How to Write a Nonprofit Fundraising Letter

Sample Nonprofit Fundraising Letter
Manisha Sharma
Date: August 07th, 2020
Mr. Alok Gupta
22, Rajouri Garden
Dear Mr. Sharma,
You have no idea how the donation made by you to our non profit organization has helped many girls in
making their dreams come true.
Last year, we were about to set up a Computer’s Lab in girls’ school that primarily has been opened for
orphan girls. A lab with five computers and other supportive equipment was set at Vidhya Mandir,
Ganesh Chowk, Delhi. This has given these girls an exposure to computers which is extremely important
learning in present times and because of your support, many girls have started to enthusiastically learn
about computers.
This year as well, we intend to help many more children like these and for that we have come up with
our fundraising campaign for the year “Shiksha”. We aim to gather funds of around Rs. 15lakh in order
to set up computer labs in various schools which cannot afford them so that they can have their
students learn about operating computers. We would be extremely grateful to you for extending your
support once again for this cause. A generous help from your side will be helpful in shaping many lives.
If you are interested in supporting our cause then please find a form attached with this letter which
includes all the details on donation. You can also visit our website to support this
cause or be a part of various other campaigns that we are running for under privileged children in Delhi.
Thanking once again for your support.
Manisha Sharma