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Organising by function
-Organising by function is an organisation can have different department according to its function eg Human
resource function, marketing, production and financing function.
*Human resource function
-the function deals with the recruitment, placement, training and development of organisation members
-it mainly deals with the workers of an organisation
*Marketing function
-it deals with the identification and responding to the need of customers/responsible for the gathering or analysis
of information about the needs and wants at the customers
-it carries out marketing research and marketing strategy
Work hard in hand with the production department
*Production function
It involves motivation of both human and materials resources to produce desire outputs
-it is responsible for inventory management, research and development, production planning, quality control and
work together with the marketing department
*Finance function
-deals with any issue relating to money in the organisation
-accounting deals with management accounts financial, cost and management accounts finance deals with raising
of finance, expenditure, credit, and debit control