be willing to do His will?
Prayer Response: Heavenly Father, I worship You and praise
You for You are my Lord and the King of my life. Lord, You are
almighty and all-knowing; therefore, you can see the beginning and
the end. I know You can see my past and my future. I pray that You
would make me Your instrument to accomplish Your work on earth. I
don’t want to live in my comfort zone. Lift me up to see things from
Your perspective. Help me to rise above my limitations by the power
of Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
The Great Journey of My Student Life
Fernando C. Mislos
ABTH & ABHPR 2007 Batch
Missionary in CLC Church Planting Project
For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears
are open to their prayer.But the face of the Lord is against those
who do evil. (1 Peter 3:12).
One of the greatest journeys of my life in AUP took place when
I joined the Voice of Youth the third time in 2002. I can say that it
was a great journey of my faith.
At around 6:30 in the evening when I was preparing myself
for the message I was going to preach that night, I heard one of
the young people calling me out saying, “ Kuya Ferdz nandito sila
Satan!” I thought the boy was joking, so I didn’t mind him. I went
to the washroom, but just as I was walking out from it, I heard the
boy again screaming, “Kuya Ferdz, help me please! Satan is here!”
So I approached and embraced him with a Bible in my hand. And in
a few minutes, he was possesed by evil spirits and began to cry and
speak different voices.
Though I was the speaker and leader of that VOY team and
knew the promises of Jesus written in the Bible, I was very confused
at that time and found myself asking, “What shall I do Lord?” Then
as if the answer to my question was flashed right in front of me,
I thought of asking my whole team to pray. Prayer is a powerful
weapon that can drive Satan away.
So we prayed, confessed our sins and wrestled with God while
holding the young boy possessed by an evil spirit. We held the boy
still with two of us holding his right hand, two holding his left hand,
one holding his body frame and four gripping his feet. After praying,
I believed and claimed God forgiveness.
In that moment, I claimed God’s forgiveness and power. Acts
1:8 and Matthew 28:19-20 say that Jesus will be with His servants
when they are preaching His love and forgiveness. At that moment,
we believed that Christ power was with us. For He said in Luke 10:19,
“I will give you power to destroy Satan’s kingdom.” What a powerful
promise! I praised God for giving us victory that night through Jesus
Christ our Lord. And His power over Satan became more known
to us the following Sabbath day when we had witnessed people
receiving Jesus and His kingdom through water baptism.
Indeed, I can say that that account was my life’s greatest
journey in AUP and all that happened because of VOY.
Prayer Response: Thank you, God, for your love and victory
that manifested on calvary. We humbly claim Your victory to be ours
in our daily activities. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
Left to Right: Dr. Julio Amurao, COT Dean; Elder Jobbie Yabut, SSD Youth Director;
and Dr. Moises De Ocampo, COT Former Dean show their thumbs-up signifying their
support to VOY.
Prepared by Pastor Reynaldo Maglipas, MAEd, MMin, DMin (IP)
Themed “GERMINATE”: Planting Churches in the Communities, VOY participants
with the resource speakers form a heart for the third time, showing their love to Jesus
Christ and for VOY. This photo was taken during the VOY Camp 2015 Commitment
Service at COT Lawn after planting a tree.
Bible Marking Guides
Paano nagsimula ang Banal na Kasulatan? Bakit?
GC-Great Controversy
Ano ang pinaka-dakilang digmaan ng siglo?
Paano binigyan ng Dios ng solusyon ang kasalanan?
Ano ang kahalagahan ng pagkabuhay ni Cristo?
SC-Second Coming
Alam mo ba na si Kristo ay malapit ng dumating?
MSC-Manner of Second Coming
Paano siya darating?
Ano ang dakilang kapahayagan ng ating pag-ibig sa Dios?
SS-Seventh-day Sabbath
Anong araw nais ng Dios na ikaw ay mangilin?
HKS-How to Keep the Sabbath
Paano maiingitan ang Sabbath na banal?
Gusto mo bang mabuhay ng malusog?
Paano makikilala ang tunay na iglesia?
Paano magiging anak ng Dios?
Ano ang nangyayari sa kaluluwa kapag ang tao ay namatay?
Gusto mo bang maging mapalad?
CG-Christian Grooming
Gusto mo bang maganda ka sa paningin ng Dios?
Ano ang subukan ng tunay na propeta sa huling kapanahunan?
1. How had God communicated with man before man sinned?
Genesis 1:27-29—“Face to face” or directly
2. Why can’t God talk to us face to face?
Isaiah 59: 2—Because of sin
3. But how much does God love human beings?
Jeremiah 31:3—Everlasting
4. After sin, how did God communicate with man?
Hebrews 1:1—Through the prophets
5. How did God communicate with the prophets?
Numbers 12:6—Dreams and Visions
6. What did God command the prophets to do next?
Jeremiah 30:2—Write it down
7. How did they write it?
2 Peter 1:20-21—Inspired by the Holy Spirit
8. How do we call those writings nowadays?
2 Timothy 3:15—Holy Scriptures
9. What will men benefit from those writings?
a. Psalm 119:105—“Lamp unto my feet”
b. 2 Timothy 3 :15-17—For teaching, for righteousness etc.
10. What did God say about those who read the Holy
Revelation 1:3—Blessed
Do you long to be blessed?
On our next study, we will discuss about the greatest conflict that
ever happened to human history.
1. Where did it happen?
Revelation 12:7—In heaven
2. When did it happen?
Ezekiel 28 :14-17—When sin entered
3. What was the reason behind the conflict?
Isaiah 14 :12-15—Lucifer desired to surpass the Most High God.
4. What was the outcome of the conflict?
Revelation 12:7-8—God won
5. How did sin enter this earth?
Genesis 3:1-7—Through the temptation of the Devil/Serpent
6. What happened to the human race?
John 8:44—We long to do what the devil asks us to do
7. What is the devil doing nowadays?
1 Peter 5:8—Looking for someone to devour
8. What can we do to resist the devil?
James 4:7—Submit to God
On our next study, we will discuss how God solved the problem of
1. What happened after Adam and Eve sinned?
Romans 3:23—Everyone sinned
2. What is the penalty of sin?
Romans 6:23—Death
3. Who paid the price for our sins?
Romans 5:8—Jesus Christ
4. Why did Jesus die on the cross?
a. 1 Corinthians 15:3—Because of our sins
b. John 15:13—To show the greatest love of all
5. What will happen if we put our faith on the death of Christ?
a. Ephesians 1:7—Freedom and forgiveness
b. Hebrews 9:14—Heart cleansing
c. Romans 8:1—No condemnation
d. John 3:14-16—Eternal life
e. John 1:12—Right to be sons and daughters of God
On our next meeting, we will study about Christ’s resurrection and
its significance.
1. Why was Christ resurrected?
Romans 6:9—Death does not rule over him
2. What is the essence of Christ’s resurrection?
1 Corinthians 15:17—It confirms our faith.
3. What does Christ do for those who believe in Him?
a. Hebrews 7:25—He intercedes for them
b. 1 John 1:9-2:1—He is our advocate
c. Romans 4:25—He brought justification
d. John 14:26—He sent the Holy Spirit as our guide
e. Hebrews 2:18—He helps those who are tempted
4. What are the assurances of Christ’s resurrection?
a. Romans 6:4—Assurance of a new life
b. 1 Corinthians 15:12, 13, 22—Assurance of resurrection for
those who believe Him
c. 1 Peter 1:3, 4—Assurance of an incorruptible inheritance
On our next meeting, we will study about Christ’s promises to us
before He ascended to heaven.
1. When will be the coming of Chirst?
Matthew 24.36—No one knows the hour of His coming
2. How can we know that His coming is near?
Matthew 24:3—There will be signs
3. What are the signs that He is coming soon?
A. Signs in the heavens (Matthew 24:29)
a. The sun will be darkened—it happened in May 19, 1780
b. The moon will not bring light—it happened in May 19,
c. The stars will fall from heaven—it happened in Nov. 13,
1833 (Note: These stars were shooting stars)
B. Signs on earth (Matthew 24:6-7)
a. Wars (World War I & II)
b. (v. 4)— Famines
c. (vv. 5 & 6)—Earthquakes
d. Luke 21:11—Pestilences
C. Signs in people’s morality
a. 2 Timothy 3:1-5—Wide spread presence of evil
b. Matthew 24:37, 38—Like in the days of Noah
D. Signs in gospel proclamation
a. Matthew 24:24—False Prophets will rise
b. Matthew 24:14—Global preaching of the Gospel
4. What shall we do?
a. Matthew 24:44—Prepare for His coming
b. Matthew 4:17—Repent for His Kingdom is at hand
Next meeting, we will study how we will recognize Christ in His
1. What are Christ’s promises before He ascended to heaven?
John 14:1-3—He’ll prepare a place for us
2. What will be the scenario when He comes?
a. Acts 1:9-11—In the clouds of heaven
b. Who will be with Him? Matthew 25:31—The angelic hosts
*How many angels will accompany Him? (Revelation 5:11)
*How powerful an angel is? (Matthew 28:2-4)
c. Who will witness His return? Revelation 1:7—Every eye shall
see Him
d. Matthew 24:27—Like a lightning
e. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17—Every ear shall hear
3. Why will He return?
Matthew 16:27—To reward each person according to his work
4. What will the sinners receive?
2 Thessalonians 1:7-10—Punishment
5. What will the saints receive?
1 Corinthians 15:51-53 and 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17—Eternal life
6. What shall we do?
Revelation 14:12—Believe in Jesus and obey His commandments
God loves us so much and He is coming back to take us to our
heavenly home.
