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Understanding human being UNIT 1 LECTURE 1

Subject Name:-Understanding the Human Being
Comprehensively – Human Aspirations and its fulfillment
Subject Code:- ROE074
Unit No.:- 1 Introduction
Lecture No.:- 1
Topic Name :- Where we are (Self-evaluation)
Dr. Smita Saxena
Department of Basic Science
Check for yourself
Observe and Verify Self awareness
Self-exploration and self evolution
Goal of this Course (UHV2)
Our Purpose & Program depends on Assumption/ Understanding
Shift in Our Assumption / Understanding through UHV1
1. What is Your level of awareness?
In a 24 hour day, there are 86,400 seconds
How many seconds you are aware of your desires, thoughts and expectation
2. During the time of being aware, what is your desire?
Continuous happiness
Something based on Sensation / Preconditioning
Observe and Verify
1. Observe the imagination (desire, thought and expectation) that is
going on in your self, at this moment. Keep observing it every
2. Check whether the desire (feeling) you have at this moment,
-is it in line with your natural acceptance or not in line with it?
-do you want its continuity or not?
3. When your desire (feeling) is in line with your natural acceptance,
does it lead to a state of harmony, happiness? Or
does it lead to a state of disharmony/ contradiction, unhappiness?
4. Who is taking the decision for the desire that is going on in you at
this moment
 You yourself, somebody else or external conditions?
Can you see that ultimately, it is you who is taking the decision and
therefore, You are responsible for your happiness & unhappiness,
the other or the situations can only a triggering point
Home Work from UHV1
To understand harmony and live in harmony – at all levels
(1-individual, 2-family, 3-society, 4-nature/existence)
1. Self-exploration, Self-study – Verify the proposals within yourself, on your
own right  understanding harmony, feeling & thought of harmony;
behaviour, work & participation in larger order on the basis of harmony
2. Self-awareness – Be aware of your desire, thought and expectation
– every moment
3. Self-evaluation – Evaluate your
desire, thought and expectation
– on the basis of
your Natural Acceptance
Updating of Sanskar
Sanskar =
Acceptances derived out of ∑ [ Desire + Thought + Expectation ]
from all time
Presently, it is likely to be a mixture of :
 Understanding of the human reality, of the universal, invariant existential
laws / principles
 Conclusions drawn from life events / experiences
Sanskar is updated over time:
Sanskar (t+1) = Sanskar (t) + Environment (t) + Self-exploration (t)
As we self-explore, verify and understand, our sanskar gets updated
A conducive environment is helpful
1. We exist as human being. We want to live a fulfilling life. We have
some desires and we have some programs for the fulfillment of it.
2. It is important for us to understand our basic aspiration and program
for its fulfillment correctly and comprehensibly. Only then, we can
ensure the fulfillment.
This is what we have been trying to do in UHV1. We want to study it in
further depth in this course (UHV2)
The goal of this course (UHV2) can be viewed as follows
Goal of this Course (UHV2)
1. To explore the human reality (its being, basic aspiration, its
fulfilment), particularly the Self, in more depth
 Self is central to human existence
2. To explore deeper into the nature and existence as co-existence
 co-existence is central to existence
 everything that we see in nature and existence is the natural
expression and unfolding of this co-existence
3. To understand the role of human being in further detail, in the light of
the above
 To understand the co-existence
 To have the feeling and the thought of co-existence
 To live in co-existence in mutual relation with human being and the
rest of nature
Our Purpose & Program depends on Assumption/ Understanding
In UHV1, we have seen that knowingly or unknowingly, we have
assumed some purpose in life and we have some program for the
fulfillment of the set purpose.
This setting up of the purpose and program depends upon our
assumptions about:
1. Human Being
2. Existence
We had some assumptions about these two before UHV1
And now these assumptions have been modified through the process of
self-exploration that we went through in the UHV1 course.
Let us look at some details of this shift in our assumptions.
Shift in Our Assumptions / Understanding through UHV1
Before UHV1
After UHV1
Human Being = Body ?
= Material ?
Units submerged in space
= Accumulation of physical
Continuous happiness and
[through sensation, feeling prosperity
from other] ?
(Happiness is to be in a state
of harmony)
facility (unlimited!) ?
To understand and to live in
harmony (at all levels of
being – human being, family,
society, nature/existence)
Shift 1
UHV1 is focused on:
1. To initiate the process of self-exploration in you
2. The realization that human being is co-existence of Self and
Which in turn leads to the following shift in perception
Assumption: ‘Human Being is
Purpose: Expectation to live with
continuous happiness (effort to be
made outside and not within – I am OK,
problem is with others)
Seeking happiness through physical
facility, sensation & feeling from other
Requirement of physical facility is
Program: Accumulation of physical
facility (unlimited!)
Knowing: ‘Human Being is
coexistence of Self and Body’
Purpose: Desire to live with
continuous happiness (effort to be
made within and then outside)
Continuous happiness = To be in
harmony at all levels of being
Physical facility is required only for
nurturing, protecting and right
utilisation of body. Need of PF is
defined, limited in quantity
Program: To understand & to live
in harmony at all levels of being 14
Understanding myself as co-existence of self and body
Needs are
Trust, respect….
Food, clothing
Physical facilities
In time, needs are
In quantity need are
Needs are fulfilled by
Right understanding and
right feelings
Food, clothing etc
Activities are
Desiring, thinking etc
Knowing , assuming,
recognizing, fulfilling
Breathing, heart beat etc
Recognizing, fulfilling
It is a type
Conscious (non material)
Physico-chemical (material)
Important Questions
1. Since UHV1, what effort are you making for self-exploration on a
regular basis? What is the outcome of it? Share 3 specific
2. I don’t meet most of the qualifications for UHV2. What should I do?
3. What shifts you observed in yourself before UHV1 and after UHV1?
4. What shifts you observed in yourself after UHV1 and after UHV2?
1. A Foundation Course in Human Values and Professional Ethics,R.R.
Gaur, R.Sangal, G.P. Bagaria.
2. Avartansheel Arthshastra, A.Nagraj, Divya .
3. AKTU Resources