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SQL Questions (Basic SELECT Statements)
1. Write a query to display FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, SALARY from employees table.
2. Display all the columns data from countries table
3. Display street_address, city and postal_code from locations table, where as the column names
should be displayed as StreetName, CityName and PostCode Respectively
4. Display first_name, last_name, hire_date, salary and salary after raise of 10%
5. Display all the unique salaries in employees table
6. Concatenate first_name and last_name with a space and also concatenate hire_date, with the
salary for all the employees.
e.g. the output should look like “Imran Ahmad was hired on 3-JAN-04 and his salary is 46100”
7. Display first_name and four months salary of all employees from the employyes table
8. Display first_name, last_name and annual salary of all employees from the employee table