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ASC605 Expectations

Week1 Welcome to class
Posted Jan 25, 2020 1:46 PM
Hello everyone,
Let me first welcome you to first week. This is our first week in the Basic IT course Journey. I
am excited to be here and have the chance to interact with all of you during this class.
This week you will be working on the first project "Computer Hardware and Software". In our
first week, we will learn about the basic computer hardware components include the central
processing unit (CPU), memory, storage, input devices and output devices.
You will learn about each component as you go through the rest of the steps to complete this
activity. You will be asked to submit an assignment that demonstrates your understanding of the
topics discussed in this activity.
There are links to resources that will help you understand the concepts in order to complete your
work. Click on each link as you proceed through the steps. There are the steps that you must
familiarize yourself with and read the material so you can answer the questions effectively.
Step 1: Cybersecurity: An Introduction Step 2: Computer Hardware Overview. Step 3: Central
Processing Unit Step 4: Memory Step 5: StorageStep 6: Input/Output Devices Step 7: Computer
Software Overview Step 8: Systems & Application Software Step 9: Software Interaction Step
10: Programming Step 11: Submit Computer Software Assignment
When you submit your project, your work, please make sure to follow these procedure in order
to improve the quality of your work.
1. Submit cover letter (the cover letter should show your name, instructor name, course title,
assignment/project number and submitted/due date), you can also write any comment at the
cover letter.
2. Write the answer in details and show clear understanding of the concept below each question.
Provide tables/graphs and references to support your answer and increase the credibility of your
3. All tables and graphs should be inserted with labels, caption and cross-referenced in the text.
Thank you and good luck with week 1. Please feel free to reach out via email if you need further
information. Regards. Rida.
 Project Submission Deadline Rules from the Dean’s Office
Posted Aug 22, 2019 2:39 PM
All Projects Have Due Dates and Require Timely Submission!
As of Fall 2019 all Projects have firm deadlines. Please note the firm DUE DATES for
assignment submissions that appear in the Class and Assignment Schedule and in the online
Class Calendar. You are required to meet these deadlines throughout the course.
You will still have opportunities to improve your work through resubmissions. These
opportunities are based on you making your initial submission by the firm due date. If you are
required or eligible to resubmit your work based on the faculty feedback you received, you must
do so within 2 weeks of the original due date of the assignment.
The firm DUE DATES and resubmission “windows” have been put in place because they
realistically reflect the conditions you will encounter in your professional life. Meeting
deadlines and working within planned timelines are required competencies in the real-world.
We have observed that missing project deadlines and letting work “pile up”, especially at the end
of a course, negatively impacts your success. By meeting DUE DATES and resubmitting work
within identified timeframes, you are demonstrating both academic and professional
The keys to course success are in reading the syllabus, routinely talking with your faculty about
your work, and planning ahead so that you meet class DUE DATES and resubmission
Should you have questions or concerns, please contact your faculty immediately. Should
unplanned events arise as you progress through the course, proactively reach out to your
professor. Best wishes on your continued success.