Next meeting we will talk about how we can we can express our
love for God.
1. What does the Bible tell us about God?
1 John 4:8—God is love
2. How did God show His love for us?
1 John 4:9—He gave His only son to die on our behalf
3. How can we show our love for God?
John 14:15—Obedience to His commandments
4. What are His commandments?
1 John 3:23, 24—Believe in Jesus. Love God. Love one another
5. How can we show love to our fellow men?
Romans 13:9/Matthew 19:16-19/Exodus 20:12-17
a. Honor your father and mother
b. Do not commit murder
c. Do not commit adultery
d. Do not steal
e. Do not give false testimony
f. Do not covet
6. How can we show our love to God? (Exodus 20:3-11)
a. Matthew 4:10—Worship God and Him alone
b. Romans 1:18, 21-23, 25—Do not worship idols or graven
c. Matthew 5:33—Do not misuse God’s name
d. Luke 23:56—Keep the Sabbath day holy
7. What should you do?
a. John 3:16—Put your faith in Jesus Christ
b. Matthew 5:19—Practice and teach your faith
Next meeting, we will tackle about the day that God set apart.
1. According to Genesis 1, in the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth.
a. What did God create in six days?
First day—Light
Second day—Firmament
Third day—Vegetation
Fourth day—Sun, moon and stars
Fifth day—Birds and fishes
Sixth day—Animals and man
b. What else did God make?
Mark 2:27—The Sabbath
2. What did God do on the Sabbath?
Genesis 2:1-3—Rested, hallowed, and sanctified it
*God, not man, was the very first who observed the Sabbath.
3. What day is the Sabbath pertaining to?
a. Dictionary—Sabbath is the seventh day
b. Pasyong Mahal (p. 5)—Saturday is the Sabbath
c. Calendar—Saturday is the seventh day
d. Matthew 28:1-6—Bible: Sunday comes after Saturday
e. John 20:1—The Resurrection day is the first day of the week
which is Sunday
Note: Therefore the Sabbath day is Saturday.
4. What is the connection of the word Sabbath to Saturday?
Sabbath was derived from the Hebrew word, Shabbath. It was
translated to the Greek word, Sabbaton. This was translated
to Latin and became Sabatum or Sabato. Sabato was then
translated in Spanish as Sabado. This means that Sabado is the
5. Was Sabbath-keeping observed by the Israelites?
Exodus 20:8-11—Yes, it was clearly stated in the Ten
6. Do you still need to keep the Sabbath?
Hebrews 4:9-11—Yes, there is still a Sabbath-keeping
for the people of God.
7. Will you desire to be one of God’s children? How?
1 John 2:3-6—Abide in Him and obey His commandments.
Next meeting, we will study how we can keep the Sabbath holy.
1. Why do we need to observe the Sabbath?
a. Exodus 20:8-11—In remembrance of God as creator of heaven
and earth and everything therein
b. Ezekiel 20:20—A sign of loyalty between God and man
c. Ezekiel 20:12—To recognize that God is the one who makes us
2. How do we keep the Sabbath?
a. Leviticus 23:32—From sunset to sunset
b. Nehemiah 13:15-17—Take a rest from your labor
c. Luke 13:15 —You can untie the animals for their food and
d. Matthew 12:20-22—Help those who are in need
e. Leviticus 23:3—Sacred gathering
*Isaiah 66:23—Worship God
3. Is keeping the Sabbath the same with keeping Sunday?
Mark 7:7-9—Worship is in vain if it follows human
commandment. Sunday is not the holy day. Sunday is an
ordinary day for God.
4. What will be the reward of those who keep the Sabbath
Isaiah 56:2—They will receive a special blessing
5. What should you do?
Matthew 12:28-30—God invites us to come to Him and He will
give us rest. Every Sabbath is a God-appointed rest for you.
6. Did Jesus keep the Sabbath?
Luke 4:16—He did not only keep it but it is already His way of
7. Did the disciples keep the Sabbath?
a. Luke 23:54-56—Mary observed the Sabbath
b. Acts 17:2—Paul kept the Sabbath.
8. Will we still have Sabbath keeping in heaven?
Isaiah 66:22-24—Yes, the saints will also keep the Sabbath in
Note: Do you want to join those who will worship the Lord in
Next meeting we will study how to live a healthy life.
1. What did God do for us?
1 Peter 1:18, 19—We were bought with His precious blood
2. What does God require us to do with our bodies?
1 Corinthians 6:19, 20—We should not live selfishly and start
glorifying Him with our bodies.
3. How can we glorify God with our bodies?
Leviticus 20:25—God made distinctions in animals
a. Leviticus 11:2-8—Animals: divided hoof and chews the cud
b. Leviticus 11:10-12—Fishes: with fins and scales
c. Leviticus 11:13-23—Fowls: Specified birds
d. Acts 15:29/Leviticus 17:10—Anything with blood and is
e. Proverbs 20:1—Wine is a mocker and whoever is deceived by
it is not wise
f. 1 Corinthians 3:17—God will destroy our bodies if we misuse
them. Example: Cigarette, drugs, Coffee, cola etc.
4. Why does God prohibit those that are unclean?
Jeremiah 31:3—God loves us, like a father who loves his son
5. What will happen to those who worship idols and eat
abominable food?
Isaiah 66:15-17—God will kill them
6. What shall we do if we ate and drank those abominable
Ezekiel 36:26, 27—Repent, only then will God give us a new
heart and His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will work in us so we
can abide with His commandments and can take care of our
7. What was the original diet of Adam and Eve?
Genesis 1:29—plant-based diet
Next meeting we will discuss the identity of the true church.
1. Who established and owns the true church?
Matthew 16:18—Jesus Christ
2. Who is the cornerstone of the true church?
a. 1 Corinthians 10:4—Jesus Christ is that cornerstone
b. 1 Corinthinas 3:11—Jesus Christ is the foundation
3. Is there a proper noun for the church? There is none.
Reminder: A proper noun starts with a capital letter
a. Romans 16:16—church of Christ
b. 1 Corinthians 1:2—church of God
c. Acts 20:28—church of the Lord
4. How can we identify the true church?
a. Matthew 28:19—Worldwide
b. 1 Corinthians 1:7 and Ephesians 4:10-11—Complete with
spiritual gifts
c. 1 John 5:20—Believes that Jesus Christ is God
d. 2 Corinthians 6:17—Undefiled church
e. Hebrews 9:28—Believes in the second coming of Christ
f. Revelation 14:12—Believes and obeys Jesus Christ
Note: The Seventh-day Adventist Church is the only church that
meets these criteria of the true church.
5. What do you need to do now?
Revelation 18:4—Leave behind false teachings, faith or church
6. What will you do after leaving the false belief?
John 10:9—Go to Christ and you will be saved
Do you want to join the church that Christ himself founded? What
are you waiting for? Next meeting, we will talk about how to join
the true church of Jesus Christ.
1. Did you know that you can be an adopted child of God?
Galatians 4:4-6—God cared for us as His children
2. How can we be adopted children of God?
John 3:3-6—Through water and the Holy Spirit
3. What is the meaning of baptism?
a. Baptism is derived from the greek word baptize which means
to immerse not sprinkle or pour.
b. Acts 8:36, 38, 39—Example: plunged, immersed
4.What is the essence of baptism?
Romans 6:3-5—This is a public declaration that you are already
dead to sin and has accepted the righteousness and new life in
5. What are the pre-requisites to baptism?
a. Acts 2:38—Believe and repent
b. Acts 2:41—Decide to belong to the true church
6. What is the significance of baptism in a person’s life?
Mark 16:16—An outer manifestation of an inner commitment
with God.
7. What happens to you when you are baptized?
Galatians 3:27—You have put on Christ
2 Corinthians 5:17—You experience a new birth.
Appeal: Do you want to proclaim to all that you are in Christ by
following Him in baptism?
Acts 22:16 says, “Why tarry?” Make a stand and be baptized!
1. Have you ever seen a soul? Did you ever wish to see one? I
have seen one. Later on, I will show you a soul.
