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English - Aug 12, 2020 (3)

Greek gods/goddesses
If I were a Greek god/goddess, I would be...
- The similarities of our characteristics are that we both have a cheerful personality
and sometimes envious to others. I am a very cheerful person with it comes to
talking with friends and going out to other places but I sometimes I get envious of
others, like having new clothes and devices like phones and more, because of that
I got insecure of other people around me because of being the only person that
got nothing new. That makes me thought that they will leave me because I don’t
have any social stature or in other word being dull because of my plain life. causing
me to have negative thoughts and anxiety towards others causing me to draw a
line and making me distrust others. well I am indeed cheerful with it comes to
friends because I already know them but with it comes to people, I don’t associate
with I get nervous and uneasiness because I am afraid of making mistakes
because of that others will laugh and judge me.