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Sagittarius born are known to be passionate, dynamic, and philosophical. You enjoy reading and
watching new things, which increase your wisdom and knowledge. You focus on the big picture
rather than being stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Therefore, here is a list of Netflix
shows, which you will thoroughly enjoy:
You are someone who takes life as it comes so Narcos is a great choice for you, it explores the
stigma around powerful people, and how they manipulate the society. You are going to enjoy the
thrilling drug cartel drama revolving around the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The show focuses on
how he made billions by producing and selling cocaine.
You are a born rebel; you like to challenge the silly rules of society, which is exactly why you are
going to be hooked to this dystopian thriller. The main protagonist Nina, played by Clara Salle
races through time to solve a murder case under the surveillance of the city. The strong independent
character is sure to inspire a Sagittarius.
Stranger Things
One of the most popular Netflix shows should definitely be on your watch-list. As a Sagittarius,
you are naturally drawn to adventure, making Stranger Things the ideal show for you. You are
going to enjoy everything in this show, from the battles of the Upside Down to the major moments
happening in the real world. You will really connect to all of these things and will not be able to
stop watching.
Dead to Me
As a Sagittarius, you excel at many things but diplomacy is not one of them. You have a reputation
of being a bit too blunt and not knowing what to say in an awkward situation. You often blurt
out the wrong things at the wrong time. Now many people may find this insensitive, but it will
allow you to enjoy Dead to Me. This is a comedy show, which has some dark humor with bouts
of drama. The characters in the show are brutally honest and will leave you in splits.
You like watching shows but you do not have the patience to sit through shows, which have many
seasons and long episodes. This is why you are going to love Hollywood, it has only seven
episodes, which are not very long. It throws light on the golden age of Hollywood and will leave
you feeling nostalgic.
Being a Sagittarius, you are blessed with a high intellect, so you are going to enjoy this extremely
well written series, this is a series which not only entertains you, but compels you to put on your
thinking caps. The parallel stories of the same people in different times might confuse you in the
beginning but once you get the hang of it, you are going to be hooked to it.
After Life
Many people will not believe this but you are compassionate, it is one of your hidden traits. You
care for people, you may not be great at showing them this care, but you do. This is why you are
going to fall in love with After Life , it is the perfect combination of emotion and inspiration. The
emotional moments might leave you teary-eyed, but the uplifting moments will fill you with a lot
of positivity.
Peaky Blinders
You love the intense drama in shows which makes Peaky Blinders a must watch for you. The
business ideas of Thomas Shelby will leave you inspired and in awe. The show is based in the early
1900’s in England. It shows the rise of the Shelby business and the people involved in it. It throws
light on the functioning of clans and gangs in the early times. Read More