2. Who created the soul?
Genesis 2:7—God created man out of the dust and breathed on
the man’s nostrils and the man became a living soul.
3. What is a soul?
Genesis 2:7—“Man became a living soul.” Therefore, a man is a
soul. You and I are actually souls. Now you have seen one.
4. What are the characteristics of a soul?
a. Genesis 2:7—Composed of a body and a breath of life
b. Genesis 1:26—We are made after the image of God.
c. Ezekiel 18:4—The soul that sin will die.
5. What happens to the soul when it dies?
a. Ecclesiastes 12:7—The body will return to the dust and the
breathe of life will return to God
b. Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6—No capability of thinking, no knowledge
and no memory
c. Acts 2:14, 29, 34—It is not in heaven
6. What will God do to these souls when he comes?
To the Righteous:
a. 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17—He will resurrect those who die in
Christ and He will bring them to heaven
b. 1 Corinthians 15: 52-54—He will give them a perfect body
To the Wicked:
Revelation 21:8—They will suffer in eternal fire and brimstone
7. In which group do you want to belong?
a. Acts 16: 30, 31—Have faith
b. Matthew 19: 16-19—Keep His commandments
Do you want to know what you need to do? Have faith and keep
His commandments.
John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Sim Walton, and Sultan Hassanal
Bolkiah were the richest man who lived during their times. But I
know Someone who exceeds their riches. Do you want to know
1. Who owns all the riches in the world?
Psalm 24:1—God owns the earth and everything therein
Haggai 2:8—Silver and gold
2. Who gives every single thing we have?
John 3:27—From the God of heaven
3. What is the role of human beings in the things that God
Genesis 1:26—We are stewards not owners
4. What does the Lord expect of men as stewards?
1 Corinthians 4:2—Their faithfulness
5. How does man rob God?
Malachi 3:8-10—In their tithes and offerings but there is a
reward for the faithful.
People who are faithful in giving their tithes:
William Colgate—founder of Colgate toothpaste
Mr. Proctor—founder of Ivory Soap
Henry Cromwell—founder of Quaker Oats
John D. Rockefeller, Sr.—founder of Rockefeller Foundation
6. Where do these tithes go?
Numbers 18:4, 5, 21 & 1 Corinthians 9:13, 14—To the ministers
of the gospel
7. How can we be successful stewards?
John 15: 4, 5—Remain in Christ
John 13:17—Blessed are those who practice it.
Do you want to be a blessed steward? Let God be your partner in
all your endeavors. Do you long to respond to His challenge by
returning your tithes and offerings?
1. Why did God call us?
2 Corinthians 5:20—To be His ambassadors
2. What does God want us to do as ambassadors?
1 John 2:15-17—Do not love the world
Philippians 4: 7-8—Think of good things
3. What are the examples of good things?
a. Psalm 119:37—Turn away your eyes from worthless things.
b. 1 Timothy 2:9,10/1 Peter 3:2-5—Do not adorn yourselves with
luxurious garments but with good works of the heart
4. To what do earings and jewelries associated with?
Hosea 2:13—It is associated with idol worship and is one way to
divert our focus away from God.
5. What do these garments represent in the last days?
Revelation 17:1-5—It represents the false church
6. What will happen to those who worship idols and wear
these extravagant clothings?
Isaiah 3:16-24—They will be punished
7. As ambassadors of God, what shall we do?
Psalm 40:8—Follow God’s precepts
Do you want to obey God and do what is pleasing in His eyes?
1. How did God reveal Himself to His people?
Amos 3:7—Through the prophets
2. How does God communicate with His prophets?
Numbers 12:6—Through dreams and visions
3. Why is Satan angry with the remnant?
Revelation 12:17—Because they obey the commandments of
God and has the testimony of Jesus
4. What is the testimony of Jesus?
Revelation 19:10—The Spirit of Prophecy
5. What is the importance of the Spirit of Prophecy?
Ephesians 4:8, 11-15—This is one of the points of identification
of the true church.
1 Corinthians 1:4-7—A characteristic of the remnant
6. How will we know if one is a false or true prophet?
1 John 4:1—Test him
7. What are the tests of a true prophet?
a. Deuteronomy 13:1-4—Does the prophet obey God?
b. Jeremiah 28:8, 9—Are his prophecies fulfilled?
c. Isaiah 8:19, 10—Does he teach according to the law and to
the testimony of Christ?
d. 1 John 4:1-3—Does he teach that Jesus Christ has come in the
flesh and is coming again?
e. Matthew 7:15-16—Does he practice what he preaches? Are
his actions congruent with his teachings?
f. Daniel 10:17—Does he stop breathing when he is in a vision?
8. Why do we need to believe in the true prophet?
2 Chronicles 20:20—To be established and to prosper
Note: The Seventh-day Adventist Church is the only church bestowed
with the Spirit of Prophecy through Ellen Gould Harmon White.
Prepared by Pastor Reynaldo Maglipas, MAEd, MMin, DMin (IP)
Bible Marking Guides
Paano nagsimula ang Banal na Kasulatan? Bakit?
GC-Great Controversy
Ano ang pinaka-dakilang digmaan ng siglo?
Paano binigyan ng Dios ng solusyon ang kasalanan?
Ano ang kahalagahan ng pagkabuhay ni Cristo?
SC-Second Coming
Alam mo ba na si Kristo ay malapit ng dumating?
MSC-Manner of Second Coming
Paano siya darating?
Ano ang dakilang kapahayagan ng ating pag-ibig sa Dios?
SS-Seventh-day Sabbath
Anong araw nais ng Dios na ikaw ay mangilin?
HKS-How to Keep the Sabbath
Paano maiingitan ang Sabbath na banal?
Gusto mo bang mabuhay ng malusog?
Paano makikilala ang tunay na iglesia?
Paano magiging anak ng Dios?
Ano ang nangyayari sa kaluluwa kapag ang tao ay namatay?
Gusto mo bang maging mapalad?
CG-Christian Grooming
Gusto mo bang maganda ka sa paningin ng Dios?
Ano ang subukan ng tunay na propeta sa huling kapanahunan?
1. Paano ang Dios nakikipag-usap noong ang tao ay hindi pa
Genesis 1:27-29—Mukhaan
2. Bakit hindi na ang Dios nakikipag-usap ng mukhaan?
Isaias 59: 2—Dahil sa ating mga kasalanan
3. Ngunit gaano pa rin ang tao kamahal ng Dios?
Jeremias 31:3—Walang hanggan.
4. Paano ang Dios nakipag-usap na sa tao?
Hebreo 1:1—Mga propeta
5. Paano ang Dios nakipag-usap sa mga propeta?
Biland 12:6—Sa mga panaginip at pangitain
6. Pagkatapos ano ang ipinag-utos ng Dios?
Jeremias 30:2—Ipinasulat
7. Paano ito nila sinulat?
2 Pedro 1:20-21—Inudyukan ng Banal na Espiritu
8. Ano ang tawag sa mga sinulat na ito ng mga Propeta?
2 Timoteo 3:15—Banal na kasulatan
9. Ano ang mapapakinabangan ng tao?
a. Psalm 119:105—“Ilawan sa aking mga paa”
b. 2 Tim. 3:15-17—Tagapagturo, ikakasakdal at iba pa
10. Ano ang tawag sa atin ng Dios?
Apocalipsis 1:3—Mapalad (Gusto mo bang maging mapalad?)
Sa susunod ay ating pag-aaralan ang pinakamalaking digmaan na
nangyari sa kasaysayan ng sanlibutan.
1. Saan nangyari?
Apocalipsis 12:7—Sa langit
2. Kailan nangyari?
Ezekiel 28 :14-17—Sa pagpasok ng kasalanan
3. Ano ang isyu ng labanan?
Isaias 14 :12-15—Nais ni Satanas makasama sa kapisanan ng
Dios, at maging katulad ng Dios sa kapangyarihan
4. Ano ang resulta?
Apocalipsis 12 :7-8—Si Cristo ang nanalo
5. Paano pumasok ang kasalanan dito sa lupa?
Genesis 3:1-7—Sa tukso ng ahas o Diablo o Satanas
6. Ano nangyari sa tao?
Juan 8 :44—Ang nais ng Diablo ang siya nating gustong gawin.
7. Ano ang kanyang ginagawa ngayon?
1 Pedro 5:8—Laging naghahanap ng masisila
8. Ano ang ating dapat gawin upang malabanan natin siya?
Santiago 4:7—Magpasakop sa Dios
Sa susunod ay ating tutunghayan kung paano binigyan ng
solusyon ng Dios ang problema ng kasalanan.
