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Story Outline

Juliana Regueiro 03/05/2020
What is the name of the main character of your story (the Hero/Heroine, or Protagonist)?
Imogene Davis is the Protagonist.
In one or two sentences, WHAT is your story about? (The Premise; Logline)
Mason is desperately trying to leave his needy girlfriend, Imogene, but she's willing to do
anything to make him stay, even murder.
Imogene desperately trying to make her relationship with her distant boyfriend, Mason,
last and she’s willing to do anything to make them last forever, even kill.
What does the main character WANT to achieve in your story, or want to get in your story? (The
Goal; Plot Line)
Imogene wants to stay with her boyfriend, Mason.
What does the main character NEED to learn from the experience of the story? (The
CHARACTER ARC; the moral of the story)
She can’t control everyone’s lives around her.
WHO or WHAT is the antagonist of your story? (Person, Situation, or Character Him/Herself)
Mason Arias is the Antagonist.
What is the character’s EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE? Choose either SELF ESTEEM ISSUES,
She has abandonment issues and control issues.
She has trust issues.
What is the set up of your story - ACT I?
Imogene and Mason get home from a date and Imogene sees a notification from a dating
app on his phone.
What is the 1st TURNING POINT?
Mason breaks up with Imogene.
What conflict happens in ACT 2A?
Imogene decided whether to follow Mason or confront him directly
Imogene decides to go after Mason.
What is the MIDPOINT of ACT 2?
Imogene follows Mason to a Nightclub.
Imogene sees Mason dancing with another girl at a nightclub.
What conflict happens in ACT 2B, the low point for your character?
Imogene sees Mason with another girl.
Imogene drugs Mason’s drink.
What is the 2nd TURNING POINT?
Imogene kidnaps Mason.
What is the CLIMAX of the story in ACT 3?
Imogene goes into a breakdown after Mason screams nasty things at her. Imogene kills him
out of anger.
Imogene kills and buries Mason.