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Adity Mishra A1 BC1

Assignment 1
25th July 2020
Aditya Dutt Mishra
COVID-19, a global pandemic that has affected more than 15,500,000 people across the globe and has
turned out to be a deadly virus that threatens the existence of human race, major reason for this is that
there is no vaccine for the virus yet and so for now the best way to stay safe is to follow all the necessary
Currently in India the cases have been increasing drastically with about 45,000 cases being reported daily.
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has advised people to take precautionary measures to stay safe.
We request everyone to not panic, even though the number of cases are going up most cases are not
serious, our country has one the best recovery rate in the world. We can fight the virus together.
With all the information about the new, COVID-19 we cannot help but feel overwhelmed about what we
should and should not be doing today. Here are some do’s and don’ts from Aditya Mishra, CMO at AIIMS
that you can follow to protect yourself from the virus.
Do always wear a cloth covering your mouth when you are not at home. This is meant more to
protect others from your droplets than to protect you.
Do wash your hands before you wear a mask and only touch the ear loops.
Do wash and sanitize everything especially vegetables and food items. Vegetables are the major
cause of COVID spreading throughout India.
Do self-quarantine yourself for 14 days if you come in contact with someone who tested positive
for COVID-19.
Do stay informed of the situation as events and advisories are rapidly evolving, for example N95
masks which were considered as effective are no longer advised. Simple 3-layer masks made at
home are sufficient.
Do wash your hands regularly, especially before you eat. If you can’t wash your hands then use
hand sanitizer.
Do cover your sneeze or cough with your elbow and not your hands.
Do maintain social distancing, cancel unnecessary medical appointments, parties as they can
interfere with social distancing.
Do look for symptoms like difficulty in breathing, headache, fever greater than 102F and seek
medical care immediately if you develop any of these symptoms.
Do buy 40-50 days of supply for food and other necessary things as we don’t want to go out in
crowded public places to resupply.
Do wipe all surfaces that you come in contact with, sanitize mobile screens, door handles, railings
and knobs that are frequently touched.
Do work from home and only go to work physically if it is absolutely required.
Do protect your immune system by eating a balanced diet, exercise regularly as we are staying
at home and physical activity is minimum.
Don’t ignore necessary precautions such as face masks and social distancing, use a tightly fitting
Don’t panic, it’s not a ‘panic-demic’ but don’t take this lightly either. Emotional contagion that is
spread of fear and panic is more contagious than the virus itself.
Don’t travel within or outside the country.
Don’t touch your mouth, eyes, nose without washing your hands.
Don’t meet anyone outside your house unless it is necessary and if you do avoid shaking hands
or giving hugs.
Don’t use vegetables or any other food item that you brought for at least 5 days as the virus can
stay active on plastic surface for about 5 days.
Don’t share utensils with others.
Don’t treat the lockdown as a vacation, always stay at home and avoid public places such as gyms,
malls, theatres.
Don’t call for testing if you don’t have the specific symptoms related to COVID-19 to avoid
unnecessary outside contact.
Don’t wear a mask unless you’re sick, mask is used for the protection of other from you. Leave
the mask for those who really need them.
Don’t reach for antibiotics, you may be tempted to use them if you are ill. They only help in case
of bacterial infection.
Don’t take COVID-19 lightly by thinking that it only affects elder people
You can keep yourself and others around you safe by following these instructions and follow the guidelines
set by government strictly. We have released various phone numbers for government testing labs that
you can contact if you develop any symptoms. Take care and stay safe.
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