1. Ano ang naging resulta ng si Eva at Adan ay nagkasala?
Roma 3:23—Ang lahat ay nagkasala
2. Ano ang kabayaran ng kasalan?
Roma 6:23—Kamatayan
3. Sino ang naging kabayaran ng ating kasalanan?
Roma 5:8—Si Cristo
4. Bakit namatay si Cristo sa krus?
a. 1 Corinto 15:3—Dahil sa ating mga kasalanan
b. Juan 15:13—Upang ipakita ang pinakadakilang kapahayagan
ng pag-ibig
5. Ano ang ating mapapakinabangan kapag ating
sinampalatayanan ang kamatayan ni Cristo?
a. Efeso 1:7—Katubusan at kapatawaran ng kasalanan
b. Hebreo 9:14—Malilinis ang ating budhi
c. Roma 8:1—Wala ng hatol
d. Juan 3:14-16—Buhay na walang hanggan
e. Juan 1:12—Karapatang maging anak ng Dios
Sa susunod nating pag-uusap ay ating muling pag-aaralan kung
bakit dapat mabuhay ang ating Panginoong Jesus.
1. Bakit si Cristo ay muling nabuhay?
Roma 6:9—Sapagkat ang kamatayan ay hindi naghahari sa
2. Ano ang kahalagahan ng pagkabuhay na mag-uli ni Cristo?
1 Corinto 15:17—Nagbibigay kabuluhan sa ating
3. Anu-ano ang ipinaglilingkod ni Cristo sa bawa’t
sumasampataya sa Kaniya?
a. Hebreo 7:25—Namamagitan para sa atin sa Dios upang tayo’y
lubos na maligtas
b. Juan 1:9-2:1—Namamagitan upang tayo ay mapatawad
c. Roma 4:25—Bunga ng kanyang pagtatanggol tayo ay aariing
d. Juan 14:26—Ang Banal na Espiritu ay Kanyang ibinigay upang
Kanyang maging kapalit..
e. Hebreo 2:18—Sumasaklolo sa mga tinutukso upang hindi
4. Anu-anong mga katiyakan ang ibinigay sa atin ng
pagkabuhay na maguli ni Cristo?
a. Roma 6:4—Tayo’y tiyak na makakalakad sa panibagong buhay
b. 1 Corinto 15:12, 13, 22—Ang nangamatay kay Cristo ay tiyak
na muling bubuhayin
c. 1 Pedro 1:3, 4—Tiyak na mayroon tayong buhay na pag- asa
at manang di-masisira.
Sa susunod ay ating pag-uusapan ang Kanyang pangako sa bawat
isa sa atin bago Siya umakyat sa langit.
1. Kailan darating si Cristo?
Mateo 24:36—Walang nakakaalam ng oras at araw ng Kanyang
2. Paano malalamang si Cristo’y malapit nang dumating?
Mateo 24:3—Sa pamamagitan ng mga tanda
3. Anu-ano ang mga palatandaan ng kalapitan ng Kanyang
A. Ano ang mga tanda sa langit? (Mateo 24:29)
a. Magdidilim ang araw – Natupad noong Mayo 19, 1780.
b. Ang buwan ay hindi magliliwanag—Natupad noong Mayo
19, 1780.
c. Ang bituin ay mangalalaglag mula sa langit— Natupad
noong Nov. 13, 1833. (Paunawa: ang mga “stars” na ito ay
“shooting stars” o mga bulalakaw).
B. Ano ang mga tanda sa lupa?—Mateo 24:6-7
a. Mga digmaan—(World War I & II)
b. Mga kagutom—Sipi Bilang 4
c. Mga lindol—Sipi Bilang 5 & 6
d. Lukas 21:11—Magkakasalot (Sipi Bilang 7)
C. Ano ang mga tanda sa pagbagsak ng moralidad ng mga tao?
a. 2 Timoteo 3 :1-5—Ang malaganap na kasamaan
b. Mateo 24 : 37, 38—Gaya ng ganahon ni Noe
D. Mga tanda sa pangangaral ng Ebanghelyo
a. Mateo 24:24—Lilitaw ang mga bulaang propeta
b. Mateo 24:14—Ipangangaral ang ebanghelyo sa buong
4. Ano ang ating dapat gawin?
a. Mateo 24:44—Magsihanda sa Kanyang pagdating.
b. Mateo 4:17—Mangagsisi sapagkat malapit na ang kaharian.
Sa muli nating pag-aaral ay ating pag-uusapan kung paano natin
Siya makilala sa Kanyang muling pagbabalik.
1. Ano ang pangako ni Cristo bago siya umakyat sa langit
Juan14:1-3—Ipaghahanda tayo ng dakong kalalagyan
2. Ano ang anyo ng pagdating ni Jesus?
a. Gawa 1:9-11—Darating siya na nasa mga alapaap ng langit.
b. Sinu-sino ang mga kasama Niya? Mateo 25:31—Ang mga
*Ilang mga anghel ang kasama niya?—Apocalipsis 5:11
*Gaano ang kapangyarihan ng isang anghel?—Mateo 28:2-4
c. Sino-sino ang makakakita ng pagdating ni Jesus?
Apocalipsis 1:7—Bawat mata
d. Parang kidlat sa kalangitan—Mateo 24:27
e. Maririnig ng mga tainga—1 Tesalonica 4:16-17
3. Bakit siya muling darating?
Mateo 16:27—Magbibigay sa mga tao ayon sa kani- kaniyang
4. Ano ang ibibigay sa mga makasalanan?
2 Tesalonica 1:7-10—Kaparusahan
5. Ano ang ibibigay sa mga banal?
1 Corinto 15:51-53 /1 Tesalonica 4:16, 17—Buhay na walang
6. Ano ang dapat nating gawin?
Apocalipsis 14:12 – Sumampalataya kay Jesus at sundin ang mga
Dahil mahal na mahal tayo ng Dios, Siya ay muling darating upang
ikaw at ako ay dalhin Niya kasama sa langit. Kaya sa susunod
ay ating pag-aaralan kung paano natin ipapahayag ang ating
pagmamahal sa Dios
1. Ano ang patotoo ng biblia tungkol sa Dios?
1 Juan 4:8—Ang Dios ay pag-ibig.
2. Paano ipinahayag ng Dios ang kanyang pag-ibig sa atin?
1 Juan 4:9—Sinugo ang Kanyang bugtong ng Anak
3. Sa paano nais ng Dios na mahayag ang ating pag-ibig sa
Juan 14:15—Sa pagtupad ng Kanyang utos.
4.Anu-ano ang mga utos ng Dios sa atin?
1 Juan 3:23, 24—Sumampalataya sa pangalan ni Jesus,
mangagibigan ayon sa ibinigay niyang utos sa atin at ibigin
ang Dios.
5. Paano natin iibigin ang ating kapwa?
Roma 13:9/Mateo 19:16-19/Exodo 20:12-17
a. Igalang mo ang iyong ama at ang iyong ina.
b. Huwag kang papatay.
c. Huwag kang mangangalunya.
d. Huwag kang magnanakaw.
e. Huwag kang sasaksi sa di katotohanan.
f. Huwag kang mananakim.
6. Paano naman natin iibigin ang Dios?
Exodo 20:3-11
a. Mateo 4:10—Sa Dios lamang tatayo sasamba.
b. Roma 1:18,21-23, 25—Huwag sasamba sa mga rebulto.
c. Mateo 5:33—Huwag susumpa sa di totoo sa pangalan Niya.
d. Lukas 23:56—Ipangilin ang Sabbath na takdang
7. Ano ang dapat mong gawin?
a. Juan 3:16—Manampalataya sa Panginoong Jesus.
b. Mateo 5:19—Ganapin at ituro ito sa mga tao.
Sa susunod ay ating pag-uusapan kung anong araw gusto ng Dios
ikaw ay mangilin.
1. Ayon sa Genesis 1, nang pasimula ay nilikha ng Dios ang
langit at lupa.
a. Unang araw—Liwanag
b. Ikalawang araw—Kalawakan
c. Ikatlong araw—Mga panananim
d. Ikaapat na araw—Araw, buwan at mga bituin
e. Ikalimang araw—Mga isda at mga ibon
f. Ikaanim na araw—Mga hayop at tao
Ano pa ang ginawa ng Dios? Markos 2:27—Sabbath
2. Paano ginawa ng Dios ang Sabbath?
Genesis 2:1-3—Ipinagpahinga, ipinangilin at binasbasan
(Ang Dios ang unang nangilin ng Sabbath, hindi ang tao.)
3. Anong araw sa panahon ngayon ang tinutukoy na Sabbath?
a. Diksiyonaryo—Ang Sabado ay siyang ikapitong araw.
b. Pasyong Mahal, pahina 5—Ang Sabado’y ipangilin.
c. Kalendaryo—Ang Sabado ay siyang ikapitong araw.
d. Ang Biblia—Mateo 28:1-6: Sabado ang sinundan ng Linggo.
(Paunawa: Sa makatuwid ang Sabbath ang siyang Sabado.)
