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30 and 90 day evals

30 and 90 Day Meeting Template
Use this template to record the comments, reward and recognition and action items from your 30 and 90 day meetings
with new employees.
30-day meeting
90-day meeting date
Job Title:
Hire Date:
1. How do we compare with what we said in your
interviewing process?
2. What’s working well?
3. Have there been any individuals who have been
particularly helpful to you?
4. Based on your past experience, what ideas do you
have for improving our processes or operations?
5. Is there any reason that you feel this is not the right
place for you?
6. (30 & 90 days)
Was New Employee Orientation helpful?
Do you have any comments or questions about the
topics covered in orientation?
7. (30 days) Benefits and Human Resources:
Did you complete your open enrollment?
Do you have any questions about benefits,
attendance or training requirements?
8. (90 Days) Do you know of any candidates that you
can recommend as potential employees?
Do you have any additional comments or questions?
Supervisor comments:
Thank you for your time and feedback!
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