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Viva Questions

Why have you chosen to work in finance?
What are your financial strengths and weaknesses?
What are three types of short-term financing that our company could use to
fulfill its cash needs?
What impact would the purchase of an asset have on our balance sheet,
income statement and cash flow statement?
How is a cash flow statement organized and what does this information tell
What are the different ways that you can value a company and which is
most appropriate for our line of business?
Why would a company fund its operations by issuing equity rather than
How do we calculate income tax?
Do you think operating profit can be more than the gross profit?
Can you differentiate between current assets & fixed assets?
What is the difference between revenue and profit?
#1 – What are Financial Statements of a company and what do they tell
about a company? ...
#2 – Explain Cash Flow Statement in detail. ...
#3 – Explain three sources of short-term Finance used by a company. ...
#4 – Define Working Capital.
What is goodwill?
What does negative working capital mean?
What is [your] management style? ...
As an HR Manager, how will [you] drive results? ...
What do you like least about the world of human resources? ...
Describe an ideal workplace for you. ...
As an HR person, what is your view on job eliminations?
What is human resource development?
Explain the need for human resource development?
Differentiate between performance appraisal and job evaluation.
Discuss the importance of Human Resource Planning.
What are the objectives of career planning?
What are the different methods of recruiting employees?
What is job design?
Difference between job description and job specification.
List out the limitations of performance appraisal.
What is training?
What are the goals of performance appraisal?
What do you understand by industrial relation?
Discuss the basic objectives of human resource management effectiveness.
What do you mean by Human Resource Department?
Define conflict.
What is the purpose for conducting selection interview?
Briefly describe the importance of motivation.
Explain the main characteristics of staffing?
What are the different objectives of HRM?
Differentiate between training and development.
Briefly describe the importance of HRM.
What is the importance of training?
Briefly explain the nature of career planning?
What are the important elements of a good appraisal system?
Why is performance appraisal needed?
Define promotion.
What are the four components of 360 degree appraisal?
Explain the objectives of job evaluation.
Discuss material and non-material incentives.
What are the features of profit sharing?
What are the different kinds of pension?
What are annual confidential reports and there shortcomings?
What is the importance of HR audit?
What are the six steps in training?
What is profit sharing?
Briefly explain the importance of career planning.
What is learning?
Discuss the advantages or benefits of total quality management.
Briefly describe the concept of strategic human resource management.
What are the limitations of training?
What are the objective of capacity building?
What is meant by collective bargaining?
What are the measures for improving industrial relations?
What is meant by incentives?
What is the scope of workers’ participation?
What does employee assistance programme include?
Explain the meaning of stress.
What are the steps involved in employee grievance procedure?
What is the main difference between between wages and salary?
What are the HRM models?
What is the scope of HRM?
Discuss the role of HR department in evaluating human resources effectiveness.
What are the basic features of stress?
What is meant by job enlargement?
Mention the skills required by the manager.
Who are line managers?