4. Ano ang kaugnayan ng salitang Sabbath sa Sabado?
Ang salitang Sabbath ay hango sa salitang Hebreo na
Shabbath. Ito’y isinalin sa Griego na Sabbaton na isinalin sa
Latin na Sabatum o Sabato na isinalin sa Kastila na Sabado.
(Nangangahulugan ang Sabado ay siyang Sabbath.)
5. Ang bayang Israel ba ay nangilin ng Sabbath?
Exodo 20:8-11—Oo, ito ay maliwanag sa Sampung Utos.
6. Kailangan ba natin ipangilin ang araw ng Sabado?
Hebreo 4:9-11—Oo, may natitira pa ngang isang
pamamahingang Sabbath sa bayan ng Dios.
7. Ninanais mo bang makabilang sa mga anak ng Dios?
1 Juan 2:3-6—Manahan sa Kaniya at sundin ang Kaniyang mga
1. Bakit dapat nating ipangilin ang araw ng Sabbath?
a. Exodo 20:8-11—Upang alalahanin na ang Dios ang lumikha
ng langit, lupa at lahat ng naririto.
b. Ezekiel 20:20—Upang maging tanda sa Dios at sa tao sa
pagiging tapat sa bawat isa
c. Ezekiel 20:12—Upang makilala na ang Dios ang nagpapabanal
sa kanila
2. Paano ipangingilin ang Sabbath?
a. Levitico 23:32—Ipangilin mula sa paglubog ng araw.
b. Nehemias13:15-17—Magpahinga mula sa hanapbuhay.
c. Lukas 13:15—Maaring magula at magpainom ng baka o
d. Mateo 12:20-22—Tulungan ang iba sa kanilang
e. Levitico 23:3—Banal na pagpupulong
*Isaias 66:23—Sasamba sa Dios
3. Ang pangingilin ba ng Sabbath ay parehas lang sa Linggo?
Markos 7:7-9—Walang kabuluhan ang pagsamba sa pagganap
ng utos ng tao. Ang araw ng Linggo ay hindi dapat ingatang
banal sapagkat ang Linggo ay karaniwang araw lamang sa Dios.
4. Ano ang ibibigay ng Dios sa mga tao na mag-iingat ng
Sabbath na banal?
Isaias 56:2—Ang Dios ay magkakaloob ng espesyal na
pagpapala doon sa mga nangingilin ng Sabbath.
5. Ano ang dapat mong gawin?
Mateo 12:28-30—Ang paanyaya ng Dios ay lumapit ka sa Kanya
at bibigyan ka Niya ng kapahingan. Ang bawat Sabado ay nagaalok ng kapahingahan ng Dios sa buhay mo.
6. Si Jesus ba ay nangilin din ng Sabbath?
Lukas 4:16—Hindi lang nangilin kundi ito ay Kanyang ugali.
7. Ang Kanyang mga alagad ba ay nangilin ng Sabbath?
a. Lukas 23:54-56—Sila Maria man din ay nangilin ng Sabbath.
b. Gawa 17:2—Ugali din ni Pablo na mangilin ng Sabbath.
8. Pagdating kaya natin sa langit ay mangingilin ba tayo ng
Isaias 66:22-24—Mangingilin ang mga maliligtas.
Panawagan: Gusto mo bang makasama doon sa langit na sasamba
sa Dios?
1. Ano ang ginawa ng Dios sa ating katawan?
1 Pedro 1:18, 19—Binili tayo ng Kanyang sariling dugo.
2. Ano ang gusto ng Dios na gawin natin sa ating katawan?
1 Corinto 6:19, 20—Hindi na tayo nabubuhay sa ating sarili
at luwalhatiin nga natin ang Dios sa pamamagitan ng ating
3. Paano natin maluluwalhati ang Dios sa pamamagitan ng
Sa pagkain:
Levitico 20:25—Nilagyan ng Dios ng pagkakaiba ang mga hayop
a. Levitico 11:2-8—HAYOP: baak ang paa at ngumunguya
b. Levitico 11:10-12—ISDA: may palikpik at kaliskis
c. Levitico 11:13-23—SA MGA IBON: partikular na mga ibon
d. Gawa 15:29/Levitico 17:10—Dugo at binigti
e. Kawikaan 20:1—Ang alak ay manggugulo, hindi pantas ang
f. 1 Corinto 3:17—Gigibain ng Dios ang ating katawan kapag
ginigiba natin ang ating mga katawan.
HALIMBAWA: sigarilyo, droga, kape, cola, at iba pa.
4. Bakit ayaw ng Dios na kumain tayo ng mga karumaldumal?
Jeremias 31:3—Mahal tayo ng Dios, gaya ng magulang sa
kanyang anak.
5. Ano ang gagawin ng Dios sa mga sumasamba sa diosdiosan
at kumakain ng mga karumaldumal?
Isaias 66:15-17—Papatayin ng Dios.
6. Ano ang dapat nating gawin sa ating maling pagkain at paginom?
Ezekiel 36:26, 27—Magsisi tayo upang bigyan tayo ng Dios
ng bagong puso at bagong diwa, at ng Banal na Espiritu na
siyang gagawa upang maganap natin ang ipinag-uutos Niya at
maingatang malinis ang ating katawan.
7. Ano ang orihinal na pagkain ni Adam at Eva?
Genesis 1:29—pagkaing mula sa halaman
Sa susunod ay ating tutunghayan kung paano makikilala ang tunay
na iglesia.
1. Sino ang nagtayo at kanino ang tunay na iglesia?
Mateo 16:18—Si Cristo at kay Cristo
2. Sino ang pundasyon ng iglesia na siyang ‘bato’?
a. 1 Corinto 10:4—Si Cristo ang bato.
b. 1 Corinto 3:11—Si Cristo ang pundasyon ng iglesia.
3. Mayroon bang pangalang pantangi ng iglesia? Wala!
(PAUNAWA: Ang pangalang pantangi ay nagsisimula sa
malalaking titik.)
Roma 16:16—“iglesya ni Cristo”
1 Corinto 1:2—“iglesya ng Dios”
Gawa 20:28—“iglesya ng Panginoon”
4. Paano natin malalaman ang tunay na iglesia ngayon?
a. Mateo 28:19—Pambuong sanlibutan
b. 1 Corinto 1:7—Kumpleto ng kaloob (Efeso 4:10-11)
c. 1 Juan 5:20—Naniniwalang si Cristo ay Dios
d. 2 Corinto 6:17—Malinis na iglesia
e. Hebreo 9:28—Naniniwalang si Cristo’y darating sa ikalawa
f. Apocalipsis 14:12—May pananampalataya at pagsunod kay
(PAUNAWA: Ang Seventh-day Adventist Church ang tanging
tumugon sa mga katangiang ito ng tunay na iglesia)
5. Ano ang gusto ng Dios na gawin mo ngayon?
Apocalipsis 18:4—Lumabas ka sa maling katuruan, paniniwala o
6. Pagkatapos mong lumabas, ano ang dapat mong gawin?
Juan 10:9—Pumasok ka kay Cristo at ikaw ay maliligtas!
Nais mo bang pumasok sa tunay na iglesia na itinayo at pag-aari
mismo ni Cristo? Kung ganon, ano pa ang hinihintay mo?
Sa susunod ay ating pag-uusapan kung paano tayo makakapasok
sa iglesia ni itinayo ni Kristo.
1. Alam mo ba na ikaw ay maaring maging anak ng Dios?
Galatia 4:4-6—Tayo ay kinupkop ng Dios bilang mga anak.
2. Paano tayo magiging mga anak ng Dios?
Juan 3:3-6—Sa pamamagitan ng tubig at Espiritu
3. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng bautismo?
a. Ang bautismo ay salin mula sa salitang Griego na “baptizo” na
ang kahulugan ay “to immerse”–ilubog, hindi wisik o buhos
b. Halimbawa: Gawa 8:36, 38, 39—lumusong, inilubog, umahon
4. Ano ang kahulugan ng bautismo?
Roma 6:3-5—Kapahayagang pangmadla na ibinibilang ang sarili
na patay na sa kasalanan, ngunit bagong buhay sa katuwiran
ng Dios. Ito’y sa bisa ng ating pagtanggap sa kamatayan at
pagkabuhay ng Dios.
5. Anu-ano ang dapat munang gawin bago mabautismuhan?
a. Gawa 2:38—Manampalataya at magsisi
b. Gawa 2:41—Magpasiyang umanib sa tunay ng iglesia
6. Ano ang kahalagahan sa buhay ng tao ng bautismo?
Markos 16:16—Ito ay panlabas na kapahayagan ng panloob na
pananampalataya kay Kristo.
