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Youth Commision SJ Core Values

San Jose Youth Commission Core Values & Responsibilities
The Youth Commission is guided and monitored on the following core values and
o Strong attendance at all Youth Commission meeting and trainings
o Strong attendance at youth commission special meetings, external meeting, and
commission roundtable discussions
o Deliberately collects a representative sample of youth opinions
o Builds and maintains open communication with commission staff
o Includes teen centers, youth specialist and other community groups into Youth
Advisory Goals, project, and events.
o Seeks involvement from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities with the goal
of creating a team that understands and represents the community
o Encourages peers to voice their opinions
o Encourages peers to join Youth Advisory Councils in their city districts
o Actively recruits on behalf of the youth commission and all youth advisory
o Is prepared and knowledgeable when speaking on behalf of the youth commission
o Seeks to give and provide leadership opportunities for their peers
o Delegates leadership roles to Youth Advisory Council members
o Professionally represent the youth commission, council office and youth advisory
o Is open to diverse issues facing San Jose youth
o Collaborates with council office on district request and events
o Collaborates with Community organization, and youth leadership groups to
achieve goals.
o Is irresponsible and reliable, submits completed assignment on time
o Sets SMART goals, works hard and follows through to achieve goals
o Can creatively problem solve challenging situations
o Is punctual, organized and maintains good time managements practices
o Is open to give and received feedback and works on areas of improvement
o Presents policy recommendation with supported research
o Actively participates in the Youth Commission meetings and trainings
o Has a positive attitude
o Supports fellow commissioners in achieving commission goals
o Communicates effectively with peers and adults
o Communicates needs, progress and updates to the commission and commission
o Takes initiative, is willing to support commission mission and vision, and
completes assignments duties by deadline dates