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In this unit, we have studied how plants and animals interact in the wetland ecosystem. We have
learned about changes in their populations, and how they can form interdependent relationships.
Finally, we learned how energy is transmitted through those relationships. Please answer each of the
following questions to the best of your ability.
1. Describe the relationships between the sun and two biotic members of the wetland ecosystem.
Make sure to include and label a producer and a consumer. (short answer: 3-5 sentences)
2. Compare and contrast p​ arasitism ​and m
​ utualism​, and give one example of each relationship.
(short answer: 3-5 sentences)
3. Consider a forest that is home to large populations of deer, which primarily eat leaves and
grasses. If a seasonal drought reduces the amount of leaves and grasses available, how will the
population of deer be impacted? Make sure to discuss:
a. Any changes to the behavior, size, and health of the population of deer.
b. The impact of those changes on predators that feed on deer.
Rubric for Question 1:
2 points: The statement correctly describes a producer and a consumer in the context of a wetland
ecosystem, AND explains how they relate to each other in the ecosystem.
1 point: The statement describes two members of the ecosystem without labeling both of them.
0 points: The statement does not correctly describe or label two members of the ecosystem.
Rubric for Question 2:
2 points
1 point
0 points
Understanding of
The statement
correctly defines both
The statement
correctly defines one
No terms are defined.
Conceptual learning
The statement
compares and
contrasts the concepts
The statement
compares OR
contrasts the concepts.
The statement does
not compare or
contrast the concepts.
Both examples are
One accurate example
is provided.
No examples are
provided, OR neither
are accurate.
Rubric for Question 3:
2 points
1 point
The statement
correctly analyzes the
changes to behavior,
size and health of the
The statement analyzes The statement does
changes to behavior,
not analyze changes to
size, OR health of the
the population.
The statement predicts The statement defines
the impact of changes predators without
on predators
predicting changes.
The statement does
not mention preditors.
The statement is
mostly free of
grammatical or
spelling errors.
The statement is
difficult to read
because of errors in
grammar and spelling.
The statement
includes several errors
0 points