7. Ano ang mangyayari sa iyo pag ikaw ay magpabautismo?
Galatia 3:27—ibinihis si Cristo
2 Corinto 5:17—Ikaw ay pawang bagong nilalang.
Panawagan: Nais mo bang ipahayag sa lahat na ikaw ay kay
Cristo sa pamamagitan ng bautismo? Kung magkagayon ang
wika ng Gawa 22:16 ay “Bakit ka tumitigil? Magtindig ka at
1. Kayo ba ay nakakita na ng kaluluwa? Gusto ba niyo
makakita? Ako ay nakakita na. Mamaya ay pakikitaan ko
kayo ng kaluluwa.
2. Sino ba ang lumalalang ng kaluluwa?
Genesis 2:7—Ang Dios ang lumalang sa tao mula sa alabok.
Hiningahan ang butas ng ilong at naging kaluluwang may
3. Ano ang kaluluwa?
Genesis 2:7—“Ang tao ay naging kaluluwang may buhay.”
Samakatuwid ang tao ay kaluluwa. Kayo mismo at ako ang
siyang kaluluwa.
4. Ano ang likas ng kaluluwa?
Genesis 2:7—Binubuo ng katawan na siyang alabok at hininga
ng buhay mula sa Dios
Genesis 1:26—Kawangis o kasing-larawan natin ang Dios.
Ezekiel 18:4—Namamatay dahil sa kasalanan
5. Ano ang mangyayari sa tao pag siya ay namatay?
a. Eclesiastes 12:7—Babalik sa alabok gaya ng una at ang
espiritu (hininga) ay sa Dios
b. Eclesiastes 9:5,6—Walang isip, walang alam, at wala ng alaala
c. Gawa 2:14, 29, 34—Wala pa rin sa langit
6. Ano gagawin ni Kristo sa tao pagdating niya?
Sa matuwid:
1 Tesalonica 4:16, 17—Bubuhayin niya ang nangamatay na banal
at dadalhin sa langit.
1 Corinto 15: 52-54—Bibihisan ng katawang walang kasiraan
Sa masama:
Apocalipsis 21:8—Susunugin sa dagat-dagatang apoy at asupre
7. Saan mo gusto makabilang sa dalawang lugar na maaaring
patunguhan ng tao?
Panawagan: Ngayon, gusto mo bang malaman kung ano ang dapat
mong gawin?
Daniel 5:23—Purihin ang Dios na Siyang may hawak ng iyong
Gawa 16: 30, 31—Manampatalataya.
Mateo 19:16-19—Ingatan ang mga utos ng Dios.
Sina John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Sim Walton, at Sultan
Hassanal Bolkiah, sa iba’t-ibang panahon, ay itinanghal na
pinakamayaman sa buong daigdig. Ngunit may kilala ako na
higit pang mayaman kaysa kanila. Nais mo bang makilala ang
pinakamayaman sa buong daigdig?
1. Sino ang pinakamayaman sa buong daigdig?
Awit 24:1—Dios ang may-ari ng sanlibutan at lahat ng nandito.
Haggai 2:8—Pilak at ginto
2. Kanino nanggagaling ang lahat nating tinatanggap?
Juan 3:27—Mula sa Dios sa langit
3. Ano ang papel ng tao sa lahat ng mga bagay na pag-aari ng
Genesis 1:26—Ang tao ay katiwala, hindi may-ari.
4. Ano ang inaasahan ng Dios sa tao bilang katiwala?
1 Corinto 4:2—Maging tapat
5. Paano ninanakawan ng tao ang Dios?
Malakias 3:8-10—Sa ikapu at mga handog (ngunit may pangako
para sa tapat)
Mga uliran sa pagbibigay ng ika-sampung bahagi ng kita
William Colgate – founder ng Colgate toothpaste
Mr. Proctor—ng Ivory soap
Henry Cromwell—founder ng Quaker Oats
John D. Rockefeller, Sr.—founder ng Rockefeller Foundation
6. Saan ginagamit ang ikapu?
Bilang 18:4, 5, 21 at 1 Corinto 9:13, 14—Sa mangangaral ng
7. Paano magiging matagumpay na katiwala?
Juan 15:4, 5—Manatili kay Cristo
Juan 13:17—Mapalad kapag ating ginawa
Panawagan: Gusto mo bang maging mapalad na katiwala?
Gusto mo bang tumugon sa hamon ng Dios na subukin mo siya
sa pamamagitan ng pagbabalik ng ikapu at mga handog mula
1. Bakit tayo tinawagan ng Dios?
2 Corinto 5:20—Upang kanyang maging mga ambassadors
2. Ano ang nais ng Dios sa atin bilang mga ambassadors?
1 Juan 2:15-17—Huwag natin ibigin ang sanlibutan
Filipos 4:7-8—Isipin kung ano man ang mabuti
3. Ano ang halimbawa ng mabuti?
Awit 119: 37—Alisin ang pagtingin sa mga walang kabuluhan.
1 Timoteo 2:9, 10/1 Pedro 3:2-5—Huwag sa panlabas na
panggayak kundi ang natatago sa puso
4. Saan may kaugnayan ang mga hikaw at mga hiyas?
Hoseas 2:13—Ito ay may kaugnayan sa pag-samba sa diosdiosan at paglimot sa Dios.
5. Ano ang simbolo ng mga marangyang kasuotan sa huling
Apocalipsis 17:1-5—Simbolo ng maling iglesia
6. Ano ang gagawin ng Dios sa mga taong sumasamba sa
dios-diosan at mayroong marangyang kasuotan?
Isaias 3:16-24—Paparusahan
7. Ngayon bilang mga alagad ng Dios ano ang kagalakan
nating gawin?
Awit 40:8—Sundin ang kanyang kautusan
Panawagan: Gusto mo bang sundin ang Dios at maging kalugudlugod ka sa Kanyang paningin?
1. Paano inihahayag ng Dios ang kanyang sarili sa tao?
Amos 3:7—Sa pamamagitan ng mga propeta
2. Paano ang Dios nakikipag-ugayan sa mga propeta?
Bilang 12:6—Sa mga pamamagitan ng panaginip at pangitain
3. Bakit may malaking galit ang dragon (Satanas) sa mga
Apocalipsis 12:17—Dahil sila ay sumusunod sa kautusan at may
patotoo ni Jesus
4. Ano ang patotoo ni Jesus?
Apocalipsis 19:10—Ang espiritu ng hula
5. Ano ang kahalagahan ng espiritu ng hula sa huling
Efeso 4:8, 11-15—Ito ay isa sa mga pagkakakilanlan ng
tunay na iglesia.
1 Corinto 1:4-7—Katangian ng mga nagsisipaghintay kay Cristo.
6. Paano natin malalaman kung ang propeta ay totoo o
1 Juan 4:1—Subukin.
7. Ano ang subukan ng tunay na propeta?
a. Deuteronomio 13:1-4—Kung sila ay may pagsunod sa Dios
b. Jeremias 28:8, 9—Kapag ang kanyang propesiya ay
c. Isaias 8:19,10—Kung nagtuturo ayon sa kautusan at patotoo
ni Cristo
d. 1 Juan 4:1-3—Kung nagtuturo sa pagparito ni Cristo sa
laman at Siya’y muling darating
e. Mateo 7:15-16—Kung nakikita sa bunga
f. Daniel 10:17—Kapag nagkakaroon ng pangitain, hindi siya
8. Bakit kailangan natin maniwala sa tunay na propeta?
2 Cronica 20:20—Upang maging matatag at guminhawa
Panawagan: Ang Iglesia Adventista ay ang iglesia na
pinagkalooban ng Dios ng Espiritu ng Hula sa huling kapanahunan
sa pamamagitan ni Gng. Ellen White.
This section will help the VOY team, the youth
leaders and elders of the church to disciple the new
members. Like what I had pointed out earlier, heaven
is most interested in winning souls to Jesus’ feet. Once
they are won, we have the responsibility to nurture the
new members. We need to remember that each soul is
priceless. They are bought not with gold or silver but with
the precious blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:18-19, NKJV). Those
who responded to the invitation to a saving relationship
with Christ and are baptized should be nurtured. After
the VOY is conducted in the target community, the effort
is not yet done. Unselfish effort should be exerted to
help those new converts to be strong in the Lord until He
comes the second time.
The Christian Life Cycle (CLC) outlines the process
that a person should normally or ideally experience
in his/her Christian life. This also guides the pastor, elder,
youth, or anybody working in soul winning to see the development
of the new members from new birth to maturity, from a soul to be
won to a soul winner, from unbeliever to disciple maker, and from
wasting his time to using his spiritual gifts for the glory of God. The
concept of the cycle is taken from the Purpose Driven Church by
Rick Warren (1995) where he said, “Our process for implementing
the purposes of God involves four steps: We bring people in, build
them up, train them, and send them out” (pp. 108-109). I added the
below phrases to these steps for more emphasis:
the people into a living and
saving relationship with
them up in His Words and
Spiritual Disciplines,
them how to minister using
their Spiritual gifts to equip
and edify the Church,
them out in the power of the
Holy Spirit to capture the
heart of the Community
with God’s Love.
