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In conclusion, it can be said that the decisions made by Hartsell and Delaney at
the first point of time and that was by hiring those individuals who are like them,
which meant was that by cloning themselves they were stifling the company’s
creative potential which later on they believed that they did not need someone
who was like them or similar for example either in hobbies or other signs of
personal compatibility. Instead they wanted individuals who are far more creative
and could fit into the role and uphold the values of the company. The measures
were being taken into consideration and put into action so that the company does
not make a drastic choice in selecting and hiring the employees who won’t be
much productive and creative in their work and which won’t be beneficial to the
company. By following the most efficient ways of hiring and recruiting and
selecting the right employees for its productivity Skookum has become a more
diverse company that is better positioned to meet its objectives for customer
service and growth.