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What were Warren Buffett's realization when he said, “I wish I learned this when I was
Warren Buffett is considered as one of the greatest investors in history. He is also
known as the “Oracle of Omaha”. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway which owns
more than 60 companies including the company of Duracell and Dairy Queen. He is
also the fourth-wealthiest person in the world. According to Forbes, his real time net
worth is $73.4B as of July 31, 2020.
In the first part of the video, he made a talk for youths at the university in Omaha,
Nebraska. According to Buffett himself, “The catch is that it's the only car you're going to
get in your lifetime now , what are you going to do knowing that's the only car you're
ever going to have and you love that car, you're going to take care of it like you cannot
believe. Now what I like to suggest you're not going to get only one car in your lifetime
but you got to get one body in one mind and that's all you're going to get and that body
of mine feels terrific now but it has to last you a lifetime” He gave advice to his audience
to take care of their well-being while they are still young. He associates mind and body
to a car and how to it should be treated in a right way. He realizes that you don’t need
straight perfect and right decision to be successful. The opinion of other people won’t
really matter because he believes that everyone is unique as their fingerprints. Thus, it’s
not bad to practice things you are good at. He also implies to choose a career that will
make you happy and it will eventually lead you to be successful.
Was there a point in the interview (in the video) where he made mention of sharing his
wealth to the community, to charity institutions, socio-civic advocacy groups, or to the
poor? If there was, what are these?
Buffett is known as multi-billionaire investor, and he is also known as a philanthropist.
According to an article, Buffett started his charity donation in 2006 and announced that
85% of his entire fortune will be given away to charity called Bill and Melinda Gates
One student in Barnard College asked "what are your main considerations when you're
choosing where to donate and what causes to donate to and what are the main
challenges that are associated with that" he said that he is willing to help the people
who have the similar values and objectives as he is and to people who pour in
intelligence and energy to it. If he saw these characteristics to you, maybe we won’t
have any hesitation to help you.