Bring the people into a living and saving relationship with
1. Bridging Events. All evangelistic efforts start here. Without
successful bridging events it is impossible to have people study
the Word of God. Bridging events can happen during community
services, funeral fervices, school programs, and other avenues or
bridges that soften the heart of the people for the Gospel. One of the
most effective ways to find interested people for Bible studies is the
church family network. This includes family members, friends, work
associates, and relatives. Win Arn (1982) attests that relationship is
the most effective strategy to win people to Jesus (p. 43).
2. Bible Studies. Once the bridge is successfully done,
conducting Bible studies may follow. In here, the one giving Bible
studies needs to pray fervently and to depend on the Holy Spirit to
melt the heart of the person with the love of God. Presenting Jesus
as the only way for sinner to be saved should come first before any
doctrine should be presented. Once this is properly done people are
given opportunity to follow Him as the Lord of their lives. Presenting
the doctrine of the Sabbath without introducing the Lord of the
Sabbath first is useless. It will only create a legalistic member.
3. Baptism. Baptism should not be hastily given to the people
for quantity sake or for reaching the goal at the expense of quality
or conversion. The potential member should manifest a willingness
to forsake the world for Christ. This is clearly presented in the Church
Manual 2005 edition pages 29-35.
Build them up in His Words and Spiritual Disciplines.
1. Personal Bible Studies. As babies are properly nourished
through the mother’s milk, the new members are properly fed
through the study of the Word of God. Teaching them the basics of
studying the Bible themselves is a great help to make them disciples.
These are some suggestions: (1) How to find the books of the Bible,
(2) How to study the Bible, (3) How to Share the truths of the Bible
and etc.
2. Personal Prayer. Many times we assume that when people
are baptized they already know how to pray. Of course, this is not
the case. Having a series of sessions on the how of praying will
boost to their spiritual health.
3. Personal Testimonies. New members left their old lifestyles
for the sake of the gospel. They have stories that will bless the
church at large when they are given time to share their testimonies.
However, this should be done carefully and prayerfully. The new
members need to have a series of studies on how to give personal
testimonies as well.
4. Family Worship. The church should provide more time for
helping the new members learn how to conduct family worship at
home. The best place for doing this training is not in the church but
in their respective homes. Sometimes our quarterly lessons deal with
important but hard topics for the new members. When this is the
case the church should provide materials suited for their situation.
5. Attending Worship Services. The new members need to be
acquainted with the importance of attending Worship Services such
as Prayer Meeting, Vespers Meeting and Sabbath Services. Some of
the emphases on this area are: (a) The why of the worship services,
(b) How to dress for church meetings, (c) How to render parts in the
worship services, and etc.
6. Small Group Meetings. The new members are to be
surrounded by new friends in the church. This can be provided
in the small group of the church. Small group provides a friendly
environment where the new members can easily participate. The
church should provide Small Group Leadership Training for this
7. Church Heritage. The new members should be acquainted
with the church heritage. This will help them know and love the
church more. In here the history of the church will be tackled. This is
where the denominational tour must take place. It will broaden their
knowledge on how the church operates worldwide.
Train them how to minister using their Spiritual gifts to equip
and edify the Church
1. Spiritual Gift Discovery. God does not only provide the
gift of salvation (Romans 6:23) but the gift for ministry as well
(Ephesians 4:11-14; Romans 12; and 1 Corinthians 12). Each of the
new members has been given the gift/gifts for him to use for God’s
glory and for the edification of the church. He has an important
function in the body of Christ. Therefore, it is the church’s duty to
lead the new member discovers his/her God given gifts. The church
has the responsibility as well to affirm the gifts of the members.
2. Spiritual Gift Development. Once the spiritual gifts have
been discovered, the church needs to provide an environment
whereby the gifts will be affirmed and developed. Those with the
gift of mercy may be given a chance to be with those working in the
Prison Ministry, Anti Drug Abuse Centers, or Community Services.
Members with the gift of teaching may be given an opportunity
to teach in the Children Division, Youth Division or Sabbath School
(Zackrison, 1997, pp. 96-110).
3. Spiritual Gift Deployment. After discovering, affirming,
and developing the gifts, the members will be given opportunities
to think big, visualize, and start a ministry where God is calling them.
The ministry he has in mind may not be in existence in the church
but this should not prevent him for pursuing it. As long as God is
leading him and no Biblical Principles are at stake, he can start a
ministry in the body of Christ. When this is done, the church as a
body of Christ will work in the power of the Holy Spirit (Zackrison,
1997, pp. 14-20).
Send them out in the power of the Holy Spirit to capture the
heart of the Community with God’s Love.
1. Gift-based Ministry. The people will be sent to fulfill the
Great Commission using their God-given gifts.
2. Soul Winning. The supreme goal for the gifts God provides
to the body of Christ is the salvation of the lost (Zackrison, 1997, p.
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VOY Document A
“Empowering the Youth for Evangelism”
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.”
(Ecclesiastes 9:10, NKJV)
“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to
men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the
inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.”
(Colossians 3:23-24, NKJV)
Documents to Accomplish Before going out:
VOY Team Form
Letter from the
VOY Certification of
Colletive Pass copy
Signature Over Printed Name
(VOY Over-all Coordinator)
Signature Over Printed Name
VOY Document B
“Empowering Youth for Evangelism”
Mission Field: ________________________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________
Our Mission Goal:
“By God’s grace and guidance, we humbly pray to lead ___________
people to Jesus, baptize them, and nurture them to grow in Christ.”
Theology Students:
My Mission:
Non-Theology Students:
Local Church Adventist Youths:
Needed VOY Missions:
Speaker – My mission is to prepare a Christ-centered presentation
each night and join the visitation as well.
Overall Coordinator – My mission is to oversee that everything is
running smoothly and that each coordinator is doing his/her task.
Assoc. Coordinator – My mission is to work closely with the overall
coordinator and help carry out his task.
Program Coordinator – My mission is to prepare a printed program
and see to it that participants are informed and instructed to render
their parts on time.
Health Lecturer – My mission is to prepare and present a health
lecture each night on a given span of time.
Music Coordinator – My mission is to coordinate all the music
(theme song, chorister, special and appeal
song) needed each night.
Interest Coordinator – My mission is to enlist those who are
attending and see to it that they are visited.
Prayer Band Coordinator – My mission is to lead the group in prayer
and assign members to have a prayer band while the program is
going on each night.
Children Coordinator – My mission is to lead the group in gathering,
teaching and leading children. I need to prepare activities for
children and see to it that they do not loiter around or make noises
that will disturb the nightly program.
Secretariat/Usher – My mission is to see that the names of attendees
are listed and that they are warmly welcomed. I need also to assist
the speaker or any team member for other needed documents.
Logistic – My mission is to ensure that the place of meeting is ready
each night.
Budget – My mission is to release needed funds and to keep all the
receipts for proper reporting.
Documentation – My mission is to document in photo or video the
VOY evangelism endeavor.
VOY Document C
“Empowering the Youth for Evangelism”
He who is FAITHFUL in what is least is FAITHFUL also in MUCH; and
he who is UNJUST in what is least is UNJUST also in much. (Luke
16:10, NKJV)
TOTAL Budget for VOY Team:
Our EXPENSES Report:
Signature Over Printed Name
(Assigned VOY Team Treasurer)
Signature Over Printed Name
(Speaker or Over-all
VOY Document D
Name of the Reporter
Our Voice of Youth was held on____________________________ , at
___________________________________________________________________, with
its theme _________________________________________________, consists
of _______ team members went out to reach the said community for
Out of this VOY, there were _______________ AUP students who
participated, from the following colleges:
We praise God for the services He allowed us to accomplish for
his glory. Here is the statistical data of our services:
Total Number of Children Served
Nightly Meeting Attendance
Number of Involved Youth from the
Local Churches
Number of Homes Visited
Number of Bible Studies
Number of Baptism
Number of Theology Students
Number of Non-Theology Students
Here are the effective strategies we employed that made our
VOY successful:
1. ______________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________
4. ______________________________________________________________________
5. ______________________________________________________________________
Signature Over Printed Name
Contact Number
VOY Document E
College of Theology
(Empowering the Youth for Evangelism)
Prepared by Pastor Ron Genebago
Specific Description:
This program has been designed to help ministerial students to
sharpen their skills in organizing and leading the evangelistic effort
of the church. In here, ministerial students are required to participate
in three Voice of Youth evangelistic meetings. In the entire duration
of the course, each ministerial student will normally follow this
developmental stage: as members during freshman; as coordinators
during sophomore year; and as speakers during junior year. (Source:
COT Curriculum Revised 2011-2012)
General Description:
The Voice of Youth (VOY) is a gift-based ministry of the College
of Theology to equip Theology and Non-Theology students of the
Adventist University of the Philippines and the approved young
people of the local church to bring people both in the Urban and
Rural areas to a saving relationship with Jesus.
