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Another mistake

Another mistake, another lesson
I will always remember the day I didn’t listen to
others and it devasted me. I was an eighth-grader.
It was a scout camp that was a requirement, and
yes I hated it. Also, the reason is that I have the
worst experience of my life there.
Back on that day, everything seems smooth. The
camp schedule was packed and adventurous. We
did so many activities everyone could name. Until
the last activity, the slide was when my worst
experience happen. Since I was a kid I always
rocking thick eyeglasses and I’m completely blind
when I take it off. My best friend, Mark, told me
to take the glasses off. However, I didn’t listen,
because I didn’t know then that the most
depraved experience of my life was bound to
happen. While all my friends and Mark were
taking their glasses off, I was egoically climbing up
to the top of the slide. A moment later, “Kruk”,
the crack sound of my glasses. Three days later, I
was a complete mess with blindsight to the end of
the camp.
At present, I still mad at myself for not listening to
Mark, my dearest friend. All he wanted to be was
best for me, and I didn’t listen. After this
experience, I always leave room for other’s
opinions and tone down my ego for the sake of
living, and to be honest, it is hard, but I’ve already
learned the hard way.