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High School School Closure Script Spring 2020

Good (morning, afternoon, evening),
This is _________________________ with KHS / LWHS. I hope all is well with your family. Please let us
know if there is anything you need during the school closures. Today I am calling to talk with you about
your student’s current grades and the options available for earning credit this last semester. We are
committed to working with you to answer questions and to plan for a positive end to this school year.
I have ______________’s grades in front of me. Let’s go through each class and talk about the options.
First, you have the option of taking your current 3rd quarter grade and ending the class. The grade will be
placed on your transcript as a completed class.
If you are passing the class, but are not satisfied with your grade, you can complete a capstone project in
the class to raise the grade by one letter grade, either virtually or in paper form.
If you are failing the class, but have a 40% or higher, you can complete the capstone project in the class
to raise your grade to passing. If you have less than 40%, your course teacher will call you to discuss
If you are in a dual credit class, and want to earn the college credit, you will need to continue working in
Schoology until the end of the college semester. You can speak with your dual credit teacher about this
If you are in a PLATO class, you will hear from the PLATO teacher or guidance to discuss grades and
If you are a student receiving special education services, you should receive a call from your case
Capstone projects for each class will be posted in Schoology or ready for pick-up / delivery at KHS /
LWHS next Thursday, April 9th. You will have until May 1st to complete the project. Projects will be
graded and grades posted by May 15th. All posted grades will appear on your final transcript.