Young people who are enjoying a saving relationship with Christ,
sharpening their God-given spiritual gifts in the Church, and sharing
the gospel to the Communities (Rural and Urban).
The Voice of Youth exists to: Seek and Save the Lost, Make
Disciples and Plant Churches.
1. To organize and deploy 70 Voice of Youth Teams in SCLC and
CLC territories with at least five baptisms per team.
2. To plant three churches in unentered territories within five
1. Identify the ministerial students enrolled in VOY.
2. Promote VOY University-wide.
3. Coordinate with the local youth directors (SCLC, CLC, NPUC)
4. Identify local church approved young people who will join the
5. Conduct a weekend Spiritual Retreat.
6. Conduct a gift-based training.
7. Commissioning.
1. Organize VOY teams with equipped Ministerial Students as
Speakers, Coordinators, Health Lecturers, and students and
young people equipped based on their spiritual gifts.
2. Promote VOY in AUP and have interested students consulted.
3. Coordinate with the local youth directors.
4. Identify requesting churches and their counterparts in terms
of personnel (young people) and monetary requirements.
5. Conduct a spiritual retreat and training.
6. Conduct a gift-based training.
7. Commission the VOY Teams in PIC.
8. Visit the target church and community.
9. Conduct a preliminary bridge events in the communities.
10. Conduct the VOY proper.
11. Baptize the people who decided.
12. Tour the newly-baptized with team in Adventist Institutions.
13. Nurture and disciple the new members.
Gant Chart (Operational Plan)
January to
of VOY
during VOY
CLC Youth
AUP Week
of Prayer
and Campus
Pr Ron and
January to
with the local
and missions.
Pr Ron,
Directors of
Mission and
VOY Midweek
Meeting and
Joy Lampasa
VOY Commissioning
VOY Summer
Pr Ron
VOY Thanksgiving and
VOY Officers
VOY Officers
VOY Camp
VOY Christmas
Pr Ron
Promo Missed
VOY Document F
Discovering My Spiritual Gifts
(Taken from NPUC Youth Department)
I feel very comfortable directing activities involving people.
I have been called directly by God to hold a highly
responsible position of leadership among God’s people.
I can discern the motives of most people.
I find it easy to ask someone to make a decision for Jesus.
When someone is hurting I am able to say something that
genuinely comforts.
Even when God’s will is not clear with me I still step out in
In an appeal for a worthy cause I’m among the first to
I prefer to busy myself behind the scenes at a social
I enjoy helping people by having them home for meals.
Most of my prayer time is spent dealing with the needs of
Salvation by faith alone is a truth I clearly understand.
When faced with the complex problem I am able to
identify the key factors that will lead to a solution.
I would have it totally worthwhile to be one of the five
missionaries killed taking the gospel to the Auca Indians.
Helping societies’ outcast, like drunks and addicts, would
or does me great satisfaction.
Living in rather primitive circumstances in a foreign country
would not worry me as long as I could share the gospel.
I’m excited about visiting church members in their homes
on a regular basis.
People in trouble are encouraged when I talked with them.
I feel very much at home leading out in any Bible teaching
If someone is emotionally upset I can explain why they are
upset and what they should do.
There is a good spirit of unity and enthusiasm when I’m in
I’m usually consulted when matter of doctrine are being
I can tell whether a person is being influenced more by the
Lord or by Satan.
Regularly I have the privilege of leading souls to Jesus.
I am often asked to help those in trouble resolve their
I have complete faith the Lord will work out every problem
that comes my way.
I keep my purchases to a real minimum when appeals are
made for others.
When asked to help, even when I’m busy, I try to help.
I always make it appoint to greet strangers and when it’s
appropriate I invite them home.
People in need regularly come to my mind, and I take their
needs to God in prayer.
With the help of appropriate study materials, I can find
what God’s Word teaches on most topics.
I resolve people or relational problems in ways that make
those affected satisfied.
The idea of dying for my faith does not frighten me.
I am extremely sensitive to the needs of the handicapped
and enjoy talking with them and offering my help.
I could cope up with separation from loved ones in
order to share the gospel in a foreign land.
It does, or I believe it would, bring satisfaction to occupy
the same pulpit each week of the year.
People often tell me, “God used you. You dealt exactly with
my need.”
I can prepare a logical class outline for a Bible class.
I know when to take an uncompromising stand, and when
to take middle course between alternate positions.
I am happy to accept the loneliness that comes with
When leaders are being chosen my opinions are normally
If someone came and ask me for money, I would know if
the person really needed help or was fraud.
People under conviction seek me out and ask how they
should surrender their lives to Jesus.
People in need of good advice ask me for it.
I take God’s promises at face value and believe them even
if the fulfilment seems impossible.
If I totalled my personal and church contribution they
would probably equal a fifth or more of my income.
If a church or community leader asked me to do menial
task like sweeping a side walk, I’d be delighted to do it.
There are often a good number of people at our home for
lunch after church service.
I have long and growing list of my people whom I
remember in prayer.
I am perfectly at ease answering anyone’s Bible questions.
I have the ability to develop progressive programs and see
them through to a successful conclusion.
If a civil court sentenced me to death for preaching the
gospel, I’d be content to die for the Lord.
I’d be very willing to help a shoddily dressed drunk across
a busy intersection.
I could happily adapt to the culture of another country if
called to minister there.
I see myself as a “shepherd” in my church with a total
dedication to the welfare of all the “sheep.”
God uses me to lift the spirit of the discouraged.
Bible teachings come quickly to mind when I deal with a
I can predict with unusual accuracy the long term result of
VOY Document G
Answer Sheet
(Taken from NPUC Youth Department)
Name: ___________________________
Mission/Conference: ____________
Course: __________________________
Email/Facebook: ________________
Church: __________________________
Position in Church: _____________
Contact Number: _____________________________
1. 1 2 3 4 5
2. 1 2 3 4 5
3. 1 2 3 4 5
4. 1 2 3 4 5
5. 1 2 3 4 5
6. 1 2 3 4 5
7. 1 2 3 4 5
8. 1 2 3 4 5
9. 1 2 3 4 5
10. 1 2 3 4 5
11. 1 2 3 4 5
12. 1 2 3 4 5
13. 1 2 3 4 5
14. 1 2 3 4 5
15. 1 2 3 4 5
16. 1 2 3 4 5
17. 1 2 3 4 5
18. 1 2 3 4 5
19. 1 2 3 4 5
20. 1
21. 1
22. 1
23. 1
24. 1
25. 1
26. 1
27. 1
28. 1
29. 1
30. 1
31. 1
32. 1
33. 1
34. 1
35. 1
36. 1
37. 1
38. 1
39. 1
40. 1
41. 1
42. 1
43. 1
44. 1
45. 1
46. 1
47. 1
48. 1
49. 1
50. 1
51. 1
52. 1
53. 1
54. 1
55. 1
56. 1
57. 1
Total: ______ Administration
Total: ______ Apostleship
Total: ______ Discernment
Total: ______ Evangelism
Total: ______ Exhortation
Total: ______ Faith
Total: ______ Giving
Total: ______ Helps
Total: ______ Hospitality
Total: ______ Intercession
Total: ______ Knowledge
Total: ______ Leadership
Total: ______ Martyrdom
Total: ______ Mercy
Total: ______ Missionary
Total: ______ Pastoring
Total: ______ Prophecy
Total: ______ Teaching
Total: ______ Wisdom
To God be the Glory!
Without Him this book would not have been written.
Petronio M. Genebago is College
of Theology Instructor at Adventist
University of the Philippines (AUP),
Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite. His areas
of teaching are Daniel and Revelation,
The Healing Church and Community
Care, Old Testament Hebrew Grammar,
and New Testament Greek. He holds
Master in Public Health (MPH), Master
in Ministry (MMin), and Master of Arts
in Biblical Languages (MAR BL) degrees.
Presently, he is taking up PhD in Old
Testament with Systematic Theology as cognate in AIIAS. Formerly,
he was district pastor, communication and youth ministries director
of Central Luzon Conference (CLC). He was also appointed as youth
ministries and AMiCUS director of North Philippine Union Conference.
He coordinated Voice of Youth of AUP from 2013-2015. He is married
to Jeneva Dalida and has two sons Konstantin Von and Harold Jon.
Reynaldo M. Maglipas is Pastor for Evangelism
of Philippine International Church of AUP and
Secretary for Cavite Satellite Office of CLC. He
holds Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) major
in Management and Master in Ministry (MMin)
degrees. Presently, he is taking up Doctor of
Ministry (DMin) in AIIAS under Distance Learning
Center. Formerly, he was district pastor and urban
church planter of CLC. He is married to Sunbeam
Love Ente and has two daughters Jewel Chreysun and Raynalle Pearl.
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